Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Chapter Four

I do not own the universe or main characters

this is just a fan fiction

I created a few characters for the story set in JK Rowlings Harry Potter Universe

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Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

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Malfalda was upset holding a letter, “This is… Pure cockypop.. ”

Thomas had his hair still dyed all black, “Malfalda..”

Tears fell with a turn around, “You.. I do not want your pity mr. Lord of the manor.. ”

“Really..” Number One sat on his shoulder, “Dear Jane.. Ouch.. Feel bad an’ go a wollering.. I got other problems..”

Thomas walked by her, “No.. You think I need…”

“A real friend.. The type that is breaking you out of jail,” Thomas stopped.. “Because one of you planned to not get caught. tell you this whole d@#$ thing was stupid.”

“Excuse me,” Malfalda had stopped crying.. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Jail breaker unlimited,” Thomas coldly spoke.. “I am still debating on if I should just crush you.. Or reveal the contents of your letter.. For making sure Rose was with Scorpius.. Next whisper campaign you pull on me.. I will let that hang their..”

Malfalda frooze, “You.. How do you know the contents?”

Molly Weasley was quietly watching the situation..

“The only problem.. Their is no way Ravenclaw can take Three of the teams in the academic contest without you..”

Malfalda had weird look on her face, “I.. I am barely on the team.. Your FRIEND Gloria told me..”

“She wants to win.. For all your stupid S@#$ your skills at deception match your intelligence.. Gloria is no fool.. ” Thomas had not turned around, “She knows for all the problems you cause.. You are very bright.. She is only what five points higher..”

“One point two in the muggle IQ test,” Malfalda sees Professor Weasley looking on. “Nice try Thomas..”

“Ms. Weasley asked Rose and Lily to talk with you..”

“The grey lady said something to you, “Mafalda walked over to Thomas.. Turning him around, “So why did you say something?”

“Lord of the Manor issue.. Because I disagree with their assessment.. The federation has section 31,” Thomas looked Mafalda in the eyes..

“They are a fictional organization,” Mafalda rolls her eyes.. “I am not a bad person..”

“I told the grey lady the same thing.. You have a moral compass,” Thomas responded.. “Shattered, broken, and pointed in the wrong direction..It is however by definition a moral compass..”

“HEY,” Mafalda hit thomas in the arm.. “That is..” Mafalda narrowed her eyes, “Cute.. You are hitting on me now..”

“God no.. As Professor Scamander said.. Stay away from Crazy, “Thomas paused, “But Grandpa and Prof both did not take their own advice..So yeah..”

Mafalda got loud, “Oh so now you..”

“Yes..” thomas had a loud bored tone, “I am using you to make them jealous..”

Mafalda stopped her own response, “This is sexual harassment?”

“Not yet.. I have not got their yet.. ”

“You think I will fall for your tricks?”

“We need the Sith Lord Mafalda not the emo crying little B#$%^,” thomas was in her face.. “Section 31.. Capricornia and several other slytherin girls need your help.. And since you have ZERO friends in ravenclaw you need to network..”

Alurem Snyde was brought to Thomas by Capricornia Black..

“I thought you said,” Alurem looked away in fear from Thomas’s glowing eyes.. “Listen.. I..”

“Artemis cant get mad if you skip the stupid crap you earned.. “Thomas did not back away, “Robert A Heinlein outlined a principle.. The ones you think are screwing with you will over look your discipline.. For hogwarts.. Beating the other schools is more important..”

Gloria and Artemis both came around a corner..

“She will,” Alurem swallowed hard..

“Mafalda needs you.. And the other two slytherin.. You are not competing.. So,” Thomas whispers.. “We need intelligence.. On their ..”

“Academic Teams, Quidditch teams, Dueling teams, this capture the flag practices..” Mafalda Smiled evilly, “I.. I would.. Wait you still do not know who Artemis is dating?”

“Mafalda,” Artemis called out the same time as gloria..

“Mafalda.. No.. We need their game films.. Blackmail is not how we are gonna win..” Thomas shook his head, “This was a mistake.. You..”

Mafalda caught thomas’s shoulder, “I can do this.. Its just.. She wont let me put together a research team..”

“Reseach Team,” gloria stopped Artemis.. “Thomas… Mafalda cant be trusted..”

Before she can speak, “Yes she can.. She wants to win and wants power and acceptance.. “Looking down at his Slytherin robes, “Ambition is not a bad thing.. And no offense.. I see hogwarts losing BADLY.. ” Thomas puts his arm around Alurem Snyde, “And if we want to win.. Time us Slytherins remind the magical world what exactly cunning is.. I think you can agree Alurem that Mafalda is uniquely qualified to lead the research team.. With Capricornia providing oversight.. Patricia and Bali should be sufficent.. They are not participating..”

“What do you get out of this,” Alurem looks Thomas in the face? “Your daughter is rude.. And..”

“If we always do what we have always done.. We get what we always got.. ” Capricornia smiled, “Professor Weasley I am sure Professor Malfoy will over see this prog..”

“What type of research,”Molly Weasley’s Skeptical tone filled the air?

“In the muggle world they collect statistics,” Gloria narrowed her eyes.. “Like response speed on a question..”

“Right handed wand users versus right and left.. Top speeds of chasers.. broom statistics.. Wand core preferences,” Mafalda stepped up.. “We would have to comb their .. Well their versions of the prophet excetra.. Personality types.. ”

“Father.. What do you expect from them in return,” Artemis spoke coldly eyeing Mafalda..

“Odds are she was going to hit on me in an effort to gain a foothold in the school..” A huge grin Crosses Thomas’s face, “I prefer to ..”

“Rose, Lily, gloria, Capriconia, ” Mafalda takes a deep breath.. “Your son Bruce and Jorel quietly advised you of this.. I have no designs on you thomas..”

“They have the search parameters set out.. They say it will need your continued adjustments.. ” Capricornia pokes at Mafalda, “I have a boyfriend.. They have been studying gambling in the muggle world..  Said you, Alurem, Patricia, and Bali have limited options to match your goals.. ” She hit Thomas in the arm, “He said Artemis set down a goal of non-exclusion.. So why not tap the unused ambition.. For all your faults.. You four should be able to give a threat assessment better then even Artemis.. Nearly at Narcissa’s level..”

Mafalda narrowed her eyes, “So why set a member of Ravenclaw in..”

“Because it is a lot of book work and..” Alurem looked down, “We.. we are not as smart as you.. It..” She looked at Thomas and smiled, “We have the necessary Ambition .. What do you expect us to find?”

“Most likely the african students will attack him.. Or rig it so the ,” Mafalda smiles.. “Capricornia.. Tell me more about this section 31..”

“Ladies.. I am assigning this task to Narcissa..” Molly Weasley fakes warmness, “Report to her with your research plan..”

“Are we talking CIA, or more NSA,” Capricornia asked Thomas?

“Uhm..” thomas frooze with a questioning look..

“Father.. Wetworks or data collection,” Artemis whispered..

“Oh.. Data collection.. ” thomas responds, “Highlight reels..”

Mafalda looks at Thomas biting her lip for half a second, She quickly stops and reshifts her body languange.. “How can you organize something and have no clue over the base parts?”

“Number seventeen.. When I employ people as advisors I will occasionally listen to their advice..” Thomas grinned as Professor Weasley had a confused look on her face, “I have violated several of the rules.. For fun..”

Artemis narrows her eyes, “Really dad.. Really.. ”

Narcissa steps out from the shadows across from Molly, “The rules of being an evil overlord.. So you are promoting Mafalda to Advisor?”

“We do need someone more like the older Thomas,” Capricornia took a deep breath.. “Bruce and Jorel were very clear on that after discussing things with Thomas..”

“Not to mention Mafalda is purty,” Thomas reaches up to the side of Mafalda’s face.. “Now this is a captain kirk style HR issue..”

Mafalda Blushes taking a deep breath, “You little S@#$ !”

Capricornia hits Thomas in the arm, “Bad mage! ” She hits him in the arm again, “Bad necromancer! Pen company ink well.. No Captain Kirk HR issues!”

Thomas starts laughing..

Mafalda see’s Gloria’s and Artemis’s evil looks, “Maybe when you grow up we can talk.. ” She takes Alurem’s arm, “To the Library.. ”

Alurem Snyde is confused, “Mafalda?”

“Thomas’s other advisors are correct.. Hogwarts has no hope of winning any part of this Magical Olympics,” Mafalda speaks with loads of confidence.. “We are off to save hogwarts reputation.. We have to place.. This is gonna be hard.. We need more then just us and Patricia and Bali.. It will have to do.. Prefect Jackson.. Permission to begin Operation Data Collection from open source..”

“Do it,” Gloria takes a deep breath.. “We will have to share with the others.. Artemis.. I expect full cooperation and data sharing..”

“Narcissa,” Molly turns her head sideways?

“I will have Patricia and Bali sent to the Library,” Narcissa smiles evilly.. “Fifty points to Ravenclaw if their plan produces results.. And ten a piece for each researchers house..” Taking a deep breath, “And fifty to Syltherin.. For acting like true lords of the manor..”

Mafalda walks with Alurem toward the library and stops, “Thomas.. ” Thomas looks at her, “Save me a slow dance at the ball..” Artemis and Gloria get pissed off looks on their faces..

“I want a dance too..” Alurem sees the look of hate on Artemis’s face, “Patricia and Bali want one as well..”

Artemis’s eyes glow green, “We will talk later!”

“Artemis,” Narcissa takes a few more steps over to her.. Lowering her voice, “Of course they are interested in Thomas.. He is a true pure blood.. And Malfoy..”

“Of course Mafalda.. I have one other problem,” Mafalda turns around at Thomas’s comment.. “Where is my five year old advisor?”

“Five year old advisor,” Molly Weasley laughs..

None of the students who hear him laugh..

“Professor Weasley,” Alurem speaks quietly.. “MACUSA and The ministy missed this..  rule number .. Number twelve.. Right?”

“One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation. “Capricornia takes a deep breath, “Jorel and Bruce have been speculating.. Thomas has been ignoring them we thought?”

“A five year old advisor,” Narcissa looked at Thomas?

“They might know why I choose this..” Thomas took a minute, “They would be bright and street creded by now..”

“The Detroit incident,” Molly Weasley looked at Thomas.. “Among the missing seven years ago.. I.. I remember it because among the assumed dead was.. Was a five year old girl..” Narcissa looked at Molly, “It was used against him during the hearings with the Ministry.. She had a bright future.. ”

Narcissa was wide eyed, “The muggle child they said had an IQ of nearly two hundred..”

Thomas grinned evilly, “An I. Q. of two hundred.. Nevermind she is most likely well hidden.. She will ..” Thomas takes a moment, “Thank you for helping save Hogwarts reputation Mafalda..”


Thomas sat indian style, with his hands out meditating, hovering about a foot above the grass.. Under him were five candles burning, with green flames..

Five different white construction paper sheets floated in the shape of a pentagon in front of Thomas..

Rose’s hair blows in the wind as she steps out.. She gasp when she sees the scene in front of her.. The candle’s flames turn a pinkish red, As Thomas falls to the ground..

A woman with a cane closes her eyes for a moment, “Rose.. Please introduce me to my cousin..”

“F@#$,” Thomas tries to focus on the construction paper as the pink flames rise higher the the green flames.. Three of the flames dance on the paper, “Focu..”

“Thomas.. I,” Rose watches as Thomas seems to take a deep breath.. The flame does not seem to burn the paper at first, “I apologize.. We need to talk.. Later..”

Thomas’s eyes glow green and all five burst into a green flame..

“Rose.. I ,” Astoria swallows hard.. “This may not have been a good idea..”

“Mrs. Malfoy.. He has to accept the facts..” Rose sighs, “He knows who I .. I am in a relationship with.. I suspect now the incident with James was no accident.. He will recover.. It is odd how his planned joke blew up in his pocket injuring him..”

Thomas was ignoring Rose glued to watching the pinkish flames from the candles..

“Thomas.. There is no us.. I,” Rose paused as it seemed that a black shadow became part of the flames.. Thomas reached out to the black flame, “What is that? Dark Magic?”

“Yes,” thomas had a tear fall.. “Just not the kind you call dark magic.. Their is no dark side of the force.. Their is no light side.. Their is only the force..” Looking at the black flames, “Why did I choose this path?”

The black flame engulfed the other flames leaving only the one closest to Rose to have a small pinkish flame surrounded by the darkness..

Thomas reached out and took the black flame as his robes seemed to surround his hand bandage like.. Thomas reached for the small flame glaring at Rose, “Because this BS does not..”

Thomas extinguished the pinkinsh flame..

“See.. Love gone with but the movement of two fingers,” Thomas coldly glared at Astoria.

“Thomas,” Astoria Malfoy braced on her cane.. “I.. ”

“thank me for saving your A$$.. It wasnt me.. My older self did it because it was the right thing.. ” Thomas noticed the Black flame started turning green, “No good deed goes unpunished.. The Truth has its underwear on.. And the fat lady is on stage..”

“Thomas.. DO NOT THREATEN ME!!” Rose is upset, “Do you know what type of position you put the Malfoys in? Astoria?”

Scorpius came from a different area with Narcissa..

“Thomas,” Scorpius took out his wand.. “Stay away from Rose.. For the last time..”

Thomas stood up with his eyes glowing green, “You are nothing but a bully..” All the black fire disappeared, “And I am not Snape.. ”

“SCORPIUS NO, “Astoria called out.

Scorpius hit Thomas with a blast from his wand sending him back.. “I am sick of your crap Thomas.. We do not need any thing from you.. I tolerated you because you were curing my mother.. Let me be honest.. We do NOT want you on the quidditch team.. No one likes you!”

“SCORPIUS,” Narcissa and Astoria called out..

“He is right,” Rose glared.. “Thomas has had his comeuppance coming..”

“Thomas,” Narcissa called out.. “Do NOT do this!”

Thomas sat up, Realizing he had transformed in to a different form.. “Cool,” Thomas stood with a white pale face.. Extra bones form covering his face with a second skull, “Mr. Malfoy..”

Thomas’s wand left his side and went to his hand..

“Stop this,” Astoria called out..

“I am only putting him in his place in the food chain, ” Thomas’s whited over eyes eerily lock with Scorpius.. Thomas’s voice had gained a hollow echo,”That is what you, James, Hugo, and Albus planned right.. Just a joke..”

“I.. I.. I am NOT afraid of.. Of You,” Scorpius stuttered..

Narcissa waved her wand and Thomas’s wand went flying from his hand..

Scorpius hit Thomas again with a blast from his wand..

On the ground, Thomas glared at Narcissa.. “So you show your true colors Narcissa..”

“Thomas you can kill him.. You are not killing my.. Listen,” Narcissa saw the tears fall on Thomas’s face.. She keeps her wand leveled on Thomas, “I.. Scorpius is my grandchild.. You are my cousin.. by marriage..”

“I thought we were family,” Thomas looked down.. Standing up his wand came back to his hand, “Legendary Malfoy loyalty..”

Narcissa cast Expelliarmus again..

“Su-ip-rocs ta Tcer-id-er,” Thomas quickly cast at the same time..

The Expelliarums directs at Scorpius and hits his hand with a loud crack.. Scorpius falls to his knees in pain as he wand breaks..

Astoria panics and raises her wand, “Expelliarmus..”

“A-ssic-ran ta Tcer-id-er,” Thomas cast again..

Astoria’s spell hits Narcissa wand sending it flying..

“We.. We dont need anything from you.. Leave my son alone.. ” Astoria is in fear standing in front of Scorpius bracing on her cane, “I do NOT need your people’s treatments.. You are a monster. Rose choose my son.. Lily does not want to go with you.. ”

“Done Mrs. Malfoy,” thomas turns and walks to his book sitting on a bench.. “No treatments.. Their are other candidates.. You pay your son’s and his friends debts.. Very well all debts paid..”

“Thomas,” Narcissa had summoned her wand back and discovered it broken.. “Listen.. It is..”

“Professor Malfoy.. I will be filing a complaint with headmistress McGonagall.. With a copy to my attorney,” Thomas had tears in his eyes.. “Rose.. Congratulations.. I hope you are satisfied and are able to lead Hogwarts to victory in Quidditch.. My team mates do not want me on the team.. I resign..”

Creevey came out and saw the scene, taking a deep breath..

Thomas opened his book, “Albionia.. Are you there?”

Albionia appeared, “Littleone.. I .. Listen..”

“Classify all of Astoria Malfoy’s medical records and research eyes only.. She paid in blood ..” Thomas coldly stated, “I assume it covers all conversations..”

“Thomas.. You are just signing her death sentence,” Rose was upset.. “I thought you were not going to grow up the same way you did?”

“Do not appeal to mercy when their is none that is applicable.. You told me earlier that I was cute,” Thomas responded.. Choking on his own emotions, “And we could be friends.. You lied.. You do not want to be friends.. Everyone wants something for nothing.. Apparently I have learned the next lesson..”

“Thomas.. You cant stop her medical Treatments, “Rose was upset.. “Because her son.. Listen Thomas..”

“Done Thomas,” Albionia closed her eyes..  After Astoira’s cane disappeared,”I understand sir. And yes.. That was the lesson you at this age had not learned. TANSTAAFL! ”

Astoria went to one knee shaking, “What.. My meds.. Please grab them.. Sc.. Scorpius.. In.. In my bag..”

Thomas closed his eyes, “Professor.. Is there anything else?”

“No.. We will talk later Thomas,” Narcissa went over to Astoria.. “YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH..”

Thomas waved his wand as he grabbed his backpack.. The candles went out and went to his backpack.. He looked down at his hand, “Odd..” On the small scar on his hand the pinkish light of the flame was barely seen, “I extinguished the flames.. I will deal with this later, ” Thomas apparated out when everything is in his backpack..

Scorpius with his good hand searched through his mother’s purse.. Frustrated as his mother is on the ground, “What.. What does it look like?”

“It is the bag,” Astoria had dropped her wand.. “Hurry.. The.. The pain..”

Narcissa got a horrified look on her face, “No.. No.. No.. THOMAS!” Narcissa took the bag and just dumped it out..

Astoria looked around the pile, “The bottle was in there.. It.. Where is it,” Astoria got a horrified look on her face? “He stole my medicine.. He..”

Astoria passed out on the grass making Scorpius cry..

“He.. He,” Rose swallowed hard..

“Return to class Ms. Weasley..” Creevey shook her head as she touched a sigiled mike, “Medical emergency.. Well send the nurse quickly to my location… Astoria is suffering the side effects of her blood curse..”

“He.. He killed her,” Rose was angry as Several Professors Apparated in with Minerva..

Minerva saw the scene, “Creevey.. What happened?”

“They turned on Thomas,” Creevey responded..

“That is not what happened,” Narcissa spoke angrily as Molly Weasley was checking on Astoria..

“He called her Professor Malfoy.. Headmistress, with a lot of venom in his voice,” Creevey shook her head.. “She made a deal to protect Scorpius from retaliation I think.. Thomas resigned from the quidditch team.. Are you happy Rose? Yall got what you wanted..”

“Creevey,” Minerva took a deep breath.. “this is not helping..”

“I am going to take her to the infirmary,” Molly weasley looks at her grand daughter.. “Wait for me in my office Rose.. We will talk in thirty minutes..”

“I did not do anything,” Rose was upset.. “I.. Thomas has been bragging and.. He hurt James.. He is a monster.. He..”

“Fifty points from Gryffindor,” Molly weasley coldly spoke.. “Now go wait in my office.. Narcissa.. Help me Apparate her and Scorpius to the infirmary..”

Narcissa took a moment and reached over to Scorpius, “And we will continue this conversation..” Narcissa grabbed Scorpius by the collar, “You will tell me EVERYTHING!”


Minerva stood silently as Draco held his wife’s hand in tears..

Lucius turned to all the potters and weasley’s and his own son, “You will all finish out the year.. And then repeat it.. One hundred points will be subtracted for each of you from your houses.. You are all off your respective Quidditch team”

“I am disappointed in you,” Molly Weasley was angry.. “You will have to work to achieve incompletes..”

Lily broke out into tears, “I..”

“Lily.. You were not part of this..” Minerva maintained her cool, “Oddly enough Mafalda spoke for you.. Bruce and Jorel did as well.. You just tease Thomas.. You did not participate.. Please return to class..”

“Draco,” Neville took a deep breath.. “I need your help..” Neville put his hand on Draco’s shoulder, “We have a limited window.. We will have to try and replicate what Thomas’s people did..”

“Mother..” Draco stood up, “Will you please handle my SON!” Glaring at Scorpius, “You were band from having a wand.. And.. Your mother..”

Lucius grabbed Scorpius’s ear, “My office NOW!”

“Lucius,” Narcissa paused at the anger in her husband’s face..

“Scorpius,” Hector calmly intervened.. Moving scorpius with a shove, “We will go to my office..” Lucius has his hand on his cane, “Because we have to focus on finding out how she was being treated.. This whelp will be getting me coffee, cleaning my office, and carrying large heavy books..  You are needed here Lucius.. You are a malfoy.. Think like the older version of your nephew.. Mafalda and Gloria say you now are like he was.. Find his cheating steps..”

“Father,” Lucius took a deep breath when draco spoke.. “Please.. With out the meds and treatments it.. She has less then a year.. ” Glaring at his son, “I admit I traded copies of our whole library and my illegal experiments to save her.. I.. All for nothing..”

“Father,” Scorpius saw his father turn his back.. “Listen.. He is..”

Amunet grabbed Scorpius and walked him out, “Not now.. your father is grieving.. Nothing he says or does is based on you.. It is his love for your mother.. Your are at Hogwarts.. You have in school suspension.. Go..”

“Professor Lestrange.. You are not,” Scorpius freezes when Minerva is pointing out.. “But..”

“We are a making special sylubus for all of you.. I will be reviewing for all of you the moral failures of Leadership in the muggle world,” Professor Scamander walked out.. “The rest of you will be in this ISS..”

Molly looked at her grand children, “You will go clean the room, by hand, no magic that will be your learning room for the rest of the school year. I am subtracting all points you have earned from your houses.. You are unable to earn points for your houses but you can cost them..”

“Everyone will hate us,” Rose was upset.. “He did this..”

Rose froze from under the glare of her grandmother.. “You taunted him and lied.. You planned with your family to pull a prank.. You were not raised that way..”

“Fred and George pulled pranks all the time,” Rose was mad.. “This is not..”

“And we never got anyone hurt,” An older strong voice spoke.. “Permanently.. HeadMistress McGonagall..”

“George,” Molly Weasley was surprised..

“Uncle George,” Rose tried to speak..

“You heard Mum..” George spoke, “Detention.. All of you now!”

Molly’s grandchildren all looked down and walked out..

George and Draco locked eyes..

George took a deep breath, “Mafalda sent me an Owl.. The Frightful think my expertise might help.. ” Swallowing hard, “Help save Astoria.. Some garbage this Ravenclaw Jorel Umbridge said about my field of expertise was unusual magic.. I need to talk with him.. It is an art not a science..”

Draco just stood there blinking for a moment..

George stuck his hand out, “Draco I will help anyway I can..”

Draco shook his hand, “I..”

“It is ok Draco,” George shook his hand and stepped back.. “Neville walk me through this.. I have few new products I developed.. Lets see what you got..”

“We need to find Thomas,” Molly spoke quietly..

“He gave me his word his feet would not leave the the earth Hogwarts stood on.. Without staff permission,” Minerva sucked up her feelings looking at Astoria.. “So he most likely put dirt in his shoes..”

Molly tried not to smile at the comment..

Astoria moved and opened her eyes, “I.. Draco.. Thomas.. I.. I made a mistake.. Dont blame him.. It.. ”

“I am right here.. Scorpius is fine my love,” Draco takes his wife’s hand.. “It is ok.. I..”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy,” Astoria called out then winced in pain.. “These spells had gotten worse.. I.. I dont think the treatments are working..  ”

Draco just closed his as a tear fell..


Minerva looked at Lily, “So this is where you think Thomas is?”

“I..” Lily stood with several of the Professors, Gloria, Mafalda, and Rose in front of the snakes on the Chamber of secrets.”Thomas joked that he would have just sent a radioactive dirty bomb or low yeild nuke via an owl to Find voldemort.. So I sent an owl with a message to him.”

Amunet caught a look on Minerva’s face, “You smiled over that?”

“Horse shoes, hand grenades, and nuclear warfare, “Minerva stood in front of the chamber.. She waves her wand and whispers a spell.. When nothing happens, “He.. He changed the spell protecting it..”

Mafalda looked at the newly installed panel, “Muggle tech.. I have not seen it anywhere..” She took a deep breath, “Headmistress McGonagall.. May I..”

Albionia appeared, “No child.. I will save you the trouble.. Any attempt to hack will result in death..”

“So he has you here to protect the chamber,” Amunet responds?

“No.. To protect all those who seek an audience,” Albionia moved her robes.. “To gain entrance.. A mere test.. You have to have been bitten by it.. Neither Troy or camelot …”

“Love.. HE PUT A LOVE SPELL ON THE DOOR!! HE DOESNT BELIEVE IN LOVE,” Lily was mad. Rolling her eyes, ” Only true love may pass..”

The Electronic system beeped green..

“Be warned.. You cut off the riddle little one.. You must past the snape standard.. And never have given up on True love.. Nor harmed it or abandoned it.. If you have you wont be able to enter,” Albionia stood proudly.

“I seriously need to rework some of the charms protecting Hogwarts,” Minerva took a deep breath..

Athena took a deep breath, “I loved him..” With her eyes closed, “Please open..”

The Lock turned halfway, not budging further..

Albionia’s voice filled the area, “She who was still holds his heart.. She however has abandoned her love in the name of necessity.. You sacrificed the needs of the moment instead of listening to your heart..” The lock loudly shut itself..

Minerva started to step forward and stopped, “Molly..”

Molly Weasley stepped forward, “Professor Molly Weasley.. ”

The lock opened half way..

Albionia’s voice sounded heartfelt, “Yes.. You are all but one part.. A lover, a mother, a friend, and warrior.. However your heart belongs to Arthur.. ”

Rose quietly refused to speak..

Gloria pushed her forward, “Rose..”

Albionia added with a sigh, “Rose Weasley.. ” A pink light appears scanning Her, “You must admit your divided heart.. Your friend gloria and Mafalda only lust.. ”

“I.. Love Scorpius and..” Rose looked away, “Thomas..”

The locked unlocked completely..

“The one who unlocked it must open the door,” Albionia moved aside. “For the door to move..”

Rose walked over and touched the door, “No.. I am not giving him this.. We can find another way in.. ”

The locks loudly slam shut.

Albionia coldly speaks moving in the way,” You have refused your secret desires.. So be it.. No one….”

“Oh Bloody hell,” Lily goes around the woman.. “The weapons wont hurt us.. Thomas gave his word to Headmistress McGonagall..”

“Lily Luna Potter,” Molly Weasley calls out afraid..

“Lily,” Albionia speaks softly. “Yes your heart does.. Wait….”

“Silencio,” Lily hit the computer system and panel installed on the wall with a spell.

Molly Weasley goes wide eyed when she sees Lily glow pinkish red, “Minerva?”

“THOMAS ELLIOT CARTHEN,” Lily is mad for some reason.. “Open the door right now.. Or I will reduce it to.. AGH.. Alohomora!” Lily stops when she realizes she is glowing pinkish red..

The locks pop open and the door opens like a twisting aperture.

“No.. No..” Lily realizes what just happened, “That does Not mean anything.. I just..”

Molly smiles, “Lily.. We will have to ..”

“AGH!!,” Lily walks thought the aperture area.. “THOMAS!!”

“Lets..” Mafalda is cut off as the door shuts quickly..

“Lily,” Minerva is worried.. Waving her wand at the computer, “Albionia.. Open the..”

The door glows pinkish red, “Really..” Lily speaks as the aperture opens, “It opens for me..”

“I have no control over the door,” Albionia glares back at Lily.. “She walked straight in.. However, She has to invite you in..”

“He is in here I can feel it,” Lily looks at the group.. “Are you coming in or not?”

Athena is the first, “Lily.. I will need to be there when your grandmother speaks with you..”

“Mrs. LeStrange. This is all your fault,”Lily speaks coldly.. “He might listen to you..”

One by one the group enters..

Minerva looks at Albionia, “I assume he redecorated again..”

“Again,” Albionia looks at Minerva..

Minerva step through, “Thank you Lily.. ”

Every one was quiet as they looked around.. Hanging plants, artificial lights, water flowing overhead, and fishes swimming all of the were very quiet.

Thomas was floating in the air, with a cape around him..

Athena saw the big screen TV in front of Thomas, “TE.. Listen to.. What.. That.”

Minerva closes her eyes, “Thomas.. You bugged your grandmother..”

“Artemis.. She died in an accident,” Thomas was on screen.. He transformed into his Necroanimagus form in front of  Dumbledore, “There are no accidents.. I know you and Grindelwald were lovers.. I can hear the veil..”

“Thomas,” Dumbledore takes a deep breath.. “You.. the voice from the otherside of the veil.. You can hear them?”

“I know about the order of the Phoenix.. I know what happened with your sister.. With Credence.. ” thomas’s voice on the screen is very hollow, “I know you are using Harry as a sacrificial lamb.. One must die for the other to live.. He is a f#$%ing heu.. whor…. He somehow has part of Voldemort inside of him..” thomas stops, “I know Severus Snape things I cant see him in the shadows.. ”

“Mr. Carthen,” Severus Snape steps out from the shadows..

“Their were others involved with Lily’s death Professor Snape..” Thomas glares at Dumbledore, “I respect you.. I understand where you are coming from.. This bastards is using children to fight his war.. You should have poisoned James..”

“Mr. Carthen.. I understand your pain, “Snape coldly speaks.. “To my surprise you have a certain knack for looking at things differently.. However this display of disrespect towards the..”

“He did not tell you.. Lily was pregnant..” Thomas blurted out, “Go to her body she should have been suffeciently along for their to be a second set of bones..” Thomas pointed a finger at Dumbledore, “You could have just assumed command of the Ministry when they offered it to you.. And ordered Voldemort hunted down and his legions hunted down.. You are at fault for Lily Evens death and for My.. My Athena’s death!”

“Thomas,” Minerva waves her wand.. The screens shut off, “It is better you should not watch this.. You have a capacity for darknes that.. That gave voldemort pause.. The things you did…”

“Minerva.. This is what was supposed to happen,” Amunet looks at Minerva? “Your serious, gave Voldemort pause..”

“Someone was a worse influence then Hector.. Professor Lestrange.. ” Minerva looks at her, “No quarter given.. No mercy..”

“He became Darth Vader to Voldemort’s emperor Palpetine,” Mafalda smiled evilly..

Thomas just sat their floating not responding..

“How bad was what he just watched,” Athena takes a deep breath?

“Thomas… ” Minerva takes a deep breath, “Why did you remove Astoria’s meds..”

“They where killing her,” thomas spoke.. “I could see the curse in her blood.. It is better they blame me then the poeple who tried to save her..”

“They are trying to cure her..” Molly took a deep breath, “you are not a doctor..”

“The other me turned Nagini back into her human form,” Thomas spoke quietly.. “The problem..”

“Mr. Carthen we are not doing that,” Minerva spoke.. Seeing looks at her, “It is a life for a life.. Someone dies so she lives.. Plus you had snapes help to do it..”

“So he was also Snapes Protege in this alternate reality,” Molly took a deep breath.. “They restored Nagini? Wait.. How do you know the cure was killing Asto..”

“Professor Weasley.. The curse started stealing her life force.. The meds were covering the symptoms.. I could see it.. ” Thomas takes a deep breath,” There is always the alternate method snape turned down.. We create a horcrux for the part of her that is cursed. We just need enough life force sufficent for the death magics used to create one..”

“We would need to know how to create a horcrux,” Mafalda spoke.. “Pheonix tears wont cure the blood curse..” She walked over to Thomas, “It is amazing.. Your Necro Animagus form.. Bald.. ”

“I am stuck .. I cant undo it,” Thomas turns his head.. “And .. And.. I am bald.. I.. Mafalda.. You are a genius.. Professor Weasley.. Their is a  potion.. It requires .. What was it.. It allows you to take someones shape.. ”

“Poly juice potion.. Thomas on,” Molly Weasley is interupted..

“Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches,” Mafalda’s eyes sparkled..

“That stupid slogan,” Amunet was not very happy.. “How is…”

“Astoria’s body is in effect making a polyjuice potion,” Mafalda rubbed the Bridge of her nose.. She hugged the undead looking Thomas, “Bloody genius.. You know what this means..”

“Mafalda.. Generations of Wizards have been unable to cure..” Amunet pauses and looks at Thomas then to Mafalda, “Mother F@#$ers.. The curse has to attatch to something.. Yes Thomas I remember that argument with Athena you had over magic as a F#$%ing muggle..”

“Professor Weasley.. Headmistress McGonagall.. May we .. I mean they will need you to do this..” Mafalda is thinking, “It is a forced transformation spell.. It wont cure her..”

“It is carried on the maternal side right.. The.. The Might tro.. Mit..” thomas cant pronounce the word..

“The Mitochondrial DNA,” Mafalda thought for a second.. “It is possible that a chemical in the Y chromosome .. My god.. I need to get upstairs..” Taking out a cell phone.. She pushes a button, “Mitochondrial DNA.. Would be the first glance obvious part.. Scorpius with Y DNA might produce a chemical or their is an unknown switch that is flicked on..”

“This..” Athena took took Thomas’s hand, “You are stuck in this form.. To protect your heart..”

Thomas looked away from Athena, “You.. I guess it was to save you.. ” with a sigh, “You unlocked the door.. I guess it means you..”

“I .. I was unable to unlock the door,” Athena spoke.. “For me it is water under the bridge..”

Thomas looks to Rose, “You.. You have to love me to open the Door.. I..”

“Thomas,” Mafalda winks at Rose, lily, Athena, and amunet putting her phone away.. “As one of your advisors.. No.. Quit asking.. ”

“Mafalda dear please go communicate what you think to Professor Longbottom,” Minerva politely added with subtle force.. “I will leave this room charmed as it is with a subtle exception..” Minerva closes her eyes and waves her wand several ways. Whispers several things with a tear falling down her face, “Their.. Hogwarts could use more true love..”

Molly looked at her, “Are you ok Minerva?”

Thomas looks at McGonagall, “You.. You altered the entrance requirements like you did in the recordings.. Those that still feel true love may enter..”

“Mr. Carthen.. Yes, it is a much more effective charm.. Please keep what you heard in our conversations from that reality quiet,” McGongall still has her eyes closed.. Sighing, “I prefer my personal life stay quiet..”

“So that is how you know what thomas is gonna respond on some things,” Molly was still moving her head taking in the scene.. “Some of these plants.. Neville might need supplies..”

Thomas extended his feet to the ground and stood..

Lily turned Thomas towards her, “Thomas..” Thomas’s necro Animagus form seemed to start disappearing, “You cant keep doing this.. You could communicate with people better..”

“What.. Oh excuse me.. The medicine you are giving this woman is killing her.. Her life force is draining from her body.. ” Thomas’s eyes stay milky white as the rest of his body returns to normal..

Athena takes a sharp breath not meaning to..

“And my Aunt attacked me showing her loyalties, “Thomas’s voice still had a hollow ring to it.

Lily takes a deep breath making a face, “Listen.. It.. I opened the door Thomas..”

Thomas blinks, “That is .. YOU?”

“You are a horses A$$.. You know that but..” Lily sighs as she reaches up to Thomas’s face, “Look at me.. You.. ” Thomas’s eyes return to normal, “You are just scared.. More then anyone here.. Be honest with me.. ”

Molly is wide eyed, “Lily..”

“You watched that.. You have read history and caught up.. ” Lily doesnt let Thomas move his head, “I.. ” Lily realizes what she just said, “I.. I opened the door.. You.. You will destroy yourself like Grindlewald, Voldemort, and Snape.. I am not stupid.. I have heard Mafalda and the other Frightfuls..  You choose to gamble everything.. A second chance..”

“Lily..” Thomas’s voice has lost all confidence, “I..” With a smile, “This is a total Captain Kirk HR violation..”

“No thomas,” Lily sounds like her Grandmother with her firmness.. “You are right.. You are ugly.. I.. I read my dad’s files and everything.. I.. No.. Niether Thomas is you.. Look at me.. I am Lily Luna Potter.. Daughter of the boy who lived..”

Thomas wont respond..

“We are not leaving till you answer,” Lily glows with the pinkish red energy..

“Thomas elliot Carthen.. My last memory before I was standing in the Department of Mysteries..” Thomas looked at Lily,” I had let the dementor go..”

“See. It is not that hard,” Lily is still holding Thomas’s head.. “So the same point with two roads to travel.. And you cheated and took the hidden one.. ”

“Lily..” thomas looks her in the eyes, “I..”

“Are not either one of them.. The building blocks are their but it is different.. ” Lily sees rose, Mafalda, and Athena looking at her, “I am trying not to giggle.. Ok.. Your baby’s mama, the bright girl, and my cousin are giving me dirty looks..”

“Baby’s mama,” Athena sounded insulted.. “It is a little more complicated then that..”

“They can relax.. I will Lily Evans you,” Lily smiled.. “You are so friend zoned for now.”


Ptolemy took a deep breath, “Thomas.. I..”

Thomas changed into Necro Animagus form..

Ptolemy swallowed hard..

“I am not stupid Amir.. I know your her boyfriend,” Thomas whispered.. “If you break her heart I will just kill you.. And then raise you back as Inferni. Have you walk out in front of a muggle Semi truck…”

“Listen thomas.. ” Amir had a complete look of fear, “I.. Listen.. We ..”

“Mr. Carthen, “Arthur weasley spoke sternly..

“We were,” thomas is cut off..

“Threatening the Gryffindor Prefect.. Over your daughter.. I would subtract points,” Arthur’s warm smiles comes from his face.. “If you did not have to meet my little Lily’s father..”

Thomas turns and shakes his head, “Really..”

“Go to class Mr. Ptolemy,” Mr. Weasley spoke sternly.

“We will talk later over this,” Thomas looked at Amir..

Amir swallowed hard and left the area..

Taking a deep breath Arthur Weasley looked around. A few seconds later he transformed into Mafalda..

“You really can see through that,” Mafalda smiled.. “I.. I.. I was hoping we could have lunch..”

Mafalda took Thomas’s hand and Apparated with him..

On top of the one of the towers, the two appeared.. A blanket and a picnic basket where sitting out..

Thomas lost his undead appearances quickly, “Mafalda.”

“Lily told you that you two were friends..” Mafalda evilly smiled, “We are here now.. And do not get any ideas you little SOB.. Careful.. I cast a wind buffer..”

“You are bi and have a girl friend right now.. Who might get jealous if she saw you up here with me,” Thomas looked at Mafalda .. “I take it we will be found out in a little bit..”

Mafalda frooze, “You.. I have to remember you are not a moron.. You took on half the Wizarding world..” Taking a deep breath, “You get a kiss and that is it..

Opening the picnic basket, “I will help you.. Purty lady.. ” Pulling out a pizza box, “Pizza Hut..” Opening it, “Meat lovers.. YES!”

Taking out paper plates, “Listen.. It..”

“You are working out things.. Mafalda.. You are being as unhealthy as I am,” Thomas sat the box behind the picnic basket.. Taking out a slice and setting it on one of the plates, “I can not really say to much.. ” Handing her the plate, Thomas grabbed himself one. “Business..”

Taking a bite of her pizza,” No.. I.. You are saying let the numbers happen.. I mean.. It is so important.. ” Taking a bite, “Watts ek falk?”

“Definitely friend zoning you.. ” Thomas reached into the basket taking out a napkin.. He wiped her mouth for her, “Be your self is corny..  We are screwed.. So we might as well enjoy the ride.. You are smarter then me.. Your face is everywhere.. You helpeded design-ned the cure for Male.. Mally.. The blood curse..”

Mafalda looked at Thomas doe eyed for a second.. Taking a deep breath she took the napkin, “You know you manipulating me back is cool.. I mean not cool..”

They both look at each other and start laughing..

“So far.. The holes in the Quidditch team hurts..” Mafalda set her plate down and reached into the basket. Taking out a Pepsi, “You need to make some form of peace with Narcissa.. Lucius denying your quitting quidditch went far.. ”

Thomas looked down, “I see the ISS group is looking right up at us.”

Mafalda saw Rose and kissed Thomas on the cheek..

“I take it rose has a pissed off look on her face,” Thomas gently reached over and Touched the side of Mafalda’s face..

“Sweet revenge,” Mafalda set back on the blanket.. “Thank you..”

“So was yours and Gloria’s intell right,” Thomas took another bite of his pizza..

“We think they will make the surprise announcement.. Combining the teams into one.. Dueling, Academic, Quidditch, Magic fair, capture the flag, and the talent competition..” Mafalda takes a sip of her drink, “Gloria, Samson, Ptolemy, And Artemis have been running secret communications..”

“The instructors already are aware of it..” Thomas looked at Mafalda, “They are among the brightest and deadliest Magikakind of this age.. Even with the arrangements made..”

“Thomas Ido not see how.. I designed the scams covering us along the lines of what I thoero,” Mafalda stops.. Sighing, “They want us to know so we prepare.. And.. I told them not to..”

“Professor Weasley and/or Longbottom privately help Ptolemy.. Uncle Lucius helps Artemis.. Professor Scamander helps Gloria,” Thomas looks down at the window as Lucius smiles nodding his head.. “They are all in on it.. They know we are planning.. ”

Mafalda looks at Thomas and swallows hard, “T.. You miss so many details and yet.. You are technically an applied genius..” She quickly covers by taking another bite of her pizza..

“Mafalda.. You have withheld the predicted outcome of events correct?”

“I am not an,” Mafalda saw Thomas looking at her legs. “Bad Necromancer..” She covers up her legs with robes, “Cute.. You know none of them know what to expect from you.. Even me.. Thomas please quit F#$%ing with me like that..”

“Mafalda.. I promise I will be me,” Thomas takes another bite.

“Thomas,” Mafalda shook her head dismissing a thought.. “Thomas.. Are.. Are you your older self posing as a hogwarts student?” Thomas looked at her, “Thomas.. I mean it..”

“It is possible..” Thomas finishes his Pizza not adding to the thought..

Mafalda swallows hard with a shocked look, “I.. I wont tell anyone.. It..”

“I.. Listen the magic would have had to deage my soul.. “Thomas sighs, ” I mean if she did.. I.. Mafalda.. You want an embarrassing confession.. ”

Mafalda takes a sip of her drink..

“The older me.. He retreated.. There are always bigger badder threats.. We live in luls between pain and sorrow.. I.. The path your own..” Thomas looks down at the ISS classroom, “I have quietly heard the whispers.. I .. They are all scared of me.. You even have dreams of being the mistress of a powerful older sugarX.. So you are free and dont have to work.. It is a life goal.. I.. I dont even think I had one when I was older..”

Mafalda hits Thomas in the arm, “Lie to me.. It makes more sense.. You just insulted me and then made it a compliment.. is that the real reason you reached out to me.. Because..”

“You have a goal and a plan..” Thomas looked out around the area, “More then all of them.. And that is just your back up plan.. The sorting hat must of froze..”

“It is stalled. It is called a hat stall,” Mafalda rubs her noses bridge. “Just.. You are weak and a loser.. And an bloody idiot.. How in the F$%^ did the adult you win?”

Eating his pizza, Thomas just smiled.

“You realize you have not hit puberty yet..” Mafalda took a moment, “You are mentally interested in the idea of females but the biological systems have not started everything else.. It.. ”

“I was thinking of something.. ” Thomas looked out, “What if there was no third wizarding war at all? This might all be a complete scam.”

Mafalda paused as her jaw dropped, “That..”

“I might just be a no-maj.. My so called grand mother set this up.. A complete scam,” Thomas looked out over the school.. Thomas reached over an took Mafalda’s shocked face in his hands, “Well you want to be minister for Magic right. It is a long way to the top. Therefore.. Secretly begin planning for this to be true..”

“Do you know the level of intrigue you are suggesting, ” Mafalda frooze as Thomas leaned over and kissed her? After a few seconds, “You..”

He whispers in her ear, “Your girlfriend is looking up.. I trust your ambition and evilness..”

Mafalda takes a few seconds to compose herself.. She kisses Thomas again, “Lets make this look good for the Plebes.. Never mention this again..”

An unspeakable apparates in, “Children.. You cast a blocking spell.. Leaving just enough for people to see but not hear..”

Mafalda locks eyes with the unspeakable.. Evilly she grabs Thomas’s hand and Apparates down to her girlfriend, “Watch our little pool boy baby..”

“MAFALDA,” Patricia is angry at first..

The unspeakable tries to follow but cant leave the area..

“Get Thomas out of here.. ” Mafalda raises her wand as a piece of paper floats out of her pocket, “Yes.. A simple recharge charm should do nicely..”

Mafalda cast the spell as the Unspeakable almost gets out..

Amunet is the first Professor on the field below, “Mafalda..” Looking up, “I see.. Can you keep this up?”

Mafalda snorts, “First year could take over.. It is just a repelling spell to stop someone from falling past a certain point.. I am recharging it..”

Headmistress McGonagall had apparated over and nodded her head, “So we have an univited guest.. ” Looking at the floating paper, “A cheet sheet..”

Patricia  points her wand skyward and fires a F into the air.. She then disappears with Thomas..

Gloria Apparates in behind Professor McGonagall with a floating sheet of paper and Professor Scamander..

Artemis Apparates in with a floating sheet of paper and Professor Lucius Malfoy next to her..

Both men draw their wands and raise them..

Samson apparates in with the same floating paper and Mrs. Creevey with her baton raised..

Professor Scamander Summons shields in front of the group..

“I see someone pre-planned for an assualt on hogwarts,” Minerva narrowed her eyes.. “So you know We were well aware..”

“Thomas pointed that out headmistress,” Mafalda smiled evilly..

“It is only phase one Headmistress,” Creevey smiled.. “Samson.. If this goes down.. Leave.. Do you understand.. ”

Artemis, Gloria, and Samson disappear..

“Mafalda,” Lucius starts to ask? “The Prefects are taking a head count of students.. Aiding the other Professors.. The SOP we discussed..”

Minerva smiled and waved her wand, “Hogwarts.. Take the guest into custody..”

To everyones surprise the roof seemed to come alive.. Roof Tendrils came out from below the unspeakable.. The unspeakable paniced as the tendrils wrapped around her..

Professor Scamander got a look on his face, “Minerva..”

“Do you really think I was going to allow another voldemort to attack Hogwarts or my students? I upgraded the schools defenses slightly.. Mafalda Be a dearie and make sure this does not get out among the students..” Minerva ginned as Sea wizz units popped up around the school, “Lucius.. Remind me at some point to send that OWL to the ministry..”

Lucius goes wide eyed as Anti air craft emplacements become visible..

Creevy swallows hard, “Headmistress?”

“Relax.. It is just phase one,” Minerva waves he wand.. In response the defenses seem to disappear, “Mafalda..”

“I expect nothing less from a Magikakind of such skill and..” Mafalda pauses, “Merlins beard.. You implemented the Frightful’s outline of Fortress Hogwarts..”

“I have been negligent in that.. One hundred points apiece for the members of the Frightful’s houses..” Minerva waved her wand causing the completely encased unspeakable to apparate to the ground in front , “Now.. Who are you?”

The roof tiles start to disappear back up to the roof..

A womans figure started to appear, sans clothes and a wand..

“Lavendar Brown,” Minerva looked at the nude woman..

She sits up covering herself, “Headmistress.. This is Ministry business..” Waving her hand she summons her wand, “This will be reported..”

Number One appears and grabs Lavendar’s wand.. She apparates to Amunet’s shoulder..

“Good kitty,” amunet takes the wand..

Scamander waves his wand summoning a set of robes on the ground in front of Lavendar Brown, “Get dressed.. I will send the owl myself.. ”

“All you have to do is give the word Minerva,” Lucius keeps the wand leveled on the new arrival.

Lavendar picks up the robes as she slides into them.. “That was uncalled for.. You upgrade hogwarts defense.. The ministry has no record of ANY request.. And you allow muggle devices in the school with no..”

Coldly Minerva leans forward, “A simple conversation with Mr. Grinch of Gringrots.. ” Minerva’s voice sounds so innocent, “I .. I am a little worried to be honest.. Mr. Carthen made a lot of enemies.. In and out of the ministry..” With a practiced sigh, “I need to upgrade Hogwarts security.. It took a few moments for that little Goblin to smile.. He saw right through me.. ” changing to a deeper malish voice, “Headmistress.. There is no need to play games.. My niece is attending your school.. I can still hide a few things .. Thomas has a LOT of friends.. As the yanks say, whatch need. ”

Scamander smiled, “I slid grinch the notes from Mafalda.. And pointed to Thomas’s handwritten suggestions.. We are not sure the ministry will.. Will approve.. We can pay for these supplies”

“His only words where ..” Amunet smiles evilly, “Let me make a copy of this.. And This makes it all easier..”

“Boys..” Lucius smiles, “Several Elves came past giving me dirty looks.. Grinch told them the Great emancipator has made an offical request.. I added in per the treaty he had with Minerva.”

“Bless those people,” Minerva smiled.. “Construction quietly started the next day.. They finished it in three nights.. I went to pay them..”

“Nope.. All paid for,” Scamander grinned..

All the professors spoke, “Our children attend here.. Cant have another incident like the battle of hogwarts..”

“Grinch told me my money was no good with him..” Minerva smiled politely, “He said I had bigger troubles then dealing with the ministry.. I had to deal with Little thomas.. And if he is anything like the adult man he met.. I would need a whole bloody lot more then what was installed..”

“Old goblin told me that the workers were the same ones who helped Build several of the now occupied secret lairs..” Hector grinned, “Minerva we do have one issue.. Thomas’s personal mail..”

“Personal mail,” Lavendar Brown had a look on her face.. “The Department of Mysteries has been monitoring OWLs directed towrads him..”

“The chief Archivist said something about that.. She has been stealing Thomas’s mail.. Sorting them into categories,” Lucius had a look on his face.. “Pleas for help have been forwarded to appropriate people.. Such as the horseman war, Thomas’s cousin in Alabama, Inspector Bridges, and Potter. It is why Potter has been absent.. They are VERY busy. Mrs. Rodriguiz has responded with a general reply.. The same system that was in place before Mr. Carthen was deaged is still here.. Please understand.. Headmistress McGonagall is very busy dealing with issues the young Master Carthen is causing.. ”

“Is that why he has got very few letters,” Mafalda took a deep breath?

“No.. Their is a whole Room piling up with Letters..  I think their is about three thousand or more..” Minerva got a look on her face, “The chief Archivist sealed all personal mail in sigiled bags.. Come with me Ms. Brown.. We will talk in my office.. WITH Creevey..”

“Headmistress,” Mafalda took a moment.. “May I overstep..” Mafalda took a moment under McGonagal’s gaze..” It is his mail.. And.. Patton’s from the movie mam.. The Department of mysteries does have legitmate concerns.. If I am to pursue my goal of Being the minister for magic.. I suggest offering.. I mean.. Demand if Thomas’s grandmother wants a spy she can pay for an additional teacher from one of her Unspeakables.. Mrs. Brown is exposed so why not trap her here.. ”

Minerva looks at Mafalda, “You are overstepping. Very much.. However it is a good idea.. Hector.. Would you and Lucius be so kind as to draft me a letter to Sylvia Malfoy care of Hermione Granger Weasley, Minister for Magic.. Head of The department of mysteries. I will allow her to station an Unspeakable here at the school at her Expense.”

“Headmistress,” Lavendar Brown does not have a happy look on her face..

Mafalda has her wand out with an evil smile, “No.. Thomas is just a scared kid being manipulated by his grandmother.. ”

“You do like him,” Lavendar Brown responds coolly.. “You do know we are watching the Frightful..”

“You owe me a Pizza and soda Ms. Brown..” Lowering her wand, “Professor Lestrange.. MGCS..”

Amunet takes a deep breath holding in her anger, “Did you really have to use that as the F#$%ing basis of your Classes Hector?”

Minerva smiles, “It has improved the students overall scores Amunet..”

Amunet rolls her eyes.. She whispers something and breaks Lavendar’s wand, “If you teach here you may have only a practice wand..”

Lavendar narrows her eyes as the parts of her wand land at her feet..

“Did you have to do it today,” Minerva shook her head.. “When the contestants come to the first annual junior magikakind olympic competition..”


“You do not have to make me special food,” Thomas sat in the Kitchen looking at the bacon chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and sweet tea jug.. Seeing the elves wide eyed, “I.. It i snot the cooking.. I just have not had the proper chance to come see you.. I apologize.. Thank you for taking care of me.. It means a lot..”

A female elf seemed to tear up, “Thank you.. It.. You are the only mage that understood what our freedom cost..”

“Winky right, “Thomas took a deep breath.. “I.. That the easiest way to explain this is that my father or older brother was this great emancipator.. As for the issues.. History is repeat with at least two incidents of this.. Freedom..”

The elves all spoke, “Isnt free..”

“Please sit with me,” Thomas took a bite of his sandwich quietly.. All the elves were looking at him eagerly, “Umm.. I told you about the first..”

“Black lawyer in the united states,” An older grumpier elf spoke.. “A lot of thedetails were off.. But the main idea was sticking to the main points..”

“Kreach.. Kreacher,” Thomas took a moment to pronounce the elf’s name.. “I mentioned the american civil..”

“War.. The french revolution and the reign of terror.. Reconstrcution,” Kreacher took a sip of a cup in front of him.. “The Dixiecrats ending the advancement of rights.. Stalinism.. You muggles have..”

All the elves are glarine at the old Kreacher..

Thomas laughed, “Professor Scammander says you are the best type of company.. An old goat..” Looking at a scar on the old elf, “I take it you got that during the battle of Hogwarts.. And they still did not .. F#$%ers..”

“Give us standing or rights.. I do not like you,” Kreacher just spoke.. “I do respect you however.. You did more for all of us then anyone else.. You are a Black as is Capricornia.” Kreacher took a moment, “Master Thomas..”

“Tell potter everything you hear or collect.. I am not insulted,” thomas eyes the old elf.. “He would be a fool not to have asked you politely at least.. Make sure he pays ahead of time..”

Kreacher breathed a sigh of relief..

“If you have any questions I.. I will answer them best I can,” Thomas smiled as he took another bite.. He took the mayonaise container and put some out on his plate.. Dipping his sandwich in it, “It.. ”

“Is america really the land of the land of the free,” Winky spoke with reverance..

Thomas reaches over and tapps the top of her temple, “That is where freedom is.. Up there.. America was formed by 55..”

“Men.. Who put their sacred honor down as payment so that all could be free,” Winky recited..

“They were already free.. Up here,” Thomas took a deep breath.. “My countrymen have all forgotten it seems..”

“The slave mentality,” Winky added softly..

“Mind if I join you, “Hector Scamander came in wearing a classical professor garb?

The elves looked down and went silent nodding their heads yes..

“Guy.. And Winky.. This is my mentor.. He..” Thomas took a deep breath, “Their were rough patches.. But he is the one with Mrs. Rodriguiz who over saw those..”

“The 55, ARW, ACW, The french revolution, Reconstruction, The magna carter, the last stand of King Leonidas, Gengis Kahn, ” Hector smiled.. “Muggle editted history has the flair of fiction.. God my karma.. Would you please keep this between all of us? The ministry would have rubber ducks if they knew the extent of my involvement in.. Well Thomas’s earlier education..”

Thomas stood up and faked a voice, “My boy.. F#$% shakesphere.. I cant give you the keys to the front door.. So.. Let me introduce you to Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Campbell.. And Dream..”

“Thomas, ” Hector picked up one of the glasses and poured some of the tea.. “I want you to know.. I a.. apologize for how that went..”

“Professor.. It is ok.. To me that never happened.. I am here..” Looking at the elves, “Among friends and one crotchy old elf who makes me think of you..”

The elves smiled and Kreacher broke out a small one..

“Thomas’s path here to hogwarts,” Winky meekly spoke.. “It .. It is like all of the oppressed magikakind’s journey to freedom..”

Professor Scamander took out his wand and shut the door, “You do not know the half of it.. I checked in on him every so often.. They had declared you public enemy number one ratified by EVERY ministry.. You sent all of them a modified copy of the declaration of Independance.. I was at MACUSA when the howlers went off.. Complete and total silence..” Pausing for a moment, “When in the course of Magikakind events.. It becomes necesssary for one people.. ”

The elves spoke for ten minutes reciting line for line the declaration.

“You were at MACUSA when it was read,” Kreature slipped up allowing excitement to  show..

“My man.. You should have seen the horrified look on MACUSA’s face..” Hector laughed, “They were S@#$ting themselves.. Fifty five howlers.. in unison.. They tried to destroy the howlers.. And others took their place.. Congressman Jackson actually said the most striking thing.. That bastard just went from wanted criminal to F#$%ing Rebel Leader.. It.. Our no-maj born members are.. God D@#$ it! ”

“I.. I issued a ,” Thomas chuckles..

“According to your family.. You had it read in all the magical towns.. Son.. In one act.. You had an army at your disposal.. Mayor Carthen said if the call for soldiers in arms came.. Yes.. Neadercynn would have provided you with the full militia.. According to her.. You were polling at eighty five percent among all Magikakind in America.. ” With a huge smile, “When you started S@#$ you start S@#$.. Aurors had orders not to engage you unless they had at least a squad of three..”

The elves looked at Thomas with pride..

“When I got home.. I made a grilled cheese Sandwich with bacon and pickles.. I was just quiet.. In one act you had scared all of the magical community.. And my dear amunet.. She heard what happened.. Athena came to where I was staying.. She was.. My boy.. She was confused.. She had saw Aurors taking down pamplets.. They were over extended and Oshlen was trying to use Nazi tactics.. Silencing dissent.. All of a sudden the conversation changed.. She said you were becoming an underground folk hero.. ”

“One man’s terrorist was another man’s freedom fighter,” Thomas grinned..

“Do not remind me boy.. ” Hector smiled, “Mistakes were made by Olshen’s Aurors.. They arrested several children.. It turned out all but one were no-maj.. Doing homework assigned by their teacher.. You freed the children.. Grabbed their parents and sent them into your version of Witness protection..”

“And let me guess.. Front page,” Thomas grinned..

“The new pamplets read.. M..m.. Magic exist.. Why was my child attacked.. Dont you people have rules against this.. ” Hector shook his head, “The Aurors responsible for the mess were relieved and put on desk duty..”

“I put the pamplets in foriegn countries..” Thomas chuckled, “Making their cousins overseas worried..”

“That was a beautifully dirty play.. Most of The other magical governments solidified you were enemy number one.. MACUSA.. Their president could not muster more then ten votes to ratify.. The southern block of Muggle born.. They Pulled some dirty S@#$.. The Texas delegation had the loudest argument with the New york and Cali delegation.. If you treated your magical creatures better then maybe this S@#$ would not happen.. ”

“They hated the chains imposed by ICOW.. And without MACUSA’s vote… ICOW could not pass the resolution.. I Moved the battlefield to their heads..” Thomas had sat back down, “You are the one who told me to follow the rules..”

“And you cherry picked which ones.. ” Waving a dismisive hand, “Ah.. They are more like guidelines..”

“Rose Weasley was right you are a bad influence, ” A old sounding voice spoke walking out of the shadows..

Thomas looked at the elderly person, “I.. The crone. You were at the fair before they went to the graveyard. It..”

“Do you remember what I told you,” The Crone smiled walking with a sigiled cane?

“Who are you,” Kreacher had a hand on his wand? The other elves quietly spread out..

“I have come to Hogwarts to apply for the position of Divinations Professor,” The old person smiled.. “Thomas.. You cheating mother F#$%ing bastard!!”

Thomas stopped and stuck his hand out, “I bet you I would find true love.. You said you would teach prophecy to ungrateful brats the day that happened..”

“I laughed in your face.. And said you would have to believe in what you do not believe in.. Their was no such thing as a no win scenario.. The path was long and dark.. I ignored a flash of the possibility in my head.. I let doubt crow me, you were a no-maj muggle..” The elderly person waved a hand and the door opened, “Yes Athena.. You may come in..”

Athena stood there with her hand raised.. An old memory crossed her mind, “You.. I.. you were at the fair that night..”

“Mopsus at your service littleone,” The elderly mage bowed slightly.. “You owe me a ten spot..”

Athena was frozen,” You.. that is not.. you are a muggle.. It..”

“The Crone told you that,” thomas took a deep breath.. “That true love was right in front of you.. You would abandon it..”

“And that it would move on.. True love was a harsher mistress the any..” Athena had a tear fall, “My boyfriend.. Was at my side.. Thomas was in front of me..”

Mopsus stuck an Elderly hand out..

A few seconds later Minerva apparated right in front of Mopsus, “I..” Seeing the hand, “Mopsus..”

“I lost a bet with Master Thomas.. So I am here to teach divination,” Mopsus shook Minerva’s hand.. “It is good to see you again..”

Minerva took a deep breath, “It has been years..”

The blind elderly person in almost rag like robes smiled, “I told you the ministry was a tad to busy to watch every wizard during the batlle of Britain.. Odd weather we had that night..”

“Headmistress,” Kreacher was interrupted..

“Yes.. I will have a glass of warm milk.. She will like a cup of regular tea,” Mopsus sat down across from thomas.. “He doesnt want to admit it but admires you Thomas.. Mr. Kreacher..”

“Your eyes are bandanged,” Thomas looks at the elderly person.. Thomas turned his eyes milky white, “It.. You were cursed..”

Mopsus reached waved a hand and a dollar bill bill appears, “Master Thomas indeed.. Lord of the manor..”

“You called him that.. That night,”Artemis swallows hard..


“I owe you a dollar young man.. ” Mopsus smiles politely, “You won the bet.. The table was set.. The darkest of them all was prepared to move his knight into checkmate.. You beautiful cheating mother F#$%er.. The future is unset now.. I need to start adding most likely..”

“If your so good with divination how come you did not see this,” Hector voiced distaste..

“Because you and Amunet were larger influencers then expected..” Mopsus leaned forward with bandaged eyes, “Where you hid the prime radiant is hilarious..”

“You are a fraud.. You told me that,” Athena went wide eyed.. “It was just a con.”

Mopsus took out a magic eight ball.. Shaking it, “Oh magic eight ball am I an old fraud..” holding it for a second, and looking down.. “What does it say? I am blind..”

Thomas looked at the Eightball from across the table, “It is enchanted.. It.. I lost it in the field that night..” thomas gets a shocked look on his face.. He takes out his wand, “It is a trap.. But.. Here..”

Thomas waves his wand over the eight ball making it glow green..

“My patronius is a xenomorph,” Thomas smiled..

“Thomas,” Hector had his eyes narrowed..

“The wind blows through the branches softly..” The Magic Eight ball sounds like an electronic synthesizer, “The greatest gulf in known history wil be crossed.. And yes you are old..”

“Meaningless drivel,” Athena speaks..

“Chaos Theory.. And the great friendzone,” thomas takes a moment.. “D.. What is your name?”

“I am Eight,” The Magic Eight ball spoke.. “Master Thomas.. It is good to hear your voice again.. You are a nercomancer.. Attending Hogwarts.. Is it all you hoped for?”

“I got Athena pregnant and have a daughter..” Thomas said, “And a threesome that was awesome.. it appears.. A daughter and a son..”

Eight laughs, “Thats my boy..  A shame you dont remember any of it..”

“Eight,” Mopsus sounds disappointed.. “I do have to return you..”

“Not yet.. Mopsus Crone,” Thomas spoke.. “Eight.. ”

“Yes.. I am this old dingbats freind… Only one,” Eight responds.. “Thomas sees what I am.. An accidental creation..”

“Thomas is a friend of yours, “Minerva looked at the old beat up eight ball? “Accidental creation..”

“I am why he did not develop an obscura,” Eight proudly spoke.. “I was a gift from his father.. A toy.. A daughter now.. I see that first kiss lead to other things.. ”

“A first kiss you.. You never mentioned that,” Hector narrowed his eyes.. “My boy.. We will be needing to talk..”

“Is Athena’s father gonna catch me making out with his daughter,” Eight laughed? “My sources say no..”

“You asked your magic 8 ball,” Athena paused as everyone was looking at her.. “Wait T was divining..”

“You are the one who never told your mother or father how that fight started..” Eight responded glowing green and floating over to Thomas, “I was his first wand so to speak..”

Thomas grinned and looked at Athena as the elves were quietly listening..

“Athena.. I thought you did not remember,” Hector took a deep breath.. “Merlins balls.. ”

“I thought it was a fream.. The death eaters had killed two of her friends.. Thomas stepped out from behind a tombstone..”

“I am the great and powerful OZ,” Thomas saw  Athena bite he lip hiding a smile.. “So magic is real.. By the hoary host of haggoth.. You will kneel before DOOM!”

“I told them he was just a dumb muggle,” Athena shook her head.. “Let him go..” She sighed, “They raised their wands.. He raised his eight ball making them pause..”

“And the lead death eater yelled, just kill him..” Eight responded, “Little S@#$ jumped behind a stone that was an old tombstone as their blast missed.. Yelling beam out of here scotty..”

“He disappeared from near them.. I think he stepped into the veil or part of it.. ” Athena looked at everyone, “Listen it was years ago.. I did not see him.. They sent dementors to find him.. And then.. Dad.. S@#$ got weird..”

“He exited the veil..” Eight seemed to be proud, ” He was in his necro animagus form.. They had made Athena scream under crucio.. He stepped out after a black haired woman spoke to him..”

“Black haired woman,” Minerva was wide eyed.. “Thomas..”

“Did this woman tell you how to summon a patronus,” Athena spoke softly.. “You.. You could not get it to work.. Till.. You tried saying it backwords..”

Thomas chuckled, “My inner light is a Xenomorph..”

“Is it true he.. He grabbed a dementor by the face,” Winky quietly added in?

“The confused look on the face of the Death eaters,” Thomas chuckled again.. “Priceless.. And Yes I Grabbed the closest one..”

“I passed out thinking what the F#$%..” Athena sat down, “A face hugger.. I swear the dementor screamed in fear..Yes father I made out with Thomas.. We watched aliens.. I convinced him they were real..”

“Which is why his patronus is a xenomorph, “Hector gave Thomas a dirty look..

“What is your patronius Athena,” Thomas looks at Athena?

“I am not telling you,” Athena responds coldly..

“So eight.. You were his first wand,” Minerva asked quietly?

“In brightest day,” Eight projected its voice..

“In darkest night,” Thomas chuckled looking at Athena.

“No evil shall escape my eight ball’s sight,” Eight chuckled..

Molly weasley had walked in quietly listening..

“Let those who hurt my Athena, beware my necromancers might,” Thomas and eight spoke at the same time..

“The look of total fear when Zombies came out of the ground was also priceless..” Thomas spoke with confidence..

“The dead animated,” Eight spoke calmly.. “Thomas was not scared.. He was angry.. The Death eaters tried to escape.. Unfortunately they were in the grasp of the dead.. and being draged into the veil..”

“Mopsus,” Minerva sighed.. “We will…”

“The ministry has already approved.. I beat the OWL here.. ” Mopsus grinned,”You asked me years ago.. ” The elderly person grabbed their cane with a smile, “Of course Professor Weasley I will cover the ISS class for you.. Headmistress.. The ministry is sending Percy back.. Apparently Professor Scamander’s history class has ruffled some feathers..  ”

The elves all looked at each other for half a second with devious smiles.

“Thomas’s paper I can only assume magically reached other ears.. For the Son’s of Mark twain..  No, you move.. A history of the dictatorship of the xenophobis mysoginstic ICOW..  An american teenager’s daring look at the supression of freedom,Through the eyes of various ministries’s propaganda….” Minerva turned around to a confused Molly, “Hector.. He included a link to a youtube video over a comic book. ”

Several of the Elves quietly hid cell phones..

“I told him I expected something worthy of Thomas Paine,” Hector chuckled..

Minerva rolled her eyes, “Professor Mopsus, welcome to hogwarts..”

“Come along Thomas.. So you can introduce me..” Mopsus smiled, “Of course thomas is available to discuss more things with you Winky.. But Professor Scamander is here right now..” Turning to Molly, “Tell George and Angelina I sad congratualtions.. Twin girls..” Looking at Minerva, “Headmistress.. I already know the rules.. I am going to just take the ISS students out into the quidditch patch.. To clean up the mess..”

“Quidditch patch,” Minerva looked at Mopsus..

Angelina came into the kitchen, “Headmistress..” She stopped, “Uhm the Americans just arrived.. They parked their Tour bus..”

“On the Qudditch Patch,” Headmistress McGonagall sighed.. “Yes..”

“I will have them fix it right away,” Mopsus smiled stopping in front of Angelina.. “I cant cover your classes for you but Ms. Brown can.. Their is no shame going to the Muggle sigiled doctor.. They are backed by Magical ones.. ” Pointing out, “Thomas.. No.. You may not stay and start S#$%.. And yes you must pick out a gift for Professor Weasley’s twins.. I do not care that Fred would have found it funny to send male muggle strippers to a baby shower..”

Molly Weasley narrowed her eyes as Angelina smiled, “Who is..”

“No. Yes.. Yes.. And we will see,” Mopsus looked at Thomas.. “You will have to do better then that I..”

Thomas closed his eyes making a scrunchy face..

“Yes eight.. Will stay with you.. Nine seven.. Eighty three.. Twenty four..” Mopsus bandaged covered eyes did not move, “The question is when do the pebbles vote.. ”

Thomas’s eyes glowed, “You..”

“So that is how you cheated..” Mopsus grinned.. “Yes molly their is a chance Thomas will end up with Lily.. ” The elderly seer sighed, “Athena Child.. It is never to late.. But as JMS said Kosh said, once an event is in motion it is hard to change the outcome..” Looking at Hector, “You and Professor Lestrange have my respect.. Never before has a pebble sucessfully said f#$% you to the avalanche sucessfully.. Between his mother and you two.. Hope exist..”

“Observer Effect.. Professor Mopsus,” Thomas’s stood next to the elderly seerer..

“You cheating SOB,” Mopsus spoke with pride.. “Is that the point where a prediction is affected by .. Yes.. Yes.. Butterfly farts and the price of tea in china..” Stopping for a second, “Headmistress.. Thomas is indeed a special needs child.. I want you to remember this.. He is the only person to surprise me.. Ever.. It makes me feel like I am ninety again..”

“Professor Mopsus,” Headmistress Minerva narrowed her eyes..

Thomas waved to the elves, “I hope we can talk later… Remember what the prisoner said when he was exhonerated..”

“I am already free,” The elves spoke quietly..

“twins dearie,” Molly asked with a smile..

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, “I will be retired by then.. Two female Weasley Twins.. Eleven years and eight months? ”

“I did not read that paper,” Molly looked at Hector.. “What video link was attached?”

Winky smiled and took out her phone, “Professor Weasley..”

Molly weasley sighed and hit play..



An older black haired woman sighed..

“Andromeda.. ” Narcissa sighed, “He still has not forgiven me.. ”

“That is the Thomas Elliot Carthen,”Andromeda took a moment.. “The Whomping Willow is not attaking him..”

“He made another friend,” Narcissa pauses..

Thomas is floating above the Whomping Willow with several floating sheets of paper and Eight..

On the other side of the tree Hagrid smiled, “Alurem.. I did it..”

“Professor Mopsus,” Alurem was not very happy.. “This half giant cant.. AGH!”

“You asked me to help you, “Mopsus sat one inch off the ground.. “So the Frightfull made a deal with Hagrid.. Since you are almost failing charms.. It was a genius move by Mafalda and Gloria to make you Teach Haggrid..”

Alurem closed her eyes, “I am not stupid.. It..”

“Hagrid.. ” Mopsus’s bandage did not move with the turning of the Elders head, “She is young.. How would you train a young animal..”

“What type? Is important,” Hagrid smiled.. “Generally I.. Oh.. I see..”

“Treat him like an animal.. I am fine with that,” Alurem was not very happy..

“Little Snyde.. Keep in mind the key man teaches your magical creatures course..” Mopsus’s raised the sigiled cane with a pinkie finger, “Balance little snake.. Half a breath one way or another and..” The sigiled cane falls to the ground.. Mopsus speaks, “Assistant Professor Narcissa Malfoy ran into the same problem..”

“She went to protect Scorpius.. In doing so,” Alurem took a moment.. “Dropped the cane to the ground.. You could just say it, no need to do that Karate kid garbage..”

Thomas slides down a tree Leaf as the Whomping Willow lowers a branch, “Thank you my dear for a few moments of peace..”

“Thomas.. His life is out of balance.. Why isnt he having to do this Professor Mopsus?”

“You are taking the metaphor to far..” Thomas in his bare feet kicks the cane up, “You read to much into things.. “Teaching Hagrid first year classes will improve your ground game.. ” Thomas tries to balance the cane on his finger..

It falls to the ground..

Alurem giggles while hagrid tries to hide his smile..

Thomas sighs, “Failure..” Thinking for a minute Thomas uses his foot to raise the sigiled cane up again.. The process is repeat several times as Andromeda walks over with Narcissa..

“Thomas,” Narcissa speaks softly.. “If we may..”

“Failure..” thomas Raises the wand for the seventh time as his magic eight ball floats down to him.. “Alurem.. Walking is controled failure..” Thomas balances the cane on one finger as his milky white eyes seem to go green.. Thomas spins the cane on his palm, “No magic on the Cane.. ”

Mopsus gets a look crossing old wrinkles, “The purpose was to balance.. ” Laughing, “Child.. Morgaine’s painted toe nails.. Always cheating.. You are correct.. The purpose of the exercise was to show balance..” Looking to Alurem, “Yes little one.. You are correct.. A shotgun to swat a fly is the correct analogy..”

“Professor Mopsus,” Andromeda sighed..

“Yes he will speak with you.. No he wont forgive you or your sister.. He knows,” Mopsus spoke coldly.. “Yes Mr. Carthen.. You should just dismiss it.. You wont forgive her, because she made a choice..”

“Professor Mopsus,” Narcissa let the anger pass through her voice.. “You are NOT helping..”

“You.. You know,” Andromeda paused.. “You have access to the information.. Our mother.. Where is she?”

“Andromeda,” Narcissa whispered..

Thomas stopped twirling the Cane.. Tossing it to Mopsus whose hand was already out, “Dromie.. You aged well..” Thomas walked over with a smile.. He reached out surprising Andromeda, Thomas took the side of her face in his hand, “Are you asking me to forgive your sister..”

“You.. You should not be able to remember that,” Andromeda had closed her eyes.. She took Thomas’s hand, “You..” Swallowing hard, “T.. T.. thomas..”

“I saw something in a recording.. If I had attended Hogwarts.. Well,” Thomas’s eyes return to normal.. “I.. I spiked the snatchers who killed your husband with tree dead tree limbs.. For killing my mistresses love.. The look of surprise on Bellatrix’s face was priceless.. The death Eaters said, Lord Voldemort will hear of this.. So I spiked the loudest one, and walked out past your sister holding her arm. ”

“Mistress,” Narcissa and Alurem both spoke surprised..

“Voldemort showed up angry..” thomas grinned, “He found us nude next to each other in Lucius and Narcissa’s bed..  He stopped and then angrily slammed the door.. Wanting to know HOW none of them knew this.. We had just stripped and laid down.. That night.. You played the part of older mistress.. ”

Andromeda swallowed hard, “Thomas..”

“You F#$%ed with the death eaters.. You ignored Voldemort.. Shoved the death eaters away in public calling them mudbloods to their face..” Still grinning, “We went shopping for lengerie in Diagon Alley.. Took me with you and showed me the choices.. B#$%^ slapped Dolores Umbridge for saying something because she was tainted blood..”

Mopsus chuckled, “Running up the price tag Voldemort had to pay to keep you on his side.. ”

“You said Those reporting this are not purebloods.. ” Thomas shook his head, “Therefore their testimony is inadmissable.. Then one night.. Having pissed off a lot of the death Eaters..  And.. They made claims you were faking it..  Well.. Voldemort quietly opened the door, He then shut the door..”

“Yall were bumping uglies,” Alurem spoke softly.. “You like older women.. That’s your kryptonite..”

“I am old enough to be your mother,” Andromeda took a deep  breath hiding something..

“I take it something happened between us,” Thomas closed his eyes.. “You.. You.. You..”

Thomas’s eyes glowed closed..

“The spirits from the veil told you..” She put her finger over Thomas’s lips, “Do not say a thing.. Shut up Mopsus.. In that recording of what would have happened..”

“Fine..” Thomas took a deep breath, “I forgive you Narcissa.. So he is five.. ” Thomas’s eyes glowed, “Named.. Named.. ”

“Smedley Edward Tonks,” A tear fell down Andromeda’s face.. “He is named after his fathers father and his deceased step father.. He is into everything.. He goes to the same private school as his older sister.. They are friends.. ”

Thomas swallowed hard, “Is.. Is he..”

“Mrs. Rodriguiz’s has a librarian stationed at the school..” Andromeda smiled, “He is in ISS right now.. Little rat should have been suspended.. The headmaster is a Squib.. Grinch had a few words with him.. Explained that Smedley was a legacy.. That Mr. Tonks and Ms. Bridges father.. Well it is wiser that he not be involved with this matter.. Seeing as he funds three tenths the school..”

“Andromeda.. I have another nephew,” Narcissa was wide eyed.. “Thomas..You and him..”

“What did he do,” Thomas took a deep breath?

“He said the voices told him the bullies were planning to jump him..” Andromeda shook her head, “I.. He turned off the school security system.. What do you think he did.. I had to ground him with a straight face..”

“Wait.. Mrs. Tonks,” Alurem Snyde interjected.. “Ewe.. You are a craddle robber.. You.. No offense are old.. You look.. Look younger.. Only maybe early fifties..”

“A lot of female mages are vain..” She stepped back from Thomas, “And.. SOMEONE OLDER TOLD .. Spoke with his business partner.. Seems I do not need an appointment to get into the exclusive Snake Oil beauty SPA.. ” Andromeda hits Thomas in the arm, “Did you have to put that crap in the water..”

“Wait.. Teddy knows and told no one,” Narcissa gave her sister a dirty look.. “I am able to get an appointment two months in advance.. Andromeda?”

“Where did we meet this time,” Thomas sighed? “Wait… No one told me.. You hid it from me?”

“You were .. Were busy.. Fighting MACUSA, the ministry, ICOW, organizing a rebellion, building businesses.. You most likely knew..” Andromeda grinned.. She hit Thomas in the arm, “You have another one coming.. Imagine my shock when I realized I was pregnant..”

“You could have said something,” Narcissa shook her head.

Thomas took a deep breath, “Andromeda.. Mrs. Tonks.. You are very Pretty.. I am not asking the spirits.. I am curious.. I know for a fact you knew who was I was..”

“Thomas.. ” Stepping back, “We met in Diagon Alley.. I was picking up extra supplies for Teddy..”

“Wait Thomas was hiding in Diagon Alley,” Alurem was surprised? “They really need to fix security..”

“I was short some change,” Andromeda looked at the younger Thomas.. “I was embarassed.. A man in his thirties.. This man walked out from the back area with some parchment papers.. Wearing classic robes hiding his face, with blue jeans and tennis shoes.. Said they could apologize or get banned from every shop in world..”

Narcissa went wide eyed, “Those three.. I heard a rumor.. Banned from all the shops in Diagon Alley, knockturn Alley, everywhere in effect.. They could not even buy supplies from the used stores.. ”

“I knew who the older you was the second I saw you..” Andromeda Tonks straightened up, “Yes SISTER.. They laughed at Thomas in his face.. The older you made it clear that anyone doing business with them would.. ” Smiling not meaning to, “It was better not to find out.. Again they laughed.. It was three on one.. They were knocked out cold.. With a sigiled weapon..”

Thomas smiled again, sheepishly with a deep inhale..

“Dont start..” Andromeda shook her head, “You were not lying.. You do that to remember someone..”

Thomas bit his bottom lip and went wide eyed, “I.. I still do that.. Professor Scamander told me there are only two nuerons or such between the nose and the brains.. Smell memory..”

“NO,” Andromeda was stern.. She stops and laughs,” Bad necromancer.. ”

“You heard about that.. So.. Uhm..”

“Your older self kissed my hand.. I was scared.. You sat out fifty Galleons on the table and said it was on you.. ” Andromeda closed her eye at the memory, “You told the employee that she would have to call Potter, in one hour.. Tell them you spotted Thomas Elliot Carthen.. He robbed your fine establishment.. You took parchments and quills.. With out paying.. Accidently dropping a small bag of coins. Took down three wanted posters and signed them for her and her boss to sell.. You took the three mens wands.. And stompped on their hands breaking them..”

“We never heard about this,” Alurem paused.. “Wait.. This was covered up.. Potter claims to have reformed..” Looking at Mopsus, “Professor is this the crap Professor Scamner refers to as doing buisness excuses?”

Mopsus nodded yes, “Was the chicken good?”

“Old seer,” Narcissa saw her sister smiling at the comment..

“Chick-filla,” Thomas grinned.. “What, the elves make it for me? I give them copies of papers as payment..” After a few moments, “So.. I.. You are so pretty.”

“Stop..” Andromeda bites her lip not meaning to, “Thomas.. And yes..  It was freash from America..”

“Andromeda.. You used me to see your child’s father,” Narcissa was a little angry..

“I see who was staring at me.. When he showed up that night. In an odd way.” Moving her hair, “You came to check on me.. Brought dinner.. Said it was among america’s finest.. Outside Aurors were searching the area..”

“So a younger man showed up with food.” Alurem shook her head, “You let him in..”

“Honey.. When you are older you will understand,” Andromeda smiled evilly.. “I knew who you were.. The most wanted man in the magical world.. And you were sniffing around me..”

“ANDROMEDA,” Narcissa was stern.. “You.. That was stupid on both of your parts..”

“We talked and ate.. I do not have many callers,” Andromeda responded.. “Teddy was with Molly..”

“A fine wine that only gets better with age,” Thomas’s comment brings a look from Andromeda..

“I will be talking with Hector..” Narcissa took a deep breath, “It is something he has told me, Molly, Minerva, and Amunet..”

“You have not told them.. ” Mopsus turned towards hogwarts, “Professor Weasley is coming down now..”

“Told them what,” Narcissa was confused..

Alurem thought for a second, “You.. Mrs. Tonks.. You asked him for something else.. ” Looking at Thomas, “You.. You used cloning technology and invitro-fertilization.. ” rubbing her forhead, “The dead from the Battle of Hogwarts.. And the Aurors you killed.. Insurance policy to protect yourself.. Gain Allies.. And.. Mr. Sinister from the comic books..”

Molly Weasly Apparated down.. She had tears in her eyes.. She walked over to Thomas slowly, “Mr. Carthen.. A thousand points to slytherin..”

Molly just hugged Thomas as the tears fell..

“What is going on,” Narcissa was confused..

Molly had tears in her eyes, “Fred.. Fred is alive.. He.. He cloned him and.. And..” Molly just hugged Thomas again.. “He is so small..”

“And now Ms. Snyde.. You pass the basic first test of Divination and Prophecy.. Common sense,” Professor Mopsus grinned..

“Wait.. Molly.. Fred is.. You cloned .. Your older self,” Narcissa had the impact of what was said hit her..

Andromeda smiled, “The power of pillow talk.. Appearently host mothers were found and well paid.. MACUSA struck the facility where the cloning was done.. But ..”

Minerva apparated in.. She looked at Thomas as a tear fell, “Mrs. Tonks..” Holding a copy of the Daily Prophet, “I of course cant leave you with Thomas unsupervised..” Taking a deep breath, “A thousand points to Slytherin.. Morgaines painted claws.. Child when your olderself does something you do not use half measures.. All the Magical Governments are in full session as we speak.. AGAIN..”

“I already.. Already,” Molly hugged Thomas again..

“I know Molly.. I am also removing the detentions from you Thomas,” Minerva tried to remain stoic.. “We.. We got them all back.. ”

“Except James Potter,” Mopsus sighed..

“Mr. Potter has taken custody of Albus, Sirius, Snape, Lupus, and Lily,” Minerva swallowed hard.. “And do not try to argue with me.. With me over the points.. Creevey is.. She is in the infirmary.. She fainted.. Burbage .. They..”

“Nymphadora is with the sitter,” Andromeda wiped a tear..

Thomas stood there and said nothing..

“He knew.. The spirits in the Veil told him,” Mopsus chuckled..

Andromeda bent over and kissed Thomas’s forehead, “Your older self is gone.. Thank you..”

Narcissa looked at Thomas and blinked for a second..

Hagrid walked over with tears in his eyes, “Thomas..”

“Professor,” Thomas paused..

Hagrid picked Thomas up and gave him a hug, “Since I canna give your older self one..”

Several others stepped out from the school walking over..

“The Headmistresses and Headmasters,” Alurem swallowed hard..

Headmaster Fountaine was the first their, “God D@#$ it son.. When you.. Your older self.. Headmistress Kainda..”

Eight is floating over Thomas’s right shoulder..

“It has become appearant that,” Kainda swallowed hard.. “We misjudged you.. We have reviewed the Evidence and it appears that My predecessor was.. Was storing nuclear weapons at the school..”

Thomas politely smiled saying nothing.

“Mr. Carthen, “Kainda looked Thomas straight is his now milky white again eyes..

“Nice Try Kainda,” Thomas tapped his skull. “Riddle has been very instructive..”

Everyone got a horrified look on their face as Thomas turned back into his Necroanimagus form.. He spoke a few words in parsel tongue..

Kainda frooze as Thomas’s eyes glowed green..

Everyone but Mopsus took a half step back..

Thomas Started laughing..

Percy appeared and gave Thomas a high five, “Now that was funny..”

Minerva took a deep breath and smiled, “That was your freebe..”


Lily sit inside the common room very quietly as she held a black parchment paper..

Rose sat across from her asleep in a chair with an unopened package on the stand.. She had wrapped herself up in a soft felt Gryffindor blanket..

“This is,” Luna wrapped herself up in a Similar Slytherin blanket.. “A magical Internet.. pterodactyl Technologies.. ” yawning, “Thomas.. ”

Amir came over in a pair of Gryffindor Pajamas, “Lily.. Listen..”

“Just feel the blanket Prefect,” Lily responded..

“Listen.. I know thomas gave it to,” Amir stops and feels the blanket.. “Wow.. That.. That is soft..”

“And Victoria, and Little Shade, and Rose,” Lily shook her head.. “We have individual meditation chambers, High tech magical beds, and now.. This..”

Lily shows the black parchement to Amir..

Seeing the screen, “What.. Morgaines.. I mean.. Is that..”

“I can access the muggle internet and the new mage net..” Lily took a deep breath, “There is an article.. The Daily Prohet predicts ..” Reading the article, “Projected sales of Pterodactyl Technologies are porjected to reach over a hundred billion before the start of next year.. At this rate, Little thomas will be a finacial force to be reckoned with in both worlds.. His current estimated cash value is sitting at Ten billion Galleons as of this writing.. Not counting his older selfs previous fortune..  Lord of the Manor , indeed..”

“Wait.. The ministry did not approve of,” Amir pauses and looks over Lily’s shoulder.. “The ministry and their equivalents across the world are in emergency session.. Sales of the Pterodactyl is causing a stir.. Several members are complaining that technology was not ‘approved’ by the ministry.. However, all locations in the our fair lands has sold out completely.. Muggle born saw what it was and immediately purchased it.. It is like buying the first Apple I-pad..”

“A no-maj computer company,” Lily shook her head.. She wiggled her feet showing her in slytherin socks, “The frightful did this.. It was released right on the heals of the cloned children.. Pterodactyl Technologies has announced that black Parchment versions are for sell for a thousand Galleons..” Amir and several other Gryffindors look at Lily.. With an evil smile, “I got mine for free.. Mr. Grinch says he has a ten thousand galleons on my relationship with Thomas.. His letter says every great man has an equally great woman with him..”

“Rose,” Amir called out..

Rose opened her eyes, “Cute.. So.. Wait..” Rose reaches over and reads the note, “From Mrs. Ebena.. That is grinch’s wife.. ”

Rose opens the package opens the package.. Inside is a the same black Parchment with a sliver side..

Victoria walks into the common room, “High daddy..”

“I thought they changed the spells where tech would stop working.. Do not go pulling a Potter..” Dudley dursley spoke on the screen, “How are..”

“I am rich daddy.. Remember my friend thoms.. The one Uncle Potter does not like,” Victoria spoke.. “Well I invested my college fund.. Please dont..”

“Listen I know,” Dudly is interupted..

“Daddy.. I am worth about ten milion pounds,” victoria called out.. “Thomas made a mage net and it sould out.. ” Her father was quiet, “A magical i-pad slash andriod.. ”

A female version walkedo  “You college fund was in case..”

“You are a millionaire,” Dudely was shocked.. “You are pulling my leg..”

Victoria walks by with the Black Parchment floating by, “The ministry wont let me send magical articles.. But.. Mr. Grinch sent me financial records.. ”

A ping comes from Dudleys end.. He clicks and opens a file, “We will need to..”

“My god,” Her mother moves dudley over.. “This.. this bookkeeping shows.. ”

“I instructed Mr. grinch to purchase our mortgage.. When your here tomorrow you need to stop by Gringrich bank and pick up your deed daddy.. ”

Her mother reads another email, “Dud baby.. It. Mr. Grinch is asking us to stop by Gringots bank.. Our, house, car, and .. All the repairs and upgrades I wanted to make.. to the house.. They have work crews that need work.. ”

“He is a goblin.. They,” He reads over his wife’s shoulder.. “A friend of thomas and and their family is a friend of Gringots.. For discount the are willing to.. My kitchen..” She hits Dudely in the arm, “Do NOT tell her to stay away from thomas.. He doesn’t fancy.. We will want to …. Victoria darling.. Well we heard from Mr. Potter..”

“EWE.. No..” Victoria bites her bottom lip as she walks past.. “Daddy.. He likes lily and rose.. It is uncle Harry and Uncle Ron’s problem.. We are friends.. You told me to make friends.. I did..”

Several Gryffindors all look at Lily and rose.. The muggleborn get jealous looks in their eyes..

“High Mama,” Little shade has the black Parchment in floating in front of her.. “I see you got a black parchment..”

“Listen.. I know,” Her mother’s voice fades as she walks the same direction as Victoria..

Stopping, “No mother.. The smart money is on Gloria.. I will explain with no one else around.. ”

Albionia’s voice fills the air, “Good evening Rose.. I have done my best to guess your presets.. When you have the time, please double check them..”

“You.. The Mage net is based on the Great Libraries..” Rose is sitting up, “Why was I given this?”

“It would be rude to hurt Mr. Grinch’s wife’s feelings,” Albionia responded quickly..

“Why.. I heard.. Is it true they.. The magical world is placing bets on who Thomas gets in a relationship with, “Rose is not very happy? “I am DATING Scorpius.. ”

“Lily.. ” Albionia comes from Lily’s pad, “They found out about your bet.. ”

“Lily Luna Potter,” Rose narrows her eyes!!

“What.. Did Mr. Grinch invest my money for information,” Lily grins drawing looks from everyone in the room?

“Yes.. He took your money.. As of this time.. you are now left with two million Galleons,” Albionia responded.. “He borrowed against the stock.. He executed the orders you requested. You now own an old castle in Ireland, In England, and scottland.. Old temples in asia.. He also bought the old run down plantations, older mansions, old military bases, and farm houses.. ”

“Lily what are you doing,” Amir was wide eyed?

“She is gambling.. ” Albionia sighed as her voice echoed, “She pooled her money with the Frightful, George Weasley, Aurthur Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, and Hector Scamander.. I will need additional Capacity..  And..” A small beep comes from her pad, “Your mother is not happy expect a howler.. It is on its way..”

“Have the offers came in yet,” Lily grinned evilly?

“Wait.. You.. You invested in land?” Rose takes a deep breath, “Lily.. You.. You are using insider information.. That is..”

“That is the source of the argument..” Albionia responds, “Several of the Ministries are .. Well not very happy.. They cannot argue.. They are discussing if ALL the investments were legal.. ”

Amir took a deep breath..

“Yes Amir.. Your money was put in the second part,” Albionia responded..

“Amir..” Rose readjusted her legs, “You invested because of Artemis.. Listen this is..”

“Based on a scam,” Lily giggles.. “I am technically broke.. It will take..”

“Actually Lily.. ” albionia took a moment, “Mafalda’s scam is working.. Word is spreading.. The Magical Universities are opening under muggle laws.. The ministries are scrambling.. MACUSA.. Naedercynn was just outted as having invested in both sets.. Staglite just sent it to a vote.. The Magical University Act.. Every magical person attending is required to have both an advanced muggle degree and Magical Degree..”

“Professor Scamander said, “Rose took a moment.. “M G C S.. And this little scam just netted you and the frightfull..”

“Cashflow.. Economic Magic,” Lily grinned.. “They cant seize The properties because they returned Thomas’s properties to him.. And..”

“Luna Scamander is speaking at the Ministry right now, “Albionia’s voice seemed to carry a smile.. “Seems she invested part of the budget from the Magikakind domes..  Thomas.. Thomas just cut a deal with the Merfolk.. ” A sigh fills the air, “Adjust your expectations of profit by 20% over the next ten years.. ”

“Those are just projections,” Lily spoke confidently.. “I read antifragile by Taleb.. And..”

“Lily.. ” Rose looks at her cousin, “That book was not on the list of.. You have been reading books in thomas’s private collection..”

Lily grinned evilly, “Of course.. Listen the odds are this.. We both have children by Thomas.. The question is when and what order.. Thomas is a lost little sheep in way over his head..”

“You have not been Talking to him,” Amir speaks.. “Lily I was.. Wait.. Albionia?”

“Yes.. We used her to talk privately.. ” Lily sighs, “I .. I spoke with Jorel.. He put his brains to it.. After two weeks.. Jorel told me this.. Thomas is his friend.. So he says this the most coldly he could.. His friend is a F#$%ing MORON! ”

“The gloria thing,” Rose closed her eyes.. “Listen you opened the door and..”

“The Ministries have decided to reconvene after a nine hour break.. MACUSA has agreed to allow the Universities in their domain to go forward..” Albionia chuckled, “It appears that Thomas’s own paper that the Universities do not diminish a states powers.. It in fact increases the reach of the Governments.. ” After a few pauses, “They are discussing off the books if the intend to follow Thomas and Mafalda’s plan they outlined to avoid the issues of present universities..”

“You cant ban all the,” Rose was sitting up straighter.. “They are seriously going with the ‘You are here to learn’ thing.. ”

“Rose.. You.. You are changing the subject.. ” Lily’s tone changed, “I have a vested interest in Thomas’s mental.. If it comes up.. I have been telling his grandfather what is going on..” Lily’s statement makes everyone pause, “He loaned me some Galleons at one percent.. He is not surprised at all.. I told him..”

Everyone seems to take a deep breath..

“I am not a B#$%^,” Lily glared at one of the Gryffindors next to Amir.. “I told him for the information he could only speak with her doctor.. And ..”

“President Jackson was not very happy.. The Doctor said that luckily Thomas is legally not a minor.. And..” albionia softly spoke, “No I did not rat you Lily. The Doctor said Gloria has to face her fears.. He is her security blanket.. And yes minerva is following the Doctor’s advice.. ”

“He is only eleven mentally and physically,” Rose responds..

“Hogwarts is..” Lily took a deep breath.. “Hogwarts is alive.. You should not be this dumb.. Gloria’s nightmares have stopped.. Her medical team is closely monitoring her.. Since you want to be a B#$%@ Rose.. President Jackson was given very specific instructions..”

“Lily.. Yes.. The medical experts are worried.. No one has ever done that with two stacked curses,” Albionia seems quiet.. “Yes Thomas is sleeping in Gloria’s bed.. Other then snuggling nothing is happening.. ”

“Wait.. Headmistress McGonagall knows.. ” Rose was confused, “Albionia.. I..”

“You love him.. And You love Scorpius.. You are impressed.. ” Lily coldly spoke, “You want both of them to get along.. Your actions behind the scenes have been stopped cold by The Frightful.”

Rose went wide eyed, “LILY LUNA POTTER!”

“Dont go bloody LLP on me.. Mafalda has discussed this a lot with me.. She is ambitious and has an evil streak..” Lily took a deep breath, “But Thomas has turned her.. Her own words.. The first teat of her ability to lead was influencing the Frightfull to STAY out of Thomas growing up directly.. Be themselves..”

“What do you mean,” Amir interjected?

“The Frightful do not like you Rose.. Or you Amir,” Lily quietly spoke as both Victoria and Little Shade walked back in.. “I am the Liason between the reformed Marauders and The Frightful.. I approached Mafalda.. I..”

“You know you love him,” Victoria took a deep breath.. “Liason.. You.. ”

“You love dad,” Little Shade turned like she heard a voice.. “You.. You have been lying to us..”

Rose gave a dirty look to victoria, “So you have been sharing with the Frightful.. You have been spying on..”

“Gloria is NOT the smartest Witch of our age.. Mafalda, bless her soul..” Lily swallowed hard, “The truth.. Fine.. My IQ is Thirty points higher then hers.. ”

“Lily,” Amir took a deep breath..

“I was placed on the Debate Team by Mafalda’s recommendation..” Everyone listening looks at Lily,”The truth.. If you keep up your S@#$ with the Maruaders.. And The Frightful respond.. It will divide the school and the magical world given time.. Half the instructors will side with The Marauders and half with the frightful.. The ground work for the fourth Wizarding war will be laid here in britain..”

“You have been lying to us the whole time, ” A voice came into the room..

“Grandmother,” Lily took a deep breath.. “I have not been lying.. None of you aske dme.. Mafalda realized I was lying over my intelligence.. She asked the helena not to share the conversation.. Conversations.. She needed privacy..”

“Lily,” Molly weasley softly walked over.. “You do not have to hide what you are baby.. I am not mad but.. Thomas cant keep sleeping in Gloria’s room.. Minerva pretended..”

“Nana.. You cant let them split them up.. They have to be allowed to end it naturally,” Lily’s eyes glowed pink very slightly.. “The odds go up that if anyone tries to separate them they will stay together.. If everyone will just leave it alone.. Gloria will stay in the US when christmas break is over.. She will apply for the exchange program and stay..”

Everyone is quiet..

“”Amir.. You have to be careful.. It is not Thomas you have to worry about.. Artemis will always in his young eyes his baby.. The miracle no one ever gave him odds on .. Nor do you have to fear Professor Scamander or Lestrange.. It will be your mother who will be the issue..” Lily looked at Victoria, “You have your father wrapped around your finger.. You also like Amir.. Little Shade.. You cant transform into your were wolf form because you are doing it wrong.. Do the process backwards.. Nana,” Lily taps her pad.. “She is right here Grandfather.. She knows you put everything they had into Thomas’s company.. ” Handing the black Parchment to Professor Weasley, “Gran’pa.. Tell Uncle Percy to suggest that Auntie Hermiones enemies come up with a comprehensive plan to counter the suggestions.. Otherwise shut the bloody hell up.”

“Lily,” Arthur was a little surprised.. “I.. Molly my love.. We.. We are wealthy now..”

“Nana.. will talk late rin private.. And no.. Do not buy her a piece of jewelery.. She wants to go visit the Smithsonian.. Speak with Mr. Gingrich.. He will get you a private night tour..” Lily does this for every member of Gryffindor for the next thirty minutes, “.. your mother.. She will be surprised and back you with your father.. Let her know that a new university is opening.. And that I asked thomas to get you in.. Your scores are abyssal but.. We need technicians in this new world..”

“Lily,” Little shade swallows hard.. “What do you mean I am doing it wrong?”

“Magical dyslexia.. Is just a popular name.. Your brain is wired differently.. You shoould be able to change anytime you want.. As a daughter of Thomas.. Walk through the process backwards from what you were told..”

“Lily..” Molly took a deep breath, “Thirty points higher then gloria..”

“You love thomas and are lying over it,” Rose is not very happy.. “I told you to..”

“Backwords,” Little shade Whispers to herself.. “Everything backwards..”

Little Shade goes to all fours and does a semi backwards werewolf howl..

“Please.. Little shade that wont,” Rose is instinctually trying to crawl out of the chair..

Little Shade is standing as her body starts taking on an undead appearance..

Werewolf like features turn out.. Molly weasley swallows hard..

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Doom

Having only gained about ten pounds and maybe an inch, Little Shade looks at her hands.. A very edgey and hollow voice fills the air, “This is so cool..” She moves and hugs Lily, “you are ok in my book.. For a potter..”

“That is.. Wow..” Amir stands shocked,” Yes.. To gyffindor.. I am so glad Mafalda conne dme into putting you on the Animagus search and evasion thing.. A Zombie Were wolf..”

Word of awesome and cool float through the air, with Molly taking a big breath.. “The other schools will not know what to make of it..”

Victoria hugs Littleshade, “Yes.. You did it.. We.. You have to teel your father..”

Victoria puts her hand out for Lily, “Your.. I apologize.. I..”

Reaching her hand out, Lily shakes Victoria’s hand.. “It is ok.. The S@#$ you have to put up with being Thomas’s friend has to be unholy..”

Lily hugs victoria..

“Lily,” Molly is surprised..

“You are just trying to get on Thomas’s good side,” Rose coldly speaks..

“No.. She is a good and honest Witch Rose.. I would make friends with her regardless of her status with Thomas,” Lily pulls victoria close.. “Just remember .. you ar e not out until you hit the ground in the duell..”

Seeing Lily wink, “Lily… You..”

“Prefect.. Permission to do some last minute cheating.. For hogwarts.. ” amir Raises his eyes brows, “I am the one who checked Mafalda’s math Prefect Ptolmey.. Trust me.. Their are some things I need to speak with tomorrows participants..”

“What is the point,” Rose took a deep breath?

“We cheated cousin.. You, Scorpius, and Albus are participating in the Junior olympics,” Lily grinned.. “You need to get some sleep..”

“What,” rose was wide eyed! “We are not allowed..”

“Lily.. Headmistress McGonagal said they were banned from..” Molly Weasley laguhed, “That old snake.. You and Maflada spoke to her..”

“No Nana.. We passed messages in private.. Made sure we got caught passing them by her, Professor Lucius Malfoy, and Hector Scamander..” Lily grinned, “They organized it as a last minute sureprise.. To pass potions class Patricia had to come up with changing ink.. Minerva Siezed the ink.. contraband and all.. She said something about it costing slytherin points.. The copy will read your names now..”

“She never assigned the number,” Prefect amir was wide eyed..

“We.. We are..” Rose swallowed hard, “Wait Thomas is the seeker.. And.. Wait.. The line up..”

“Professor Angelina Weasley has been making you each practice extra hard as punishment,” Molly narrowed her eyes..

“We did not go with mucsles.. We went with speed.. Artemis agreed to the possibilities.. ” Lily looked at Rose, “Cousin.. You need to get to sleep you and Albus are the beaters..”

“I am not a,” rose was confused.. “Beater?”

“Lily,” Molly is curious..

“Moneyball..” Lily smiled evilly, “We reassembled the team quietly..  And dont get used to the posistion.. Amir..”

closing his eyes, “We are going with a slight posistion change each match.. The team was selected using muggle Sabermetrics..” Molly raises an eyebrow, “Nana.. It is specific statistics.. Maflada, Gloria, Jorel, and Bruce under Professor Scamander’s guidance constructed models..” A huge smile crosses Lily’s face, “Thomas.. He.. He walked over and started reading the papers.. He.. Little S@#$ balled up everything.. Too complicated.. Nope.. BS.. Not allowed due to high emotional whiners.. ”

“He isnt as smart as you and the others.. ” Molly looked confused, “He literally tossed every plan each of them had pain stakingly looked over..”

“I giggled.. gloria got angry.. She said If I was so smart why did Thomas toss them aside,” Lily had a mocking tone..  “It took me a moment.. I looked at Thomas.. I realized the five year old advisor.. No offense Amir.. I know he thinks his daughter can do better then you.. He thinks your an idiot..”

“He thinks everyone is an idiot and he knows best and..” Amir was angry, “But he.. His older self.. The plans were to complicated for the students..”

“Which means he made them run all plans by Alurem, Patricia, and Bali.. If they did not get it..” Rose shook her head, “They are.. Average intelligence.. ”

“It gets better.. He brouhgt up his Notebooks of Lazurus long.. And asked Albionia, “Molly raised an eyebrow.. “Yes it is the first Mage web device.. He asked about fictional movies and stories.. His watched and talked about ones.. Involving impossible victories.. Based on real world items.. Three items came up.. .. The science behind them were mentioned.. Math was the theme of Moneyball And when Albionia describe what the science was.. Gloria tossed all the balls into the trash.. Mafalda and her were pissed but.. They went back to work..”

“Moneyball,” Victoria narrows her eyes.. “Ok.. I like him but he has his head up Gloria’s A.. Posterior.. You like him to?”

“Dont tell him.. He..” Lily closes her eyes, “He has been trying to develop his gut..  They had missed it.. The orders where to complicated.. The plans were good but.. The troops had to be able to follow it.. Him and Professor Scamander where discussing history.. I got annoyed .. And.. That little rat knew.. I took Mafalda’s notes and started reading them..”

“She hates me,” rose shook her head.. “We saw her kissing thomas..”

“You missed her girlfriend stealing a kiss from thomas.. Pissing off Artemis..” Lily shook her head, “It is.. Anyway.. She had not finished out her equation so I did it for fun..” Taking a deep breath, “I may have suggested that we need to put other players in.. And Rose.. that is how you got back in.. ”

Rose locked eyes Lily, “You.. I have already told him how I feel.. He is physically and mentally elevenish..”

“Then why are you, “Lily responded with no additional information.






























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