Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Chapter Six

I do not own the universe or main characters

this is just a fan fiction

I created a few characters for the story set in JK Rowlings Harry Potter Universe

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Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

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Alurem took a bite of her breakfast, “Bali.. I just do not get it.. He grows up to.. I mean..”

Artemis came up behind her, “Alurem.. Bali.. Patricia..”

“Prefect LeStrange,” All three slytherin girls pause..

“So you found Alurem that father is a cuddley bear..” Artemis speaks loudly, “You expected him to what.. Make a move.. He is still a child exploring his world.. You thought him and Gloria where having sex..”

Alurem took a deep breath, “I mean.. It was.. Everyone knows..”

“I should snap you in half..” Artemis takes a deep breath, “Dad is still.. Still a child.. His innocence.. I.. just Buzzwords.. Alurem.. He is at his heart, still a muggle.. And yes I do not care if he hears this.. Have you not watched him when he his doing his spells?”

Patricia giggled, but stops immediately..

“Dont start laughing.. It is the first true thing you three have demonstrated..” Artemis took a bite of her food.. After finishing her bite, “He is a child playing.. I have lost it.. You have lost it.. I think some others have.. Except Grandpa.. Him and Dad both get this devilish boyish little smile everytime they cast magic..”

“You are telling me.. I am his teddy bear now,” Alurem Paused? “No.. It..”

“Why do you think him and gloria was not as big an issue as it could have been?” Artemis coldly looked at the three of them, “Gloria.. Was hurt and we should have done something.. ”

Bali narrowed her eyes, “Wait.. You are checking in on us to make sure we are ok? Prefect you do not like us.. You.. No you are jealous.. You think We are..”

“She is not,” Alurem took a drink of her milk.. “She played us by doing nothing it.. I am your father’s teddy bear… I played myself..”

“That you did.. Alurem.. Listen to me.. “Artemis took a sip of he drink,” This morning as you complained.. How did you feel when you woke up?”

“Artemis.. It..” Alurem took a moment, “I felt like a little kid at a sleep over.. I..” Alurem stopped, “Now you are playing head games with me..”

“Yes I am.. At the same time.. I was told My father is picky,” Artemis narrows her eyes.. “Grandfather said he is the type to take in stray animals and .. Well every bit of weakness your Grandmother despises.. I am asking you again.. ”

“He is showing ME pity,” Alurem had stood up!

“No.. For all the evil and darkness you think is cool.. Dad.. ” Artemis shakes her head, “Dad is .. I have no clue why he is in slytherin. till last night.. Which leaves me.. Alurem.. If you need to talk.. My room door is open..”

Alurem narrows her eyes, “Artemis.. I..”

“Her father left her mother..” Patricia spoke coldly, “She.. They both got kicked out of their house..”


Seeing Alurem’s embarassment, Artemis takes a moment.. “Let me guess the last straw was over Thomas.. Oh F#$%ing s#$%!”

“What,” Alurem took a moment..

Artemis’s eyes glowed green, “Where is my Father?”

Alurem leaned back with an evil smile, “Out being lord of the Manner.. The spirits wont betray him..”

Albus enters the great hall pointing to Artemis, “Thomas.. ”

Scorpius yawns and just points to a seat next to Artemis..

Thomas is wearing Pajamas with a Large Cobra in front of him.. The Pixies flew in formation above thomas..

“Albus.. I was in the Forbidden Forrest.. So,” thomas gave Albus a dirty look..

“You were playing with the pixies and this snake..” Scorpius walked with Thomas And albus, “The elves woke us up and lead us to thomas.. We found he was in the dark forest.. We got him back before they realized he was outside..”

“The Pixies and him were playing soldier,” Albus shook his head.. “Him and his general Pixie..”

“Playing soldier,” Artemis stood.. “Father.. You.. You have enemies and..”

Auror Butcher had apperated in for breakfast, “Playing soldier..”

“Do not get mad at the elves.. Professor Scammander paid them to keep an eye on you, “Scorpius sighed.. “Now we are gonna get into trouble and lose….”

Butcher raised his hand to stop scorpius, “Listen.. I will consider you all Ci…. confidential informants.. “winking at Artemis, “Thomas is going to test the system.. Now, playing soldier?”

“Morning target practice.. With my wand.. And with out..” Thomas glared at his daughter, “All of you have so many skills.. I have to practice everyday.. ”

Artemis rubbed her brow, “Father.. ”

“I promised not to do magic at hogwarts for two weeks,” Thomas Grinned.. “I wasnt at Hogwarts..”

Butcher held his hand up, “Pixies.. Playing soldier?”

“they had .. Sheets of targets,” Albus pointed to a seat next to Artemis.. “He really needs the practice..”

Scropius sat on the other side of an empty seat next to Artemis,” He missed.. We watched.. He raised his hand and hit a tree limb ten feet above him..”

Thomas yawned as he sat, “I am improving..” Looking at the snake thomas switches to Parsel tongue pointing to a corner of the building, “Go sit and wait for me.. ”

The Snake hissed but went to where Thomas pointed..

“Wait.. Little thomas was not using his wand,” Butcher took a moment..

The General Pixie hit his forehead.. He pointed at Thomas and flew up.. Making screehes, the General motions as if firing at his men.. Each time one of the pixie falls from flying and plays dead..

“The older thomas was.. Was hitting his target every time,” Alurem asked?

The General pixie points to Alurem and screeches once.. Flying down sticking his hand out at a lower level..

“The younger Thomas,” Patricia giggles as she talks with the blue pixie..

The pixies are all back up as The general motions at one of the pixies.. He screeches, and two of the  other pixies grab a fruit from a trey and toss it .. The General pixie Screeches pointing at the same Pixie.. The two pixies knock a candle out of the air..

“Now the younger Thomas cant hit the target,” Artemis takes a deep breath.. “You must be the general Pixie.. He spent years practicing.. He lost all that time.. and..”

“General.. Injured soldier.. Has to heal.. it will take years..” Butcher spoke as he sat next to Albus, “For Recovery.. I will speak with Head Mistress McGonagal.. He cant sneak out to the Forest..”

Winky and another Elf show up with a big platter with several pieces of food.. “good morning mas.. thomas.. I brought your breakfast.. Now make sure you eat good..”

The platter sat in front of Thomas as she moved her wand, “Thank you Winky..” Thomas picked up the silver fork, put some of the scambled eggs on the pancakes.. Picking up the bacon, thomas sat them on the pancake.. Thomas passed a plate to Scorpius, That had Biscuits and sausage on it.. “This is for the General and his men..”

Winky waves her wand and several smaller plates come from the kitchen..

The few other students watch as Scorpius sets the plate over to the the side.. The other Elf waves a wand breaking the food up into smaller pieces floating in the air.. The saucer plates line across the table.. The food lands on the plates..

Patricia, Bali, and Alurem swallow hard at the scene..

“I would love to show you America my friend..” Thomas pauses, “Winky.. I know you and Guud her have a breakfast date.. Go.. I would invite you but.. ” thomas holds out his hand and Guud smiles high fiving thomas.. “We will take our own dishes.. And these three can go get there own if they are hungry..”

“You..” Winky is surprised, “You told him.. No.. The spirits did..”

“Winky..” Thomas hugs her, “And make sure you speak with your sponsor today.. Now git.. Guud is more excited then I was with Athena..”

Winky takes Guud’s hand and the two disappear..

The General Pixie looks at thomas..

“You will put up your own plates.. When I am gone to America.. Patrol these Grounds..” Thomas took a deep breath, “Let Minerva know.. Since the ministry has no use for you.. Hogwarts does..”

“thomas,” Minerva had walked in..

The General Pixie flew up to Minerva and Saluted her.. She looks over and see’s the other Pixies eating off plates..

Minerva returns the Salute, “General.. After Breakfast..” Looking at Thomas, “We will discuss extracurricular training.. However.. How many Pixies can I expect? I would prefer.. Say about Fifty.. ”

The General Turned and looked back at thomas..

“Dont look at me.. Yall wanted work.. The Headmistress says fifty.. Fifty it is,” thomas chuckled as he ate.

The General Pixie looked Minerva in the eyes and was greeted with steel.. Taking a deep breath, the General Pixie holds up his hands trying to make a sign..

“After you feed your men.. Say Two Hours,” Minerva walks past butcher.  I will outline what I want.. We will discuss compensation then..”

The Pixie looks at thomas wide eyed and he flies back to the table..

“She is headmistress for a reason,” Artemis chuckles..

Minerva Pauses as she looks at the snake looking at her.. It brings a smile to her face as she shakes her head, “Mr. Carthen.. Tell President Jackson to contact me when you get to America.. There are a few issues we must discuss..”

Thomas looks down biting his lip, “Yes mam.. ”

“And mr. carthen.. ” Minerva turns looking at Thomas, “I hope you enjoy your visit to your homeland.. And Please.. feel free to be yourself when you’re there..”

Auror Butcher looks at Minerva and shakes his head, with closed eyes..


Victoria is excited, “Dad will be going with us to America for christmas.. I do not know how? His company approved it.. Wait.. Thomas..”

“I may have whispered something.. It turns out that my older self may own the company your dad works for..” Thomas takes a deep breath, “Dont be mad.. I..”

Fortuna rubs Thomas’s hair, “Vickie.. At least your dad is a cousin to Harry Potter.. My dad.. Is still on life support.. Mum is on supervised release.. For having sex with him.. She decided she wanted a child..”

Jor-el chuckled, ” Your Aunt is not Dolores Umbridge.. Dad married another squib.. and poof.. I am related to one of the criminals of the second wizarding war..”

“I lost Athena.. She is,” thomas is hit in the arm by all three of his friends.. “What?”

“At least it is appearant you had sex with them.. You left the evidence.. Its name is Artemis,” Jor-el responded in the section way..

“Not to mention Bruce and Little shade,” Fortuna chuckles..

“Poor little straight boy grows up to be a womanizer..” Jorel puts his hand over his head, “Oh the horrors .. I think I got The vapors.. I do declare.. Catch me Vickie..”

Vickie and fortuna copy Jorel..

“Ya’ll are A$$holes,” thomas chuckles.. “They prank they caught us on helped us get away with everythig.. And ya’ll are doin’ I got the vapors wrongs like..”

“So..” Victoria smiles, “Now you are sleeping with Alurem. How are you not.. Wait we all alreadygot detention and are grounded. Thanks..”

“Yeah.. Have we got over Gloria yet?” Jorel points a finger at Thomas, “Breeder boy..”

“F#$%ing fairy, “Thomas laughs looking down shaking his head.. “With friends like you.. God bless.. ” Thomas closes his eyes suddenly, “My friends.. I..”

“Oh now you get emotional with us,” Fortuna sighs.. “You.. You really did not have many friends either.. ”

“No.. I.. I sucked at being a muggle,” Thomas sighs….He stops as his eyes glow green, “Something is.. Very wrong.. A lot of Deaths.. A family member has died..”

A ghost comes flying up, “Thomas.. You.. They murdered me..”

“Grandmother.. ”

“They killed the head of the department of mysteries,” Jorel was worried in his tone..

“Thomas,” the ghost looked down.. “I have failed.. This.. I have no clue who they are.. They are fighting their way to .. To the department of time.. The aurors, unspeakables, and Sigiled are not going to stop them.. I.. I want you to know.. I did what I did for love.. I love you and did what I did to.. To try and stop them.. all hope is lost..”

Lavendar Brown appearates in, “Thomas..” Seeing sylvia’s ghost, “Mam.. Your dead.. All hope is lost..”

“They havent accessed the the time devices they are after yet,” Jorel takes a deep breath. “We wont reach them in time either but..”

Thomas takes a moment, “What do we have?”

“It is hopeless,” Sylvia’s ghost chides Thomas.. You are children.. First years.. We have lost..”

“You forget.. I am american..” Thomas swallows his worries as his three friends look at him for hope, “Jorel.. Fortuna.. Victoria.. Assets..”

“We have our wands,” victoria moves her bottom jaw..

“We have Professor Brown,” Fortuna points..

“children,” Lavendar Brown takes a deep breath.. “thank you for the compliment.. But we are not enough to..”

“What is your expertise,” Jorel draws his wand on her?

Thomas is pacing, “Professor brown …”

“She was assigned to the .. To study you littleone,” Sylvia’s ghost responds..

“PEEVES,” Thomas calls out!! “We have Peeves.. and the house ghost.. Hear your students pleas..”

Animated illustration of Hogwarts poltergeist, Peeves  -  Strictly speaking Peeves wasn't a ghost at all so we can't be sure. Think mischief-maker with a penchant  for ;kinetic disturbances'.  We do know that he reflect his nature, a seem less blend of humor and malice.

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Peeves Appears with The bloody Barron, Fat Friar, Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington, and Helena Ravenclaw..

“What can they do,” Lavendar Brown shook her head? “That the ministry can not do?”

Jorel cast stupefy on Lavendar Brown.. “she is not one of us.. Mrs. Malfoy.. Possess her if you can.. We might need your expertise..”

“Jorel,” Victoria responds.. After a second, “She is not one of us.. We.. We will need his grandmother?”

Thomas’s eyes glow green, ” We have hogwarts.. ”

“So we only need a time travel device, Protection from the changes they may pull in history, and some clue who we are facing,” Fortuna responds.. “I wasnt aware we are the deparment of miracles..” Seeing the other three look at her, “We are the Frightful..”

“We are not good people at heart.. They are stealing from us.. First.. ”  thomas looks at Lavendar brown rise, “We need proof this is not a trap.. Peeves.. Barron..”

“Your grandmother is dead my little slytherin..” The bloody barron responds, ” It appears that owls are arriving for Aurors.. A signal has been sent on the magical artifact..”

“We have Albiobia,” Fortuna speaks.. She takes out a black parchment, “Albionia.. ”

The Embodiment of the great Library of Britannia appears, “Little ones.. It is true.. I can confirm.. Sylvia Malfoy is dead.. The unspeakables are putting a fight.. They are barely holding even with reinforcements..” A sad look crosses Abionia’s face, “We have.. One man has breached the Time vault..”

“The room of requirement, “Peeves responds..

Albionia sees no response, “Room of Requirement.. Help will always be given at hogwarts to those who ask for it.. All of Britania is in Danger.. these children require your aide..”

No answer comes forth..

Jorel raises his wand,” Room of Requirement.. I Jorel Umbridge.. Of Ravenclaw.. On behalf of my house’s founder.. Rowena Ravenclaw.. Request Aide.. All of hogwarts and the world is in danger.. Accio Hogwarts..”

Peeves glows slightly, with Albionia.. The grey lady glows blue..

seeing this” Room of Requirement.. I Fortuna Crotch.. Of Hufflepuff.. On behalf of my house’s founder.. Helga hufflepuff.. Request Aide.. All of hogwarts and the world is in danger.. Accio Hogwarts..”

A possessed Lavendar brown speaks, “Children this will never..”

A slight breeze seems to be blowing through hogwarts stopping her speech.. the beats of drums, a flute form music.,  join with bagpipes from the scrolls on the children..

Peeves again glows with Abionia, but this time the fat friar glows yellow..

” Room of Requirement.. I Victoria Dursley.. Of Gryffindor . On behalf of my house’s founder.. Godric Gryffindor.. Request aide.. All of hogwarts and the world is in danger.. Accio Hogwarts.”

Nearly headless nick glows red, as the sounds of battle fill the hallway..

In parseltongue also raising his wand like the others, ” Room of Requirement.. I Thomas Carthen.. Of Slytherin.. On behalf of my house’s founder.. Salazar Slytherin.. Request aide.. All of hogwarts and the world is in danger.. StrawgoH OiccA”

Peeves is glowing brightly as well as Albionia.. the Bloody Barron glows green..

Minerva comes down a hallway dueling two mages.. The people dueling her even pause..

“What in the hell,” One of the attackers calls out..

Thomas is glowing green, Jorel glows blue, Fortuna glows yellow, and Victoria glows red as the four start singing and chanting.. “Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee..”

The other attacker Calls out, “That is just a stupid fake muggle spell from a movie..”

The four house ghost and Albionia merge with Peeves.. Images from portraits start flying into peeves.. Other ghost at hogwarts fly by into Peeves..


The hologram/ spirit looks down at her black leather boots, school girl skirt, hogwarts short jacket with black sports bra, “Thomas elliot carthen!”

The attackers turn to cast at the four children..

Lucius and Ginny appearate into the area with Molly..

The hologram/spirit changes into a more appropriate look and waves her hand at the attackers.. “I am sick and tired of you bloody people thinking you can freely attack me and the students under my care.. Enjoy breathing vacuum you bloody wanks..”

The attackers all disappear..

“Much Better,” Looking at her clothes.. In a motherly tone, “You have summoned me little ones.. How may I help my three sweet little angels?” Narrowing her eyes, “And You Thomas?”

Suranne Jones: ‘I put all the bad stuff to one side, and worked and worked’ | Culture | The Guardian

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“Hogwarts.. ” All four children respond unison, “We need a TARDIS!”

“Hogwarts,” Minerva ask?

“A TARDIS,” Ginny shakes her head.. “that does  not exist.. It is a BBC creation..”

“I am Hogwarts my dearest Headmistress Minerva.. All of it! My four little first years only ask for an impossible miracle.. Yes my quidditch champion slash wife of Potter, a working TARDIS.. The breach is in the department of mysteries, time department.. The attackers are attempting to change history,” Hogwarts laughs. “Keep chanting little ones! And quit looking at my chest my little misbehaving american necromancer.. Professor Scamander is a VERY bad influence..”

“Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee,” Hogwarts joins the children chanting..  Formulas,  fiction books, ancient text, conspiracy websites, time turners, black holes, super-strings, nebulas, fictional time machines, All the Doctor’s from dr. who, bill and ted scenes, role playing books, episodes of various time travel Tv shows, and historical images of ancient mages appear floating in the air from the black scroll..

“They.. They have summoned Hogwarts,” Lucius swallows hard..

“they are trying to summon a TARDIS,” Molly looks to ginny..

“Mum,” Going to a whisper.. “The muggle TV show.. With the old police box..”

“The faith and belief of children..” Mischievously leaning forward, “I see my little frightful that your four upgraded wands are listening..  The magic is doable… Scotty, Sarah, Delenn, Calavicci with me.. Keep your wands raised little ones..  This will be good enough for government work.. One miracle.. Coming up..”

Hogwarts waves a holographic wand.. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green energy comes from the children’s wands.

All the brooms, text books, Picture frames, trophies, kitchen ware, muggle contraband, stored scrolls, and assorted items items begin coming down the hallways and through windows..

Minerva and the others get out of the way of the items floating by..

The mauraders map appears in front of Hogwarts personified. The other items started disappearing as they reached the streams of the frightful..

“Yes.. My little map,” Hogwarts speaks as the four black scrolls are now all floating around it.. “They will need your assistance..” The map disappears with the black scrolls.. Hogwarts begins weaving a spell in parseltongue, with the four members of the Frightful’s wands moving in tandem..

It takes thirty seconds of words and wands movements for a result. The now blue doors to the room of requirement appear and fly open..

“One miracle for my little ones,” Hogwarts glows a bright white.. “Thomas.. ” Hogwarts switches to parsel tongue.. She kisses Thomas on the forehead, “And For the love of Brittiania.. No Captain Kirk HR issues, littleone..”

“It wont be a problem.. none of them are as pretty as you,” Thomas gets an innocent look on his face.. Seeing the stone cold look on Hogwarts face, “Yes mam..”

“Oh bloody ‘el.. They did it,” Ginny responds shocked.. “They.. MUM?”

Fortuna and Victoria  look at their wands in shock. Then at each other.. “Upgraded Wands?”

“The breecher has found the device in the time department.. Get in now,” Hogwarts Exclaims!!

Number One apperates into the doorway with thomas’s step daughters.. They drop the backpacks they are holding..

“What is going on, ” Both girls speak?”

“Quantum wave generating.. T minus five.. four,” Hogwarts counts down..

Thomas grabs the possessed  Lavendar Brown..

Hogwarts shouts, “Get in.. Shut the doors! they wont make it..”

Ginny Appeartes to the children.. Shoving Victoria forward over the backpacks into the new arrivals, as she trips.. ” Bloody backpacks.. Girls..”

Hogwarts waves her wand hand sending the group inside the room of requirement.. She waves her other hand shutting the door as the blue wave hits..


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“It has been thirty minutes Hermione,” Minerva was nervous herself..

“Have faith Minerva in my little American,” Hogwarts hides her own nervousness..

Hermione stood with several Auror’s nearby, “You are the embodiment of Hogwarts? My little american?”

Hogwarts looked at Hector Scamander, “Obviously it worked.. They stopped the Time thieves.. Hector darling.. You spent years training him.. And.. All The children had the necessary tools.. What was done must stay done..”

The unspeakables walk down the hallway lead by three..

“Madam Minister.. I appreciate the appointment as the head of the Department of Mysteries,” The woman gives a smile.. “We will work with the ministry hand in hand to ensure this..”

Hogwarts gets excited, “Thomas.. Littleone.. I can see you littleone.. I feel my room has returned..”

Hermione raises her hand for silence, “Mr. carthen..”

Thomas steps out of the veil, covered in what looks like various rags.. He is two feet in the air, “Hogwarts.. We.. We are home?”

“Yes littleone.. ” hogwarts pauses as tears fall from her face, “You.. You.. Morgaines painted nails.. What are you wearing?”

The doors to the room of requirement appear..

Everyone is very quiet as a female exits with a weird weapon and blue googles, “Thomas you agreed to.. ” Seeing everyone, “We.. We’re home..” Raising the mask and Goggles, revealing long red hair.. “You ..”

” We did it ..” Thomas landed on the ground softly, “Headmistress..” Thomas pulls back his hood revealing a scar on his face,” Is my doctor still here? We all need checking out.. I..”

Minerva see Thomas wobbily and catches him, “Child.. You..”

“We will need to brief the children and the two adults who,” The Director of the Department of the mysteries speaks..

“who the F#$% are..” Thomas’s eyes glow green, “No.. I do not Accept this.. MRS BROWN!!”

“Mr. carthen,” The Director is cold, “Your grand mother was..”

Thomas tries to move but McGonagal Catches him..

Ginny pulls her mask down, “They were friends of your Grandmother..”

Jorel on a disk comes flying out with fire coming from his hands..

One of the unspeakables draws a wand only for it to be shot out of her hand by Victoria..

Another Unspeakable is  surrounded in dirt as Fortuna comes out in what looks like a cosplay costume waving her hands..

The director gets angry, “children.. You have been through a..”

Gaia drops her cloak of invisibility and stupefies the Director..

Carr comes out in a top hat with a staff, Apperating to the Director with the staff on her chest.. “Stay down woman..”

“Children.. STOP,” Hermione orders..

A well dressed woman apperates out with her wand drawn, “Brown..”

Several others apperate out quickly..

Minerva her self is caught, “Moody.. You.. alive..”

“Aye lass,” Moody speaks as silences fills the room.. “Cedric.. Catch thomas.. Tonks cover Sylvia’s allies.. Bloody children still wont listen..”

Cedric Diggory apperates next to Thomas, “I got you Slytherian..”

Nymphadora Tonks is next to carra with her wand out covering everyone else..

Brown appears in lace and silk dress.. Her hair is cut covering half her face, “Ginerva.. keep the traitors covered..”

Several of the other Unspeakables are very quiet..

“I am the director of the department of mysteries,” The Director stops when Carra lightly slams the staff into the Director..

“You are all traitors.. You three will,” Brown freezes.. “Dircetor..No..” She takes out a crystal ball from a slit in her dress, “Thanks to Merlin and Salazar.. sylvia is trapped in this.. She left out a few details.. She was not murdered.. She was betrayed.. The former head of the department of mysteries is trapped in this..”

A spirit tries to escape from the ball shaking it..

The well dressed woman whispers, “Lavendar honey.. You may need to assume immediate control of the Department of Mysteries..”

“Mam their are .. Who are you,” Hermione pauses.. “My god.. You.. You are..”

“I am Mrs. Carthen.. Madam Minister for Magic..” With practiced speech, “The Mother of Gaia and Carra.. I am an American with diplomatic Immunity..”

One of the other unspeakables steps forward..

“I fully support Lavendar Brown as the new Director of the Department of mysteries..” Thomas weakly speaks, “She forced my Grandmother out of her.. and trapped her there till Merlin and Salazar imprisoned Grandma in the sphere.. Brown’s idea..”

“She did somehow stop demeantors from stealing the last spark of her soul,” Ginny relaxes as she speaks.. “And.. ”

“She was invaluable on maintaining the timeline once we got the breecher,” Jorel is still on the disk..

Brown is confused,” You do not like me.. why speak kindly..”

“Professor brown knows of heart ache.. She did not intervene to have several lost loves back in her life,” Victoria interjected.. “Even thought she is pregnant.. She did NOT bring the father with her..”

The unspeakable pauses, “Death, Time, Love, Spirit, & mind..”

The other Four unspeakables that showed up start whispering with the others..

“We selected the Director..”Hermione pauses for a second, “And you do not care, do you..”

“We must not be beholden to politics.. Thomas has shown me those fallicies..” Taking a deep breath, “Professor Scamandar.. Will you and Mr. Ptolemy senior come to the Department of mysteries immediately..” The Unspeakables are all looking at Brown, “We must not allow anyone who entered to leave with out me checking them out personally.. For any reason.. Go immediately..”

From the ground, “I earned that spot.. I was Sylvia’s loyal,” the Director and her two allies slip into the air with a waved hand and Wingardium Leviosa..

“You are a traitor,” Brown speaks as the woman panics.. “I will not allow you to touch anything.. Hector.. I will need you asap..”  Not moving her gloves hand, “It has come to my attention I will be rearranging the Department of Mysteries.. Hogwart darling.. Will you be so Kind as to notify Ptolemy.. ”

“Madam Director,” Scamander is fascinated..

“Of course Madam director Brown,” Hogwarts moves her black hair.. “Of the Department of mysteries..”

“Why those two,” Hermione ask?

“I have seen their handiwork first hand.. ”  Dropping the three, “Littleone.. Do not be mad.. You have done more then most other.. ”

As she spoke Unspeakables had wands on their three former comrads.. They begin removing wands and robes..

“And ..” Brown spoke, “I have to take the gear and weapons children.. Forgive me..Please but..” An unspeakable glided over, “Give them time and comfort.. They have earned it.. And madam minister..”

“Lavendar,” Hermione paused.. “The Ministry still has to approve this..”

“I will send an owl.. I also will be nominating.. Thomas Carthen, Victoria Dursley, Fortuna Crotch, Jorel Umbridge, Gaia Evers, and Carra Evers for Orders of Merlin.. First Class.. ” Handing a now floating letter over to Hermione, “I have undersigned Merlin’s signature..” Waiving her hand over the letter floating in front of hermione, “There.. Director Lavendar Brown..”

Quietly The unspeakables had picked up the three stripped mages.. They had the three of them now bound..

“That is why you show respect..” Lavendar Brown seemed to float over to Thomas, “Do not be upset Littleone.. You did not fail..”

“Yes I did.. We did not save them all,” Thomas is being held up by Cedric..

A voice speaks as he steps out holding a baby, “I think Little Delphi is asleep..  She needs to be changed.. NOT it!”

“Collin..” Minerva stands up straight, “Thomas.. This is not failure..”

Eight more hogwarts students step outside of the Room..

“Yes it is.. The rest did not make it..” thomas stood up, “I.. I.. I cheated.. I stole.. We did everything..”

Mrs. Carthen comes over, “Cedric I have them.. “Listen to me..” Standing thomas up, “You walked on water.. You are a stubborn A$$ no matter what world line..”

“But Milli.. I was to weak, not fast enough, nor strong enough.. They did not make it.. Lupin, Dumbledore, Snape, Burbage, “Thomas goes on to name a lot of people..

“Thomas,” Mrs. carthen has tears in her eyes.. “Only you and your friends would summon Hogwarts.. Travel time.. Save who you can .. Stop history from being changed… and considered it a failure….”

The Unspeakables look at Lavendar Brown..

“We have our people back..” Lavendar looks at Moody and Tonks, “They will return to their homes and families.. Alastor. tonks. If potter wont find you a place, as Thomas puts it, the PC law dogs.. Or Popos.. I will reserve you a slot with Department of Mysteries..”

Alastor leans forward, “So what did I miss Minerva?”



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