Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Chapter Five

I do not own the universe or main characters

this is just a fan fiction

I created a few characters for the story set in JK Rowlings Harry Potter Universe

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Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

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Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Chapter Five

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“Stomping and clapping,” A half burned face spoke.. Shaking her head as she takes a drink..

“The all black thing,” Olshen turned and glared at the screen.. “I am supposed to be impressed..  So black gloved woman can you ..”

“Hogwarts just won the gold medal.. Defeating Ilvernmory..” The woman shook her head as the backwoods bar was celebrating, “Bloody h#$$.. Americans..”

The whole bar is singing We will rock you..

Olshen sighs in their shadowed corner, “You’re british.. It.. America has never won a quidditch cup.. Now..” the bar was echoing what was on the large black sheet screen, “They all smell the first Quidditch Championship America might have.. They all forget that man killed aurors..”

“I.. I.. ” thomas grinned looking around.. “See mama I made the team…”

“I see that Baby,” The woman spoke under her breath..

Olshen had quizzical look on her face..

“I read that his mother died in a house fire,” one of the Patrons spoke..

“You know they never found her body,” a black patron spoke.

The black gloved woman locked eyes with Olshen..

“You hear that Olshen escaped,” another patron spoke..

“F#$&ing corrupt Aurors,” the black patron spoke.. “Just as bad as no maj po-po’s..”

The first patron raises his glass, ” To Thomas Elliot Carthen and second chances..”

Three other people with Olshen got nervous looks, to the sounds of here here and glasses clanging.

“And to mother’s everywhere,” the woman in all black calls out.

Olshen went wide eyed.. She had her wand in her hand, “You..”

The Woman kicks the Table at Olshen knocking her back..

The Bouncer goes to move..

Several People With Olshen drop their capes back..

“You.. You are THOMAS’s mother,” Olshen yells.. “I will kill you..”

Two nine millimeters appear in the woman’s hand.. The bar patrons have various weapons out as The guns discharge..

Olshen’s head explodes as the woman has ducked down and fires at the feet of Olshen’s associate..

Missed spells hit where she was standing..

“I am Venus Malfoy.. Aka Rhea Carthen..” The scarred woman stands up to fire, “I..”

Her guns are knocked from her as one of the associates of Olshen knocks her back down with a spell..

“We are Aurors in the course of our,” The speaking man stops as a bar stool knocks him out cold..

The other two go down from other patrons..

Venus goes to stand as several hands reach down offering assistance..

The black patron smiles as she takes his hand,” Lady Malfoy.. ”

A little surprised, “Why help.. No offense . But..”

The first patron speaks,” My lady.. Your.. Your son got my brother parole before he was killed in prison.”

“My no maj daughter is in Yale,” the black patron smiles..

Several patrons all have a Thomas story..

“.. kidnapped.. Thomas rescued her, ” the older man spoke as a tear fell..

“What did he charge you?”

“Don’t owe me a thing..” They all smiled, ” pass it on..”

The old man spoke, ” go ahead and get out of here Lady Malfoy..” breaking one of the Aurors wands, ” Johnny.. Call Lady Malfoy’s father in law..”

One of the Aurors growled, “we are here with.. Sh$#.. Staglite..”

“Youse boys are f$#&ed, ” Johnny grinned..  “That is Olshen..”

The three Aurors are very quiet..

Delphini’s voice fills the air, “Hey Johnny. Staglite is in a comittee meeting… We ..”

“Please,” Venus walked over to the phone.. “Let Staglite know his daughter in law, is alive and well.. I was attacked by Olshen and her aurors..”

“Daughter in law,” Delphini’s voice raised partially.. “I..”

“Venus Rhea Malfoy Carthen is right in front of me.. And Yes Ex-auror Olshen was here with three other auror’s,” Johnny spoke quietly..

“We are investigating Thomas.. We are here with the full authority of MACUSA.. We do not believe Thomas is,” The Auror was knocked out cold by one of the Patrons..

“Staglite’s meeting is with the head of the Aurors..” Delphini paused for half a second, “I will let him know..”


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A man with a sigiled staff grinned as the Hogwarts quidditch players walked over to the practice area..

Wearing a very Expensive suit, “Hello littleone..” The americans were still singing, “I am here to make sure there are no issues..”

Thomas hugs Mrs. smith, “How are you.. We.. Won..”

“That you did you little F#$%er,” The sigils on the staff glow.. His MACUSA  badge on a belt, “I am here on behalf of MACUSA.. With your .. Well, your passport.. ”

Thomas’s eyes glow green, “Officer ..” Stepping back, “You put a tracker in it.. Mrs. smith can carry it..”

“Auror,” Mrs. smith narrowed her eyes..

“Auror.. So formal,” the auror looked out the corners of his eyes.. “I see I am being watched…” The American auror smiled, “are you sure you I am the one you should be worried about?” Looking at Rose and Lilly, “I digress.. My apologies Mrs. smith.. I tried to follow orders.. Mordred Butcher..”

“What do you mean that.. are you sure .. Thomas grew up to be a villian,” Lilly narrowed her eyes..

Molly Weasley stepped forward..

Mordred went to one knee, “Two red heads.. One of you have to be her..”

Minerva McGonagal stepped out from the edge of the building, “Auror..”

Ron Weasley was with her, “What do you mean?”

Thomas’s eyes glowed green as he transformed into his Necro animagus form.. One of the ghost appeared glowing green, “What do you mean.. You do not know what he is talking about..”

Mordred smiled, “You are right this was worth it.. ” Grinning, “You ensured you would not know .. I saw her too.. You woke me up to see this..”

“The missing five minutes and thirty two seconds, “Molly was wide eyed..

“Everyone at the battle was accounted for…” Ron went wide eyed, “You..”

“The ministry for magic had assembled over three hundred Aurors from around the world.. What they did not tell us peasants,” Mordred smiled looking Thomas in the eye.. “Was the fact that the doors to the room with love Magic burst open..”

Lilly and rose got a horrified look on their faces..

“No..No.. It was lily who,” Rose paused..

“You.. You know why I..” Thomas looked at Mordred, “You are not lying.. You apperated out of there quickly..”

Laughing, Mordred stood up.. “You sent your armor away and helped me up.. And took out your wand.. Raised it to me.. ” Mordred shook his head, “You saw her.. I hate sleepling alone.. Tell me this..”

“You.. You saw .. Heard the full conversation,” Molly responded with curosity..

“Groggy from a first year sleep spell..” Mordred shook his head,” She said a lot of crap.. I could not make most of it out.. ”

“The entrance to the love magics burst open,” Minerva asked..

“Thomas.. You did something.. You reached up and touched her face..  See you in the future my dear.. After she disappeared cussing you..” Mordred narrowed his eyes looking at Thomas,” Auror Mordred.. You are an honest man.. Tell me.. I.. ” Leaning forward, “Sonya Tilly.. If you get this message Younger me.. Sonya Tilly queen of Iceland..”

Thomas goes wide eyed..

“Who is Sonya tilly,” Lilly speaks first?

“Thomas.. What are you not telling me?” Rose Weasley turns thomas around, “What does that message mean?”

Thomas turns back around, “Queen of Iceland or Queen of Ice Land Parks..”

“The second one.. Ice Land Parks.. 403,” Mordred  looks at thomas.. “Carnegie Hall..”

“thomas,” Molly stepped forward… “Do you know what your older self meant..”

“Lazurus Long is my response,” Thomas whispers..

“Uhm.. No matter what else I say.. Their are TWO ways into Carnigie Hall,” Morded smiled rubbing the Bridge of his nose.. “Two ways into Carnegie Hall.. This time we are going in the front doors!”

“Auror Butcher,” Ron weasley took a moment.. “You should have reported this.. ”

Mordred smiled, “Auror Granger.. I did.. ”

Thomas is quiet and wide eyed..

“Mrs. smith.. I will meet you and Thomas at customs.. Congressman Staglite personally requested I accompany you on US soil..” Mordred stands up, “It is good to see you again thomas..”

Two female witches from Ilvermorny slowly walk from behind Ron and Minerva..

“Gaia.. Carra..” Mordred takes a deep breath, “This is..”

“You really do not remember us,” The older one sighs as a tear falls.. Readjusting her choker collar and pentagram, “Gaia Elva.. Sis.. He really does not remember..”

The Younger Witch in blue jeans, “I am Carra.. He.. He is so young.. I..”

Both girls surprise Thomas and hug him..

Confused, “What.. I..”

“They are Nicea’s daughters..” Joa-Joa’s words echoed, “Mayor Carthen Adopted both of them and their younger sister Asphora.. Well all of the carthen’s did.. ”

“We.. We did not know thomas,” Carra hugged Thomas again.. “Daddy got fifty years hard labor in a no-maj prison..”

“And.. Well Uncle Satyr got his a$$ beat by Congressman Staglite..” Gaia hugged Thomas again,” It took ten aurors to intervene.. ”

Chuckling , “The congressman never pulled his wand..” Mordred took a deep breath, “And it was Eleven Aurors.. I know.. I was the last one standing.. I just knocked out Satyr Elva.. ”

“Uncle Mordred.. Mama said you were her favorite brother..” Gaia instantly covered her mouth, “I.. @#$%”

Ron went wide eyed, “You .. Your sister was dating .. You never told anyone..”

An evil smile crossed Mordred’s face.. “Girl’s it was a personnel pleasure to arrest your father.. As your step father attacked MACUSA.. ”

Thomas looks at Mordred, “You.. You are.. ”

“Code name.. Dresden..” Ron and the other adults go wide eyed, ” I told Thomas’s older self if I caught him I would bring him in.. As for your dirty looks Auror’s.. Go F#$% yourselves..”

“You were Thomas’s source inside MACUSA,” Ron rested his hand on his wand?

“No.. I was the auror that kept getting delivered files on Nest of Puritans, Magikind trafficking, Grindelwald clubs, and Death Eaters..” Mordred eyed Thomas, “I had no choice but to investigate.. My supervisor knew that TEC was delivering me files..”

“Uncle Butcher,” Both girls are wide eyed.. “You..”

“Mrs. Smith,” Mordred is serious.. “I may need a lawyer when we get back to the states..”

“You are lying,” Ron responded a little pissed off..

“Watch it Weasley.. ”

“Enough boys,” Mrs. smith steps up.. “If he was her brother.. That makes him family and..”

“A client,” Mordred grins evilly..



Floating in the air with five floating Candles, and two all black scrolls, “Albus..”

“That is not too bad,” Albus looked at the flames.. Seeing the pink flame, “I thought..”

Turning his head 180 degrees, “Cool trick right.. ” Thomas’s body turned to match his head, ” It.. It keeps coming back..”


“Do.. Listen..” Thomas was not happy, “The only reason you are talking to me is because you were told to make friends with me..”

The slytherian robes moved gently, “My father told me I should get to know you.. And yes.. I still am wary of you.. You grew up to Level ICOW.. And nearly destroy MACUSA.. You kidnapped my mother.. And..”

“I am trying to steal your friends girl,” Thomas floated to the ground as his cloak seemed to move in the wind.. “She..”

“there is that..” Albus shook his head, “And yet.. There is your other side.. Kind and considerate.. Saving people.. Good deeds.. Rescuing magical creatures and the biomes..”

Thomas moved his hand as his wand seemed to appear into his hand..

Albus swallowed hard..

“Still afraid.. Relax Albus,” Thomas waved his wand..

A small chest comes out of a cupboard.. The cape floats to the chest and goes inside it.. Thomas waves his wand over the candles.. All the black flames disappear.. The pink flame comes to Thomas’s hand..

“What is that,” Albus is wide eyed..

“Love.. somehow a small part is there,” The candles go into the chest.. “Now.. I will play nice.. You can even come along so everyone thinks we are all friends.. Same with Scorpius.. I will not edit who I am..”

“Its.. ” Albus pauses for a second, “Thomas.. Scorpius and Rose are together.. And my sister is .. My sister..”

“What.. I am not good enough for them..”

Frustration eeks into Albus’s voice, “You know I am not the enemy and Scorpius is not either..”

Thomas shakes his head, “Really Potter.. My first day here y’all decided to teach me a lesson.. Then when competition gets hot you decided to be little b#$%^es.. Just like your Grandfather.. A Bully!!”

Albus pauses, “thomas.. ”

“You have any clue how far behind I am to all of your skill levels..” Sighing,” You grew up with magic.. I did not.. I was robbed.. So you can F#$% off if you expect me to just back off.. It is called competition.. For the record.. As professor Scamander always told me, A wedding Ring does not make a woman property..”

“You know that.. That..” Albus stops himself, “Thomas.. You.. You are faking skill level..”

Thomas looks away..

“You cant measure yourself against yourself.. I mean.. You are not Thomas Elliot Carthen, the elder..” Albus paused, “You.. You are your own man..”

“Really.. Then why is my Patronius a twelve foot tall Alien Xenomorph Queen..” Thomas’s eyes glowed green, “I..”

“You are listening to a ghost,” Albus looked at Thomas.. “I mean.. That is how.. You.. You have been lying to us all.. They have been tutoring you.. Thomas you need to let Minear…”

“No.. You tell him,” Thomas spoke to someone who was not there.. “You abandoned a friend.. The truth is you lacked the courage to be honest with snape! He was your friend! no.. LALALALALALA!”

A chill seemed to feel the air as a female figure appeared surrounded in a green glow..

Geraldine Somerville

“.. not tell my Grandson I am,” The ghost stopped cold.. “Thomas Elliot carthen.. ” The Spirit took a deep breath is seemed,” Albus…”

A tear from Albus’s face, “Grand.. Grandmother..” Shaken his head, “Thomas.. This..”

“I still do not know if they are real or after images from the veil,” Thomas responded… “And you.. Tell me.. You choose the jock and abandoned a friend.. ”

“YOU,” The room turned colder! “YOU THINK I DID NOT WATCH WHAT YOU DID… No wonder Athena did not marry….”

Glowing completely green, “What.. Am I now a mudblood?” thomas Defiantly spoke in an erie hollow voice, “To be abandoned because of one moment.. While a bully, cruel and evil, prospers.. ”

Scorpius froze as he entered the Slytherin main area..

“You lied.. You used.. You rationalized.. He could have been happy..” Thomas coldly spoke, “All you had to have was the courage of your house.. Servus.. I just do not feel that way..I am sorry.. ”

“Thomas you..” Lily’s ghost had a tear fall it seemed, “It was a lot more complicated then that..”

“Not Really.. ” Thomas is glowing a bright green, “Why does the spirit that haunts me look like JAMES POTTER?”

The ghost of Lily Evans Potter looks away..

“What is he talking about,” Albus steps forward unafraid?

For half a second a something glowing geen tries to come through..

“Albus.. You and Scorpius.. Have to be.. ” The spirit starts to disappear, “Thomas is NOT your enemy.. I love you Albus.. Tell your dad I..”

Thomas just stood there as Albus and Scorpus where wide eyed.. Thomas goes to one knee, a skeleton hand touches the ground as his eyes turn milky white..

Gloria walked in on the tail end of the conversation, “Bloody wow.. Thomas.. We need to..”

Thomas passes out onto the ground..

“Thomas,” Gloria runs to him.. “You..” Picking up his hand, “Its ice cold.. SCORPIUS… GET YOUR GRANDFATHER.. ALBUS.. GET THE CLOSEST PROFESSOR!!  GO!” A tear fell down Gloria’s face, “You stupid little boy.. What did you do?”


French Creole | Mixed Races

Tears fell down Thomas’s face, “Gloria.. You.. Please.. I..”

Gloria had her natural hair down.. Reaching over, “You.. You are not meant for me.. You.. You are one of the previous generations greatest mages.. You.. You always did the right thing.. I do not belong here.. You do.. I .. I start next semester at Ilernmorny..”

Thomas hugged gloria, “I.. I..”

“You are a little coward to..” Gloria had her own tears, “Exhaustion.. trying to make sure I don’t go..”

“You.. You could stay,” Thomas spoke softly.. “I am not a poor man..”

“What.. And have to fight off Victoria, Fortuna, Capricorna, Mafalda.. Half the adult pure blood females.. Rose keeps giving me evil looks.. Lily is plotting to remove me..” Stroking Thomas face, “You told me you.. Well I wont tell a soul.. Listen to me..  We.. We both know who you like…”

Gloria turned to leave..

Thomas apperated Around her, “Gloria.. I..”

Thomas Fell to one knee..

“You dont have to keep pushing yourself,” Gloria had barely managed to stop her own tears..

A sphinx appeared and silently observed..

Minerva stopped herself from moving..

“Another F#$%ing TEST!!!” Thomas was pissed, “I..”

Gloria took a deep breath, “Thomas.. I.. I just cant stay..”

Gloria hugs Thomas, then she runs out of the room..

“Gloria,” Thomas manages to stand up bracing himself on one of the other beds in hospital ward..

Nurse Guen sighed as an older woman in a sigiled White doctor’s coat was escorted in by Auror Butcher.. “Doctor Potter, Sherry.. Brigadier General Retired US Army..  ”

“Hello Thomas,” Doctor Potter took a deep breath shaking her head..  “Doctor Longbottom.. ”

Hannah took a deep breath, “You.. You are Thomas’s personal healer..”

“”As for you young man.. What in sam H#$$ did you do.. ” Pointing to the bed, “Get up there.. NOW!..”

“But,” Thomas froze emotionally..

“No buts young man..” With a cool demeanor as Thomas Complied slowly, “I have been a practicing doctor like my Grandfather..  “Shaking her head with her scope in her hand, “Lift your shirt.. ”

“You.. You are my private Doctor,” Thomas lifted his shirt?

“Headmistress McGonagal.. I will be checking out his children to.. Breath,” Doctor Potter put the sigiled stethoscope to Thomas’s chest.. “Nurse Guen.. Get the other children in..”

Thomas turned into his necro-animagus form..

Doctor Potter chuckled, “Same Jack@$$ your older self was..  Ok.. We will have to do blood sample the old fashioned way..”

“It will be undead blood,” Thomas spoke defiantly..

Doctor Potter gave a stern look to Thomas..

Thomas transformed back to normal..

“All the signs of exhaustion,” Looking at Hannah picking up the clip board.. Doctor Potter walks over to the monitor, “It is the very same symptoms I had to deal with last time..”

Minerva calmly moves next to the doctor, “So it is exhaustion..”

“Little Thomas will push himself.. ” Pausing, “Well.. His older self did.. ” Putting back the clip board taking out a pen light, “Human eyes.. Then Necro-animagus eyes.. Same for throat and ears..”

She checks Thomas’s eyes..

“We won..” Thomas changes his eyes, “I..”

A smile came over Doctor Potter’s face, “I know.. Maybe we will finally win a quidditch cup..”

Minerva looks at the muggle doctor, “You follow..”

“Mach 2.. Good luck Brits,” Doctor Potter smiled.. “I have to keep America’s hope at a Qudditch Championship in great health.. You know how insulting was to find out we have never won one..”

Thomas grins as Doctor Potter puts the tongue depressor on thomas’s tongue..

“Necro,” Doctor Potter calls out.. Shining the light, “Interesting.. The younger version has same style..”

“So how did the Older Thomas get you to be his Personal Physician,” Hannah quietly ask watching Doctor Potter work?

taking out a separate device, Doctor Potter checks Thomas’s ear.. “I told him he had to get my idiot Grandson out of Juvie.. custody given to me.. And the children’s hospital I was the Administrator at, needed our own MRI equipment.. Laser surgical equipment.. An Updated burn ward, with the best of the best equipment and doctors.. New computers.. My granddaughter had been turned down for brown.. I would work for him if he took care of it.. Oh, and my husband needed certain parts for his project car he was working on.. Normal thomas..”

Thomas grinned evilly as she checked his ears..

“He bribed you,” Butcher chuckled..

“My grandson was brought by US Marshalls to the hospital.. They were NOT happy.. It turns out it may have been mistaken identity..  And the judge decided to keep it in review but I was given emergency custody..” Looking in Thomas’s ear, “Keep in mind this was the next day.. Delivery trucks showed up.. Our whole computer system was updated.. With several technicians to install it.. A contractor showed up to look over the rooms for the MRI, and burn ward.. ”

“Delivered the next day,” Hannah looked at Thomas..

“Nose,” Doctor Potter was smiling as she changed attachments.. “My husband showed up with lunch and my grand daughter.. He kissed me… the parts to his Lamborghini P400 Miuras had shown up.. and three other project cars he had wanted.. and the contractors for his own shed..”

“Your granddaughter had got accepted to brown university,” Butcher moved his jaw..

“The had ACCIDENTALLY,” Doctor Potter narrowed her eyes at Thomas.. “Sent the wrong letter.. We were invited to visit the university the next day..When we went to visit.. I was greeted by an old adversary.. She had a black eye going away, an arm cast, and a knee brace.. She never looked me in the eye.. Necro.. Anyway.. It turns out she had purposely made sure my grand daughter was denied.. My dear husband raised an eyebrow when Doctor Eckheart told me I did not have to play rough..” disposing of the plastic tip, “A well dressed woman who spoke bad english spoke.. And my old nemesis flinched at the russian accent.. The doctor apologized for her unprofessional behavior..”

“I sent the russians,” Thomas tried not to laugh..

“You did child.. ” She shook her head, “My husband and me spoke quietly.. I told him what had happened..”

“Did your Grandson straighten out,” Thomas innocently asked?

“He is a welder now.. “Doctor Potter stepped back, “Headmistress McGonagal.. I recommend… I recommend no magic for two weeks. No studying, practicing, or Quidditch.. He really should have Twenty four hours of observation..  I will fly with him to the US…”

“I.. I will not be able to go to the ..”

“And upset a long lost cousin..” Doctor Potter looked at her young patient and sat on the bed.. “What is the real deal here?”

Thomas is very quiet..

“I see..” Doctor Potter looks, “I saw Gloria storm out of here.. ” Rubbing the bridge of her nose, “Have they told you your mother is Alive.. They found her.. She is being examined by my husband right now..”

More tears fell down Thomas’s face, “I told them she wasnt dead.. When can I see her?”

“Thomas.. She is being checked at the children’s burn ward you built..” Doctor Potter took a breath, “Other then the physical damage.. There is a LOT of psychological damage.. I ordered a full doctorial review.. It will take at least another week.. Then we have to see if she wants to see you..”

Thomas froze and looked at the doctor, “She.. She doesnt want to see me?”

“Thomas Elliot carthen, ” Doctor Potter was very stern.. “You hired me to take care of ALL my patients.. And my word is final in medical matters.. ”

“You were not supposed to tell him yet,” Auror butcher had sly grin..  Changing to a serious face, “Your mother has over 50% of her body burned from the fire..” Thomas blinked as one eye was normal and the other went all white, “She is being treated by your organization.. ”

“It was a magical fire,” Thomas sounded hollow and far away?

“Her burns are not responding to magical treatments..” Doctor Potter took a deep breath, “the scars are.. It is a painful process, but no-maj medicine is having a better effect.. So far if she was anyone else.. She would not be covered.. ”

Thomas got an angry look on his face.. “Fix her..”

“We are Thomas.. She is not ready to talk with you,” Doctor Potter held up her hand.. “She has been on the run from something.. And she is lying to me.. She is not ready emotionally littleone, in my professional Opinion..”

“Wait..” Thomas’s eyes glowed green, “MAMA!!”

Does Neve instead get BURNED by the fire she's cast into or by the stone she takes? She's grossly mutilated on half her face.

Thomas looks over making everyone turn their heads..

Walking in with Lucius on her arms, “Brother will my son even know me.. I mean.. ”

“Venus..” Lucius takes a deep breath, “He will..”

Thomas came off the bed.. He disappeared in to the veil..

He reappeared right in front of his mother, “Mama.. I..”

Thomas hugged the half burned woman in a black dress.. It was long sleeved on the side that was burned..

“My little one,” Tears fell down Venus’s face.. “And in house slytherin.. ”

Both just hug each other for a long time..

“This is against my best advice,” Doctor Potter sighs..

“Me and my friends led hogwarts to victory..  My daughter took Gold in dueling.. And My friend took second.. My daughter took first in…”

“I know my litter seeker.. Gold in everything.. And the Bloody americans are celebrating.. ” Venus hugged Thomas again, “My little Mach 2..”

“Why.. Why are your dressed all Fancy,” Thomas paused and looked at his mother? “Oh.. The Ball..”

“I am not sure I approve of your Date..” Seeing Thomas’s face, “It is my job as your mother to scare all your girlfriends.. So.. Where is this Lily Luna Potter?” Pausing, “First you have to get dressed and introduce me to my grand children and your friends.. Then me and Rose and Lily need to speak.. And..”

Thomas goes quiet lipped..

“Doctor Potter.. ” Venus gracefully speaks, “You said you give Thomas a shot.. And as long as he refrained from magic he should be ok..”

“Professor Joa-Joa.. Gave me a tea that I had made..” The older Doctor narrowed her eyes, “One glass but you.. And Yes.. NO MAGIC USE.. OR STUDY..”

Winky brought Thomas a cup of tea almost on command..

“Doctor Potter,” Hannah Longbottom was worried.. “Thomas is exhausted.. Not to mention the emotional damage from gloria leaving..”

“Agh.. I do NOT Care.. this is..” Lily’s voice fills the air, “I do not care that it was designed by some famous designer.. and cost more then.. ”

“I am scorpius’s date why do I have to be here,” Rose carries her upset in her tone.. “He is more interested in Gloria..

“Lily Luna Potter..” The female voice speaks firmly, “I am not the one who lost a bet.. Rose..  It is time you explain to thomas exactly what you think.. ”

“She might not have to go.. Dad may not,”Artemis stops cold as she sees the half burned woman next to Lucius and thomas..

Thomas  pauses as he sees Lily and rose..

“Brother.. I see Amunet’s structure..” Venus Malfoy steps forward, “You must be my Grand-daughter.. Artemis right..”

Artemis swallows hard, “Grand… Grand..”

Venus hugs Artemis, “Relax.. Hiding in america as a muggle changed the way I think, and my accent.. You are beautiful.. Dear Brother you will need to stand in for Thomas with her boyfriends.. It is an American Tradition..”

“You.. You are alive,” Rose stood swallowing hard..

“They dont look like weasley Bloodlines in those dresses.. Except you.. Mrs. Potter..” Venus Malfoy narrowed her eyes, “Congratulations again on the twins..”

seeing the Anger on Ginny’s face, Venus Malfoy burst out loud laughing..

“That is not funny,” Ginny took a deep breath..

“Mrs. Potter.. Where do you think my son gets his sense of humor,” Venus Malfoy’s tone doesnt match her half expressions? “Good god.. She is more stuck up then Minerva and Mama. Cant even take a joke.. ” Venus sticks her tongue out at Ginny..

Lily giggles and then covers her mouth when Lucius rubs his brow

“Artemis.. Be a dear and round up my son’s male friends for your uncle..” Venus takes Rose and Lily’s arms, “You have to tell me what my son was doing with that american huzzy Gloria.. I will tell you about Professor Malfoy and his courting of Narcissa.. ”

Rose and Lily looked back to Ginny..

“Venus,” Lucius was very serious..

“He dressed up as a muggle richman..” Venus giggled, “and sung a poem he wrote for Narcissa.. The Problem was he forgot the belt.. And his pants fell down..”

“VENUS RHEA MALFOY,” Lucius was serious..

Rose and Lily Giggled..

Ginny covered her mouth as Lucius was embarrassed..

Auror butcher Grinned..

“The funny part was he Kept singing,” Venus giggled herself. “such confidence and in his knickers.. Never missed a note..”

“Venus.. That is not an appropriate sto,” Lucius was interrupted.

“blow it out your pipe bubba..” With a smile, “But.. Please leave your robes on this time.. Ladies I need to meet those two little mages that are my step daughters.. as the elder Malfoy Male.. It is his job to deal with his nieces boyfriends.. And he is as stuck up as Mother..”

Lily and Rose leave with Venus Malfoy..

“What is.. She,” ginny was confused.. “Wait..”

“My grand mother was the party girl Malfoy,” Artemis looks at Lucius as he sighs.. “It is kinda funny.. So which one is she trying to set Dad up with.. She is still a malfoy..”

Ginny potter was wide eyed, quickly leaving the room..

“I am not to worried about you little one,” Doctor Potter smiled.. “You have a LARGE support network.. ” Looking at Lucius, “And I see now where you get your serenading tendencies from..”


Tailia Ingrum was laughing as she joked with Venus.. They pointed to several of the Adults..

“They are bonding,” Butcher Whispers to Lucius..

“My sister has her own ways,” Lucius smiles as several People are whispering.. He tosses his cane to his sister, “Hold this.. Narcissa my Love..”

Narcissa was wearing a very expensive looking dress, “Lucius Malfoy..”

“Fortuna,” Lucius called out as several students chuckled whispering.. “The last song for the night..”

Narcissa blushed as Lucius Took her hand, with the soft beats of music started playing..

Lucius walked Narcissa out to the floor, putting his hand around her waist..

As they slowly danced, Arthur took Molly’s hand and led her out..

Athena takes the woman with her’s hand out to the dance floor, holding her tight..

Scorpius took Rose’s hand and lead her out to the floor..

Professor Scamander was holding Amunet close..

Lily was dancing with one of the Ilvernmorny students..

“D@#n,” Venus took a deep breath..

Neville had just taken Hannah out to the floor and saw the situation..

“Just dance.. “Hannah whispered..

Thomas saw everyone dancing and just stood there.. The Sphinx watched the situation saying nothing..

“Venus,” Tailia whispered.. “He… The sphinx are here..”

“Another test,” Venus swallowed hard.. “Scorpius and.. ” Venus was pissed as she looked at several of the students.. She spied one of the instructors from the African school grinning, “They set my thomas up…”

Tailia put her hand on Venus arm, “I think things are boiling to a head..”

Minerva caught the sight of another Sphinx apperating in.. “This is not good.. Fontaine..”

The Uagadou instructor got nervous when several other Sphinx apparated in..

Number One apparated in, Hopping up onto thomas’s shoulder..

Thomas grimaced with emotions hitting him hard, Glaring at the Uagadou Instructor..

“Mr. carthen,” Minerva tries to walk over with a Sphinx blocking her way.

Thomas starts awkwardly clapping loudly, receiving everyone’s attention..

“Hannah,” Neville took a deep breath.. Whispering, “What did you do?”

Thomas has not taken his eyes off the Uadadou instructor.. “Well played.. You decided to strike at me emotionally.. and leaving yourself plausible deniability.. Well played.. Mr. Delarosse..”

“Thomas,” Rose closed her eyes for a second.. “Listen..”

“You and Lily broke your word to me..” Thomas had a tear fall, “Well played.. A complete psychological assault using petty means..” Thomas clapped again, “Well Played Porfessor Delarosse..”

“Professor Delafosse,” Minerva called out..

“Headmistress McGonagal..” The light skinned Professor responded, “Mr. carthen has a huge imagination.”

Thomas just claps again..

“Thomas.. Listen you never Asked me to,”Lily closes her eyes.. “I forgot.. I know I promised the last dance to you.. Dont do this.. Please..” Lily looked at Scorpius and swallowed hard..

Albus caught the look between the two, “Oh bloody hell..”

Rose is glaring at Lily…

Hannah freezes swallowing hard..

Artemis looks around, “Father.. What are you doing?”

“Nothing my oldest beautiful daughter.. Absolutely nothing,” Thomas grins evilly.. “Mrs. Potter.. What was it your brother said to harry during his first year..”

Ron rested his hand on his wand, “There is not a witch or wizard who went bad who wasnt in slytherin..” After a few moments, “What did you do Thomas?”

“We aint on a first name basis law dog,” thomas defiantly responds.. “And.. Absolutely Nothing Auror Granger!”

Venus sighs and whispers, “Tailia.. We may have to get him out of here..”

“So you are trying to cover up your embarassment.. ” Rose shakes her head, “Really thomas.. I.. Scorpius.. Why wont you look at me.. ” Looking at Albus and then Lily, “What happened?”

“I have no interest in this.. Minerva.. You need to teach the little Slytherin manners,” Professor Delarosse rolled his eyes.. “Zara.. It is time we leave.. This is..” Delarosse looked around when he realized no one responded, “ZARA…”

Thomas nods to fortuna.. Beats of music fill the air..

The muggle/no-maj born students all swallow hard…

Athena’s wife giggles as she whispers, “there’s lover boy..”

Amunet hears the comment and goes wide eyed..

Scamander chuckles, “It is my fault..”

“They see me rollin..” Thomas is apperated by Number one up to the stage, “They hatin.. Patrolin.. Trying to catch me riding dirty..”

“Where is my wife!!!” Delarosse reaches for his wand, “You.. You had her kidnapped..”

Thomas just sings off key..

Gaia and Carra both grabbed several Slytherin females and apperated up to the stage.. Patricia, Bali, And Alurem smiled as both girls whispered to them..

Capricornia and Malfada Apperate up next to Thomas..

As thomas is is trying to rap sing, Mafalda raises her wand.. “You come for one Slytherin.. You come for all of us..” Maflada’s wand tip glows green..

Capricornia Waits for the timing, “They can see me..”

Gaia switches off every other verse with Capricornia..

Slowly the members of slytherian raise wands making them glow green..

Albus hits Scorpius in the arm, “What did you do?”

Rose turns Scorpius around to face her, “Scorpius.. You purposely made me skip my dance with thomas..”

The ilvermorny Student dancing with Lily, Glares up at the stage.. “You.. You are celebrating a killer..”

Lily turns the kid around, “You.. You purposely.. This was a set up..” Lily has a tear run down her face, “I thought you.. You liked me.. You..”

“Please.. ” The Ilvermorny student pushed Lily back, “Your little boyfriend killed my father..  Doctor Longbottom and Professor Delaro ..” The Ilvernmorny student frooze, “I do not ca..”

Artemis has her wand in his face with the tip glowing, “They see me rolling..”

She is singing along with Alurem, Patricia, Bali, and her father on the chorus..

“That.. WHERE IS MY WIFE YOU,” Professor Delarosse is caught by Weasley and Butcher.. “He kidnapped her..”

“ENOUGH,” Ginny has her wand out.. “CUT THE MUSIC… NOW THOMAS!!”

Venus Malfoy appeartes to right in front of Ginny with her wand out, “Lower your wand away from my son.. NOW!”

Mafalda and Carra smile and start the next set of verses..

Amir looked around and the paused, “Where is my father.. You.. Just because I am dating your daughter.. ” Amir drew his wand, “You think..”

Several other arguments start breaking out, with other wands drawn..

Minerva subtley takes out her wand, “Enough..” No one listens to her.. In response she cast a spell causing a set of loud fireworks to explode in the air above the arguers..

Everyone stops including Mafalda and Carra..

“Now.. Mr. carthen..” Minerva takes a deep breath, “Where is..” Rubbing the bridge of her nose after having a thought, “Thomas.. You have not done a thing have you? Not a thing at all..”

“I gave you my word.. I said I might sing a song..” Looking at the Sphinx, “I think this test was.. I realized.. I do not need to worry about things in some situations.. Opponents and enemies will expose themselves.. Sometimes to the extent of destroying themselves..”

The Sphinx all disappeared from the hall except one.. “Liberator.. Show your work please.. I am the dissenting voice here..”

“I..” Thomas was apperated to the Sphinx by Number One, “I can not.. The self destruction continues.. I said I would stay out of it.. The sub lesson was I had to get out of the way.. I almost responded..”

“The clapping was a clear cut..” The Sphinx stopped herself, “I see.. The ancient human bro-code.. You spoke of this to me many times.. Very well I..”

“No.. If you think I failed.. It means I have to ..” Thomas pauses, “To retake this.. ”

The Sphinx grinned.. “No little Liberator.. It means you just aced it.. ” turning towards Hector Scamander, “Honored Mentor.. We are pleased to see your Protoege is flourishing and developing here at hogwarts.. No doubt a testement to Yourself and Minerva..”

Thomas grinned..

“we are well aware of Mopsus interferring.. ” The Sphinx sternly spoke, “Tell the old seer I wish to speak to again in private.. ”

Thomas reaches up and just pets the Sphinx behind the ears, “thank you.. ”

“Thomas,” Minerva  and Venus freeze when the sphinx let him!

Thomas whispers to her..

The Sphinx sighs and whispers back..

After a few exchanges as Thomas scratches behind her ear, “I accept your answers.. Headmistress McGonagal.. Thomas has passed this part of the test..  Self Control.. to do nothing and thus destroy the competition.. Remember Liberator, sometimes you have to let the ape out to play..”

“He had my wife kidnapped.. I want him arrested..” Professor Delarosse pointed at Amir, “Thomas had this students father kidnapped to..”

“Apes,” The Sphinx laughed as she Apperated out..

The Slytherian students seem to stand an inch taller, with whispers of Noblese Oblige filling the room from them..

Lucius lowers his sisters wand as she looks at the students..  In a whisper, “He has officially been accepted.. By his house mates..”

Thomas hops off the stage, “Headmistress.. You want everyone to Return to their common rooms.. While the law investigates.. ”

“Yes Mister carthen.. ” Looking around at several of the adults, “The ball is over..” Coldly Minerva turns back to Thomas, “Young man.. From now on.. Feel free to trust me enough to speak with me over issues similar to this..” Taking a deep breath, “You are not alone anymore.. ”

Lucius grabs Albus and Scorpius by the ears, “You two.. My office.. NOW!”

“LUCIUS,” Ginny called out..

“Ginny,” Molly quietly interjects.. “He is a professor here now.. And .. I will be joining him in his office shortly. Be a dear and wait for me to give them a larger piece of my mind… LILY!! ROSE!! ” Molly has her hand raised pointing to her office, “NOW!”


Lucius gets hit in the arm by his sister.. Picking up a blanket on the floor, Venus pauses at its softness, “Wow.. It is so soft.. Is this hand sewed or.. Just like Capricorna’s, Patricia’s, And Bali’s.. ”

“Your son is definitely a Malfoy.. Not a single off the rack item, except his boxer briefs.. Tailia insisted he liked those.. And thomas did not argue,” Lucius Waves his wand lowering the lights..

Venus takes a deep breath as she covers Thomas and Alurem up, “It looks like he got over Gloria..” Venus kiss her sons forehead, “My little death knight of the realm..”

Alurem goes wide eyed when she sees Venus Malfoy.. “I..”

“Go to sleep I will be back in the morning,” Venus coolly speaks..

Alurem yawns and just lays her head back down on Thomas’s shoulder.. She moves the blanket and softly smiles as she has her arm on the outside..

Picking up the other blanket, “And this one is Definitely my Grand daughter…” Venus picks up the blanket and pillows on the floor, “Lucius.. These are the softest pillows I..”

Artemis yawns as she sits up, “Grandma..”

“Do NOT insult me child.. I am not THAT old! Go back to sleep..” Venus hands her the pillow and then the blanket.. Venus leans over and kisses Artemis’s forehead, “You get some sleep.. And good luck keeping an eye on him..”

Artemis took Venus tucking her in, “Did.. My..”

“You mother and her wife are sound asleep.. And my brother put Albus and Scorpius in their beds,” Venus shook her head slowly.. “Do I have to read you a bed time story to?”

“With breakfast in bed would be nice,” Artemis rolled over.. “Eggs benedict.. And earl grey tea.. With ..”

Venus hits Artemis in the arm, “Two biscuits.. Ham and three pieces of bacon.. Tough S#$%.. It is self serve missy..”

Artemis does not open her eyes, “Ok.. Nana..”

“Smart a$$,” A tear falls down Venus’s face.. “I missed so much..” Looking at her brother. “Let me go tuck in Bruce and Littleshade..” Sighing leaving the area, “I may need a shotgun.. I will have to talk with My father in law..”

“Shotgun? Why do you need a street sweeper,” Lucius paused?

Raising an eyebrow at her brother, “Cuz.. I mean because.. You know what a shotgun is?”

Lucius grinned, “I might have heard a few things..” Lucius stops, “Sis you do not have to stay in the american accent.. And the exit is this way..”

“I was in this room for a few years Bubba..” Venus grins as her brother winces, “And.. My great nephew needs tucked in.. ”

“He is growing up a man.. He needs to..”

“Oh bloody hell brother.. His mother is fighting for her life still.. Quit being a wanker,” Venus was not very quiet.. “I will tuck in Scorpius and albus if I bloody want to.. ” Lucius chuckles making Venus glare at him, “Morgaines pubes, dont give me That crap.. ” Going into a mocking voice similar to Sylvia, “Young lady you are old enough to stand on your own.. We are malfoys.. Blah, bloody Blah..”

Lucius shook his head, “Venus..”

“Keep in mind.. It was MY son who brought the wizarding world to its knees Lucy..  I raised him.. To believe in such things as kindness and love.. So if any of you and the other fanatics have a bloody issue with it.. Just think on that.. I tucked him in bed every night till the fire.. Kissed his forehead.. And.. Take tonight for example..”

Ginny came around a staircase, “Little thomas won without lifting a finger.. Venus..”

To ginny’s surprise Venus took her arm, “Lets go tuck in our slytherian children… right now these boys need their mother.. ”

Ginny is shocked at Venus’s statement..

“Narcissa is checking on Draco..” Ginny is pulled forward by Venus, “We can gossip.. And my brother can stand there bored..”

“They are facing..” Lucius sees his sister keeps walking, “Venus..”

“Ignore him.. He takes after Mama too much,” Venus walks into a room letting go of ginny.. She reaches down and picks up a blanket,” Ok same brand..” Covering up the child in the shadows, “Oops.. Ginny that one is yours.. I ll let your mother tuck you in albus”

Ginny is trying to take in the shock..

Albus yawns and sees Venus.. A little startled, “Mrs… Ms.. Malfoy..”

“It is ok albus.. ” venus goes to the other bed, “SCORPIUS..”

“Auntie.. Auntie Venus,” Scorpius sets up and looks down instantly..

Venus hugs Scorpius as she laughs.. “Boo.. It is ok Scorpius.. You’re family.. You do need to treat your cousin a hell of a lot better..” Pulling up the blanket, “Your mother is responding to the treatments..”

A tear falls down Scorpius’s face and Venus wipes it..

“Its ok baby,” Venus hugs Scorpius again.. “I am mad at you.. Make no mistake .. You are family.. ”

Ginny tucks in Albus and sighs, “Albus.. It..” She feels a wand under the blanket, “ALBUS..”

Venus hits ginny with a pillow, “SHHHHH!!”

Albus looks at His mother’s annoyed face.. “Venus .. They were..”

“I spoke with Minerva.. ” Venus was cool, “They children have to be able to defend themselves..” Standing up, “Good night boys..”

“Good night.. Auntie.. Mrs. Potter.. Grandfather,” Scorpius yawned..

“Good night Mama, Mrs. carthen, Professor Malfoy,” Albus yawns not meaning to..

“good night boys,” Ginny stands up covering albus again..

“Night boys,” Venus looks at her brother..

“I will see you two in the morning,” Lucius speaks with an aloft tone..

As the three leave, Lucius.. There is no need to be..”

“Be quiet Ginny..” Venus coldly speaks, “The boys need real strong men.. They need examples that are different.. Lucius is the cold old school.. Your husband, if he wants to be an influence and a different example.. He should be here as a counter example.. Give a lecture every so often..”

“VENUS,” ginny has an equally cold tone.. Walking out of Slytherian, “I know how to raise my children..”

Venus just keeps walking..

“You cant just ignore me,” Ginny moves a Little faster.. “Bloody hell woman..”

Venus Apperates very slowly, giggling..

Lucius just hits his forehead with his right palm..


Molly poured some tea, “So His mother surprised you?”

“She Tucked in Jorel.. Told him that they had to find him a rich doctor or lawyer to marry..” Sighing as she took the tea, “Venus Overall is nothing like Lucius.. She is.. It just..”

“A mother,” Molly took her cup as she sat down..

“The Malfoy’s are.. She hugged and kissed her.. Bruce is a Vela and Little shade is a werewolf.. She is kind, caring,  and.. She even made a special stop to check on Thomas’s friends.. Even fortuna in hufflepuff.. Making sure they where tucked in.. Then she sent out owls and texts.. ‘Made sure all of my grandchildren and thomas’s friends where tucked in..’ And, ‘ Triple checked all of the security measures.. ‘ Then, ‘breakfast is more like brunch.. So sleep in if you like..’ She then finished, ‘checking everything again.. ‘ ”

Molly sipped her tea..

“She sung to fortuna till she went back to sleep.. She ,” Ginny took a deep breath.. “How can she be a malfoy? Are we sure she is.. I mean .. Her son never harmed me.. But..”

Molly quietly sat saying nothing..

Ginny paused, “Mother.. I..”

Molly’s eyes seemed to penetrate her daughter and through the wall..

“I.. There is a lot going on.. I am ok.. And so is harry,” Ginny swallowed hard.. With her mother saying nothing, “It is between me, harry, and Neville..”

Molly said nothing, while not blinking..

Ginny swallowed hard, “Mother.. What..”

“I do not doubt Venus is his mother..” Molly took a sip of tea as she sat in an old desk,” I had a few occasions to speak with him.. ” Molly actually blushes for half a second, “I told your father what he said.. That old goat .. Kissed me after he laughed.. ”

“MOTHER,” Ginny was surprised..

“You wanted to be treated like an adult over your adult behavior..” Molly smiled slightly, “As I was saying.. One of the slytherians.. Bali I believe, asked thomas why do you listen to what she is saying..” A large smile crossed Molly’s face, “”Because.. She has two of the most beautiful granddaughters in the world.. And .. Well their mother is hot.. So.. I am trying to figure out where there glow comes from.. He pauses and looks at me very inappropriately.. He speaks there it is.. I see it.. The sparkle of love when I mentioned her husband.. ”

Ginny looks confused..

“Little thomas stood up and Took Bali’s face in his hands.. “Molly smiled, “He said.. I am researching the difference between love and lust.. And.. There!.. There Bali.. I see it.. The ancient magic..”

“Mother.. That was inappropriate of him..”

“Arthur has been listening.. And said Thomas.. He caught me and your father’s eyes locking.. “With a chuckle, “He shouted.. There it is.. Love.. The ancient Magic.. LOOK.. LOOK.. LOOK!” After shaking her head, “Arthur just smiled as several of the students were lookin at our eyes.. Bali looked sighed as Thomas held her face.. Thomas.. The little rat let go and walked over to Arthur and started checking him out.. ”

A slight chuckle came from ginny..

“thomas’s eyes glowed green.. He put his hand over his chest and bowed his head in a nod.. Called Arthur a grandmaster of the ancient magic.. Just like thomas was a necromancer, Arthur was a Lovemancer..”

“Thomas really did that?”

“Bali had regained her composure and called thomas out on it.. Thomas took her hand and took her to your father.. Said LOOK..” Molly sipped her tea, “Bali was as confused as was your father..  thomas told her to look at his eyes and watch..”

Ginny sipped her tea listening..

” ‘Molly Prewit.. With her red locks blowing softly in the wind..’ Your Father looked right at me and grinned.. He blinked,” Molly held the cup politlely.. “Bail was surprised.. Bloody hell, Holy.. She tapped Patricia’s desk trying to get her up there.. Bali took a step back in awe.. Said come here.. It..”

Ginny was confused, “They saw what..”

“Bali got Paticia and Capricornia up there.. Several had stood there.. Your Father was blushing.. Thomas said, ‘Mr Weasley..Molly in her wedding dress at the alter..’ ” Molly took a small sip, “All The kids kids gasped.. They whispered to each other.. Your father said, ‘Now that was a day one never forgets.. The finest things in life little slytherins that money cant buy. ‘ I had lost complete control of the class.. Little Thomas was full of questions as was the whole class..”

Ginny looked at her mother’s grin..

“Your father was hopeless..” Molly rolled her eyes, “He answered all the questions.. But Little thomas had sat back down.. He had closed his eyes.. Your father asked him what is going on..  ”

“What did he do.. Show dad a love letter,” Ginny chuckled..

“Thomas..  The poor child walked over.. I would of asked Mrs. weasley.. But it.. Thomas looked at your father and took a deep breath.. Alurem Snyde poked fun at him.. Did he see this spark of Love..” Molly chuckled, “Your father coughed politely, ‘Mrs. snyde.. Thomas has preformed several..’ Thomas summoned a massive black flame.. ”


“This is raw death magic.. The flame I think it is the raw energy meeting our world.. I have been practicing my kung fu with it..”

“Mother.. He.. Death energy?”

“Your father had jumped back with everyone else.. And then.. ” Molly chuckled, “Your daughter Lily scolded him.. Poor thomas.. He was annoyed.. ‘that is not the problem! Mr. Weasley.. WHAT IS THIS CRAP! Mr. Carthen Captured something small.. A small pink sparkle.. The dark flames danced around it. ‘ This defeated Voldemort.’ ”

“A small pink sparkle..” Ginny had her eyebrows raised, “Left overs from when he rewrote the entrance to the chamber of.. Wait he knows what love magic is?”

“Your getting ahead of me.. Your father, bless his soul..” Molly leaned back with a smile, “Took a moment.. looking at it.. ‘It is a good question.. Does it burn?’ Thomas responded, ‘YES.. sometimes.. But I.. I discovered.. ”

“He closed his eyes, and said Athena.. The little spark.. turned into a four foot flame..” Arthur Weasley walked into the office, “I reached out partially almost burned my hand,,” Arthur kissed Molly, “Lucius had walked into the room right before Little Thomas said that.. ”

“Lucius was not to happy.. ” Molly patted Arthur on the but just out of Ginny’s Line of sight,” He wanted to know what was going on..”

“Thomas told him.. It is why Voldemort could never killed you.. It is the hidden spark.. You look at Auntie Narcissa and it is there.. Mr. weasley.. ” Arthur jovially smiled, “Lucius tried to put the flame out.. He yanked his hand back.. ‘ As I was saying, Mr. weasley has it stronger then you..”

“Your father closed his eyes.. ” Molly shook her head, “Lover boy here said, Molly Prewit’s first night as a Weasley.. He reached right into the flame, with it was everything I dreamed of..”

“That flame.. Consumed the black flames.. Rose to the cieling,” Arthur had his arm around Molly.. “Lucius fell back with a shocked look on his face.. Your mother told me to stop interrupting her class.. ”

“Then Thomas said that is not the problem..” Molly and Arthur looked at each other, “He paused and..”

“He is a parsel tongue,” Ginny sipped her tea quietly for a second.. ” He had to open the chambers of secrets..”

“I think he was speaking names..” Athur kissed Molly again, “I swore I saw several little sparkles in the young ladies eyes.. ”

“Including my daughter,” Ginny closed her eyes and leaned back..

“Your dear father.. Had one of his bright moments,” Molly poked Arthur..

“I put my arm around him.. Thomas my boy.. I ..” Arthur laughed,” I think I know the problem.. I waved my hand and the pinkish red flames disappeared.. I said.. Lucius.. We need to to pull Hector aside for a minute..”

Ginny was confused, “What..”

“Little Thomas is heading towards puberty..” Arthur looked at Ginny seriously, “Embarassed about the little love magic he can see.. The females he named.. The flame never went down.. Not knowing all the differences.. ”

“Your father thought it would be wise if a male spoke with him.. I asked Ron to make sure he spoke with him over it.. ”

Ginny hit her forehead, “That was a mistake..”

“Do you want hector as the only male influence? Lucius?” Arthur had his hands now on his lapels, ” I spoke with him after the class.. I.. It needs to be continous.. I know harry is supposed to be here tomorrow.. Is it possible that he..”

“You want Harry to have the birds and bees talk with Thomas, ” Ginny almost spit out her Tea..” You had Ron speak with him? Oh bloody hell.. I.. It was before Albus and him spoke..”

“Ginerva Molly Weasley Potter,” Molly narrowed her eyes..

“Molly.. Gin.. Last time Hector was Thomas’s only male influence.. Your brother and ..” Arthur Paused, “What is important.. Thomas is not Riddle or Grindlewald.. ”

Ginny paused as she saw both her parents looking at her, “You.. Listen..”

“He told your father what he saw when he mentioned your name to Neville,” Molly was very stern.. “I had to tell your father everything.. ”

Ginny looked down and away as a tear fell..

“I need to speak with Potter anyway.. ” Arthur had narrowed his eyes for a second.. He then sighed, “I will tell him.. Molly it might be wiser for me to have the ..”

A knock came from the door..

“Come in,” Molly kindly spoke..

Winky came in slowly, “Professor Weasley..  The Daily Prophet early edition..”

“Hello Winky.. How are you this morning,” Molly stood up.. She walked over and hugged the elf, “Everything is ok..”

“I am fine Prof.. Molly,” Winky had respect for Molly in her voice.. “I almost drank.. Mrs. Carthen Ordered a bloody mary.. But.. She found out I was recovering.. And.. And she said to bring her a coke with ice..”

“I have gotten a little busy.. ” Molly glared at her daughter, “So Venus..”

“Said recovery is hard.. And all I had to do was say something.. ” Winky smiled, “I.. I expected a malfoy to yell.. She just told me it was ok.. She hugged me and said I was at least thirteen steps ahead of her..”

Ginny picked up the paper and read the headline, “Rumble in MACUSA.. Congressman Staglite assults head of MACUSA AUROR’s with his fist.. WHERE THE F%$# WHERE YOU PEOPLE!!!” Ginny looked at the picture.. Congressman Staglite, in his six foot plus Necro Animagus form, hit the head of the Amerian Aurors over three desk and jumped over following him.. “While your brothers fought the red coats.. For our freedoms.. Where were you? 1812, where where you? Civil war, Where were you? The slaughter of Native American’s, Where were you?” Ginny looked up from here reading and looked back down, “Trenches of world war one.. Where the F#$% was MACUSA? Stalin’s rise to power as Gulag’s went up..World war Two.. As Concentration camps went up.. Where were you cowards? All of you hid behind the statue of secrecy.. I was just doing my job.. Following orders.. As for us Scourers of Nadercynn Alabama.. And Us cartherns, Vally forge, The retreat from the white house as british mages burned it, Fought on both sides of the Yankee war of agression, We defended native American settlements and hid them, Battle of Somme, Daddy was in the 82 airborne at the battle of the bulge… Fought in Korea, then retired.. Uncle joe was in the japanese Islands.. Personally, I served in Nam.. I snuck in at Sixteen.. Joined the USMC.. You egg heads hiding in your ivory tower while I was in a foot of water.. And knock the look off your faces.. Other magical governments where at EVERY battle.. ” Ginny looked up,” That.. That cant be true..”

Arthur took the paper and caught up, “I know.. Us Carthens brought back trophies.. My own boy is MIA.. He served in Panama, and the first gulf war..” Arthur pauses for a second, “He never came home.. The Auror Comissioner, of Magica law enforcement, Retorted that the people of Nadercynn needed to act civilised.. Your son was violating the International Statute of Secrecy.. Wizards do NOT… Before he could finish the statement congressman Staglite came over the table.. Before Comissioner Goldstien could draw his wand.. Congressman Staglite had knocked the supposiedly best auror in MACUSA over three desk and was right back on top pumbling him.. ‘I am gonna whip your A$$ boy.. ” Several aurors tried to intervene to no effect on the congressman in his Necro-animagus form. The congressman said this was how they dealt with Second Lt’s in Nam.. And accused the comissioner of being corrupt.. And of trying to kill his boy’s wife.. Venus Malfoy.. This writer has to pause for all the uncivilised behavior of this congressman.. This reporter will end this segment with a simple statement.. a wreck of the Senatorial MACUSA floor.. After he had been hit with several imperius curses  and Several Aurors with broken noses, broken wands, and hurt pride later.. I asked Congressman Staglite,If you are so pro American, Why send Little Thomas to Hogwarts? To my surprise Congressman staglit transformed back to his large self.. Muck raker.. We are americans and Mages by birth, But Southern by the grace of god.. My B#$%^ of an ex-wife decided that Little Thomas needs to learn to be a gentleman.. And she feels Minerva McGongal has the spine to deal with him.. With a smile, Us carthen men are holy terrors at that age.. Seeing a look on my face the Congressman sighed, In the South.. If Mama aint happy, aint no one happy.. If that old biddy decided Thomas goes to hogwarts.. Well he D@#$ well goes to Hogwarts.. I may be a congressman ut that old woman is.. Well Lets say it takes a certain type of Woman to handle us long term.. And Trust me that Old B#$%^ is made of Steel.. I still swear to god she is a titanium Golem!”

Molly looked at her daughter, “It is a good philosophy.. Gin.. ” Molly sipped her drink looking at her daughter, “Be a dear Arthur and see if the kitchen is ok.. I will be along in a few minutes..”






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