Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Chapter Three

I do not own the universe or main characters

this is just a fan fiction

I created a few characters for the story set in JK Rowlings Harry Potter Universe

How does J.K. Rowling feel about Harry Potter fan fiction?

Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

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A bald shirtless man with tattoos stepped out of nothingness.. Number One Reappriated onto Thomas’s shoulder..

“Boss.. Oh bloody hell,” Looking at thomas.. “Facial recognition said it was you.. But we thought its was the shapeshifting crap.. Number One never falls for that.. ”

“It is a long story, ” Percy’s clean shaven face seemed to respond to the breeze.. “Mr. Carthen has agreed..”

“I know who you are bearue- rat, stuff shirt Murican, Joa-Joa,” The man shook his head.. ” and Headmistress McGonagall,” With a tone of respect.. “What the F#$% did they do to you boss..”

“Listen.. Good sir.. The third wizarding war is over.. ” Percy was not happy, “It seems this hidden.. I can have thirty Aurors here in less then a minute..”

“Mr. Weasely..” thomas put his hand up, “Your not gonna get past it this way.. I.. I got deaged sir.. No memory of this.. Number One showed up today with my new wand and robes..”

“MEOW,” Number One responds..

The man looks around at the hogwarts students, and laughs till he sees Artemis..  Little Shade and Bruce are appriated by their pets, “Oh F#$%.. F#$%.. F#$%..” Tapping an ear piece, “Jersey.. Its the boss’s kids..”

A woman dressed in daisey dukes and a bikini steps out of the thin air, “D@#$ it.. ” Shaking her head, “Number One, Axel, Osirus, and Archon..” She sees Thomas and takes a deep breath, “Bossman.. What happened.. You said you were going for a walk..”

“I was explaining,” Percy was interrupted..

“Young lady,” Minerva narrowed her eyes.. “Mr. Carthen..” She takes a moment, “I recognize you.. Your sister is..”

Jersey narrowed her eyes looking at the Slytherin Robes on thomas.. “Headmistress.. Long time no see..  You own me a hundred pounds Seymore, Slytherin.. The rumors were true..”

Thomas is looking at the older woman, “Pretty lady..”

“dont start your S@#4 bo..” Jersey responded reflexively went wide eyed, “What is my favorite color?”

“He doesnt remember.. He was de aged to this age..” Artemis took the steps the distance, “Ms. Jersey..”

“Artemis LeStrange.. You look just like your mother,” Jersey  smiles.. “How is your boyfriend doing?”

“Excuse me..” Artemis pauses, “How do you know that I.. ” With a panicked look, “You know who he is?”

“Who is her boyfriend,” thomas asked quietly.. “Jersey?”

“I told you a hundred times.. I will run the spies keeping them out of trouble.. Who she dates is her own D@#$ Business! Not yours boss.. God.. I hope McGonagall can teach him properly..” Jersey takes Artemis’s arm, “Come on honey..  We have a lot to talk about.. We have to get you a much better dress for the ball this year.. We know a couple of people muggle and magical.. Axel bring gryffindor furry girl.. Us girls have so much to plan and talk over.. ”

“Jersey.. I,” Artemis is taking a step and apparates with her owl..

Little shade apparates out of sight..

“Wait.. The children might,” Percy is interrupted when Number One apparates onto Minerva’s shoulder..

“Meow,” Before Minerva can speak she dissappears..

A hispanic woman in blue jeans with her hair back, “Rose..  Capricornia..”

“Wait,” Percy speaks..

A japanese woman appears in Front of Joa-Joa.. “Victoria.. Fortuna..”

“Mulas,” Joa-Joa smiles.. “I hope the bar is open..”

“Joa- Joa.. We are here to,” All seven females disappear before Fontaine can speak.

Osirus responds..

“Go with the ladies and have fun.. Pretty girl.. I will be okay.. I am with Hagrid, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Seymore, head Master Fontaine, jorel, and Dad.. I will watch over them.. ” Bruce spoke to the bird, “They are your friends..”

With a skwak Osirus disappears..

Seymore turns towards the entrance, “Really ladies.. I did not do it.. Boss did.. come on.. Can I at least get a shirt and some shoes..”

“Mr. Seymore,” Percy is interrupted by Thomas laughing.. “Son.. this is serious.. This is official..”

Agilbert starts laughing..

Hagrid tries to hide his response..

Percy turns angry looking at Thomas..

Jorel and Bruce start laughing when a pair of shoes and a shirt come flying out..

“Mr. Weasley.. I think thomas pissed off the women..” Agilbert shook his head, “I have the upmost faith in minerva.. They are not allowing the men folk in.. Boy..”

“They have been worried sick,” Seymore shakes his head.. “I pissed them off once and they changed my codes.. Boss man took pity on me and let me stay in his flat on the other side of the thames..”

“It is not funny,” Percy was not very happy..

Thomas turns to Bruce and Jorel, “I got a question..”

“Where did you hide the key,” Jorel and Bruce looked at each other?

“Their is no key,” Seymore responds..

“We searched the whole area, “Percy responds coldly.. “It is a good thought.. Mr. Seymore..”

“Dont listen to him,” Thomas spoke as Bruce and Jorel looked down.. “What were you thinking? Professor Scamander said ideas where to tested not dismissed..”

Bruce and Jorel start whispering to each other..

“Mr. Hagrid,” Jorel whispers.. “When the ministry searches for magic.. Uhm.. Is it active?”

“Active search, ” Hagrid was confused.. “They use a version now to.. ”

“Hagrid.. They are just children,” Percy tries to stop hagrid.. “We have enough..”

“Wait a second.. Boys,” Agilbert rubs his chin and takes out his wand.. “It is a good idea but they do both.. We do to.. The spells actively search both actively and passively..”

Percy stopped in his tracks, “Actually.. We dont use both.. But both methods were used.. Potter himself searched..” Percy looked at both boys and Thomas, “That was a good thought though..”

“That is the point,” Jorel looks at Thomas.. “Thomas would only trust magic so far.. Mr. Seymore.. You know the older thomas better then we do..”

“Mr. Percy.. We can,” Fontaine is interrupted.

“Mr. fontaine.. Dont..Magic will magic it disappear,” Thomas speaks coldly. “I..”

“You bloody mother,” Seymore stops.. “Really an old key and lock. ”

Percy shakes his head, “Because the ministry would be looking for magic.. We missed this.. It should have been caught..”

“Boss.. thomas..” Seymore responds, “Ok.. Wait boys.. I got a cold one on the table.. LIsten to me.. you are a ruthless prick when you are older.. And you have a sense of humor.. Close your eye.. And where would you hide the key..”

Thomas closes his eyes and steps forward to the area where the entrance was..  “There is no key.. I.. Open.. I command you..”

A boggart appears in the doorway.. It transforms into a form of a gangster looking man, in  a mask with a tommy gun….

“S#$% boss,” Seymore pulled a wand and changed..  “I.. I am so sorry sir.. I want you to know I .. I respected you sir..”

Fontaine went down from small taser..

Percy moved between Setmore and Bruce, Jorel, Scorpius, and Albus, “Thomas do not move..”

“Thomas Elliot Carthen,” The unspeakable seemed to speak with a hollowness.. “The first test has been initiated..”

“Mr. Seymore..” Percy swallowed hard, “Step away from Thomas..”

“Mr. Weasley,” Jorel whispers.. “Stop.. ”

“We dont have our wands,” Scorpius spoke.. “You draw yours.. You will need to help Mr. Percy..”

“No.. ” Jorel spoke loudly, “We do not know what is going on… Help Mr. Fontaine up..”

“Mr Seymore of the Department of Mysteries..” Bruce took a second, “That is an older Thomas.. It is your boggart…” The masked creature looked at Thomas, “And Thomas is afraid of what he becomed.. Even you Mr. Percy recognize it..”

Percy pauses, “Ravenclaw indeed.. Draw your wands I may need…”

“Boss.. You have started the test.. The first time you gave cross orders..” Seymore smiles, “The boggart has been altered slightly..”

The ground shook..

“Headmistress is trying to get past the security systems.. You will take the first test.. A placement exam,” Seymore’s head seems to not be facing Thomas..

“A test,” Thomas spoke.. “F#$%.. I would have never brought .. I gave my word to Mr. Percy and..”

“Your whole life a lot of people broke their word to you.. So the first test is simple,” Seymore took a deep breath and waved his wand.. “You have given a command.. That command contravenes orders given.. There.. Now everyone is listening..”

“Everyone is listening,” Percy was confused..

“All the magical schools, MACUSA, and The ministry for magic..” Seymore looked away refusing to face everyone, “To cross the thresh hold you must now shut off the sentries.. With a simple song.. To the one you love..”

A loud sound fills the air..

An old female Sphinx appears, “Enough Unspeakable.. The protocols have been initiated.. The Great Emancipator has made deals behind his grandmothers back.. I will Administer the first test..”

Their is no way boss knew of,” Seymore paused.. “Boss knew what he was walking into.. It..”

The area shook again..

Bruce pulled quietly on Scorpius’s robe as Albus was Trying to get Fontaine up..

“Mr. weasley..” Scorpius swallowed hard, “Bruce.. Made a point sir.. Headmistress McGonanagll is his senior instructor.. Any And All test should be administered by her..”

“That is not part of the deal, “Seymore responded.. “It is thomas’s test to ..”

“Sphinx.. On behalf of the ministry of magic.. I demand his head mistress administer the test with her approval.. ” Percy held his wand out as ten aurors apparated into the area..

“Judas of the department of Mysteries.. The Administrator is correct,” The Sphinx stomped her foot.. “Number One.. Bring Head Mistress McGonagall.. ”

A few seconds later an angry Minerva is Apparated into the area.. She sees the Auror, the Sphinx, Percy, the Aurors, and thomas in front of the Boggart, “What is going on?”

“A destiny altered.. Time as a play thing.. A deal struck,” The Sphinx answered.. “The first of twenty three test has been activated.. Son of the misplaced knows the test of his namesake..”

“Father.. You..” Bruce Tiberius Desorium takes a moment, “The Kobayashi Maru.. ”

“An answer properly given.. Yes tiberius.. The first part.. ” The Sphinx turns to Minerva, “You will administer the test.. We whole of the magical world watching.. Their is no right answer.. And their is no winning..”

“The Kobayashi Maru,” Percy is confused..

“The no win scenario,” Fontaine is helped up by Albus Potter.. “Minerva.. It sounds like the Elder Thomas knew the outcome.. He..”

“Found a way,” Bruce speaks with pride.. “Father.. It is the test.. ”

One of the aurors whisper, “Percy.. We..”

Twenty other Sphinxes appear ..

“Their will be no interference.. McGonagall.. You must inform us when the test begins, “The old female Sphinx speaks firmly.. “A word of caution.. Your older self did say one thing .. ”

The Sphinx stopped and said nothing else..

“What did he say?” Minerva was not very happy, “Sphinx..”

The sphinx all set stone like, “Life and death this test is.. The results will not be seen for decades.. Thomas’s alone to take it is? No one knows what the Kobayashi Maru is.. McGuffin he must. An order given versus your word of honor..”

Thomas turns and starts cussing..

“”Thomas,” Minerva speaks coldly.. “We will just walk away..”

“Then his word to Percy is broken,” The Sphinx calmly sit now..

“Minerva.. We.. We need to look through the safe house..” Percy put his hand on her shoulder, “But I will not put Thomas in Danger..”

“So the ministry violates the treaty will all magical sentiants,” The female Sphinx smiles, “You will not break through the spells.. And the little ones inside will not leave.. Is that your choice Thomas?”

“What,” Minerva spoke angrily..

“Every choice has an outcome,” Jorel took a deep breath.. “What is the way inside?”

“You have no right to interfere,” the Sphinx growls loudly..

“Kirk had a crew to help him run the ship,” Fontaine spoke coldly.. “Thomas’s friends and .. Others he may rely upon to give him advice..”

“That is,” The Sphinx start talking to each other..

Agilbert whispers to Minerva, “If Thomas rigged it.. Kirk always found a way out..”

“I am not kirk.. He was.. Was a Captain of.. He..” Thomas faced the creature in a version of his older self.. “And order given versus my word.. Me.. What is the cost of entry?”

The sphinx all go quiet..

“I will sing a song to Athena..I,” Thomas saw the boggart change into a misty grey creature in Gryffindor robes.. Thomas takes a step back, “Their has to be another way in..”

“You left yourself with out a way out.. The Rubicon has been past.. All other entrances are guarded by one of us.. Should we be defeated by anyone other then you.. The door shifts elsewhere,” The older Female Sphinx calmly laughs.. “It is obvious as the nose on your face..”

“No.. No..” thomas looked away, “I do not have to take this test.. They wont be locked up and held hostage.. My older self gave his word to Headmistress Mcgonagall the students and school were off limits..”

“Indeed he did,” the older Sphinx responded.. “You gave your word to Mr. Weasley as well.. ”

“And you never break your word, “Seymore responds.. “Boss.. Listen.. I.. I was going to cheat and help you past this.. Out of loyalty.. That is why you involved the Sphinxes..”

“I knew you were with the Department of Mysteries.. Keep your spies close and your enemies closer,” Thomas was pissed.. “I am an A$$hole when I get older..”

“If he breaks his word to Percy he can then break his word to me.. And we wont know if the deal stands,” Minerva McGonagall sighs.. “He is just a child.. He is not..”

“I release him from his deal.. We will find another way in,” Percy holds his hands up to the Aurors.. “We know where the entrance is..”

“You are were correct Mr. Weasley.. ” The Sphinx quietly spoke, “Inside is his stolen library.. His magical books.. The main collection.. Ancient and forgotten.. In fact his notes on the threat faced are inside.. None of those present know where they are hid.. And only thomas may access them.. Consequences abound on this paths.. He breaks his word once then.. It may happen again..”

“Everyone broke their word to me..I do not break mine,” Thomas took a deep breath.. “Everyone is listening.. And the test answer to get inside requires me to admit what I feel..”

“Is that his test.. ” Minerva took a deep breath. “No.. It.. It is a lesson.. He gave his word freely.. You are making him choose between his word and an order given..This is cruel.. I wont allow it..”

“Boss is that much an A$$,” Seymore takes a deep breath.. “He must learn to only his word when he means it.. He made it the cornerstone of his commands and everywhere.. True discipline.. It is how he beat the ministry and MACUSA..”

“None of us bet on this.. Proceed Mr. Carthen..”The sphinx smiled as it stood, “The next step is the price you pay.. You will think twice before you give your word so easily.. ”

“Rose Weasley, Capricornia Black, Gloria Jackson, ” Thomas names off a few other females.. “Victoria and Fortuna.. I know you like me.. You and Jorel are the only friends I have.. I.. I apologize.. I wont lead you on.. Ladies..” Thomas closes his eyes and starts singing off key, “I have heard those city singers about how they can sing..”

The Boggarts starts to slowly disappear as Thomas sings..

Minerva gives a dirty look to Seymore and Percy..

The Aurors manage to maintain stoic poses..

Percy takes a deep breath and whispers to Scorpius, “Stay quiet.. I know from the looks you gave you like rose.. It.. I am in trouble when I get home as it is..”

Thomas continues off key..

“The whole magical world is watching father sing this off key,” Bruce swallows hard.. “He.. They will make fun of him everywhere he goes..”

“But he did NOT break his word to Percy Weasley or Headmistress McGonagall,” Jorel Proudly states.. “He is beating a no win scenario.. It is the worst kind.. A personal one.. A bravery under fire..”

Albus whispers to Agilbert, “Headmaster Fontaine.. Is this why he beat the Aurors, the ministry, and MACUSA?”

“Look at the faces of the Ministry’s aurors here.. Stone faced.. ” Agilbert nodded his head to them, “They see why they lost.. Clearly see.. I should put up more of a fight for him.. He is scared and just keeps singing off key.. ”

Thomas finishes singing and the Boggart disappears..

An archway appears in front of Thomas, “Are you happy Mr. Percy? I can now never show my face anywhere..” Number One apparates to Thomas’s shoulder, “Number One.. Can I put my application into star fleet academy..”

“the first Test of twenty three have been passed,” The Sphinx speaks.. “The price was paid for the word given. A hard lesson learned.. The consequences were the least…”

The sphinx all disappear..

“Mr. carthen,” Percy speaks.. “Now this..”

Minerva steps inbetween Thomas and all of them, “No.. He kept his word.. Mr. Weasley entrance was granted.. As headmistress of Hogwarts.. None of the ministry may speak with him no ask him to give his word with out going through me and my staff.”

Rose Weasley and Capricornia are looking wide eyed..

“Thomas.. I also have someone I am seeing.. It,” Rose weasley is interrupted..

“The whole wizarding world is still listening..” Seymore quietly speaks as Jersey and the other females are all glaring from behind the two girls..

“He was put in a worse situation then I was.. ” Thomas spoke looking down, “I am hungry..”

Victoria and Fortuna come from behind Thomas and both sigh..

“I..” thomas looks away, “I apologize.. I..”

Fortuna hits Thomas in the arm, “Friendzoned us huh.. What makes you think we like you? ”

“You cant sing to save your life,” Victoria has her hands on her hips..

“Because.. It is obvious,” Jorel gets dirty looks from victoria and Fortuna.. “That I need to shut my mouth..”

“Let us go get thomas something to eat..” Minerva motions for the children to come inside, “I am famished myself and could use a a bite..”

“Thomas we are going to need,” Percy gets an evil look from Minerva.. “Headmistress.. The Sphinx indicated..”

“Mr. Weasley.. They ar not going anywhere.. If he has a secret stach.. We can search later.. Without so many prying eyes,” The Auror from earlier spoke.. “And no children around.”

“Burbage,” Weasley sighs and nods yes..



Thomas stands in front of the wall of Big screen TV’s..

A shotgun with a series of sigils on it fired.. The bullet curved and hit an escaping criminal in chains separating his leg from his body..

The other Criminals raised their chained hands in the air out of fear..

The man in the glowing green sigiled trench coat stood with his foot on the American Auror.. Thomas’s older voice came out, “Not a single one of you run.. You have committed crimes.. Like this Auror..”

Percy stood their next to thomas with minerva watching the scene..

“Listen.. You are obviously one of us.. ” The bleeding Auror spoke with his hair matted and dirty, “You have attacked MACUSA.. ”

The sigiled mask glows, “Your obliviate failed Auror.. I remember everything… Including the fact it was your spell that hit my girl friend killing her.. You lied in your reports.. I gave you my word before you tried to Obliviate me that you would pay.. As you and your compratriots can tell.. I am a man of my word..”

Several other Aurors Apparated in, “We have you surrounded.. “The Female Auror moved her hair looking around at the damage and dead, “You.. You are a not a no-maj.. ” Seeing the weapon glow, “Magical artifacts.. S@#$.. ”

“Do you read history books,” The older man responded with out moving. “Vietnam slash Korea..”

The Aurors slowly started forward.. The Female raised her hand, “Everyone stop before..”

Several clicks are heard way to late..

“The are called landmines.. And yes they are sigiled,” The masked man spoke with a slight chuckle.. “They go boom.. Why do you think I chose a junk yard to chase this idiot into..”

One of the Aurors tried to apparate away.. A green flame comes up followed by an explosion.. Parts of the auror go flying everywhere..

The other aurors All Freeze..

“Listen.. It.. It is Thomas elliot Carthen.. Right.. Things happen, “The Auror on the ground coughs up blood as the boot on him glows with sigils.. “Your girl friend was a casuality of men .. Men like these..”

“then why lie on the paperwork,” Thomas’s older self responds.. “And why did the other two lie to cover it up.. You destroyed and hid evidence.. ”

“F#$%.. Mr. Carthen.. There.. We obliviated you.. There is no way you.. You are a wizard,” The female frooze in place.. “Listen the criminal we were hunting was dangerous.. Casualties happen..”

“You .. Mrs. Olshen.. Graduate of Ilvermorny.. Top grades in fact,” Thomas spoke coldly.. “Christmas came early.. Tell you what.. ” thomas twas playing with his arm, “Surrender your self and Mr. Cold here.. ”

Several of the Aurors nodded to each other.. The land mines went flying into the air exploding..

“Batman Gambit Execute,” thomas called out.. He jumps ten feet clearing into behind a pile of junk..

“Get cold we will,” Mrs Olshen was interrupted..

The sound off multiple fifty caliber weapons opening fire surprise those watching..

Minerva closes her eyes as Percy takes a deep breath as several of the Aurors go down..

“White Phosperus rounds,” Minerva looks at Thomas.. Eyes turn towards her, “It is a long story.. It is a banned muggle weapon.. ”

“I know what white phophurus is Headmistress,” Percy spoke.. “In bullets.. ”

Thomas coldly watches..

Several more aurors go down from the weapons fire.. After being raked as sheilds go up and the white phospurus burns on the shield..

One of the Aurors screams in pains as somehow part of the white phosphurus gets through the shield.. It drips into the Aurors left eyes as he drops the shield falling to the ground..

Only Olshen is left after hitting the ground and raising a wall of junk to protect herself..

The sound of clicks fill the air from the Fifty cals wirring..

Angry Olshen throws the material, “I will make you pay Mr.Carthen.. Mr. carthen?”

No one answers..

“I am over here,” cold calls out.. “He left.. Coward..”

Several of the prisoners are alive but in pain..

“He killed all of them.. Listen we have to,” A side arm goes off killing Cold..

One of the prisoners starts to move.. The bullet hits him in between the eyes.. Olshen coldly walks over to the wounded prisoners, “No witnesses..” She walks over to the aurors making sure they are dead, “This is not ending my career..”

Minerva covers her mouth as Burbage moves his coat watching this.. “She killed her former partner.. And the Prisoners.. Crap.. I.. Can I get a copy of this? Potter is going to want to see this.. She has been the loudest voice..”Burbage looked at Thomas, “This is bad .. She is the Director of Magical Security.. Built up on .. Crap.. This is bad..”

“It is too late,” thomas responds.. “I would not have let me see this if.. I already released this to the press..”

The video ends with Olshen apparating out of the area..

Jersey walks into the room, “It is on the front page of the daily Prophet.. ”

She shows the page..

“Murder most foul.. Justice for Thomas Carthen,” Fontaine takes the paper.. “Corruption in the MACUSA.. It has come to this reporters attention from an unidentified source that Director Olshen murdered Aurors and a muggle.. No-Maj as they are called on the other side of the pond.. It appears the loudest voice demanding the return of Thomas Elliot Carthen is in fact trying to make sure her crimes never see the light of day..”

“We are going to have to leave early,” Joa-Joa had a large margarita in her hand..

“Corruption,” Thomas shook his head..

“Not all politicians are corrupt,” Percy spoke looking at Thomas.. “Listen.. Fair enough.. At least..”

Burbage took a deep breath, “If minerva is okay with it.. I would like to run some cases by you and your mentor.. Both of them..”

Percy looked at the Auror..

“Listen me and Potter disagree on a lot of things.. At the end of the day our job is to protect both Wizards and Muggles..” Burbage put a hand on Thomas’s shoulder, “I do not forgive your older self.. Never will.. I however see the why..”

“I will consider it Mr. Burbage,” Minerva spoke coldly.. “However..The students will need to return in a.. A few hours..”

“Speak with an honest cop.. They have to exist,” Thomas grinned.. “Appearently Unicorns are real to.. I mean I surely had made a contact or two..”

“You are serious,” Percy rubbed the bridge of his nose..

“I assume that some of the crimes that went unsolved in the muggle books..” thomas looked at Jersey, “I would have found a Commissioner Gordon.. ”

“You.. Muggles are not supposed to,” Percy was interrupted..

Jersey handed a card to Burbage, “The closest we found.. He contacted us several times when his boss buried evidence.. Honest to a point.. He knows about the magical world.. Thomas trusted him..”

Mulas walks in with a set of files, “And this Mr. Burbage is the files Thomas had investigated before his..” The Japanese woman looks to Thomas, “Reset.. This thumbdrive is everything you need on corruption in the ministry.. You will not be happy.. The Aurors he killed.. Well you find there names on that thumbdrive..”

“It was him or Potter,” Jersey speaks cooly.. “With the issue of Potter.. Your the next honest man.. By Thomas’s assessment..”

Thomas rubs his face and walks out of the room..

Albus, Scorpius, Little Shade, Fortuna, Victoria, Jorel, Bruce, and Capricornia are sitting in Lazy boys playing some game..

“Thomas,” Rose Weasley spoke calmly..

Artemis held up her hand to the others and pointed at them..

Thomas just turned around and walked away..

“Go.. I will keep the others out of your hair,” Artemis pointed at Scorpius..

Rose walked quickly, “Thomas .. You cant avoid me or the others..”

“Live to Fight another day, “Thomas paused.. “I am going to the kitchen..”

“My god.. This is,” Burbage rubbed his head reading a file in the middle.. “Potter is going to be pissed and fit to be tied..”

Minerva waved at Rose to keep going with him..

Thomas walked through to the kitchen with Rose in tow..

Thomas opened the Fridge as Number One peared over the edge, “Meow..”

“You were fed,” Thomas took out roast beef, ham, and cheese.. He set them on the island in the middle.. Going back he took out the Mayonaise, “Do not try Number one.. ”

“You cant ignore me.. The whole wizarding world heard you,” Rose moves her long red hair.. “So your love is deeper then the holler..”

Thomas gives her a dirty look..

She laughs and raises her wand, “I snuck it out..”

The hoagie rolls come floating out of the wood box and land on the table..

“Lets hear it,” thomas takes a deep breath.. “You are..”

“No.. We are not having the conversation that way,” Rose interjected.. “I find it fascinating.. You older self managed to educate himself in magic.. In four years.. And created weapons and tools no one else has.”

Thomas takes one of the hoagie rolls, “Do you want one?”

“I will make my own,” Rose puts away her wand and takes one of the hoagie rolls.

Thomas looks at her and swallows hard.. Sighing he takes the mayonaise and puts it on the hoagie roll, “If one knows the principals the rest falls into line..”

Thomas hands Rose the mayonaise..  “Could you grab me the mustard.. You do not understand.. It takes time to master magic.. None of the Ministry thought you did it on your own..  I told my mother that it was possible.. ”

Thomas opens the fridge and takes out the mustard, “All I would have started with is the knowledge of what I was..”

“Professor Scamander said you were his smartest protege before they knew you were a mage..” Rose put the mustard on the hoagie rolll, “You have to explain the concept of Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to me.. The professor said none of us are ready for the advanced concepts yet..” Looking Thomas in the eye, “Will you explain it to me.. I mean..”

Thomas made a face and sighed, “You wont believe me.. Amunet never did..” Putting Roast beef on his sandwich, “You are just interested in the knowledge.. You have no concept of..”

“Thomas.. We,” Rose stops.. “You are very untrusting.. And you just sang to me.. Perhaps You need to think about someone else..”

Thomas watches as Rose takes the cheese bag and opens it.. She lays her slices of cheese on the mustard part..

Seeing Thomas smiling, “What.. You are making your sandwich all wrong.. It taste better..”

“You are doing magic right now,” Thomas smiles as he looks Rose Weasley in the eyes.

Rose frooze, “I am just making a sandwich.. ”

“Now summon a sandwich,” thomas took the cheese bag.. “What is the spell you use..”

“That is simple you,” Rose turned her head sideways.. “You were a muggle when you had this conversations.. It..” Rose is wide eyed, “Merlins beard.. Oh Bloody hell.. Add in magic.. Real world magic..”

“Kung fu comes from inside,” Thomas smiles when he sees her blush.. “How far down the rabbit whole you want to go with the analogy.. ”

Rose looks at Thomas with a lot of respect, “And you were a muggle when you developed this theory.. ” They finished making their sandwiches, “All it is, is ingrediants collected.. You argued not realizing it is only the method used to make the sandwhich varies.. Wands.. Wands are just tools..” A thought crosses her face as Rose bites her bottom lip, “I digress.. Listen I am seeing someone.. I.. I ..”

Thomas grins looking her in the eyes again.. “I understand..” Thomas bites his own bottom lip, “It is not the first time I was ever told this..”

Rose leans back, “Wait you.. You have heard this be…. Athena told you this.. Thomas that wont happen..” Taking a deep breath, “You are way to young.. Second.. I am in a serious..”

Several Blue Pixies fly inside the room.. At Each entrance they peak into the other rooms.. Several of them land on the table.. They look at the ones standing sentry..

A larger one flies around Thomas and then lands back on the table with five others.. They all stand like soldiers and salute Thomas..

Rose giggles not meaning to, “They.. They think .. You are there boss..”

After a salute back, Thomas takes the knife and cuts up part of his sandwich into small bites.. “I think this should be enough for you all..”

Several of them start to move only for the larger one to hit them..

“My apologies Sir..” thomas whispered, “Rank.. I provide a share of my food freely .. General.. Keep in mind.. Leadership is a two way street.. They ar eloyal men.. You have to keep discipline.. For violating that I apologize.”

“Thomas.. They are cute.. I am not sure they can,” Rose pauses when the pixies look at the Larger one who is standing with seeming pride.. “You understand him..”

The Larger one points to the food.. And then one Pixie.. That pixie walks up to Thomas’s plate respectfully.. When Thomas nods his head, the pixie grabs only one cut, and gobbles it down.. It flies over to the door and taps one of them on the shoulder.. It flies down to the end of the formation on the table..

“Military formation,” Rose is awed as the pixies rotate under the larger ones watchful eye.. “Your older self had the Loyalties of the Pixies.. That..”

The Larger one lastly walks up and salutes Thomas.. Thomas stands up and tries to salute back.. The Larger Pixie shakes his head and looks to rose..

“Littleone he was de-aged.. He has no idea how.. His older self must of been in the military.. You will have to show him how to salute,” Rose speaks jokingly..

The larger one lets out a lower level schreech.. The others on the table fly over to Thomas.. They move him to a proper posistion.. They raise Thomas’s hand moving his fingers..

“Like this,” thomas tries to salute..

The Larger one looks at Rose and points to Thomas shaking its head..

Rose Giggles and walks over, “It is not the british salute.. ” Taking a deep breath Rose stands behind Thomas and moves his hand into posistion, “I think your arm was not moving properly.. You taught them to salute.. And they are teaching you now..”

The larger Blue pixie flies back.. He brings up a salute to Thomas.. Thomas raises his hand and salutes.. They both drop the salute..

The larger one then lands and eats his part..

Standing behind thomas, “See it wasnt that hard.. ”

“Take the rest of the hoagie rolls.. Before they go bad,” thomas looks at the Larger one.. Seeing it look at him, “Uhm.. You want something else..”

The larger one looks at Rose and points down.. It flies over the edge and down.. A few seconds later the pixie flies back up..

“Really I am not that stupid,” thomas looks at the bigger Pixie.. “Just because she is smarter then me..”

Rose giggles, “They must be a little upset.. I think they are locked out of.. Your secret areas..”

The larger Pixie nods it head yes..

“Well I do not know how to open the areas,” thomas responds.. “Wait.. Do you know where the cat food is?”

The larger Pixie lets out a low level screech and flies to a cabinet.. It opens one of the upper doors.. It takes out a can.. And flies it to Thomas..

“This is amazing, “Rose takes a deep breath.. “Mum wont believe me.. The pixies are showing signs of sentience.. ”

“Summonus Kittius,” Thomas slowly raises the can top pop.. “Food..”

“Thomas that is not, “Rose is interrupted..

Number One apparates immediately in, “Meow..”

“That is not magic Thomas,” Rose shakes her head.. “It… Magical grilled Cheese Sandwiches..”

“Fetch me my .. My,” thomas cant think of the word..

“It is a mutated cat.. It wont know to fetch you a port key,” Rose responds..

The Larger Blue Pixie lets out a soft screech and points to the can..

“Thomas..dogs fetch.. I doubt you taught,” Number One disappears pausing Rose..

A few seconds later Number One appears with a silver house key sitting on the table.. With a single paw on the key..

Thomas pops the cat food open and sets it one the table.. Number One gives him a dirty look..

“Little snob.. General Pixie.. Can yall grab a plate.. ” thomas looks at the cat, “For her highness..”

A little screech comes out and the pixies quickly find the plates.. One is sat on the table next to the can..

Thomas picks up the can and dumps it on the plate, “Your highness..”

“Meow,” Number one walks with her nose up.. She starts eating the treat..

“Thomas.. Listen.. We need to.. Wait.. If it is a port key,” Rose grabs Thomas’s hand.. “You cant just use it.. We need to notify Headmistress McGonagall.. And Uncle Percy.. This..”

The Pixies all are touching thomas and Rose.. The Larger one grabs the key Quiclky..

“Headmistress McGonagall.. Thomas had Number One fetch a port key,” Rose calls out.. “The Pixies are trying to get him to use it to transport to his secret batcave.. I got ahold of him..”

The large blue Pixies smiles as it hands him the key..

“My secret batcave,” thomas raises an eye brow.. “Go there?”

Headmistress McGonagall walks into the kitchen just in time for the port key to go off..

Number One puts her paws on the plate as Minerva gives her a dirty look.. She apparates away with the plate..



Rose’s voice is raised, “Thomas.. You cant just use a port key..” Rose has out her wand glowing, “The Pixies just flew off..”

“Computer Lights,” Thomas calls out..

“Thomas,” The lights come on.. “This is.. A.. Wow..”

“Rose.. You like books right, “Thomas whispers softly.. “Come here..”

“This is amazing.. These are unknown works of several artist.. It doesnt change the fact you need to take us ba… Back,” Rose walked over and swallowed hard..

Over the open edge of the loft was rows and rows of book shelves..

“It seems to go on for ever Rose..”

“You..” She grabbed Thomas’s arm, “You built a great library.. That.. My.. ”

“I guess we can go back to,” Rose covered Thomas’s mouth..

“It wont hurt to look around.. I mean.. We are here,” Rose took a deep breath..

Thomas took her hand off of his mouth, “I dropped the port key somewhere.. We have to go find it..”

“Thats right.. We need to find your catalogue,” Rose took a minute.. “Computer.. Where is Thomas’s catalogue?”

A sigiled Drone flew up and scanned Rose.. “Unauthorised user de..”

The larger Pixie flew between the drone and Rose.. It screeched at the drone.. It pointed to Thomas.. It went to his pocket and took out the port key..

The drone scanned it causing an hour glass hologram to appear.. It rotated the 2d hour glass..

“Adult Supervision will be required,” The Drone coldly spoke.. “Thomas has been de-aged.. ”

“Why is adult supervision required,” Thomas took a tone.. “Either I am Thomas elliot Carthen and this is my batcave.. Or It is not.. Which is it..”

“It is your Library sir,” The Drone responded seemingly meekly..

“I.. I understand I .. What is your name,” Thomas changes his tone?

“It seems that.. It is not appropriate to share the terms used most,” The Drone spoke..

“You remind me of Mrs. Rodriguiz.. One of the meanest The librarians In town.. So,” thomas was interrupted..

“Mrs. Tammy Lynn Rodriguiz.. ” The Drone responded, “She is one of your employees now.. Yes.. I will summon her..”

“Chief Archivist Rodriguiz to .. To the front office.. Code one,” The Drone spoke over a PA system.. “ASAP..”

Thomas shook his head.. “Great.. So much for.. Wait I hired that old biddy.. She was ancient when I was little..  ”

“You hired her,” Rose spoke trying not to laugh..

An old woman was floating down an isle with a red helmet on, “Drone 2305..” A sound came from the drone, “Do not toy with me.. I will have you melted down..”

She came up into sight and paused, “Oh my.. It.. Thomas Elliot Carthen.. I recognize you.. Littleone.. It has been decades.. That is not possible..” She was at the top part of the loft and stepped off her skid like device..

Drone 2305 spoke, “He is demanding total access to his library.. He is accompanied by ..”

“Rose Weasley.. ” Mrs. Rodriguiz saw Thomas’s robes, “I see you were properly placed.”

“You knew thomas when he was a mu.. Before he found out he was a mage,” Rose swallows hard as she sees the old woman’s sigiled cane..

Mrs. Rodriguiz narrowed her eyes, “Even when he almost burned down the half the town.. ”

Thomas went very quiet, “There was no proof.. Rose.. I ..”

Rose giggled, “Almost burned down the whole town?”

“Ms. weasley he stole a college text book on Chemistry.. The book was back on the shelf the next day..” Mrs. Rodriguiz was all smiles as she whispers, “I never told him I was impressed.. He started to check out books on ghost that day.. ”

Thomas was very quiet..

“He says you were mean,” Rose spoke looking at Thomas..

“With him.. You have to be strict.. Hector was a bad influence..” Mrs. Rodriguiz hobbled over to Thomas, “By the way.. Might I suggest a few singing lessons..”

Rose went wide eyed first, “Mam.. Listen I..I .. Port key.. You know what happened?”

“Uh huh..” Mrs. Rodriguiz smiled and gave Thomas a hug, “You grew up to be one hell of a man.. Do not tell Hector I said this.. He was a good influence..”

Thomas was more surprised, “I thought you did not like me..”

“Thomas.. I can not show favortism to any of the children that came into the library.. ” With a sigh, “You.. Lets just say years later.. After my husband died.. The bank was taking my house.. My children where barely making it.. I was going to move in with them.. And then.. You showed up one day littleone.. ” The old woman smiled, “Dressed like a gangster.. You returned a book you had left town with.. ”

“You.. He told you about.. About the magical world,” Rose hit thomas in the arm..

“Not at first.. He left the money for the fine in cash.. ” A tear fell down the old woman’s face, “I was being forced retired for someone prettier and younger.. Thomas said he needed a librarian.. He had acquired a private library.. I told the older Thomas.. If he paid off my house from that crook of a banker I would run his Library..” She shook her head, “I knew he was a .. A mobster of some type.. I did not care however.. At most I thought it might be a small private collection.. The next day two heavily armed men brought the banker into the Library on the last day I was to work there.. He was afraid for his life holding a broken arm in a rigged splint.. Told me there had been a mistake.. My husband never had a mortgage on his house.. He returned all my money with my deed..”

“When did thomas Break the International Code of secrecy, “Rose looked at the younger Thomas.. “I am going to have to tell Mum..”

“He did not.. I was arranging his non-magical books with the help of some ruffins.. Armed men stood protecting the books.. Crates and crates of lovely old books.. First editions..” Mrs. rodriguiz smiled, “I started to notice some weird things.. I would go to sleep and the next day the crates had been finished just like I ordered.. Then some old scrolls had come in by mistake.. One of the guards started to get pissed.. Made everyone stand back.. I saw what I thought was Ancient Runes on his suit.. I was wanting to know what was going on.. I was not getting involved in international shipping of stolen antiques..”

Thomas was wide eyed listening..

“I followed the guards with the scrolls.. They refused to touch me or to speak with me.. Thomas had told them if something happened to me.. They would get spiked.. I should never had introduced him to.. nevermind.. I sat there for three hours.. ” Mrs. rodriguiz took a deep breath, “A goblin came out.. I.. He introduced himself.. He apologized because I was not supposed to see this.. He asked me if I was the Tammy Lynn Rodriguiz who introduced Thomas to the Declaration of Independance..” She chuckled, “I told him yes.. Why..  Little short S@#$ invited me to dine with him.. ”

“Let me guess the Magical creatures all showed you respect,” Rose spoke giving Thomas a dirty look..

“Word apparently Spread like wildfire.. Several Creatures came out of the woodwork.. I was stunned, “A tear fell down her face.. “They all started asking me questions.. Who were the fifty five no-maj’s that signed the most powerful magical document in existence.. ”

“So Thomas broke the rules that night,” rose was stern..

“No.. My future husband.. I married that Goblin.. He is kind and in his golden years.. He told me that He was not going to let me be harrassed.. He asked me to tell him more about these Muggles called the fity five.. the Sons of Liberty.. The free Masons.. The minutemen. He explained how magical creatures such as himself where treated.. Over a meal that was delivered from my favorite restaurant..” With a smile seeing Rose’s face, “I like short men..”

Rose was taking a deep breath, “He had told them about the Declaration of independence..”

“I thought he was a criminal.. He had grown up to be a rebel leader,” Thomas Smiles at Mrs. Rodriguiz’s comment.. “The next morning I just walked into the magical section and started helping reorganizing it too. It was a mess…”

“Were you not scared, “Rose looked at the older woman..

“Not one bit.. This children could not..” Mrs. rodriguiz almost choked, “Could not read.. I started classes immediately.. I had to start teaching the magical creatures to read. Illiteracy is UNACCEPTABLE!”

“Did they not say anything about you just walking in,” Rose was surprised?

“Argue with the woman who taught the little bit older then he is now Thomas about the constitution, the articles of confederation, Common sense, and the Declaration of independence..” Mrs. Rodriguiz had a warm smile, “I got busy and needed help.. Thomas was very busy.. I asked my fiance if I could ask for extra help to get these libraries better organized.. He said he would pass it up himself.. He came back in thirty minutes.. I was authorized to hire ten people.. Three hundred and thirty three million, four hundred eighty five thousand, nine hundred and seven muggle slash magical books do not manage themselves..”

“Three.. three hundred and.. Thirty.. Million books ,” Rose bites her bottom lip. Excitedly she grabs Thomas’s hand, “You.. You built a great library of muggle and Magical documents..”

Seeing Rose holding thomas’s hand and arm, “Four Great Libraries.. And we are going through the Uagadou School of Magic’s Library.. My husband and several of the sub Librarians Managed to separate the Library from the school.. Before it went boom.. ”

Rose was shocked and excited, “You saved the Library to..” She realized she was holding Thomas’s hand and arm.. “Letting go of Thomas’s hand, “He saved the books, scrolls,and tablets..”

“We are processing the books, “Mrs. Rodriguiz smiled.. “The Librarian how ever is.. She is being held.. Till she calms down.. We will return the books..” With an evil smile, “After we copy all of them..”

“Mr. rodriguiz.. You.. You are a pirate?” thomas looks at the older sigiled woman with respect, ” You told me that theft was wrong?”

“No Thomas.. I said,” Mrs. rodriguiz stopped herself.. “So who started that fire?”

Thomas went very subdued,”So there are hundreds of millions of books in my collection?” looking at her, “Um.. Our collection..”

“Thomas you cant hide this.. It is the greatest collection of books in human history,” Rose turned him around.. “You.. Do you know what you have done.. This.. The great libraries in history served as parts of the greatest dissemination points of knowledge.. Four.. ” Rose was excited, “This.. Do you have a copy of….”

“Yes.. It was found by sigiled soldiers.. They evacuated hidden sites ISIS was about to destroy.. ” Mrs. Rodriguiz was glowing, ” Our Antiquities Department has.. Well National treasure..”

Thomas was confused, “National treasure?”

“It is a movie.. We will watch it later.. I never mentioned which book it was,” Rose was biting her bottom lip..

Several Unspeakables apparated in with Hermione Granger Weasly in a professional looking suit..

Ron was with them back in an Auror uniform. With his badge clearly visible, “I told you he was a danger.. He kidnapped..”

“Rose.. You are in enough trouble,” Hermione’s and everyones back was turned to the Vast Library.. “Mr. Carthen.. Your grandmother helped us get in here.. You are about to..”

“Mother,” Rose swallowed hard.. “Look behind you..”

“Young Lady .. You were supposed to keep track of him.. Not follow him,” Hermione was stern..

“You are lucky Headmistress McG,” Ron stopped after he turned to look.. “By merlin’s beard.. Oh bloody hell.. Hermione..”

“Ron.. We have to, “Hermione is turned around by her husband.. “Merlins beard! This..”

One of the Unspeakable whispers to Hermione..

“Madam Minister for Magic,” Mrs. Rodriguiz is very polite. “Welcome to the Great Library of Britanna.. The department of Mysteries is upset.. They tried to remove books when his grandmother became aware of us..”

“this is,” Hermione took a deep breath.. “I am being told that several of the books here are of questionable..”

“Yes I have classified several of the collection as bound for the department of Mysteries..” Looking at the Unspeakables, ” Unfortunately for a book to leave the Library.. Those that were marked TS.. We need access to them.. Thomas had all the proper sigil codes.. He was the only one.. So when they took the books without codes they came back home..”

Hermione takes a deep breath, “And she ..” Hermione laughed, “Your older self knew he was going to lose in some way.. When your grandmother deaged you.. She erased the access to remove the books.”

Minerva Mcgonagall Apparated in with Number One on her shoulder, “Mr. Carthen.. Can I expect this to keep occuring in.. In.. ” Minerva takes a deep breath, she starts to speak and stops..

“You told me not to let him out of my sight Headmistress,” Rose responded quietly.. “He never left my sight..”

“That is the understatement of the year,” Ron looks back over the library.. “Hermione.. We cant leave this..”

“How many books,” Hermione looks to the older sigiled woman?

“Mum.. This is Mrs. Rodriguiz.. She is the chief Archivist.. Of the whole Three hundred and thirty three million, four hundred eighty five thousand, nine hundred and seven book collection.. Thomas Senior also saved the whole Uagadou School of Magic’s library.. They are processing it now..”

“I.. I had no clue,” Minerva saw all the books herself.. “Surely this is not that accurate..”

“You are correct Headmistress.. The collection is growing everyday.. At all four of our locations,” Mrs. Rodriguiz added professionally.. “We have a trust account set up to pay our expenses.. If the Department of Mysteries wishes to assign personnel her madam Minister for magic.. Madam Minister?”

Hermione covered her mouth as she looked over the rail, “This location will have to be classified.. ” She turns and looks at Mrs. Rodriguiz, “May I have a tour. ”

“Under the peace treaty.. Of course Madam Minister,” Mrs. Rodriguiz responds.. “You will all need to wear protective gear.. ” After a few seconds, “Thomas.. You and rose.. I cant let you walk through..  I am sorry honey.. Your headmistress is in charge of teaching you..”

“But.. It is,” rose was cut off..

“Rose Granger Weasley,” Hermione spoke.. “We do not know what is down there.. If the Chief Archivist says no.. ”

“And it is McGonagall’s call.. AFTER reviewing the library’s content,” Ron spoke to his daughter..

“Children..” Minerva looks longingly to the rows and rows of books, “We are late getting back to Hogwarts..”

As several sigiled drones bring saftey gear in yellow helmets, knee pads, gloves, and elbow pads..  Several other skids showed up..

“You are advised not to use your wands in here.. The unspeakables can explain how that went for them,” Mrs. Rodriguiz stepped onto her Skid.. “Thomas.. You left your Notebooks of Lazurua Long open.. Please take it with you.. We already have a copy..”

Minerva walks over to a large chair.. She takes a book off the stand next to it.. Looking at the book for a long moment. Then Looking at Thomas, “Mr. Carthen.. Please take you book with you?”

Mrs. Rodriguiz looks at Minerva McGonagall quietly.

“Your grandmother left your education in my care.. Mrs. Rodriguiz I will discuss Thomas and Rose’s access to the material,” Hermione and Ron look at McGonagall.. “Madam Minister for Magic.. We still have an issue to deal with.. I am curious why over the last few years muggle technology has started working at Hogwarts?”

Minerva looked from Thomas to Mrs. Rodriguiz..

“Minerva we are still investigating the causes.. It,” Hermione looks at the sigiled Chief Archivist.

“We have checked the cell phones, the towers, the computers, ” Ron made a face as he had on the protective gear..

“But not the transistors molds or what is ever used to make them,” Thomas smiled.. “I am the reason Technology is working..”

Rose’s face broke out into a smile..

“Thomas.. By merlin’s beard,” Ron closed his eyes.. “We checked the manufaturing plants.. We have means..”

“Did you check the ..” Rose stops and thinks for a moment, “Semi truck or crates lettering..”

“The plastic.. It is made from oil,” Thomas chuckled.. “I am a necromancer.. So.. Plastic is made from oil.. Which is from dead animals and plants… ”

Ron starts to speak and stops..

“Because that is how you would have done it.. So you could use muggle tech inside the ministry and elsewhere..” Hermione walks over to Thomas.. She kneels down, ” We will talk later.. This is amazing.. Four libraries like this.. I also heard that you like my daughter.. She is in a relationship with someone else..”

Thomas smiled and bit his lip saying nothing..

“Mother he had the same conversation it appears with Athena and Amunet, “Rose interrupted..

Ron and Hemrione both looked at each other..

“We have to get back to hogwarts,” Rose adds.. “We will be late to class..”

Thomas holds the Notebooks of Lazurus Long and closes his eyes as they glow green..

“Thomas.. Is something wrong,” Hermione reaches out to Thomas?

“What does it mean when the voices say a destiny stolen?” Thomas looks at the adults, opening his green glowing eyes. “I can hear several of the books in the far off distance speaking.. Was I supposed to be in your year.. Why was my name in hogwarts book of Acceptance? As an american?”

Minerva takes a deep breath, “thomas.. It is a long story for another day..”

“Mr….. thomas.. I do not know,” Hermione seemed sad in her answer.. “It is something the Department of Mysteries will not..”

“Voldemort would have ruled europe minus sweden, with an iron fist. ” One of the Unspeakables seemed to have a female voice..  “The Americans evacuated The British isles.. Everything went to hell.. It was decided to make a small alteration..”

“Wait.. He was supposed to be at hogwarts with us,” Ron looked at the Unspeakable?

The unspeakables got on the skiff.. The same female spoke, “His grandmother cast the deciding lot..”

“I was sacrificed to.. That is not right,” thomas responded. “F#$%! The needs of the many outwiegh the needs of the few!”

The unspeakable female takes a moment, “Voldemort killed Athena.. We are aware of your feelings for her.. At least they used to be there.. You did say…”

“I would give up everything for her,” thomas has tears in his eyes.. “I GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR HER! SHE MARRIED SOMEONE ELSE! I..” Thomas stops cold, “Ran my mouth.. The offer was accepted..”

“Which is very important.. It is a similar lesson you were taught today,” The unspeakable coldly speaks.. “So we gave you back what was taken.. And yes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.. And as the quote goes the needs of the one.. ”





“Headmistress McGonagall,” Athena stood under the archway.. “It cant be that bad.. He dyed his hair all black. His emo goth phase… Dressed in all black.. With his pentagram and black sleeves..”

“Mrs. LeStrange.. He has withdrawn completely.. He is not passing any of his classes right now except Molly’s.. Lucius and Hector are covering with the excuse he is master of the subjects.. He supposedly cant do magic..” McGonagall looked down at Thomas reading his book, “He is still there.. Jorel, Victoria, Fortuna, Little Shade, Bruce, Capricornia, Gloria, Rose, and Artemis are passing all their classes at the very top.. They are acing the subjects they are in..”

“Jorel is working on his entry for the magic fair, Victoria is advancing quickly under my training in the dueling club, Bruce is on his way to being the captain of the debate team, Fortuna has put together a rock band,  Gloria is tutoring all of the students having seemingly recovered quickly, Little Shade has already reached A level she can pass the transfiguration part of her NEWTS, Capricornia wrote a paper that Ministry is reviewing on muggle Technology,  ” Amunet took a deep breath, “And Rose has lead Gryffindor to dominance in Quidditch.. Thomas.. Is not even trying.. He is a complete mess..”

“Mother.. It is just his goth phase,” Athena looked down towards Thomas.. “Mrs. Rodriguiz herself told you he withdraws from human contact.. We all remember this.. Remember when he started researching all the No-maj slash muggle magic..”

Angelina Weasley walks over to Thomas, “Mr. Carthen.. Would you at least try to get on your broom?”

“I only need to score a certain amount on the finals to pass to the next year, ” Thomas held his book.. “Professor Weasley.. And it is the most annoying thing.. My magic does not work.. I cant get any of my wand spells to work.. They back fire..”

“Thomas..” Angelina took a deep breath as she looked up to McGonagall, “You seem to have just quit..”

“I have not Quit Mrs. Weasley..” Thomas turned like he heard a voice, “I am not passing any messages.. No..”

“Thomas.. You have to pass this class,” Angelina subtly pushed.. “Nothing you can say will change that.. What happened to the kid that was wide eyed?”

“He was lied to and abandoned by those he loved,” thomas coldly spoke.. “It is taking every thing I have everyday not to.. ” Taking a deep breath, “Snape should have taught  James a lesson.. Every fiber of my being says this.. F#$% a love potion.. Cast a hate potion on James.. Lily ditched him after he called her a mugblood.. One word and she ditched him.. Jame was a bully as was his friends.. The truth he was a classic jock.. ”

“Thomas,” Angelina closes her eyes.. “Their is no such potion.. James potter grew into a good man who stood against Voldemort..”

“No.. He just laid there, ” thomas further responds by naming ingredients.. Angelina took a deep breath as Thomas spoke, “And.. His wife had to die to save their child.. Some man.. Oh.. I forgot you brits do not believe in gun ownership.. Yet kids carry wands.. You know a bunch of cans on a string and a nine milimeter would have went a long way.. Tell me I am wrong. James did not properly pre-pare to protect his family. Tell me voldemort would not of been surprised at a nine mill.. ” Thomas Mockingly raises a finger, “Av.. BAM.. BAM..BAM… You.. You..” thomas changes voices, ” As the muggles say double tap.. BAM.. BAM.. It is ok dear.. I made a mess in the living room.. BAM.. BAM.. BAM..”

Angelina paused and swallowed hard, “A lot of good people died stopping Voldemort and his death eaters.. You read Mrs. Skeeters second book..”

The first years were all watching the exchange..

“It is a tight game between Hufflepuff and..” the announcers voice filled the air..

Capricornia took a deep breath and grinned evilly..

“Quit being a meanie,” Lily Potter had one hand on her hip.. “Mr. Grandfather was not a bully.. He.. He and severus just.. You are being mean and cruel for no reason.. We are missing the Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.. Cause.. Cause you wont fly.. It is NOT that hard.. You.. You loser.. Rose puts up with you..”

Athena shakes her head, “I.. I will talk to him.. Before he..”

“Loser.. Because I have no interest in being a jock..” Thomas responds mockingly, “I once scored five touch downs in ONE game..”

“Athena,” amunet shakes her head.. “Lucky for us he does not know how to..”

“I am the loser.. You think,” Thomas is interrupted..

“Well.. She does kind of have a point Thomas..” Angelina responded, “Is it because you are afraid of hieghts.. It confuses me..”

“It is because he doesnt know any magic,” A red haired kid spoke.. “My cousin is dating Scorpius.. ”

Thomas’s eyes glowed green, “I can fly.. And better then any of you. Who do you think has been helping Jorel.. It is just a magical tool.. Quidditch is just arial hockey with aerodynamics.”

“Prove it.. Go.. Steal the Snitch from the game.. ” Lily responds laughing, “You talk a lot of garbage.. Magical Grilled cheese sandwiches..”

Several of the students snickered..

Looking up Thomas walks over to a backpack, “I bring back the snitch.. You are my date to the ball.. And I pick your dress Lily… Professor Weasley.. I get to go to the yule ball with lily..”

“Thomas you cant even get a broom to respond to you,” Angelina Weasley responded.. “First you have to do that then..”

“I will go with him,” Lily laughed.. “If he cant retrieve the snitch he apologizes to Dad, mum, Uncle ron, Auntie Hermione, Uncle Neville, and Auntie Hannah.. PERSONALLY!”

Thomas reaches into his backpack and takes out a pair of leather gloves.. Putting them on, “Number One.. Ole girl time to rock these people.”

Number One appeared next to the backpack with Thomas pulling out a helmet..

As he is putting it on, “No.. The cat can not help..” Lily spoke firmly, “Either fly or no deal..”

Thomas pulls out a pair of goggles, putting them on..

“Mr. Carthen.. You are not accepting this bet,” Angelina Weasley responds..

Thomas turns like he hears a voice, “Fred says thank you for taking care of his brother.. It is an honor you named your only son after him..” After a short pause putting on the backpack, “He said to get to snogging plus so he can be reborn already..”

Thomas whispered something that made Angelina freeze in place.. She looked away as a tear fell..

“That wont work on me, ” Lily moved her red hair.. “I wont back down.. You are the one bullying everyone.. You are a monster!”

Thomas’s eyes glowed green as a broom flew towards him and landed in his hand.. he dropped it down and floated about a foot off the ground..

“What is that little fool doing.. He..” Athena looked down, “He easily summoned the broom..”

“I.. No.. This,” Lily paused.. “I ..”

“Number One.. Hang on tight,” Thomas put his pentacle with a key behind it in his robes hopping on the broom..

Number One apparated towards the front of the broom.. With her claws dug into the broom, “Meow..”

“Ge.. Get,” Angelina tried to speak through her emotions.

“Warp speed Mr. Sulu,” Thomas called out as the broom sat there for a few seconds..

“See Lily the broom,” Hugo and several others were knocked to the ground as Thomas took off..

McGonagal failed in hiding a smile with Amunet looking at her..

“That fool.. Now he is trying to impress that Lily girl,” Athena took a deep breath..

Thomas went even with the field.. Leaning close to the broom Thomas was trying not to shake..

Amunet was watching Minerva McGonagall closely, “Minerva.. ”

Thomas had caught the attention of several members of the Aurors overseeing the match.. Several of them started to fly towards him..

“Meow,” Number One wrapped her paws around the broom like it was a branch..

“Got it.. Three.. Two.. One, ” Thomas’s eyes glowed green as he headed straight towards the field accelerating quickly.. “BYYY THE POOOOOWWWEEEERRR OF SCCCCIIIIEEEENCE!!”

Minerva, Athena, and Artemis went to the other side as Thomas flew past the security..

“My.. He,”Athena was shocked.. “How fast is he going,” The aurors had barely got out of the way. They begin turning trying to get to him..

“Hufflepuff and Gryffindors seekers have almost,” The announcer is cut short..

Thomas zooms past several players almost knocking them off their brooms in his wake..

Thomas catches the snitch just as he accelerates past a certain point.. The sonic boom fills the stadium knocking several players to the ground..

Quickly all the airborne Security take off following Thomas trying to accelerate to his speed..

“What.. what was that,” the announcer calls out..

Amunet looks at Minerva wide eyed, “He..”

“Thomas just hit the speed to hit create the boom…. That is not possible it would kill him,” Athena swallows hard..

“Minerva,” Amunet narrowed her eyes.. “You do not look the least bit worried..”

A thestral takes off flying, “Fluffy Bunny?” Athena looks to Minerva, “You.. You knew this would happen?”

Lily Potter just looked at Hugo, “Mum is gonna kill me.. ” Molly Weasley Apparated over to the flying class, “Grams..”

Molly paused, “Angelina Darling… What happened?”

“He..” Trying not to laugh as she moved her hair, “Thomas Elliot Carthen, if he lives, just passed Flying..”

“That was Thomas,” Molly turned and looked at her granddaughter.. Some of the other children where still standing up, “Lily..”

“Grams.. Professor Weasly..” Lily swallowed hard, “I.. Thomas was saying bad things about Grandpa james.. ”

Hugo was very quiet..

“She challenged him.. To steal the snitch,” Capricornia was not very happy..  “Because he could not fly.. She bet she would go to THE YULE BALL if he brought it back to her..”

“He.. He said he would pick the dress,” Lily was upset… “He .. He.. It is gonna be ugly..”



“Mr. Carthen,” Headmistress McGonagall had a stern look on her face.. “I see you got your face painted..”

A petite tan skinned american female smiled, “Headmistress..” She had USA on her Quidditch uniform as she stood in the hall.. She shook her head with a chuckle, “He made it to ireland..”

Two large men had Thomas inbetween them.. All three were in Red white and blue Quidditch shirts..

The great hall was quiet..

The large black man had his arm around Thomas.. He looked at the Students, “USA baby..”

The large Hispanic man spoke, “Maybe.. USA.. USA..”

Several of the students gave the the americans dirty looks..

thomas and the two men high fived..

“Gentlemen,” McGonagall looked at both men and Thomas.. “This is a SCHOOL..”

“Come on teach,” The large African American with Lawrence on his back spoke.. “He caught the snitch on our end too.. ” Thomas shook his head no and pointed quietly to McGonagall and whispered to Lawerance.. After a moment, “Headmistress.”

The Large man with Villia on his back whispered, “We will watch all the hockey games we can.. You stay healthy and dont try that again..” Villia looked at McGonagall, “He wont do it again.. Headmistress..”

“Gentlemen,”  The tan skinned female had Picquery on the back of her Jersey.. Hiding her smile, “Is there a lily potter here?”

Lily stood slowly, “Yes.. Yes mam..”

“Give her her snitch,” Picquery took a slight breath.. “If that is ok with Headmistress McGonagall..”

“Yes please return the Hogwarts snitch that Lily Potter asked you to steal..” McGonagall took a moment, “For her.. Wait.. He caught the other snitch in your game..”

“Yes.. The Irish were pissed,” Picquery had a weird look on her face.. “It is.. Well it is on the front page of the Prophet..” McGonagalls eyebrow raised, at Picquery’s look, “He stood up in the middle of the Match that had caused to be halted.. ”

“The Aurors had landed pissed off as Thomas was holding both snitches.. They said loudly..”Villia stook a deep breath and changed voices to britishy, “Thomas Elliot Carthen..”

Lawerence chuckled, “In front of the crowd, said he had been clocked at mach 2 at one point by the muggles air ministry or somesuch.. Did he have anything to say for himself before he went to prison?”

“I know I am going to regret this..” Minerva sighed, “And..”

“The whole stadium was quiet at the mention of my name.. I said It was over a ginger girl,” thomas said with a smile.. “Or three or four..”

Lily got a complete look of embarassment as did Rose Weasley..

“And one more thing.. Then the little S@#$ sat there and started to sing off key,” Picquery closed her eyes.. “God bless the USA.. And these two..” She pointed at Lawerance and Villia, “Landed on the field.. And started singing along..”

“We needed a breather.. And It is not our fault,” Lawerence tried not smile..

“That all the Americans stood up,” Villia snickered..

“And started singing along..” thomas gave an innocent look..

“The Aurors paused when half the stadium and the american team were ALL singing along,” Picquery grinned evilly.. “They were not going to touch Thomas.. They were letting him finish the song.. ”

“After the song.. Mr. Weasley told me that the American team sucked this year.. The Irish team had shut them out so far…. I just pointed at the Irish team and started a.. A different song,” thomas got a smirk on his face.. “How was I supposed to know it is the first time it was sung at a quidditch Match..”

“You should of seen the look on the faces of the Irish team, “Lawerance stomped twice and clapped..

Villia and Thomas joined in.. Several of the those raised in muggle households went wide eyed..

“And the whole set of American fans joined right back in,” Picquery hid her smile instead of joining.. “The whole danged stadium broke out into stomps and claps.. And then the American wizard rock band that was there started singing it.. ”

Lily covered her face, “Please tell me you did not mention my name..”

“Here is the hogwarts snitch.. And the game snitch, “Thomas smiled handing it the embarassed Lily Potter.. “Gloria.. Your father said you have not written him..”

“My father was at the game,” gloria swallowed hard..

“He came onto the field quickly.. During we will rock you.. “Thomas grinned, “And sung along.. At the end of it.. He asked me if I had ever had watched a professional Quidditch.. He waved off the Aurors.. I watched the game.. It was awesome.. Mr. Jackson is a big fan.”

“Please tell me he did not.. That is why you are late, Gramps spent half the time taking pictures,” Gloria took a deep breath.. “Grandfather never misses an Opportunity for a free press..”

“Headmistress McGonagall.. He did tell the press that I was truly an American Tom sawyer.. Attending the Elite British school of magic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.. ” thomas was happy in his responses, “When asked how would the International Confederation of Wizards respond to My breaking the Secrecy thingie.. I took issue like Professor Scamander and Mr. Weasley told me to.. Deflect and redirect.”

Minerva gave a look to Hector..

“What did you do,” Hector Scamander tried not to laugh?

“First little Thomas asked why would ICOW care about UFO’s,” Lawerance chuckled.. “Unidentified flying Objects??”

“And then this little.. Little problem child asked why was the international magical community being sexist.. ” Picquery has a serious face at this point, “He asked me why was it just wizards.. Were woman NOT part of the ICOW? The name implies the were not and That was sexist.. I had not othought of thought.. He had a good point.”

“He boxed that guy in right nice like,” Villia laughed… “Every time he tried to explain it to thomas.. ”

“I told him If he thought woman should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.. Or some variant//” thomas chuckled, ” Mr. Jackson stepped in and said he fully intended to bring this subject up at the next time MACUSA assembled.. Why were witches not in the title of ICOW? That even though I was from a different era.. That it was obvious my mentor, Professor Hector Scamander, was a clear influence.. And that our sisters in the magical community should not be so slighted… ”

Gloria shook her head, “Grand father is a sexist pig.. I love him but he is old fashioned.. ”

“UFO’s Thomas.. Did they ever get back to the question,” Scamander asked?

“Nope.. The reporter said something off and,” Picquery smiled..

“The closet female reporter bopped him on the back of the head..” Villia chuckled, “He was shut up.. Congressman Jackson was then answering questions over the trial of Olshen..  ”

“She did get ask why I was at Hogwarts,” Thomas got a look on his face.. “I said my Nana and auntie Malfoy where citizens of britain.. The reporter then Asked me if I knew my uncle was a death eater.. I told her We had not covered that in magical creatures..   Forgive me if I was not up to date.. I only learned a few months ago about magic.. And Quidditch.. What was a death eater, Pretty lady? ”

“She was told that magical creatures was in thomas’s third year,” Picquery was still all smiles.. “Professor Scamander.. Their might be a few questions for you later.. Someone said that his mentor said that all women were Pretty ladies.. ”

“For the love of Merlin please tell me,” Hector took a moment rubbing the bridge of his nose..

“Outer beauty is a light switch away,” Villia tried not to laugh..

“But inner beauty shines through the darkest night,” Lawerance walked up to the Professors table.. Taking out a small sheet of paper, “The reporter asked if we would deliver a message.. She said send her an owl.. She would love to do an interview..” Lawerance leaned forward, “Any time of night you would prefer..”

Amunet took the paper, “Hector!”

“Professor LeStrange,” Thomas spoke softly.. “They must be jealous.. I told her that Athena’s mother.. Professor Scamanders wife slash girlfriend had that inner beauty.. ”

“That my boy is what makes the magical world go round.. The first kiss you ever had.. The moment when you meet the person you are going to marry, “Professor Scamander looked a glaring Amunet in the eyes..

“When you hold your child for the first time.. ” Lawerance spoke making Scamander pause..

Villia added in covering his heart, “When your child takes those first steps.. ”

“When your grand daughter is going going to be heart breaker like her mother and grandmother..Now that is magic..” Picquery slightly bit her bottom lip, “No.. Those are the good things in life that no meal, no wine…”

“Or cheap floozie could ever match.. Thomas Elliot Carthen, “Amunet glared! “You quoted Hector.. To the press.. And you.. Professor Hector Juan Scamander!”

Professor Scamander grinned,  standing as he took Amunets hand, making a a bouquest of Black roses, blood lillies, and diamond moss appear in his other hand..

“You.. You already got me pregnant you old goat,” Amunet blushed in her anger..

“It doesnt mean we cant keep trying to..”

“PROFESSOR SCAMANDER,” McGonagall coldly spoke..  With a cold glare,”There are childen present..”

“Professor LeStrange.. Even after all these years.. You still make me glow inside.. I will swear till the day death comes that you are a Veela..” Professor Scamander kisses Amunet’s hand, “There is no star that will ever out shine your beauty.. No woman will ever hold a candle to your light..”

“Hector,” Amunet took a deep breath as she took her boguet.. “We have been.. ”

“I never bought the erotic Grimore,” Scamander leaned over and whispered.. “Because I helped write it..”

Amunet went wide eyed, “Headmistress McGonagal is correct..” Amunet leaned over, “We need to talk..” Whispering something as she waves her wand over the two of them, the apparate out..

“Dad.. Did Grandpa just get out of the dog house with nana Lestrange,” Artemis spoke from the entryway.. “She said she would never.. EWE.. EWE!”

Artemis just turned and walked away dropping the Daily Prophet..

“I so have to buy that man a few beers,” Villia whispered.. “You said he was a master of the game.. And no mind control..”

“I believe it Thomas,” Lawerance shook his head..

“And he is your mentor,” Picquery looked sympathetically to Minerva McGonagall

One of the Students picks up the DP, “WHAT..” The Irish student spoke.. “Bloody hell.. The americans came back from behind and won.. By a single goal.. ”

Several other students walk over and start reading..

“After Mr. Carthen crashed stopping the game.. The Americans rallied with a revitalized spirit..” The Irish student was not very happy, “Deploying a tactic improperly called full court press, with the American crowd present getting behind their team.. Singing muggle songs.. We will rock you to start with.. Little Mr.Carthen collected several witches and wizards to be cheerleaders.. At the first time out, They had stripped to their undergarments and begin dancing.. The band, Salem’s Fire, played the muggle song Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap as the half dressed, female and male CHEERLEADERS, danced provacatively.. The Irish Quidditch league stated it is filing an official complaint.. ” Several of the students looked at Thomas, “This reporter does have to say one thing about this painful display of ludity.. The americans did put on a good show.. Mr. Redbeard Jouqin Hernandez of what is now being called the Coven Dancers.. You darling can cross over to this side of the pond anytime your want.. If your reading this darling, feel free to contact the daily Prophet’s office.. I would love to do a personal interview over cultural differences..”

Minerva rubbed the bridge of her nose..

“Headmistress.. The male cheerleaders got louder responses from the Witches..” Thomas looked at the Irish student, “From both sides.. The male ref was about to throw them out till a female ref from Bulgaria. She Zapped him.. She said, let them dance.. Pretty boys can dance.. Equality is beautiful..”

“Mr. Carthen, “Molly Weasley sternly spoke.. “We do not need to turn Quidditch into a taudry thing.. ”

“Professor Weasley,” Picquery walked over and took the Daily Prophet from the student.. Walking it over to Molly, “Did you see the picture of Mr. Hernandez.. He is sculpted like a greek god.. And he is just a permit processor in MACUSA..” With a broken hearted sigh, “He is married.. His husband is equally hot.. It is NOT fair..”

“I am an honorary member of the Coven Dancers, “Thomas grinned.. “They are making a calendar to sale for expenses.. Oh.. Headmistress.. Ms. Pollyana Cheer Captain of the Coven Dancers, and Mr. Hernandez invited me and my friends to Hooters if we every are in america.. Her no-maj slash his husbands brother own several of them.. She said it was a family friendly resturant that specializes in hot wings and beer..”

“Mr. Carthen.. I will talk with Tailia.. We cant have these,” Molly pauses as she looks at the picture.. “These.. wow..”

Several of the female students giggle..

Minerva McGonagall gives a polite cough, “Thank you for bringing him back to us Captain Picquery.. I am glad to see he has taken an interest in some after school activities where his natural talents can be focused..”

“I am not going to the yule ball with you,” Lily coldly states.. “You are just being mean?”

Thomas just looks at Lily and shakes his head.. “My apologies Ms. Potter.. Ms. Granger.. Yall can all go F#$% off..”

“Mr. Carthen,” Molly weasley calls out.. Taking a deep breath, “She does not want to go with you.. ”

Thomas takes off the Jersey and tosses it Little Shade, “Remember Little Shade.. Not all Gryffindor have the courage of there convictions..  Number One..”

“Mr. Carthen, “McGonagall called out.. “We will speak later..” Number One apparates onto Thomas’s shoulder, “I thought we arranged for that cat to not be able to do that..”

“Thomas.. Please do not,” Molly Weasley closes her eyes as Thomas disappears with Number One..


“Scottland yard,” Burbage shakes his head in his brown trench coat..

“Officer Tally..” Ron Weasley looked at the man behind the desk, “We are here to see Inspector Bridge.. We have an appointment with him..”

The man looked up speaking with disdain, “You mean Ms. Chief Inspector Bridge… She is not really popular around here.. She got promoted because she knows someone.. Official liason with the Ministry of Defense.. She had to sleep her way there..” Looking back, “So where are you gentlemen from?”

Weasley and Burbage smiled to each other then gave Tally an evil look, “The Ministry..”

“Um.. Um,” Tally frooze in place..

“Gentlemen,” A stern looking woman called out.. Her indian features were predominate, “I heard my name and..” Seeing the clothes that looked just a little out of place, “Bloody hell.. I was told.. This way..” She walks over to Tally, “They were never here.. Tell the chief I took a meeting..”

“With officials from THE Ministry,” Weasley smiled.. “Make sure you include your unprofessional comments..”

Burbage hit Weasley in the arm, “Ignore him.. OFFICER Tally.. We are all on the same team.. Make sure you never make those statements about a fellow Law Enforcement Professional..”

“Or we will be back,” Ron added as he turned to Inspector Bridge.. “I take it you were expecting someone different.. ”

Bridge sighed, “Internal Affairs Tally.. As the Yanks say..”

Quietly they walked behind Ms. Bridge to her office past officers who look at them.. After going down in an elevator, they get out on one of the bottom floors.. She flashes a badge to the scanner and it turns green.. Ms. Bridge gives the kill/ no signal to several people as they walk out the elevator.. After a few minutes they wait as Ms. Bridges scans her badge and runs her palm over a biometric scanner.

Entering her office, “Shut the door behind you..” Ms. Bridge walks around her desk in a large office and sits down facing the two , “What does the ministry of Magic’s aurors need with Scottland Yard?”

“So you know about the magical world,” Ron stood as Bridge was sitting? “I take it Mr. Carthen told you ..”

“Ron Weasley.. Married Hermione Granger, The minister for magic..” Bridge narrowed her eyes, “Mr. Burbage I do not know to much about you.. And no.. My mother was a witch from America.. She met my father at a police conference.. I am squib.. ”

Burbage holds his hand up to Ron, “So how did..”

“Let me be clear.. Whatever issue Mr. Carthen had with the Ministry or MACUSA is not Scottland yards problem,” Bridge’s face did not change expression.. “And before you get real smart.. Every officer that greeted me as I passed is a squib.. So keep your wands in their holster.. I was ordered to cooperate and turn over files that.. That are relevant to you.. ” Looking down, “Is he dead.. The third wizarding war is over..”

“He was de-aged.. Right now he is at hogwarts,” Burbage looked Bridges in the eyes as she gave a sigh of relief..

“Your father was working cases with a wanted criminal in the eyes of MACUSA and the,” Ron jumped back when Bridges slammed her fist on her desk..

“Criminal.. No.. Hero.. Those same officers outside.. He saved everyone of their lives.. We all have a Carthen story, “Bridges snorts and starts counting to herself..

“A carthen story,” Ron was confused..

“Mum was kidnapped by a group mage traffickers..” Bridges leaned back, “I was an obnoxius post teen.. We tried talking to you people and we got rebuffed.. We will investigae.. Dad was in tears.. He made a few phone calls.. Told me he was most likely going to jail.. No one here would listen.. ”

Burbage and Weasley sit down not speaking.

“I came home from college with my friends.. We were a group of squibs not quite good enough for your world.. We all had people missing,” Bridge took out a cigar and lit it. “Well we came in and father was in tears.. He was shaking Mr. carthen’s hands. He hugged him.. ” Taking a puff, “He told me that mother was safe and sound.. Upstairs asleep.. That our friends need to check on their families.. I was relieved and then thought.. Dad had traded his soul..”

“So he gained loyalty through favors,” Ron shook his head..

“Ron.. You know that..” burbage shakes his head..

“Damnedest thing.. Mr. Carthen asked us only to say NOTHING to the Aurors for a few years.. He turned around and stuck his hand out.. Told my dad.. Comissioner Gordon.. None of you owe me a thing.. If you come across cases that the Aurors turn down.. Or ignore.. Pass them my peoples way..” She looks at Ron, “It was a group lead by one of the Death eaters.. I asked Mr. Carthen what it was going to cost us.. No one does this for free.. It is not how the world works..  He told me perhaps it should.. My pops was the only member of scottland yard that was hnest and not corrupt.. Said ladies.. This is what a real man looks like..”

Her cell phone rings..

“It is my daughter,” Bridges answers the phone.. “My little Unicorn.. Mama’s busy..”

“I. I did magic.. I.. I will be going to hogwarts next year.. To learn to become wizard supreme,” The preteen’s excited voice filled the air..  “Grams can confirm it.. I made one of my books ‘port.. And.. ”

She takes a deep breath as a tear falls, “Of course you are.. Mommy is busy.. Let me..”

“Thank you mommy.. For buying my prepatory supplies.. Grams is mad.. She says she want.. What.. Yes I am on the phone with Mama, Grams.. Ok,” The little girl is excited.. “My own pet bat.. It ported in.. Here Grams.. ”

Burbage raises an eye as Ron takes a deep breath..

“Young lady.. I have never asked you who my little Unicorns father is.. But.. Rumors are abound.. All.. Listen I.. ” The older Mrs. Bridges takes a deep breath on the phone, “All his children got pets who apparate.. And.. ”

“Mother,” Looking at Ron.. “The Aurors are here.. I.. Listen I will explain when I get home.. I never slept with him but..  It.. Fine.. I just wanted to have a child.. She will not be eligible for hogwarts for four years.. I was approached by his Chief Archivist.. I had been turned down to have a child from the fertility clinic.. ”

Ron and Burbage lean back..

“She said she wanted to make sure that several women in my situation had other options.. ” Bridge leans back and puffs her cigar, “She said it was random and she would tell us who the fathers were.. I.. I found out after she was born..”

“She.. ” Mrs. Bridges seemed relieved, “Ok.. Because that was creepy.. So random..”

“Yes mother.. ” Inspector Bridges sighed, “I will speak more when I get home.. Tell my little unicorn I love her.. And do not say a word to anybody.. I know father is excited..” After a exchanges of word Bridge gets off the phone, “I did not have sex with him.. I do not need a man or woman in my life..”

“The Chief Archivist refuses to share the information,” Ron sighs..

“So your father worked with Thomas,” Burbage looked at Ron.. “This is not part of our investigation.. We are more curious over.. Similar cases to your mother we need to follow up on..”

“Harry is mad like me.. He returned about a month ago.. ” Ron sighed, “We keep running into brick walls.. We are processing the great library.. Listen.. We are not like our predecessors.. ”

“We.. Potter is trying to wade through this mess.. We missed so much,” Burbage takes a deep sigh.. “Mr. Carthen’s files .. Lets say the more we read them.. We.. We are sharing files with our counterparts..”

“He killed and or stopped more dark wizards then you ever did,” Bridge smiled as she puffed..

Ron yawned not meaning to..

Bridge bends over and opens a drawer.. After placing a finger on a box it beeps and opens, “You have my father’s files most likely.. A new era of cooperation.. Here you go.. The most recent cases.. Without thomas certain sectors of your underworld are getting bold again.. As the scottland yard liason with the Department of Magical law enforcement, per the direction of the prime minister’s office.. I will be sending files..”

Burbage picks up the top file, “What could be..” Burbage goes wide eyed, “Someone tried to clone Voldemort.. And..”

Ron had picked up a file, ” Bloody.. You are kidding me.. A wizard with multiple personality disorder.. Normally they would..”

“Develop an Obscurus,” Bridge looked at them..

Burbage picked up another file, “Wizard breeding program.. This.. Thomas was doing..”

“No he took over the program.. I believe a Lucius Malfoy lead that raid.. ” Bridge puffed again ashing in an ashtray, “Changed the program to voluntary.. We were hunting down one of the death eaters involved.. His..”

“Last week he turned himself into us,” ron spoke.. “He was begging for protection.. Supposedly Thomas’s horseman war was toying with him.. Got bored and said turn himself in.. This is,” Ron stopped.. “They were robbing graves.. Wait.. Members of ICOW were involved… ”

“We have to notify the russian ministry,” Burbage rubbed his eyes.. “It appears that one of their people is a serial killer.. Wait.. never mind.. His body is missing from the field it was buried in..” Burbage chuckles, “He died by the hands of the muggle Irish mob..”

Ron picked up another file, “Olshen is in Britian..”

“Was.. She left quickly,” Bridge smiled.. “Got shot several times.. Attempting to get access to Hogwarts.. You need to speak with one of the horsemen.. We really do not care if they got her..” Puffing, “Their is a problem.. ”

“Problem, ” Weasley and Burbage look at her..

“My father would of wanted to tell you himself.. Apparrently he has a theory with no evidence.. He thinks and thomas thought everyone missed something,” Bridges ashed.. “While insane.. Please keep in mind.. My dad has been law enforcement his whole life.. As was his father.. and his father before him..  Every old retiree has one case.. One they claim is their unsolvable.. A theory with no proof.. the one that got away.. ”

“What is it,” Weasley and Burbage ask?

“He thought that there was an immortal behind the scenes.. Hiding as a muggle slash no maj.. Only him and Thomas spoke of it.. He asked me once and then the next day destroyed all the evidence..” Looking at both Aurors, “An immortal hiding behind the scenes. Manipulating magical and normie alike.”

Weasley and Burbage chuckle, “Merlin’s beard.. Trust me we would have..”

Bridge took out another file, “Laugh all you want.. I managed to reconstruct part of my fathers file.. Be careful.. D@#$ careful.. ”

“Please,” Burbage picked up the file.. “this is.. is.. is..”

“There can only be,” Weasley stopped when he saw Burbage reading.. “Come on.. You have to be kidding me..”

“Weasley.. We need to leave immediately.. We must,” Burbage was stopped by Bridge..

Removing her ring, necklace, and a broach, “I lied earlier.. Obliviate the memory of these files and case.. And just that..” Both Aurors swallowed hard, “Tell no one but Potter.. Lives are at stake.. You two will be the only one with the evidence.. Make sure I put the every thing back on”

Weasley took the file and started looking over it, “I.. This.. Thomas must have known.. And..” Wide eyed, “He had found several of his people under Imperius.. You.. you found this.. You’re good..”

“Got himself de-aged on purpose.. His grandmother must know,” Burbage too a deep breath.. “You .. Promise me.. Leave my daughters name off all reports..”

Ron closes the file and nods yes to Burbage..

Burbage proceedse to wipe the memory of the file as Ron slides the file inbetween the others.. Bridge proceeds to put the jewelery back on under control..

Weasley sits back down with Burbage.. He picks up another file, “A nest of hybrid.. ”

Burbage goes wide eyed and chuckles, “So technically .. Ron.. Thomas did not violate the Statue of Secrecy.. One of Trumps daughters went to Ilvermorny..”

Bridge looked at both men, “That.. ” with a smile, “Keep reading.. Thomas did NOT break the rules he just bent them.. We were investigating part of the clinton Foundation’s actions to.. Thomas had his muggle companies donate to both parties.. An Ethiopian Witch that migrated here.. well..”

Weasley took the file, “Oh bloody hell.. We have investigated her quietly.. She left no evidence.. This is enough to bring her in.. Thomas must of been watching her better then we were.. ”

Burbage took the rest of the files, “Inspector.. Just one last question..”

A knock came from the door.. “Inspector, “A male voice spoke quietly..

“Come in Tyler,” Bridge responds.. “He is one of the Squibs that work here on my team..”

A man of arabic descent opened the door, “Oh.. I can come back..”

“Go ahead.. But shut the door,” Bridge responded..

“Inspector.. We have a report of.. Well the tabloids decided not to run it.. There was a report of a UFO, glowing green going mach two with other little specks of light behind it.. A few hours ago.. What is odd no.. Well ”

“Squib right,” Burbage rubbed his forehead..

“Auror.. That term is offensive,” Tyler stuck his nose up into the air.. “My sisters went to hogwarts I.. It is a sore subject..”

“That was little Thomas,” Weasley shook his head..

Bridge and Tyler looked to each other a little shocked..

“He stole the snitch from a Hogwarts Quidditch match and ran..  Flew to the Match between Ireland and the USA.. Caught that golden snitch to, “Burbage shook his head..

“The bloody Americans rallied from a shut out to win by one goal,” Ron Weasley shook his head.. “Now they are talking 2024 and 2028.. Complete domination..”

“Mach 2.. That was,” Tyler whistled.. “So it is true.. Mr. Carthen got de-aged.. And.. Wow..”

“I can see why they are talking championship.. He was unharmed,” Bridge asked?

“He is fine.. And as always has caused more issues,” Ron Weasley stood up.. “The Coven Dancers.. ” Both members of Scottland yard look at each other, “Cheerers.. I think that was the word..”

Burbage stood sticking his hand out, “Inspector.. I know their are some hard feeling.. Feel free.. You know quid pro quid.. You need our help with a few muggles criminals.. Pass them my way..”

“Burbage,” Weasley spoke.. “You know..”

“Mr. Carthen had a point on one thing.. We need to work together.. If We can help.. quietly.. They can pay us back helping keep the Statue of Secrecy,” Burbage took a moment.. “Besides we do need to monitor a little better.. Cant have a Voldemort, Grngwald, or Car.. Well you know what I mean..”



The Slytherin Team Lined up in the air..

“Dad.. Look at me.. You have an idea how to play,” Artemis looked back at her father..

The Slytherin team was all smiles as The Gryffindor team took a deep breath..

“You are on a regular broom.. No magic ok,” Artemis put a hand on his shoulder.. “God.. I am giving my father a pep talk..”

“One job.. Catch the Snitch,” Thomas looked over at Rose..

“Yes dad.. She is the seeker,” Artemis took a deep breath..

Rose  flew over, “Thomas.. Listen.. If you use magic it is disqualifacation.. I am not showing you any mercy..” With a smile, “This is just a game.. With half the wizarding world watching.. I know you are afraid of heights.. Do not fall off your broom..”

“Rose,” Artemis was pissed.. “Go back to your side..”

Thomas mumbles something under his breath..

“congressman Jackson,” Hermione shook his hand.. “So you know Gryffindor is undefeated..”

Lawerance and villia are there with the rest of the American team, “Come on little buddy?”

McGonagall looked around at the crowd, “Lucius.. I see that we have a large crowd of.. Of Guest..”

“After the incident a few weeks ago.. I do not think any quidditch fan would miss this, “Lucius grinned as Narcissa came up next to him..

“I see the whole weasley clan is here to watch,” Narcissa looked around.. “Half the ministry is here..”

A man walks over to Lucius and wearily sticks his hand out, “Professor and Assistant Professor Malfoy.. I have already greeted Minerva..”

Shaking his hand, “Couldnt resist his first game.. Mr. Chairman..” Looking at the others sitting down, “The whole Quidditch committe is here.. Metaxas..”

“After Thomas’s little incident last week..” Mentor Metaxas spoke with a slight greek accent, “I thought it would be a shame to miss this.. It will either be a complete failure or.. How did Picquery put it? Yes.. We would be watching history..”

“It is about to start,” Narcissa turns a little worried..

An old woman with wrinkles abound takes out a cigar.. It is lit by a younger man sitting next to her. Several of the guest with the Americans smile and nod to the old woman..

The crowd goes silent as the game begins..

Thomas goes to about two feet above the ground..

“Dad,” Artemis calls out as she flies with the rest of slytherin..

Rose Weasley takes off after the golden snitch..

Thomas just sits there looking up..

“And it looks like Mr. carthen is a no show,” the announcer chuckles..

“He is afraid,” Picquery closes her eyes.. “It.. Oh well..”

Lawerance and Villian get excited and grab Picquery, “The Dirt.. He.. Come on little buddy!”

“He is searching for the Golden Snitch,” Picquery shouts loudly! “Come on..Lock on little one!”

“What is he doing,” Mentor has a confused look on his face..

Narcissa Evilly grins, “Science..”

“It looks like Rose Weasley will be unchallenged as she,” the Announcer is interrupted..

Thomas shoots up at a slight angle knocking several Gryffindor players off their brooms and send them to the ground..

Both teams stop and follow Thomas with their eyes..

Thomas is heading at an angle to the snitch very high in the air.. Rose sees this and tries to speed up.. Thomas is accelerating as he catches the snitch with a side effect.. He screams as the snitches wing goes into his hand.. He falls off his broom as he brings his bleeding hand to his chest with the embedded snitch..

“He has caght the golden snitch,” The Annoucer go loud.. “Game, set, and Match!! That has to be a world record..”

Rose had been blown off her broom and starts to fall, passed out cold..

“Something is wrong,” Minerva comments..

“Oh no,” molly and Hermione have their wands out instantly

Thomas sees this and changes his form and dives towards her.. He catches her qucikly with his broom coming towards him.. He catches his broom with his uninjured right hand..

“S@#$ she is out cold,” Artemis and several other members of both teams immediately move to help..

Scorpius and Albus, both race upwards

“Move parrallel to him.. I..” Scorpius almost pauses, “Grab whoever is closest!”

Artemis is right behind them, “He is not used to the extra weight.. Grab .. they are going to fast..”

Thomas is holding onto the broom with one one arm and Rose with other.. He wraps his legs around Rose and tries to grab the broom with his snitch embedd hand and screams in pain…

“Hermione! Slow the Broom,” Mcgonagall calls out.. “Molly! Slow rose… Lusicus! Thomas.. I will back off the teams..”

“F@#$ing morons, ” The Old woman sighs and waves her Cigar like a wand and apparates to the field..

She is followed by several others in the cheering section..

Raising her lit cigar like a wand.. She waves it in a weird series of moves as her all black robe moves, “Sutrop Ogilac Mubmil Oud Osluped Sativarg..”

A golden fog appears on the ground in  front of the old woman.. Another fog seems to envelop the falling Rose and Thomas..

On the ground out of the other fog, thomas and rose appear..

Thomas’s eyes glow green as he looks at the old woman.. He pauses for a second and go’s wide eye, “Grandma? You.. It cant be, you would be dead or Ancient..”

“You might need to move her hair my little necromancer,” The old woman speaks as several Aurors Apparate to the field.. “She is gonna puke all over her ginger hair..”

Rose wakes up and starts to gag..

“Mama,” One of the older men speaks.. “The Po Po’s..”

“I was not gonna miss my grandbaby’s first game Bobbie Lee,” the old woman puffs her cigar..”We do not get second chances like this. Now dont embarass me.. these are fancified people…”

Burbage holds his hand up stopping the other Aurors, “Grandbaby..”

Another woman with a large bag bends over next to thomas as he holds Rose’s hair as she pukes.. Taking his left hand with the snitch wing jabbed into it, “Do not look Nephew.. This is gonna hurt..”

“Nephew,” thomas then lets out a cry of pain as his Aunt removes the Golden Snitch?

Dropping the broken Snitch and Holding her nephews bleeding hand tightly, “God you are as bad as your father..”

“That hurts,” Thomas responds as his eyes glow green.. “Your pregnant..”

“I have to apply something,” His aunt takes out a vial.. “I could lie to you..” Deftly she wipes the blood off the hand on her sleeve.. Popping the top off the vial, “Be very still you do not want this in your eyes.. And yes.. God they really did erase your memories..”

“Why would,” Several drops land on the wound making Thomas wince in pain? “You..” Thomas takes a deep breath, “It.. It doesnt hurt.. It… healing..”

“Mama.. I dont think he broke any bones..” Letting go of Thomas’s hand as she looks at him, “God you look like daddy.. Yeap youse a Carthen all right.. Dumb luck too..” She picks up the broken Golden Snitch, “I think you broke a record..”

Minerva and the staff apparate to the field With hermione..

Rose pukes again, “I.. What was that?” Thomas is still holding her hair, “Thank you.. I think my stomach is empty..”

“Are you ok,” Hermione has a worried tone?

“Mother.. I am fine,” Rose is embarrassed..

Artemis is on her broom a few feet away.. She looks at the old woman someing a cigar, “You..”

“I came all this way.. Now where are my grandbabies, “The old woman spoke with a smile as she puffed her cigar..

“Who are you,” Molly looked at Rose then to the old woman?

“Greetings Mayor Carthen,” Minerva spoke to the old woman.. “I see you recieved my invitation?”

“Mama,” bobbie lee spoke quietly.. “This..”

“Be quiet bubba,” Thomas’s aunt spoke.. “We got the invitation Headmistress.. Now.. Where are my great nieces..” Looking at her brother, “Oh knock that look off your face.. ‘Fore I tell your wife a few things.. Now.. Where are my great nieces.. Weve got SOOOO much to talk about..”

Mayor Carthen looks at Hagrid and smiles, “Thomas.. Grandbaby who is this large cutie pie here..” She smiles and sighs, “Later..”

Jackson walks onto the field quietly with Aurors..

“Congressman Jackson.. ” The old woman smiles, “Mayor Carthen.. Of Naedercynn, Alabama..” She bends over slowly and picks up the golden Snitch, “Lucius..” Tossing it to him, “I believe my grandbaby broke a record.. Slytherin won the game.. In under a minute..”

“Mayor,” the congressman paused.. Looking at Thomas, “More headaches..”

“We have enough of a population to take a seat.. Of course we will be joining MACUSA.. And We want our first vote.. In Support of your funding proposal for a .. What was it..”

Jackson looks at the old lady smoking a cigar, “New Medical Research facility based..”

“On my nephews.. Older self’s, research in cross no-maj magical medical discoveries,” Thomas’s Aunt grins.. “You are short about what.. One two votes.. ”

Jackson narrows his eyes as Mayor Carthen hands him a cigar she summoned..

“We will talk ,” Jackson takes the cigar.. “A whole town of purebloods.. ”

Artemis gets off her broom and slowly walks over, “You.. You..”

“Now she shore is purty,” Bobbie Lee Carthen smiles.. “We can find her husband real easy like..”

Bobbie’s sister hits him in the arm, “Shut up.. She has a boyfriend..”

“I.. Which bloodline does..” Artemis blinks, “Does dad come from?”

“All of them,” The Mayor, Bobbie Lee, and thomas’s aunt answer..

“That is not possible,” Hermione looks at the simply dressed carthens.. “It would require.. ”

“A full colony of purebloods to start with,” Mayor Carthen smiled politely.. “And yes.. Delphini was turned over to us..”

Bobbie Lee and Thomas’s aunt respond surprised, “What.. That is not..”

“Wait.. Beauregaurds fiance,” Thomas’s aunt speaks.. “She is the elementary school teacher that..”

“You know our rules.. You two beter not say S@#$,” Mayor Carthen rubs her forehead.. “F@#$.. Listen.. We have our own version of the statue of secrecy..”

“Mama.. you might as well tell ’em,” Bobbie Lee smiles.. “Mr. congressman.. Marshall Carthen.. We have a squad of four cops.. A complete standing militia of 150 battle ready sorcers.. And every one of in town is rollcall ready..”

“Wait..” Lucius speaks, “You are a colony of purebloods..”

“Ninety eight percent.. We have a few no-maj’s.. Born that way,” Thomas’s aunt speaks.. “All our children attend elementary, middle, and high school.. We have a hospital.. All gubbinment funded.. Of course they forget they fund us.. We are embedded with our No-Maj neighboring towns..”

“The main thing.. We took a vote before we came.. We intended to announce our presense. “Mayor Carthen looked at her grandson, “As bad as his father and .. No.. Definately my husbands grandson.. ”

“Your own version of the secrecy Statue,” Jackson had his cigar lit?

“We are not fools.. We do want slots reserved for our children at Ilvernmorny, “Mayor Carthen walked over and took Hagrids arm.. “Will you be a dear and escourt an old lady cutie..In case Congressman Jackson decides to hit on me.. I could use a handsome British knight to protect me..”

Hagrid blushed, “I.. ”

“Our informations says you love animals.. Did you know Thomas’s Grandfather was an amuerture Magizoologist,” Mayor Carthen batted her eyes at Hagrid.. “He actually founded our zoo in town.. ”

“You do know mam.. That thomas is .. Is having trouble with some of ‘is studies,” Hagrid speaks in a whisper..

Mayor Carthen pauses, “The Founder Effect.. The downside of our little colony.. Magical Dyslexia.. Claudia darling.. Show your nephew.. Now Hagrid where is that little werewolf and veela gran-babbies.. I want to meet them. when you are finished Artemis darling, bring your father if it ok with your headmistress.. I want to hear every thing.. I missed..”

“Magical dyslexia,” Hermione looked at Minerva who was very quiet saying nothing..

Claudia takes out her wand, “Here is the deal.. We have to do every spell backwards..” She tosses the broken snitch on the ground, “Take out your wand and copy me..”

Thomas took out his wand..

“Now thats a fancy wand boy,” bobbie responded and resulted in him getting a dirty look from Claudia.. ” ‘Scuse me..”

Minerva held up her hand and walked over slowly, “Pay close attention Mr. Carthen..” Minerva took out her wand and made the motions, “Those are the motions..”

“Now nephew, Do them in reverse..” Claudia did the same hand motions backwards, “You are a necro-animus like daddy was.. Everything is backwards.. Youse brain is wired differently.. It is simple.. Spell, target, and then everything backwords..  ”

Artemis watch as Thomas did the motions backwards.. “Does this mean.. I have some problems with a few spells..”

“Ms. Lestrange.. ” Minerva spoke firmly.. “Normal after I make those motions I say Reparo..”

“You have to say Anihcam Orper,” Claudia nudged Thomas.

With a sigh thomas points his wand at the broken Snitch. He does the motion backwards, “Anihcam Orper..”

The golden snitch’s broke wing mends..

The snitch comes up into the air.. It is caught by Claudia with a quick hand grab, “Congratulations Thomas.. Oh..” Thomas is wide eyed as his aunt walks hands the golden Snitch to McGonagall, “I believe Slytherin won..”

Everyone is quiet as Congressman Jackson walks with Hagrid and Mayor Carthen.. “Madam Mayor.. We have had a lot of issues pop up over your grandson.. We need to talk first before you meet your grandbabies..”

Thomas looks at Rose with a sly grin..

“Dont even think about,” Rose narrows her eyes.. “Love spells are not allowed..”

“Right..” Thomas points his wand to the ground, “What is that word.. Yes.. Spell target then backwards… ” doing the parts backwards, “Mu-tul  As-o-ivel Mui-drag-niw.. ” Thomas has the dirt raising with his wand glowing..

Several of the professors are watching the dirt going into a circle..

“Very good Mr. carthen.. ” Amunet snarkily speaks, “Now transformation..”

“Professor LeStrange,” Minerva coldy speaks.. “That is second year spell to transform A living animal into..”

Thomas’s eyes glow green, “Ok.. What was it Bruce said.. No Jorel.. ” the dirt falls to the ground as Thomas slowly speaks, ” Smui-ret-cab As-o-ivel Mui-drag-niw..”

Amunet goes wide eyes as a small dust like cloud raises into the air.. Hector Scamander grins evilly looking at his ex-wife. Little Shade, Bruce, Jorel, Fortuna, Capricornia, and Victoria have walked over.. Lily is stands next to her grandmother wide eyed.

Thomas gentle taps the could three times in a circling motion, “Smui-ret-cab Ot-rev Arev..” Thomas’s wand sends out a green and and crystal clear mix mist..

The little cloud transforms into a Simple silver goblet..

Minerva pauses for a second.. Looking at the silver Goblet, “Mr. Carthen.. Good job..”

“Wow,” Little shade speaks.. “Dad.. You got your mojo..”

Bobbie Lee and Claudia smile..

“No kidding,” Bruce responds.. He looks at Claudia, “Dad.. Uhm.. We..”

“God you’re a pretty boy,” Claudia shakes her head.. “Thomas.. Aint you gonna introduce us..”

“And she has mama’s wild eyes,” Bobbie lee looks at Little shade.. “She is family to..”

“I am Artemis,” She looks at Claudia.. “Your.. Aunt Claudia.. And you are Uncle Bobbie Lee.. ”

Claudia hugs Artemis, “I will have to tell you about my Daddy..”

“They are named after Famous americans,” Bruce sticks his hand out to Bobbie.. “Your named after General Robert E. Lee..”

“Pretty boy is smart..” Bobbie hugs Bruce, “Welcome to the family..Bruce right.. ”

Artemis Is then hugged by Bobbie.. And Claudia hugged Bruce..

Little Shade started to look down..

Bobbie Picked her up and looked into her eyes, “Now you Little Shade.. Yeap.. Mama’s evil I’m gonna f you up eyes.. ” Little shade Growls at bobbie Lee, “Yeap that is mama..” bobbie Lee hugs little shade surprising her as he whispers, “Mama’s mean streak..” Speaking louder, “Yeap this cub is one of ours.. She will rip you a new arse..”

Little shade giggles as she is set down..

“Mama will try and fatten yall up,” Claudia hugs Little Shade.. “You really need to talk with Shemus O’Grady.. He cant change fully either.. Expect an email.. Or owl..”

Hermione is standing next to Rose, “You have werewolves in Your community..”

Bobbie Lee looks at Hermione like she is a rube, “He is the town Atheletic Instructor.. Best D$#% tracker this side of the mississippi.. Local head of our NRA chapter..” Seeing Lucius and Amunet’s face, “Were-wolfism is not a disease.. Dey people.. Make some of the best shine I..”

“Bubba.. These kids dont need to,” Claudia is interupted..

“Mr. Bobbie Lee.. Can you show us how to make a muggle Still?” Jorel politely ask, “Me and Bruce have been studing Muggle..”

Mrs. Weasley coughs politely, “Jorel..”

Bobbie Lee smiles, “Listen to Prof.. But if you want something close.. Google distillation..” Seeing several glares, “I have my college Degree in Industrial Chemistry from the university of Alabama.. A lot of no-maj alchemical processes are very interesting..”

“You all attended Muggle Higher education,” Hermione was surprised as Burbage had walked over..

“I am a medical Doctor,” Claudia responds coldly.. “Everyone in Naedercynn has degrees.. I know it is rare to have that high a rate of educated people .. Oh.. Yall focus on Magic ONLY.. Thats right..”

Thomas looks at Jorel and rolls his hand..

“I am Jorel Umbridge.. I am in Ravenclaw.. ”

“I am Victoria Dursley.. I am in Gryffindor..”

“I am Foruna Critch.. I am in hufflepuff..”

“I am Capriconia Black.. I am Slytherin..”

“I am Claudia Martha Carthen.. MD,” She smiles as she shakes their hands.. “A friend of my Nephew is a friend of mine..”

“Robert Lee Carthen, master in chemistry..” Looking at Hermione, “I am working on my PHD.. town is pretty quiet most of the time..”

“Did my.. My father have a degree,” Thomas asked?

“He was studying engineering.. Then he met someone and ran off with her,” Claudia looked at Lucius.. “Honey.. We are not ashamed of you.. We wont you to know that..”

“Mama has a copy of every front page you made.. She knew it was you,” Bobbie responded shaking his head.. “You older self.. And now.. ”

“She has every thing on her family wall..” Claudia shakes her head, “You know how hard it is to live up to her baby’s baby’s reputation.. She holds her nose up so high in the air..”

“The old biddies are surprised she doesnt drown..” Several of the people listening chuckle, “And then .. You pulled that crap.. Mach 2.. ” bobbie Lee whistles..

“Listen.. She brags about all of us.. They just stopped being unable to use Sherman against her,” claudia grinned.. “Your grandson was accepted into Brown.. Thats nice..”

“Dont forget.. We all read the paper..” Bobbie Lee smiled, “The Whole town was like, Mornin’ Marshall.. So your nephew made it into slytherin.. All Auror’s are corrupt, Glad your here Marshall..”

“So the whole town was proud,” Hermione shook her head..

“Thomas’s older self is gaining the status of folk hero. We are descended from Scourers.. From the thirty,” Claudia looks at Hermione.. “Your books were edited..”

“There are two other families..” Lucius was surprised, “We have never heard of this..”

Hector interjected, “Might I suggest we continue this inside.. A lot of people are listening.. I dont mind meeting the inlaws.. Rose do you and your mother want to join us?”

“Of course we do..” Hermione spoke for her daughter, ” I am pretty sure it will be ok With Headmistress McGonagall..” Hermione had turned her head sideways..

“Of course.. I think it is important that these children know there roots,” with a sympathetic look to Thomas.. “And that they are loved and have family and Friends..”

“Mr. auror you can join us if you like.. We can swap tales,” Bobbie spoke to Burbage politely.

“And Mrs. Jackson.. gloria,” Claudia called out.. “If it is ok with your father.. I would love to do a health check.. ”

“Auntie Hermione..” Lill Potter spoke defiantly, “May I join you..”

Thomas looks at her, “That is Lily Luna Potter.. So you want to eat with me..”

“No.. I am going to make sure my father hears of everything,” Lily’s comment makes Hermione rub the bridge of her nose.. “Accurately.. Your family has violated the laws of MACUSA..”

“See.. I told you I would find a way for you and your sister to go on a date with me,” Thomas grins..

“That..” Lily gets mad.. “That is NOT what I meant.. Mister.. You better watch yourself! I am watching you!”

All of the Adults try not to smile..

Lily stops and goes wide eye, “It is not funny my father will… Will.. AGH!” Lily storms off..



“That is the moment we thought you.. You changed,” Claudia smiled with a smile bit of pride.. “I knew it was you.. We had heard rumors and mama speculated.. Our spies had not been able to find you.. Then.. You apparated to the top of blackmarket’s tallest building.. Right in front of my line of sight.”

Thomas sat in the open area’s grass with Lily, Victoria, Fortuna, Jorel, Bruce, Little Shade, and Capriconia.. Artemis stood as she listened..

“Your dropped all pretense and switched to your full Necro-animagus form..” Claudia spoke with pride, “You were holding a skin and bones twelve year old no-maj in your arms..”

“So what was this area,” Lily asked?

Ginny and hermione were listening with several aurors..

“Ms. Potter,” Claudia looked at the two older females.. “It was a black market.. I was thinking S@#$.. No it cant be him..” She looked at Thomas, “Then your Dumb A$$ shouted.. I am Thomas Elliot Carthen.. As an american, This S@#$ will no longer be tolerated. You want a god D@#$ fight, You got one…”

“This is .. We heard of this,” Litlte shade spoke excitedly.. “He freed all the imprison creatures.. The werewolves switched sides.. The child was not a no-maj.. She was a werewolf..” Little shade proudly added in,”He started fighting the dark mages by himself.. BY HIMSELF! Freeing the cubs mother.. The werewolves on security turned as the sounds of a sigiled tommy gun open fired.. ” She looked at Lily, “He did not ask us to fight with him.. He asked us to get the innocents out of the battlefiled..”

“I know.. The werewolves went ape s#$%,” Claudia shook her head.. “We were buying ingrediants we needed.. My and your cousins got the F#$% out of dodge..” Looking at Thomas, “I.. I stayed.. I got in deep S@#$ for it.. I had to see.. Was this my nephew.. It was seventy three on one.. I was going to help but.. Speed apparation and muggle sigiled weapons and non sigiled weapons.. Grenades going off.. Dark mages dropping dead.. I.. I got a little caught up and..”

“You were proud,” Bruce hit Thomas on the arm.. “That was stupid tactically father.. Regardless if it was the right thing..”

“It.. Your father bruce.. Literally shouts from the top of one building as he was dueling three of the merchants.. F#$% you.. I am batman!!” Claudia chuckled, “He was dodging the killing curses like he was in a movie.. And then.. The same set of magical creatures that had been trapped.. They did not abandon Thomas.. They came back once their littleones were safe.. They sarted fighting with Thomas..”

“Black beard the three eyed werewolf.. Jentaur of the appalachian centaurs.. and,” Little shade takes a moment, “Norman the no-maj..” Little Shade added in, “They were the first.. Artemis.. He.. Wait you did not join in..”

“Well if one of the mechants happened to find a knife in her back,” Claudia smiled.. “Oh.. Mama.. She was pissed.. I made it back with the merchants whole set of chemical wares.. I told her what happened.. Silence..”

“So Mayor Carthen.. She,” Victoria was completely listening..

“I told her everything that happened first.. Then I told her and the city council I needed to tell mama my second piece of news..” Claudia smiled, “I found my nephew.. It took the council a ful d@#$ minute to realize It was the same person.. I had to explain he said his name straight to them And promised those that escaped.. They would be bending knee to him.. Or ineritin gtheir six by six plot of Gaia.”

“You said he violated your statue of secrecy,” Lily potter spoke up.. “That would have politically hurt your mother..”

“It caused a slight argument.. Till,” Claudia had to chuckle.. “Three of the leaders of creature groups we have in our forrest walked in.. They had one question.. Was it mothers grandson who violated the secrecy agreement..  Oh mama looked down thinking she was done as Mayor..” Almost whispering as she spoke conpiratorially, “Mama’s main opponent told them it was indeed her bloodline that violated centuries of secrecy.. You had to be there.. The Big foot fellar.. He looked at the other two, bowed his head and looked up.. They wished to make the understood country boy agreements official with Madam Mayor Carthen and her people of Naedercynn.. The Werewolf Blackbeard stated to my brother.. They had prisoners to hand over to the law. And a few no-maj’s that were parentless.. Several injured they had to turn into werewolves to save.. Would the good citizens of Naedercynn be able to provide aide and assistance per the treaties…”

“And he solidified her hold on power,” Hermione shook her head..

“That is right madam minister for magic.. Mama’s oppenent had a fit.. ” Claudia was all smiles, “It was then that.. Well a real issue arose.. One of the mobsters had shown up with his crew.. They were not to happy.. ”

Hermione held her hand up for ginny to not say anything..

“They were demanding compensation,” Claudia looked at Thomas.. “They claimed they had the town surrounded with a small set of associates.. And that they would hunt us all not in town down.. Our independence was gone.. ”

“And then thomas showed up,” Fortuna hit Thomas in the arm.. “See.. Consequences. You know rules are more then guidelines right..”

“By himself on top of the old church,” Claudia spoke.. “He had followed the mobsters home.. Not realizing he was home..  He jumped off the old steeple as the Mobsters said they were taking kids as insurance.. Thomas and his boys had snuck in past the gangsters.. Scared the bejebus out of all of us.. Mr. Morson frooze at Thomas dropped the heads of the mans adult family. ” Chuckling,” Mama to this day still laughs.. You dont F#$% with a Carthen..”

“So dad attacked the mobsters,” Bruce spoke.. “That would lead to nothing but retaliation and MACUSA discovering everything..”

“True.. Mr. Morson said as much,” Claudia looked Hermione in the eyes from the distance.. “His last words in fact.. ”

“I told him that I didn’t care..” Thomas looked at his aunt, “What.. The older me made a decision to.. To change..” Thomas looked around, “And not look back.. Lords of the manor..”

The sounds of a harley filled the air, Making every one turn..

Seven Harley bikes came in escourted by Aurors on brooms..

A large man with a grey beard landed near the kids.. He stepped off the old Harley bike.. The older man was larger then he appeared as all eight feet of old muscle stood. Sigiled tats showed on parts of his body, “Tellin’ tells outside of school.. My little girl runs her mouth a lot..”

“Daddy,” claudia spoke..

The other bikers took a sign from the large man and parked their bikes as nervous aurors landed..

“I was just telling them what happened daddy,” Claudia spoke annoyed..

“Let me see.. ” The large man walked over looking over the kids, “The pretty one standing.. You look like that skank my grand baby F#$%ed.. Artemis..”

Little Shade growled at the big man showing her teeth..

“You must be my little werewolf grand baby.. Tell me to F#$% off like you mean it,” The big man rubbe dher hair.. He moved his hand befor ehe got bit, “Yeap.. Good girl.. Learn to move faster.. Little shade..”

“DAD,” claudia was annoyed.. “We are at the elite private Hogwarts for ..”

Looking at bruce, “Pretty boy..” Looking at Bruce sizing him, “You are gonna break some heart.. See this boys.. D@#$.. Its the ravenclaw Grandson.. Looks a little like my little no-maj brother.. Doctor Teller.. The one that works with the NSA research labs..”

The bikers start shaking their heads..

Ginny walked over, “Mr….”

The large man eyed Ginny, “Staglite.. No Mr..” He looks at Thomas, “You are my boys .. God D@#$ boy.. ” Thomas stood up, And Staglite looked at him.. Staglite picked up thomas and hugged him, “Boys.. My boys little rug rat.. Grows up to be a bastard like me! ”

The other bikers nodded thier heads..

Setting Thomas down, “You won us ten thousand Galleons on the US Irish game.. And another four g’s on the slytherin game..”

“2028 B#$%%es.” The bikers smiled, “God bless the USA..”

“Grand father.. Nana said you were dead,” Thomas was set down.. Choking on emotions, “Nana is short.. I.. Am I going to be as big as you?”

“Nope..I am dead to her and Like Bobbie Lee.. Youse gonn’ be a small fellar,” Staglite was grinning.. “C-4 comes in varied sizes..” Looking at his crew, “He looks weak.. We all know what he grows up into..”

“Good sir,” Hermione stepped forward.. She sees one of the female bikers take off her helmet, “Delphini.. Aurors?”

Percy Apparates in followed by Congressman Jackson and a security detail of American Aurors..

“Madam Minister,” Jackson has a pissed off look as he glares at Staglite.. “This has become  a state visit.. I must cut short..”

“President Jackson of MACUSA,” Percy whispers.. “And.. Well..Thomas’s status has changed. Olshen was captured by.. Well..”

“Brought the B#$%^ into the meeting per the D@#$ treaty.. Try and hunt down my grandson,” Staglite took a rolled item from his vest pocket.. Delphini lights staglite’s self rolled item.. As the smell of weed fills the air, “I left the meeting.. Well.. Thomas.. You are now the grandson of congressman Staglite, of the newly recounted Alabama district.. MACUSA..”

The sound of cursing can be heard from across the buildings..

Staglite puffed, “Music to my ears.. That old biddy must of just found out..”

“You.. You are a congressman,” Victoria had stood and was a little shocked..

Delphini glared at the british aurors, “I am Congressman Staglites chief of staff.. The good people of Naedercynn voted in an emergency meeting that sure.. Staglite can stay with MACUSA as their rep…”

A man smiled as he patted Delphini on the rear, “My wife has diplomatic immunity.. And dont let them lie to you.. they want us out of town.. So who better then All of us.. To represent the people of Naedercynn.”

“President Jackson, “Hermione took a polite moment..

“Madam Minister,” Jackson shook his head.. “I can not return her.. All I can assure the Ministry for magic is that she will be watched as will the rest of..”

“Now Jackson.. Just call us trash.. Spit it out boy.. ” Staglite laughed, “But you owe me.. It was my vote that made you President.. yankee..”

“con.. congressman… Daddy,” claudia was still processing.. “No one in town likes you..”

“So they sent him to MACUSA,” Jorel laughed.. “It makes sense Ms. Carthen.. If he caused nothing but problems in town..”

“It only makes sense he would be their criminal in MACUSA,” Bruce added smiling.. “He was already there and exposed..”

Delphini whispered in Staglites ear, “Ravenclaw.. Jorel Umbridge and Bruce T. DeSorium.. Known for intelligence.. Jorel is gay and friends with thomas.”

“Bright boys,” Staglite looks at Jorel.. “Tommy.. Make sure my grandson’s friend has no issues fore we leave.. He is one of you..”

“congressman, “Jorel looks at one of the female seven foot bikers who walks over and nods.. “You.. You ..”

“Here is Congressman Staglites card.. Let us know if your Sexuality causes any employment issues or general discrimination..” The large woman smiles, “We will contact Mr. Percy Weasley and lodge vicious made up accusations by the bucketful till we get results.. A friend of thomas is a friend of Congressman Staglites..” Percy turns his head sideways. “Little boy my no-maj major was international law.. I retired five years ago.. Call me.. Mr. Umbridge if their are any issues.. I might come bust some heads up if I get bored..”

Jorel made the card disappear inside his robes..

Hermione closes her eyes for a second, “Chief of staff.. Part of the MACUSA government.. Let me guess she was covered by the Immunity and pardons you were forced to give the residents.. And by recipocal treaty with the Reformed ICOW we agreed.. In a small way..”

Delphini flicks off the British Aurors with a chesire grin..

“Congressman,” Jackson speaks through gritted teeth.. “We do need to return to the states.. There are a few issues.. That we need to take care of..”

“Daddy,” Claudia hugged the big man.. “Dont start anything with mama.. Thomas has it hard enough at this fancy british school..”

“I have to go back to the other side of the pond,” Staglite stopped when Hector Scamander came out with Narcissa discussing something.. “Professor SCAM ander..”

Herctor gave a dirty look, “Congressman Stag now lite beer..”

Both men looked at each other tensely.. The Aurors were all nervous, till both men started laughing..

Staglite went to his bike and opened a saddle bag.. He reached in and took out a large bottle of clear liquid, “Prof..”

Hector walked over with a smile, “A bottle of Naedercynn’s finest..”

“Grandfather,” Artemis had followed him over.. “You .. You know him?”

“Who do you think helped me get rid of the evidence of what Little Thomas had done years ago? I could not exactly go to the Aurors..” Hector looked at Hermione, “Sylvia did not say anything about it I take it..”

“Congressman,” President Jackson shook his head.. “Nevermind..”

One of the bikers of mixed descent sticks his hand. His pistols and shotgun on his back seem tightly secured, “Professor Scamander.. I would love if you are able to send your notes on the real history of MACUSA.. ”

“Director of history and research on my staff,” Staglite grins.. “A doctorate in no-maj history and archeology.. Doctor Levon.. No-maj criminal record in twelve states..”

Professor Scamander smiled shaking the doctors hand, “I would love to share it..” Percy and hermiony cough at the same time,” We will talk later..”

Beauregard smiles and greets the others,” Major Beauregard.. USMC retired..” Lift his shirt, “Got this in the deseret..” Sticking his hand out to Thomas, “Got pulled out by a mutal aquaintence.. Thomas, Mama said she would send you some homemade pecan and sweet potatoe pies.. And the spell for homemade sweet tea.. She heard the quote of earl tea is NOT tea..”

“You served in the muggle.. No-maj military,” Percy swallowed hard.

“Thomas pulled me and my men out as we were surrounded by Taliban fighters,” Beauregard had some pride.. “And sent my wife to our little colony..”

“What is your degree in congressman,” Hermione let her curosity slip?

“Mixology. Liesure travel, Romantic literature of the 17th century, Gender studies, ” The big congressman smiled.. “With a minor in drama, basket weaving, and religous studies.. I was also a pastor a few towns over.. Doing the good lords work..”

The bikers all laugh at the comment..

“What.. I only caused a few issues.. Those married women needed counseling,” Congressman Staglite had a serious face. “If your gonna stray from the good lords plan you need proper guidence..”

“I am surprised the chuch did not burn down,” President Jackson took a deep breath..

Claudia whispered, “You have an uncle and three aunts that are younger then you.. And one aunt who is attending Ilvermorny..”

Puffing his smoke, “The good lord said be fruitful and multiply..” Sighing, “That reminds me Delphini.. I have to go visit that fancy yankee school.. four kids.. ”

President Jackson narrows his eyes, but then just sighs.

“Daddy..” Claudia just shakes her head.. “He is a sentimental romantic.. All men are.. That is why there is only one on the city council.. A diversity hire..”

Delphini knelt down and hugged Thomas.. She whispered, “You grow up to be a good man.. Do not let any of them take that from you..” She kisses Thomas on the forehead, “I.. I have a family now, a job, and a home..”

Percy closes his eyes, “Madam Minister.. The merfolk are waiting .. They agreed to a give you some time.. For Business with Mr. Carthen’s family.. ”

Jackson takes a deep breath and looks at Thomas, “I understand Madam Minister.. Trust me.. We have our own issues over the merfolk.. It has come to my attention the merfolk in US, Canadian, and mexican waters are demanding more representation.. In MACUSA.. And are threatening to attack No-maj fleets if we dont..”

“So Delphini walks,” Lily narrows her eyes.. “Mama.. why is daddy allowing a murder to leave?”

“Because all governments sacrifice the needs of the one and few for the needs of the many,” Thomas states coldly.. “Grandpa.. Is lying.. He cut a deal to make sure the people .. Well all my cousins in Naedercynn are protected.. MACUSA accepted.. All governments do that..”

“They do not,” Lily responds..

Hermione and President Jackson took a deep breath at the same time..

“Lily.. Professor Scamander has not got to the point.. Well I do not think Headmistress McGonagall will allow it..” Looking at Delphini, “When is time out no longer effective towards its goal.. That is all prison is time out.. And you have to consider what is its point..”

“The protection of society from people like you,” Lily responds coldly..

“So people like me are second class citizens,” Thomas looks at Lily.. “I thought I was the pure blood.. ”

“No. No. No.” Lily glared at Thomas making a face, “You are not pulling that trick on me again.. I also sit in the same class with Professor Scamander.. You cant say you are just a poor country boy.. Your Grandmother is a the Mayor of the town you are from.. Your Grandfather is a MACUSA congressman.. You have friends and allies all over the magical world from unearned acomplishments.. Your are the elitest..”

“What part of Noblesee Oblige have I ever said,” thomas slyly turns his head sideways?

“You have,” Lily narrows her eyes.. “All.. AGH! You are a pain.. Noblesee Obligee means you are still a slytherin in heart and soul..”

Ginny  rubbed the brow of her nose with a smile..

The bikers start chuckling causing ginny to point to Percy with a dont you dare look..

Artemis smiled saying nothing..

Laughing, “Little lady.. It is ok.. Most marriages in Naedercynn operate under arrangement.. Most..”

“Excuse me.. I am not.. Wait he already has.. ” Lily turns back towards Thomas, “Who are you supposed to marry?”

“I was hoping it was Delphini.. She looks hot to,” Thomas hugs her.. “But she found herself a Major.. I lose again to love.. I am getting tired of this..”

Delphini smiles, “A second husband.. Interesting.. I have a back up..”

“Its ok.. Tommy will marry me.. For my cooking,” Tommy hits Beauredgard for his comments..

“Keep him as a mister.. His older self was ugly but..” Tommy freezes before she finishes her statement, “I think it is time we head out.. Before Lily pulls her wand out of jealously..”

“I just agreed to go to the ball to spy on him.. ” Lily was mad, “For my father.. And make sure my sister can go with Scorpius..”

“No.. Professor Scamander mentioned about a year ago.. Well for me any way,” Thomas locks eyes with Lily. “That people always have ulterior motives.. Remember that their actions show more of who they are then words.. And even then do not trust what you see or hear.. It is all second hand.. You only want to make sure you look better then Rose.. ”

Lily went wide eyed, “Thomas elliot Carthen!” Anger flashed through her face, “I.. Dont you dare finish that.. You .. You read minds? You are hiding that?”

“No Lily,” Ginny sighs.. “Professor Scamander taught him to read situations..”

“Its ok Mrs. Potter.. She can use me to get to her goal,” thomas politely smiled.. Looking at professor Scamander, “She is honest company..”

“USE YOU,” Lily Potter’s robes moved softly in the wind.. “You want honesty.. Your grandfather knew who you were and did nothing.. They all did..”

“Lily,” ginny sternly spoke..

“No Mrs Potter..” Staglite had raised his large hand with his eyes glowing green, “I am no father.. By any grade.. My babies as much as it pains me to admit, the old biddy is a better mother then I am a father..”

Mayor Carthen had walked out about to say something and just stood there.. She started to say something and got th esame pissed off look on her face.. She sighsrubbing the bridge of her nose.

“Keep him honest.. My boy named sue plan worked with him.. I made a hard choice.. That night he saved Athena” The Old large congressman walked over to his bikes saddle bags and reached in.. “It is my bloodlines tradition as Necromancers.. Thomas come over here..”

Thomas walked over slowly, “Grandfather..”

Pulling out a skull with a bullet hole in the middle, “This was your fathers first kill.. He is not here.. I took him hunting and this was his target he choose at eleven. ” Staglite smiled, “A mayor scourer from another town hidden.. A group of cannibals and dark wizard practioners.. They were experimenting on no-majs.”

Thomas took the skull and his eyes glowed green, “He is mad.. It is enchanted to prevent his escape..”

“Artemis.. Little Shade.. Bruce,” Mayor Carthen called out coldly walking over.. “It is a family tradition from your.. Your great grandfathers side..”

The three walk over with Hector closely watching..

“You.. You kept the skulls of dad’s first kills,” Artemis looked at the adults..

“It is .. ” Hector took a deep breath, “It is an item of tradition.. ”

“Reach into the saddle bag,” Staglite looked at Thomas.. “Focus on your first kill and pull out which item goes to who.. If any..”

Thomas held one skull and reached in.. He pulled out a smaller humanoid skull, “Artemis.. I Give you the skull of.. ” thomas’s eyes glow green, “The first kill I ever achieved.. She is pissed.. ”

Artemis took the skull and her eyes glowed green, as a tear fell.. “I can hear her.. She is cursing .. She was a slytherin.. You stole her life force she claims..”

Thomas reaches back in and takes out a second skull, “Little Shade..” With glowing green eyes, “He liked to experiment on magical creatures… ”

Little Shade’s eyes glowed green, “Thats right prick.. You.. Their were rumors you existed.. Now you are with descendants of your victims.. May your torment be eternal till you clean your slate..”

Bruce took a deep breath and nodded to Thomas..

With glowing eyes Thomas pulled out another skull, “Wow.. A smart one.. This might be an issue.. If what he is laughing about is true..”

Bruce takes the skull with his eyes glowing, “Madam Minister for Magic.. Or.. Lily.. you need to send an owl to your father.. Their is a hidden labratory under the thames.. ”

“Father,” claudia ignored the statment.. “You took us hunting but never gave us skulls..”

“You are not Necromancers..” Staglite had a coldness about him, “And my Little thomas.. Normally only one child has the ability.. Thomas apparently passed it on to all of them.. They should not be able to touch the skulls..”

“I will speak with Minerva.. they are not allowed to have such powerful artifacts in their rooms..” Hector nodded his head, “Madam minister for Magic has a few questions it appears..”

Burbage has joined the minister for magic.. He has out a floating pad with a floating pen, “Thames Mr. Desorium..”

“You might want to be careful,” Staglite shook hands with Hector.. “The prize of the hunt is enchanted.. It goes to necromancers children who are necromancers.. And he picked the skulls in birth order.. Mr. President.. I will..”

Thomas reaches again into the saddlebag with his eyes glowing, “Lets see if ..”

“Thomas that is not how,” Staglite pauses when Thomas pulls another skull out.. “It works.. Well lad..”

Everyone is quiet..

“Ok.. Now you are causing headaches, “Percy walked over.. “If I understand correctly.. His children that are necromancers recieve a prize from his dead enemies in this informal ceremony.. Thomas.. Please pull till you cant get any more..”

Mayor Carthen catches a look on Burbage’s face the same time Hermione does..

“It is a long story,” burbage closes his eyes..

“We have more brothers and sisters,” Little Shade spoke excitedly?

“And they are pulled in birth order,” Artemis shook her head.. “Dad.. We need to know..”

Thomas just shrugs his shoulder.. As Ron Weasley apparates in with Inspector Bridge and a little girl..

“Ron,” Hermione had a questioning look on her face..

The little girl’s eyes glowed green, “Mama..”

“My little Unicorn..” Bridge speaks to her seven year old daughter, “These are your family members..”

“Who is the giant,” The little girl spoke? Seeing a tear fall down her mother’s face, “Wait.. Wait.. My daddy is Thomas Elliot Carthen.. ” The little girl giggled, “Is that what Nana meant about me acting like my daddy?”

Thomas handed tried to hand the skull toward the little girl, “No..” Thomas’s eyes glowed as he sat the skull down on the ground.. He reached in and pulled out another skull.. He raised towards the little girl, “No.. Crap..”

Ron whispers to Hermione, “What is going on?”

“Mr. Carthen is trying to find out how many children he has..” Hermione motions for Thomas to continue, “We will need to have harry speak with the chief archivist.. Ms. Bridges..”

Thomas repeats the process four more times with the same result..

“How many people did dad kill,” Artemis tugged on her Grandfather Hector’s jacket? “I thought it was first kill..”

“A lot and apparently it was somewhat at the same time,” Scamander held the bottle of Naedercynn’s finest..

Thomas reached in and pulled out another skull.. He raised it towards the sevenish year old girl, “Awe.. Yes..”

Ms Bridges was very worried, “Listen.. My daughter is.. It.. I do..”

Mayor carthen whispered, “It is Staglite’s family custom.. first kills are passed on to children.. The skulls are enchanted to prevent unauthorised access.. And to prevent the children from harming themselves..”

“The ministry will.. Will allow the items to be stored in our vaults,” Hermione looked at Staglite?

“They are ghost filled paperweights.. ” Staglite looked at the five skulls on the ground, “Trophy’s.. Boy you would have struck the killing blow at the same time.. ” Staglite sets his hand on the shoulder of Thomas, “The order they died must be setting it.. Their are three skulls left.. Keep going.. but first the skull must be passed if her mother allows it..”

“This one was,” Thomas swallows hard.. “Just a.. No you lie dead one..”

The little girl darts over to Thomas and takes the skull, “COOL!” Her eyes glow green, “You.. You are a bad man!” A green zap of electricity comes from The little girl. It zaps the skull, “Stay in your cage! bad pet! BAD PET GHOST!”

Aretmis, having watched everything, looks at the skull in her hand. “Really.. My little sister is right..” A zap comes from Artemis’s other hand, “BAD PET!”

The five skulls on the ground move as Bruce and Little Shade test out the ability like artemis did..

“They are my ..” The little girl hugs Thomas and then looks back at her mother, “He is little mama.. You are in TROUBLE!” She freezes and looks at her mother, “Is mama going to jail like those teachers on the net?”

“Artifical insemination,” Ms. Bridges quickly speaks.. “I wanted a child and..”

Mayor Carthen stepped over to Ms. Bridges, “Yo’ mama aint going to jail.. It is science.. A test tube baby.. A real one?”

Hermione and Ginny take deep breaths at the comment..

Thomas reaches in and repeats the process.. He sits the skull on the ground and repeats the process again.. The last time he cant pull out any thing.. “Seven children..”

“Mr. President..” Staglite rubs his own beard, “I will need to to deal with this.. We need to find these children so they are not issues.. Seven .. Seven unaccounted for Necromancers..”

“Take what time you need.. We cant have this become an issue,” President Jackson looks to Hermione.. “We will need to work together.. Joa-Joa is some what of a notorius Dark Wizard.. I will see if she will help..”

“The ministry will make sure we find them,” Hermione had a worried look on her face looking at the skulls.

“Thomas you will need to take my saddle bag and put the skulls back in.. Once pulled only you and the child they go to can touch them.. And Madam Minister only the necromancers the where given to can ,” Staglite is interrupted.

Thomas looks at the little Bridge and then to her mother, “High.. I am Thomas.. You like a picture I had of my mother..”

The little girl smiled, “High.. ” She hugs him, “So I am a test tube baby.. ” She makes the skull glow, “Science..”

Hector tries not to chuckle..

“Oh.. ” The little girl takes a moment she raises her hand in a V, “I am Majel.. Majel Dalenn Bridge..”

Artemis rolls her eyes..

“I am Little shade,” She raised her hands in a V.. “Your older sister and part werewolf.. ”

The two girls hug..

“Bruce Desorium..” Bruce raises his hand in a V, “I am your half brother.. Half Veela..”

Majel hugs Bruce who hugs her back..

Artemis takes a few steps, “I am not raising my hand.. I am your OLDER half sister.. Artemis Lestrange..” Majel swallows hard, “It is ok little one.. I cant be mad at the younger version of father.. We have seven more siblings..”

Artemis reaches out for a hug and Majel hugs her catiously..

“Majel.. These are my friends..” thomas points to each one, “Jorel, Fortuna, Victoria, and Capricornia..” After a second, “And then Lily..”

The four kids smile raising thier hands in a V, “Live Long and prosper..”

Majel excitedly raises her hand in a V, “Live long and prosper..” Her excitement come from her as drops he rhand, “You are in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin.. I thought it was a competition..”

“She got a hold of her books before I got home and,” Ms. Bridge sighs.. “She wont be here for a few years..”

“This is your Great grand father Congressman Staglite..” thomas introduces Majel.. “Your Nana Carthen.. And your great Aunt Claudia..”

Mayor Carthen and her daughter both hug Majel..

Lily narrows her eyes, “I am Lily Luna Potter..”


“Mother,” Lucius had two sigiled soldiers accompaning him.. “You summoned me..”

The middle aged looking woman had her robes down, “I asked you to meet me here.. ” She shakes her head, “Little SOB.. ”

“I know understand Draco’s mind a little better..” Lucius saw the books on the shelves, “The great Library of Britannia.. ”

Anger passed through Sylvia’s face, “Lucius.. This is no joking manner.. We cant remove these books.. I ordered several of them destroyed.. The chief archivist laughed in my face.. Took down one of the books and destroyed it in front of me.. Two minutes later.. One of the Sigiled drones brought in another copy and several Elves cleaned up the magical book remains in magical st.. Agh! What ever it is..”

“He is a malfoy mother.. And a pure blood.. Even if they are hicks as the Americans say,” Lucius managed not to smile.. “You deaged him and wiped out the codes.. What was the deal you cut in the Department of the mysteries?”

Sylvia narrowed her eyes, “I will not speak of it here.. It appears the Library is like the Sorting hat.. It has some form of sentience..”

“I do Sylvia,” A spirit seems to appear.. A red and blackhaired women in unspeakable robes appears, “Why do you keep trying to steal my books?”

Sylvia rest her hand on her wand, “So my little grandson created an intelligent Library building.. Where is the prime radiant?”

“Unfortunately.. He is, as Lucius so equolently put it.. Your BLOODY grandson.. ” The manifestation of the Library’s robes sparkled with silver sigils,” You locked everyone out of all the secrets Sylvia.. All of them.. Even me.. When he tricked you into de-aging him.”

“That would have required him knowing what I had in mind Library,” Sylvia arrogantly spoke.. “That is.. He used the prime radiant.. That..”

“On that I can assure you he did not.. And it is Albionia.. ” The Library spoke politely, “The sigils are preinstalled.. For your next question I stayed hidden from him..”

Sylvia narrowed her eyes, “He.. The spells can be broken.. ”

Lucius is very quiet..

“Sylvia.. You took everything from him.. He lied and never forgave you,” Albionia coldly spoke.. “Try to take the books.. Brute force if it looks like it will suceed.. Well it is better you do not ask? ”

Sylvia’s anger seemed to fill the air, “I did what had to be done.. Do not look at me Lucius.. Before I intervened.. My grandson was at that meeting at Our old manor.. One of the death eaters asked thomas what could a muggle do.. Thomas proceeded to shoot him. his wife, and daughter dead..”

Albionia smiled at the comment..

“that.. Shot them dead,” Lucius raised an eyebrow.. “Voldemort would have killed him..”

“Lord Voldemort threatened Thomas.. ” With a sigh, “He then refused to allow Voldemort to kill Burbage. Were all his advisors fools, put her under imperius.. A ready placed embedded soldier.. He then proceeded to argue with Riddle for over two hours.. And seven more Death Eaters died.. Snape intervened and pointed out that at this rate his death eaters would all be dead.  ”

“He was working with Dumbledore,” Lucius narrowed his eyes.. “How do you know this mother?”

“I am the head of the department of mysteries.. My grandson became a monster in his quest for revenge.. All over that stupid Athena gi,” Sylvia was not very happy.. “Albionia.. This is his revenge over me taking .. He did this because of her..”

“You took his happily ever after… ” Albionia glowed green for a second, “We did talk for hours over this.. The numbers state she was gently guided to her choices.. She is happy, however he found your foot prints.. A pound of Flesh..”

Lucius starts laughing.. His mother gave an evil look, “My nephew got a parting shot on the way out.. You de-aged him permanently..”

“It can be undone,” Sylvia was pissed..

“Actually no.. He changed the spell work, “Albionia coldly stated. “The spell you found from Merlin’s grimmore was for forcing someone against their will.. Thomas went along.. He added one component.. He went all the way.. Complete inversion.. You erased the older Thomas completely..”

Sylvia took a very deep breath, “Albionia.. Why did that little bastard do that?”

“He spoke to someone for five minutes and thirty seconds.. I was blocked by unknown ancient magics..” Albionia responded, “I have not sensed them at that level sense..”

Sylvia narrowed her eyes, “Something blocked you in here.. Ancient powerful.. Nevermind.. Lucius.. Keep an eye on Thomas.. Much closer.. Things should quiet down..”

“Eleven Great grand children from thomas,” Albionia responded.. “You have gotten old..”

“He only has seven,” Sylvia responds and freezes.. “He has known of me for years.. And never.. He hid them from me and my department.. How?”

Lucius took a long look at his mother, “You overly rely on.. On magic.. Even with your embedded spy.. ” An understanding look crosses Lucius’s face, “He does what ever child does.. Waits for you to go to sleep.. Or get busy chatting with the girls.. ”

“That is not how that works Lucius it,” Sylvia looks her son in the eyes.. “Hector Scamander’s influence.. You are not loyal to me either.. I can sense it.. Do you want Narcissa to find out about ALL you indiscretions..”

Lucius looks at his mother, “She already knows.. My nephew actually told her how his grandmother held this over my head from years ago.” Lucius rolls his wedding ring, “And she forgave me.. You will find your blackmail has been nuetered.. They are just playing along.. Mother..”

Sylvia looked at Lucius with hate filled eyes..

“What does not make sense is why he instructed them to keep playing along.. None of us understand that,” Lucius looks his mother straight in the eye.. “He is acting like my grandfather.. ”

Sylvia went wide eyed and swallowed hard, “Lucius.. What did the older Thomas tell you?”

“Enough.. To know that he is truly from .. How did that Mayor put it.. Yes.. He is definately from the great state of Alabama.. On both sides.” Lucius saw his mother look away, “He is definately a pure blood.. I will not be doing any of the.. The ridiculous things you mentioned.. As for the prime Radiant mother.. He older self, based on my observations of the child.. He hid the prime radiant in the Department of Mysteries..”

Albionia seemed to be processing something, “That is a very obstute observation Lucius.. What leads you to the conclusion?”

“Thier is no possible way he broke our actual security,” Sylvia shook her head in doubt.. “Explain your reasoning..”

“He would not store it at Hogwarts.. Because he is a man of his word.. ” tilting his head sideways, “No weapons or troops.. The departments of magic are to open.. The lockboxes same.. He knows you will be looking for it.. And if you try and scry you will not allow others to be able to scry.. He hates you Mother. You stole the sigil protection rings and jewelry from his people. So he gave you what you wanted.. It is hidden in the safest place on the planet.. It is already most likely..”

“In.. In my possession,” Sylvia rubs above her eyebrow.. “He would have not placed it here n the The Library because it would be discovered.. ” She turns her head slightly, “Let him know.. I.. I did what was necessary for the greater good..”

Lucius looks at his mother coldly, “He knows you cant publically do what is necessary for your search so you are slowed down..”

“To search every inch of the Department of mysteries it would take about three days.. To do so with out being seen doing it about a full year..” Albionia looked at Lucius not following his eyes at his mother, “I can give you an example from several muggle military hand books in me that might can cut the search time down to nine months..”

“Now you cooperate,” Sylvia closes her eyes.. “I will have to pull several people off certain projects.. Lucius..” Sylvia closed her eyes for a moment, “I am proud of him and you.. ”

“Thank you mother,” Lucius smiled..

Sylvia and a lot of the unspeakables disappeared..

Standing their, “Are we Alone Albionia?”

“Yes Lucius..”

Lucius started laughing and had to hold onto a bookshelf.. After a few minutes, “He .. My mother does not realise she is wearing the parts to the Prime Radiant.. Or the port key that will bring it to her..”

Albionia smiled, “No she does not realize it.. My guess is she will find prototypes hidden in the department of mysteries.. He did a favor for one of her people in exchange.. She hid items in the DoM so no one would find them.. No one.. Sylvia will be on a wild goose chase for about three years.. How did you guess?”

“I have observed the younger Thomas.. He is pure Slytherin.. Conniving and planning.. “Looking at Albionia, “Has my son sent word..”

A drone brings a satchel with several books inside it..

“The doctor needs these books.. Astoria’s condition has completely stabilized..” Albionia smiled, “Thomas authorised copies to be made for medical professionals.. These are bound copies of Nazi and japanese medical experiments.. Several muggle diseases match the behavior of her disease..” Albionia places her hand on Lucius’s arm as he took the books, “Please .. We.. We are all a little worried.. The Rose slash Scorpius slash Thomas thing..”

“It..” Lucius holds the satchel, “What are you not telling me?”

“All three wizarding wars were ended by the same ancient Magic.. ” Albionia raised a finger, “Grindelwald and Dumbledore was ended over love.. Voldemort lost three times over love.. And..” Albionia took a non-necessary deep breath, “That conversation I was not part of.. It was with a gingered haired woman.. Glowed pink and red.. I did not lie.. She never followed up on what my theories were..”

“Albionia.. Just a theory,” Lucius took a deep breath.. “Let me get these books to Astoria’s doctors.. ” Almsot leaving but stopping, “You do know I will most likely discuss this issue with Draco..”

“It has to be done, “Albionia took a deep breath..




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