Letters From Home: Fighting the Beer Bug -A Covid-19 story


Dear Mom and Dad,                                                                                               (redacted)

I.. I cant believe I am writing a letter.. So old school..

Dad must be laughing his butt off..

We are safer now.. It is a long story..


I was on my way to my first command.. We were grounded at Davis Monthan at zero three thirty.. The Commanding officer, A Brigadier General Tolan, Took every one of us off the plane..

Phoenix was rioting and His orders were to secure Tucson..

We were deployed with Second Lt. Gregson, US AirForce.. Sergent Blue  was not very happy.. the Second Lt had been pulled from from an ROTC program..

It was, was being the operative word, A cluster F as dad says.. Air force and Army personnel out trying to secure the area.. Under the command of first and second Lt.’s..  No clear plans.. All the new arrivals that had been reactivated did not help..

It was zero Five twenty two when it happened..

We knocked on the door of a trailer on some dirt road..

A bearded man came to the door in boxer briefs.. (cover your ears mama or have dad read this.. As a Marine he will understand..)

“I heard you the first god D@#$ time,” the man was not nice..

We locked and loaded..

“Hey.. We are out here doing our job..” The Second Lt. tried to intimidate the old man..

Then it happened..

The old man back handed the Second Lt. to the ground. “The first and last god D@#$ words out of your God D@#$ cum dumpster will Be sir!! F#$%ing second LT!”

Sergent Blue seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, “SIR!”

We all came to attention..

“SARGE,” The old man growled.. “I do NOT see a map and Compass in this dickS@#$’s hand.. ”

“You are to surrender to our authority,” Second Lt. Gregson got kicked in the gut..

“It is SIR.. You are to Surrender to our Authority.. SIR!”

Sergent Blue and Senior Airman Rods got between the old man and the Second Lt..

“Sir,” Blue had barely hid his smirk.. “He is green..”

“I..I am in charge here,” Gregson was almost crying…

Sergent Blue picked up the Second Lt, “SIR.. The other Sir.. You have to say sir first or.. Well he is going to beat your A$$.. Sir..”

Senior Airman Rods spoke quietly, “Sir.. The order was given for all former military personnel to report in.. Regardless of status.. We sent out.. You did not get it did you sir?”

A woman came to the door with a rifle, “Baby.. What.. The military..”

“Mam,” Senior Airman Rods took a deep breath..

“First I heard of this god D@#$ order,” The old man walked over to Second Lt. Gregson.. “SECOND LT!!!”

“SIR,” It was funny mama.. The Second Lt was staring forward as the old man was in his face, “The order was given a week ago.. SIR!” Gregson was very afraid because of the spacing rules, “Sir.. I.. Sent out alp..”

“Shut the F#$% up Second Lt. ”

The old man answered his phone and spoke with his friend.. Apparently the same issue was occuring.. A this friends house..

“Well we were activated,” An evil smile crossed the old man’s face..

“BABY,” The younger woman with the rifle shook her head.. “You two.. Dont do it..”

“Second Lt,” The old man yelled loudly as several neighbors were watching now.. “You need to officially activate us.. Tell your Second Lt. the same thing..”

Mama.. They were both swore back in..

“Well.. On Behalf of the Department of the Navy.. Under the first general order of a Sentry.. We hereby assume command of this post!”

Mama this old man’s wife was shaking her head.. We should have known then..

“Now.. You two swear us in As Lt’s.. ” the Old man stood back as the Second Lt paused, “Son.. Your orders had to include making sure all personnel you find report in.. We are reporting in.. Now swear us in as officers.. Needs of the Navy..”

Sergent Blue got this look on his face as Gregson and the Other Second Lt swore them in as officers..

“Lt. O’Kent, USN.. Welcome back sir,” 2nd Lt. gregson spoke.. His friend was Lt. Von Leck, USN..

A flash of understand crossed Sergent blue’s face.. He said a lot of cusswords..

“Sarge.. Everything was recorded on both are ends.. Suck it up army boy.. It is official..” O’Kent turned to his wife, “Please bring me your phone..”

“You stupid SOB’s,” Mrs. O’Kent responded.. Slinging the rifle she grabbed her phone..

Von Leck yelled on his end to go secure the entrances as he was instructing.. Blue was handed the Phone and got the same orders..

Blue stood there with narrowed eyes.. he called the navy Lt some unpolite things..

O’Kent quickly found a number and dialed it..

“this is ET1 Williams..Thank you for calling Flee..”

“Williams.. Please Transfer me to vice Admiral Forts..”

The voice on the other end laughed, “O’Kent.. Listen.. Vice Admiral Kent is dead.. He caught the bug.. You are..”

“Williams.. Me and von Leck have been sworn in as officers.. We have assumed command of this pacification section.. Under the first general Order of a sentry.. Transfer us to who is in charge.. Sergent Blue, US Army.. Please Verify”

Blue had a dead look on his face, “Our F#$%ing idiot Second Lt.s Swore them both back in ET1 Williams..”

Mama.. I will explain this in a few seconds..

Williams said , “Sir.. Von Leck and.. O’Kent.. As Lt’s.. It has been verified .. Admiral Wrecker..”

Laughter came from the other end, “Lt. O’Kent.. Lt. Von Leck.. Hell has frooze over. Wait..” Mama the Admiral got a serious tone, “Where are they..”

“Sir we are in Arizona.. We are going to walk the deck up to Davis Monthan.. We are unf#$%ing this.. ”

“We will begin by dog zebraing  points of entry Admiral.. Standard Protocol..” Von Leck coldly spoke, “Admiral.. they ar enot even.. Sir.. theu are just walking down the streets lost and confused sir.. Second Lt’s.. We had not choice..”

“they are going to get killed.. My neighbors are better armed then they are..”

Mama.. both of them where in sink as they outlined to this Admiral Wrecker what they were doing..

“You have a plan of action,” Admiral Wrecker was cold bloodied.. “Have the Second Lt.’s send me the paper work.. Boys.. get that god D@#$ area secured asap.. Phoenix is a mess..”

“Admiral,” Sergent blue took a deep breath.. “They were..”

“I gave my Lt’s Orders ARMY!”

Admiral Wrecker proceeded to dress down Sergent Blue making him stare forward..

“Sir.. I know you need the stress relief.. But we have to get moving.. Arizona is in black flag condition season sir.. We have to hustle to unF#$% this..” O’Kent took a deep breath, “Sergent O’Kent USMC will be handling our reports.. She will need the information..”

“You SOB.. I,” Mrs. O’Kent took a moment.. “Admiral Wrecker.. I need to speak with you .. My husband is..”

“Sergent.. You are his wife.. Can he complete the mission?”

“Yes sir.. I will have it all sent to you..”

His wife was not happy at all.. She had that look you get mama when dad makes you mad..

“Sergent O’Kent.. I am naming Von Leck’s house as Command center one..” He looked at one of the Female Airmen, “You Drive my Wife their immediately.. Do not give me any s@#$.. Airman.. You have had you hand on your knife the whole time.. Guard her and aide in setting the command center up.”

The Admiral got off the line after wishing them smooth sailing..

Lt. O’Kent put on Jeans, a Cameo t-shirt, a vest, with a side arm..

To O’Kent’s credit we were at work immediately.. With an operational plan.. Other Groups were brough in immediately as we showed them how to do it porperly..

Be loud and identify your self

See if anyone is home

spray paint  X if the inhabitant is dead, circle if no one answered, triangle if someone answered..

stay ten feet away, ask questions.. Needs, health status, neighbors that did not answer..

sick inhbitants were marked for medical-

the officers where taking the notes.. They had been stripped of field authority.. Command was given to e- 7 and above..


After the very short conferences.. Groups where sent to road blocks.. The four gas stations were manned with joint operations of police and us.. Take pictures of everyone going through with cell phones.

All civilians at gas stations and resturants were to be tested.. All supplies became curb side

All truckers were to be unharrassed.. recieve Priority curbside

all food we consumed was to be UV’d

all water we consumed was to be UV’d..

All clothes at the end of the day was to be UV’d

All dead houses where to be duck taped shut till the hazmat group could come through and clean out

All looters were to be shot.. Do not engage unless we had superior numbers.. civilians were to be accorded their full civil rights.. (one of the officers was not happy.. Von Leck explained that they may need a militia if they dont get this done quickly.. Phoenix was all O’Kent said)

Snipers set up nest and received priority curbside supply

Medical personnel trying to get through were reassigned to med staffs.. They were not risking them in the chaos

Any military personnel that had not reported in.. Get info.. Get back in on record.. And assign them to neighboorhood watch.. Maintain lines of contact..

I thought it was weird but , papers were delivered with all their orders undersigned by Admiral Wrecker..

Civilian government was subordinate to the military in all matters till Martial law was lifted.. This was repeated multiple times..

With a note that all LEO’s were DoHS employees, not subordinate to local governments. Use them as tools to maintain civil order..


An old man did show up with a can and beer in hand..


“Yes sir.. Just let me know what beer I need to replace in my fridge,” Lt. Von Leck responded.

“Good boys in my lingerie department, “The Old Marine General spoke with pride.. “Now I am going to grab some more beer.. Von Leck is a snob and drinks the expensive crap. I am going to go sit with My Sergent O’Kent and yell at idiots when she needs me to.. Semper Fi !! ”

We all responded Semper Fi loudly..

Dad.. He reminds me of Grandpa..


The Prison nearby

We.. It was not pretty.. (yes we moved this fast..)

All prisoners were brought into the yard.. Armed cops backed up the guards..

It was reorganized by Lt. Von Leck

The US military was going to clean out the whole prison.. All non-violent offenders where going to be released. .As soon as lock down was done..

(they seperated the thieves- they were NOT being released..)

The Prisoners were told had bad it was in phoenix..

Several Prisoners tried to escape..

Von Leck shot all three in the back with his old six shot.. Walked over and doubled tapped them..

Order and disciplne was kept..



I.. I was with Lt. O’Kent.. I dont know if this part will not get redacted

-note: Information authorized for transfer to civilians by Lt. O’Kent USN, under Admiral Wrecker, USN authority (redacted) and General

Under the principle of ensuring hearts and minds. We must let the civilian populace, who we work for, know immediately that we are americans to.. They are our brothers and sisters, mother and fathers, family.. We will hold the line for them.. So they can sleep in peace at night..

Sergent O’Kent, Mira USMC, Senior Administrative assistant.  Signing for Lt. O’Kent, Tiberius

Dad.. I..

O’Kent and Von Leck shot  fifteen personnel for looting out of houses

They.. they video taped it.. Held a courtmartial under the authority granted them

Admiral Wrecker sat as judge and found the fifteen guilty.. His two Lt’s were to proceed with the executions

they..they were shot, even the five wounded.

They .. Sergent Blue passed word for us not to worry.. They endangered all of us.. The medical units were disgusted, but..

Several of the stolen objects had Beer bug on them.. And their officer’s body tested positive..

Luckily, no one touched them.. Word was passed quickly why we do not loot..


The JP’s that had been assembled with the LEO’s nodded their head

(The public officers we found were informed they were to continue business as usual..  The JP where to handle civilian criminal cases and all civil disputes.. Limited contact..)

Brigadier General Tolan came with his staff towards.. He was pissed off to say the least

We were shocked to find out

Lt. O’Kent and Lt. Von Leck had lied.. Dad.. You will have to explain it to mom..

They had been only e- 3’s in the Navy.. Appearently the way they did it

As civilians they were sirs

They were reactivated by the Presidents order

They assumed command under the first General Order of a sentry, on behalf of the USN

The Second Lt’s had sworn them in as officers

Brigadier General Tolan spoke through gritted Teeth and welcomed the Navy’s assistance.. Apparently the Admiral wrecker had signed off on the orders with the Old old Marine General…

This next part.. They surprised the one star.. They had showed him where they had advanced to and had secured.. They had split up the teams and just about reached Davis Mothan..

He paused confused..

Dad.. they had Secured systematically the southern part, With a clear corridor to DMAFB.. They had the hazmat teams from the CDC.. Removing the dead bodies under the watches eye with assistance from the neighborhood watches..

Sergent Blue Confirmed it.. Tomorrow we begin the slower process of swallowing tucson..


Dad.. They.. You will have to explain to mom the above.. The Navy is short officers and they knew some people in intelligence..

the two Navy Lt’s then yelled at his staff for endangering the command.. The Brigadier General should NOT have been brought here.. If they allowed it again they would have them relieved for endangering the One Star.. He was to valuable to the chain of command..  He was the only active one star till somewhere in the dessert.. They assigned several of the Army personnel immediately to his private guard..

The One Star tried to be mad, but had barely hid the smile..

He looked over their maps and plans.. the discussed how they intended to proceed.. The Brigadier General made a few suggestions.. Agreed that the drones should be saved to overwatch..

They had figured out his plan and were moving quickly.. He said he was told it was not fast enough for the DoD..

They said they were never told that so.. Opps

Dad.. they got away with it.. the One star said to have Sergent O’Kent send him updates, when possible..

From what we heard, That old Marine corps General had tore the Brigadier General a new A$$.. That was why he was cooperative.. The Brigadier General was one phone call away from being relieved for not respecting the General’s Sergent.. Rumor was the Chief of Staff of the US Airforce had to ask the commandant if he would speak with his General..

Supposedly the Commandant said he would check on it.. But if it was the same Man he thinks it was, the Air Force was on its own.. His recon teams were to busy to help him have the conversation..

Definately Grandpa..


I have to get to sleep we are being woke up at zero six.. They changed muster.. It is a staggered muster. O’Kent wants Sergent Blue with him.. We start the rougher patches tomorrow..


PFC Rodriguez, Martin Darnell  Us Army


Southern Greater Tucson command, USN




It was a rough night..  To my surprise an old gunny was gently waking us up.. Not full metal jacket not banging..

He is missing a leg.. Gunnery Sargent Rameriez, Julio USMC

We got fed burrito’s where we were sleeping.. We were given time to slowly shave and not cut our face.. Except Lilly and Jameson they were issued no shave chits.. Corina, Forson, and Bors had to freshen up feminine issues (yeah the females slept in the same area last night..)

Rameriez explained that we had reached the hard part.. Sergent Blue and him stepped outside and spoke..

It turns out that Von Leck and O’Kent had dug up more senior enlisted during the night.. Rameriez had been dishonorably discharged over nearly killing a man over his now wife.. They both knew him..

I asked him half asleep, how did he lost his leg..

Blue gave me a dirty look..

“No Sarge.. Blue..” Taking a deep breath, “I got hit by an IED.. I pulled a stupid lance corporal off right before it went boom..” With a huge smile, “I got stopped from killing a stupid Major during rehab.. Met a beautiful woman.. More then I deserve..” A look crossed his face, “She is in quarantine.. Her mother is watching our toddler.. Daddy is going to F#$%ing clean out tucson..”

Blue asked the gunny as we ate, “You knew them earlier?”

“bunch of cowards.. Walked away from fights.. It was beneath them..” gunny coldly stated, “They got supplies.. Lovers not fighters..”

Dad we were very quiet at his words.. Cowards..

“I tolerated them.. O’Kent was friendly, but worthless in the field.. and Von Leck was joe Navy.. Even boxed but would not fight..” He took a deep breath, “till that night on Ocean beach at the hooters..”

We were all quiet, Lilly asked what happened..

“Me and Legamiro.. We had hit on some of the waitresses.. Never using our real names and cash only..”

Dad, gunny had your smile..

“Turns out later we found out, their boyfriends were mercs.. Some blackwater like persons.. Those two idiots tried to be peaceful.. These eight killers had two of their buddies spit in their burning skillets.. Lt. Von Leck said it was apparent that merc’s were failed spec op wannabe’s with small penises..”

He went on to describe how our two CO’s took them down.. Lt. O’Kent caused a major concussion with one of the stools.. then he made it to the kitchen and grabbed the oven off.. Blinded two of them.. He had to explain it eats the eye balls and burns skin.. Lt. Von Leck Put one in a coma, the mans neck landed wrong.. The other one he shot in the leg and then the hand. Followed up with steel toes on the face.. The gunny and his friend took the other two down quickly because they got distracted..

The last one thought he could take Von Leck.. Our CO lifted the man into the air.. Hooters tables did not give way.. He broke the third man’s back..

Dad.. Gunny said they got away before the cops got there..O’Kent had grabbed the CD and tapes from the security recording devices.. Shoved them into the microwave and nukes them.. They were all wearing gloves.. It was cold..

Our CO’s new the exits and where the camera’s were.. They went to there car.. Stripped as all four got into gaudy beach clothes.. Put all there nice clothes in beach bags.. Gunny carried the beer.. The parking area cameras where down.. They left the car there, loaned it to friends for the week end and told where the extra keys where hidden.. Went down the beach.. Joined some of their friends at a bon fire, burning the clothes…

The changed hairstyles, added fake costume jewlery, and removed mustaches.. The police showed up three hours later.. They found Twenty people all in beach casual.. All with hotel rooms..

the next morning, Command Sergent Major Greene came into the hotel rooms.. It turns out the police were looking for Four Air force intelligence officers from Monterey.. Because none of them had used their real names at the hooters.

He said the funny part was.. Well Our CO’s were in bed with female officers.. They yelled at the CSM.. They were air force and ordered the CSM out..

How do I remember this all..

Dad.. It was all a lesson..

Know the entrances and exits, Loose Lips sink ships so stick to your script, fight only when you have to, prepare in general with staging, you are a team and have each other’s back, and make sure your officers are as invested in the outcome as your are..

And when you fight, no mercy.. Every thing is a weapon..


After we finished getting ready Sergent blue was worried we were losing day light..

Well Dad, We met Gunnery Sergent legamiro.. Sergent blue was very Quiet.. Command Sergent Major Greene made Sergent blue jump out of his skin..

turns out Greene had been traveling through when he stopped to get gas.. He was going to try and make it through to Davis Monthan.. got stopped..

Found out the base was locked down..

Sergent O’Kent had walked to the store for exercise.. She had her Diet coke and heard him on the phone.. Being told that the base was locked down.. She had heard his name and walked over..

“Are you the command Sergent Major Greene.. Formerly of MCRD San diego..”

Greene paused, and looked at her uniform, “Sergent.. I a little busy..”

“I am Sergent..” She paused Dad, from the rumor mill, “O’Kent.. ”

“You married tiberius..”

“Lt. O’Kent,” Dad we were told his jaw dropped when he heard that.. She Pointed to the vehicle, “I take it you were checked out..”

Turns out he was having a little visit to an ex-wife.. for the last month..

It was quickly verified..

“Holy S@#$ .. They are the two sailors who,” Greene was quiet.. “He married one of my Devil dogs?”

“you have to tell me if it is true.. Did they convince a group of Marines at MirMar to steal an air force stealth bomber,” Sergent O’Kent supposedly giggled

Dad did the air force really lose a stealth bomber, because marines found it with the keys in it.. Because all he said was their was no B2 reported missing..

(Gear adrift is free gear.. So secure your Gear.. Another lesson repeated with smacks to the back of the head)

“Did the Navy forget the five hours an idiot officer made him officer of the day to punish him,” We still do not know what that one is about.. but appearently Lt. O’Kent was an officer for five hours years ago.. Sergent O’Kent reminded him that it was the Marine corps who made him an officer.. Tried to transfer half the fleet supplies, and about a forth got through

Command Sergent Major supposedly laugh, “And its for real this time?”

(think before you speak.. They wont tell us dad.. Do you know what it is for the lesson)

Gunny Legamiro had been in the brig isolation for two weeks.. Something about not locking the doors to an officer’s house.. And the officer came home resulting in a fist fight..

(Always secure the perimeter )

These lessons where being drilled into us every step of the way.. Always with a slap on the back of the head..

(raytheon reset???)

So far I have only gotten hit in the back of the head twice..

We moved pretty fast with swat, locals, and Sherriff’s department.. They were coordinating information on criminals with arrest warrants..

(We are team.. Not one branch)

Yes.. If it makes the news where you are at.. Yes.. The Drug house refused to surrender.. They opened fire on the cops and Us..

SWAT wanted to go in but.. From what we heard after the fourth request for surrender.. We reminded everyone it was MARTIAL LAW.. The Drones leveled the building and did a second run..  On thermals they watched for the heat temperature of the bodies to drop.. cordoned it off for the cleaners

(No Heroes-policies)

Word started to spread..  Only one other incident.. I heard it ran on the news.. The other group caught it on the news and surrendered..

We had to walk in the heat.. Do the same thing .. Again and Again..


The vehicle with our gear was behind us

Bulldozer’s down the roads

Guard post at Key points

Buildings receive the same check houses did, Thermal imaging gear we did have now

Businesses checked with no say

Snipers moving- yes snipers

Safety first.. We could not be replaced.. soldiers were being rationed..

We stopped just before sundown

The CDC removed bodies with a hazmat team at night

Upset citizens were verbally given an email or phone number

Barricades where set up and manned by The night shift of Police.. No one was to cross those Barricades.

We were kept to our teams


We were all tired.. Then the order came down.. Gunnery Sergent Legamiro.. Mir Mar’s Stealth Bomber.. Clothes already in the car.. Or we all get Raytheon Resets..

I kid you not dad.. Our orders were that simple..

We slept in some building half a block back in AC.. Blessed AC (F#$% ARIZONA’S HEAT) We had a ‘roach coach’ deliver dinner, it was manned by armed females.. One per group of eight

We were told men were to emotional to guard supplies By Ramirez..

But dad.. We noticed something.. We were next to Legamiro’s group.. The woman serving us whispered to Ramirez.. “You can talk that is it.. I have to speak with Greene anyway.. Lega.. Can you watch my F#$%ers..”

Legamiro came over and.. A tear fell down that man’s face.. They both put there hands on the glass..

Sergent blue yelled at us.. And so did another Sergent in the group Legamiro was from..

Dad.. She was very pretty.. I told my squad ew.. They are acting like my mother and father.. He sounds like dad after he was deployed for months

Those old men and women we came across.. We found out what became of our Green officers.. The old bastards were yelling at them.. They got to walk the perimeter all night..

apparently her husband was in the group of officer’s on cavalry patrol. He saw that scene and stopped his vehicle and got out..

I saw him get out and start screaming.. I dropped my food and grabbed the rifle..

“Hooters! Blackwater at Hooters..” My squad moved quickly.. “I repeat Hooters .. Blackwater at hooters..”

The call went up and down the line.. Blue hoped into our gear truck. Engines turned on..

“You will lower those rifles,” The Air force Major yelled at me..

Dad.. I yelled at him, “Spit in my food Bitch.. Make my D@#$ day.. You about to get oven off’d..”

Our Squad was moved into posistion.. Lilly and Corina had my back.. all the squads were out and ready..

I was told later that Spit in my food B#$% went up and down the line..

The Major frooze when he realized  he was caught between two groups, with rifles leveled on him..

Gunnery Sergent Legamiro smiled looking at us with pride..

Greene came running over with his rifle and Ramirez in tow.. He saw the scene and chuckled, “PFC.. Has he spat in your food ?”

“He is about to Command Sergent Major..” I responded, “He is getting to close and I dont know him.. He has to be a civilian.. he air forced his rifle like it was a b2 Bomber..”

The woman had stepped back to another part of the roach coach..

“Excuse me.. What bullS@#4 is this.. Greene I want that PFC thrown in the brig..” He turned toward an old man in the car,” I am a major..  Chief..”

Apparently the the old man rolled up the windows, and locked the doors..

“I said Arrest the gunny and the PFC.. NOW,” The major yelled..

The old general Voice game over the horn, “Major Heartline.. You better find a place to sleep.. Find your gear.. You will be leading a group of officers in the morning on building clearing..”

The Major tried to find his walkie talkie to respond but couldn’t.. He had left it with his rifle..

“Give me yours,” We never lowered the rifles..

I spoke into mine dad, “General.. PFC .. uhm fake name.. US A  coast gaurd.. Sir he left all his gear in the vehicle.. The chief has secured the gear.. Per navy protocol.. Sir.. If he does not pass his next order through my chain of command..  Sir I..”

“The phrase for hiding a fight PFC..” Dad the old marine laughed, “Fake name.. In the mavy.. Is the ship rolled.. So he heard my order Fake name..”

“Eye balls general,” I was tired dad..

“So he is disturbing my sleep and yours son..”

“Eye balls sir.. ”

The General Laughed, “And you are the one who gave the alarm.. hooters.. Blackwater at hooters..”

“Eye balls general,” I know dad.. I was so tired I did not even realize what I was saying..

“Son..” The General had stopped chuckling and sounded like Grandad.. “You and your people get some sleep.. CHIEF!”

“Aye sir,” The Old man was out of the car..

“General.. We are not at the Hotel with the Female officers sir.. ” I heard CSM laugh and he hit his forehead..”I dont want the bon fire sir, it is to hot.. A swim in the ocean sounds nice..”

the chief walked over, “Get in the back of the truck Major.. NOW.. For you get Oven Off’d by PFC fake name of my beloved US coast Guard..”

Three Police cars with very d@#$ bright lights.. One of the police officers yelled at the others and the lights went off..

The Officers moved Quickly..

“Listen their is no need to,” The chief nodded yes as the Major complained.

Two tasers hit the Major.. He hit the ground twitching..

One of the officers spoke looking right at me, “Police at the bon fire boys and girls..”

We turned off on our safeties and slung our rifles, hiding them..

“Remind me to yell at you later,” Greene shook his head glaring at Legamiro and Ramirez..

“Permission to crawl into bed with our female officers,” I asked loudly.

I swore to god dad I heard the General spit out a drink..

“Son.. Go uphold the honor of the US coast guard.. Hotel room with the female Officers..”

Dad.. the lights on gear trucks went out.. The order was passsed up and down.. We just turned and went back to our area..

I went inside the building and went to sleep..

I woke up when the door opened and food was delivered.. I wrote this as we ate.. Love you Dad.. Hug mom for me.. Back to work..

PFC Rodriguez, Martin Darnell  Us Army

Codename Fake Name, USCG


Southern Greater Tucson command, USN

Note: Mr. And Mrs. Rodriguez.. Your son was promoted after he wrote this.. By order of my husband, Von Leck, Admiral Wrecker, The CNO, Commandant of the Coast Guard, Army chief of Staff, and the Bastard General your son has received a field promotion to Specialist, US Army..  It has been determined your son has leadership potential

Sergent O’Kent, Mira USMC, Senior Administrative assistant.



Dear Son,

We have recieved all your letters.. We love you and send out best..

My personal apologies.. I got F#$%ing busy..

Let Command Sergent Major Greene Know that Chief Warrant Officer Four Rodriguez, Freya USMC appreciates him and Gunnery Sergent Ramirez & Legamiro ‘s efforts to teach you.. You are a knuckle head like your father.. Always starting S@#$ .. (Major Rodriguez , Julio USAF currently with AFSOC.. He is happy as a pig in mud to be back.. Reluctantly my A$$..  Yes your father is chairforce.. We never mentioned Marine corps dearie)

No your father is not allowed to come have words with the Major.. (by direct order of the AF COS and SecAir.. Even though the SecArm and your father’s upper command approved it.. Bastard framed the request chit and told all his friends..)

To my knowledge the major, has been transferred to the legendary shack guarding the middle of  the dessert. (yes it exist dear.. That is NO latrine rumor.. It reaches temperatures of  {Redacted by order of the SecDef. Sergent O’Kent, Mira USMC, Senior Administrative assistant.} Your father was stationed their when we met littleone.. Some dastardly lie about him sleeping with a SecAir’s wife or Daughter. I know your father, I doubt any sleep was involved)

I am not the snowflake you think I am son.. Yes.. I am a legendary Unicorn, who thought it was important you have a strong male influence raise you.. Unfortunately, you can act like a little EMO B#$%^, just like he does when sh@# does not go his way.. Well, suck it the F#$% up my little buttercup..

You are in the real man’s army now..

that whore was not good enough for you.. Dont be mad at your friend.. She will most likely cheat on him.. Bro’s before Ho’s my son..

Your sister is here on Norfolk with me.. Her boy friend is not on the base.. (no clue how THAT happened) We were with your father When the first lockdown occurred and the all call came through.

Your Grandfather is fine with his friends at the Assisted living facility.. There was a small issue when the old Vets took over the facility.. The law is too busy to even do a D@#$ thing.. They stole a bus and are in the woods somewhere.. ( Sergent O’Kent please let the Intelligence officer there know all he said was Berlin.. Said they would understand..)

Let Command Sergent Major and your Gunnies know, yes they better be careful.. Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Donley, Amanda commanding officer NS Norfolk, is a little pissed off..

“If the Command Sergent Major ever wakes me up again when I am in bed.. Or tells lies about my stay in the Catamaran hotel San Diego.. I will have him walk the plank..”

Yes son she did tell Sergent O’Kent she understands why she married him.. “They do not issue lovers like that anymore.”

You probably already know.. Yes, things where bad here in Norfolk.. Rear Admiral Donley got pissy when the Admiral formerly in charge reported in they were following the procedures from Davis-Monthan..

They were not.. Personnel going home to see family members, coming back potentially spreading the virus..

I showed her you letters off my emails.. (That was smart handwriting then having people scan them with gloves and sending them that way) She was not very happy when she observed the orders Lt. Von Leck and Lt. O’Kent had issued..

She did indeed call Sergent O’Kent directly and asked for Admiral Wrecker & the Bastard USMC General..

I listened as the two women quietly talked.. (your father said when hens get together someone is getting F#$%ed.. )

She was put through immediately to both four stars..

Ten minutes later, She relieved the Admiral by locking him in his office building.. (all of them tested positive for Covid-19.. Magically.. The Rear Admiral whispered she was getting clothes from the back of the car.. After all these old test were perfectly fine and gave no false positives)She Initiated full Lockdown with the Authority of those two men..

She had to catch his officers from his staff that where not there.. She had them tossed in the brig..

I had the marines that had been in lockdown for a month, go take the armories..

We are walking the deck of Norfolk..

All ten boats in port are locked down as the test are finished.. F#$%ing every single one has at least a third of the crew with Covid-19..

They were all walked off the vessels.. kept in lines and tested..

Numerous officers and senior enlisted now sit in the brig. Several of the commands tried to hide deaths by reporting the dead as missing ships movement..

Five Captains were shot dead this morning.. The Rear Admiral did it herself.. No Blanks..

She contacted the families of the dead..Informing them personally.. She sent them video of the Captains being shot.. The others involved are being tried as we speak..

Seems Admiral Torsh of the US Coast Gaurd has handed down twelve orders to be shot.. The US Coast guard is acting liking pirates.. Trials held by video conferencing) He electronically undersigned the order making the Rear Admiral CO of NS norfolk

Six coast guard boats put in.. For examination and supplies.. They submitted to the rear Admiral’s authority..

The men needed to be on shore for at least three days.. They have been confined to the vessels for two months..

Two men tested positive, Those crews have been confined..

Three of the coast guard Captains have been put in charge of Naval Vessels.. One Marine Corp’s colonel.. with mixed Naval, coast guard, Marine corps crew.. they left this morning.

An Air Force Intelligence Brigadier General.. Is cleaning the Carrier in port.. His mixed crew has assumed command of the Carrier..

(yes their has been a ton of howling)

A sub put in the wrong area requesting supplies and the coast guard deal.. (no.. they all tested negative.. The sub surface fleet locked down quietly earlier) The supplies were left half a block from the sub.. They UV’d the sealed boxes and hand loaded the supplies to the sub..

Here I go telling tales..

Off the base.. Just bad news..

Riots happened near the base.. They tried to storm a closed gate, because it was a food delivery being unloaded buy our people..

Regardless of what the news said.. The second they crossed the blue line they were committing terrorist acts..

The crowd also threw Moltov’s.. Rear Admiral Donley gave the order to all gates.. We mowed them down as they ran away.. The marine corps snipers hit the  main agitators..

There were No survivors on the civilian side..

The bodies were left outside the fence.. The Bodies inside.. Facial Rec confirmed enemy agents among the dead..

We broadcast that NO civilian is now allowed near the fences for thirty feet.. Some one from the Governor’s staff tried to approach the gate with a white flag..

Rear Admiral Donley shot the flag out of his hand herself.. Yes.. More people tried to cross the thirty feet.. They crossed and were shot..

We have had no new cases of Covid-19.. in the last two days..

Just remember what your grandfather told you about the jungle.. It has gun, shoot it..

F@#$.. Mama has to go.. The CNo just figured out Admiral Ertgr is no longer in command of Norfolk.. He is pissed.. since the Admiral is on a ventilator..

Find a piece of A$$ and F#$% it.. It will help you get over the whore from home.


Love Mama,

Chief Warrant Officer Four Rodriguez, Freya USMC

NS Norfolk, BWD and CWC

Attached file Redacted




Dear Mama,

I apologize for the response time.

I had to get my squad ready.. By the time you read this we are taking Phoenix..

You could have F#$%ing told me.. Dad was right, woman are the most devious evil creatures he ever met.

As you know we cleared Tucson quickly.. We had to throw protestors in the brig.. We refused to allow the refugees from Phoenix in.

the last straw was they jacked a Semi Rig.. A chairforce drone caught the team of thieves in the back..

Lt. Von Leck ordered the semi to be allowed to pull into a gas station..  The driver realized it was a trap.. Armed thugs came out the back.. Snipers hit every armed man..

The survivors where taken out..

The were handed over to that woman that came down I may have mentioned earlier

The Spook as we called her

Spook had showed up from the base.. She knew both Lt’s from before..

Sergent O’Kent has not said anything else about Lt. O’Kent’s sea tales.. A friend stationed near coms said they overheard..

It appears that a few of the Admirality do NOT like this command.. They tried to get the Lt.’s removed.. It went badly for them

Spook informed the SecNav, they were officers..

After a set of circular argument she chuckled..

yes they are Lt’s says so in my pay

They are experienced

All she said was to the Bastard General.. “Hannibal”

My friend said the Bastard General went white faced

Sergent O’Kent just asked, “he is not a sea tale?”

“Oh.. I see.. Mr. CNO you were not granted access to their real jackets.. ” Looking at Sergent O’Kent, “What did they tell you?”

“Hannibal .. I humored my husband.. Listen.. The government does not have a,” She pause dmama.. “The government has sanctioned wet work operatives that clean up after JSOC or when they go rogue.. ”

Sarge went on to name

An incident in Germany, the marine who went off reservation for three years and just walked back up to his base, The NAS Pensacola incident

Spook asked if she had heard several others..

Sarge named the incidents finishing her statements..

Spook Confirmed Hannibal was indeed there.. Yes she was his lover..

CSM and both gunnies confirmed they met that man.. He went by a different name

Spook said it was Gideon

The CNO was not very happy and was demanding the full jacket.. Ordered both Lt’s to give their full name and ranks..

They respond with known information. And ending, “.. as stated in my pay..”

Several members of the CNO’s staff tried to yell at them with the Admiral..

The CNO got a phone call..

“What do you mean.. No sir.. you do NOT tell me how to handle my men..” Less then a minute later the CNO was relieved..

Spook addressed the men, “The Intelligence community accepts your combined resignation.. No benefits.. Or we remove you…”

It took them a few seconds for it to sink in..

Spook did add, “Unless you decided to magically accept the fact they are our Officers.. We decided to let you keep.. they did not tell you half the S@#$ they helped Hannibal with.. Because of orders..”

“Why should we .. No.. You cant get us,” One of the Admiral responds..

“You do know Hannibal is alive right,” Spook spoke quietly.. seeing doubt in their faces as the CNO was escourted out of the room, “Who the F#$% do you think altered their orders to secure NB the Lost Dutchman.. Or F#$%ing sent them to expand to Benson.. Necessary tactical corridor my left testical.. So whoever you choose to replace the CNO.. The only disappointment he has in these two is the fact.. Those two are to honorable for the our type of work.. You two should have sent in kill teams and cleared out the area’s politicans.. then proceeded to execute the infected..”

Yes Mama, Spook made that comment..

“If it was not for the Tucson protocols working.. Those would have been the orders..” My friend said everyone was quiet, “Hannibal said it was hearts and minds.. Now people are having hope from all the letters sent home.. Chatter has been solid from the letters home.. Tucson it worked.. Tucson has food and water.. The infections were contained in tucson.. Businesses are open in Tucson.. All points back to Tucson..”

Mama she then described some darker s@#$ in the works if they failed..

Forgive me.. the stress is natural for what we are going into tomorrow.. An Army General started all of this.. Apparently he showed up at the base with orders..

first thing that pissed him off was he was ignored on orders, from Admiral Wrecker.. He tried to leave the cargo plane.. him and his men were told to stay on board.. they got a warning shot

He was there to assemble troops to put down the Tucson riots.. The National Guard General arrived to the same reception..

No your troops may not leave the confinement area.. No your troops may not interact with anyone.. They were required to give space to him and his men.. No mention in the orders about leave or liberty.. Neither officer had authority to override base rules..

They were all confined to an area..

One ignored the confinement, rumor is on the general’s orders.. He is still in the infirmary from a rubber bullet to the skull.. Test.. Confinement for three weeks..

They had supplies coming and more personnel.. Well our CO’s stole the supplies and kept all the personnel confined..

He got orders from the pentagon ordering them to allow them to leave into town..

We had combined a prison and cleaned  the other out for a barracks.. Somehow our Lt’s got word before the orders came out..

The Army General and his men were escorted off Davis Monthan to their off base command..

They were deposited into the unused Prison.. They were pissed.. The NG troops were sent with them..

Turned out over sixty of their men tested positive

(Admiral donley NB Norfolk.. lol)


While this was going, CSM Greene assembled all the old DI’s and bastards he could.. We went through Marine Corp’s HMH training for SOI.. Being a leader I had to go through AIT..

Our trainer was a middle aged woman.. Just one.. With some docs keeping an eye on us and one second Lt keeping notes.. And Her LARGE mutt a mix of husky and cyote with something else tossed in..

We learned real quick.. She was deadly..

Daily routine of Pledge of allegiance, SOP duties, training, eating, hygene, sleep.. rinse and repeat..

Hand to hand, she bruised ribs.. rotating sparing sessions..

Ten mile wake up runs.. A lunch run and a dinner run with gear.. and she ran backwards yelling at us calling us names the whole time.. And fluffy was running with us the whole time

(five flunked out.. We also found out that she had increased the distance on us.. turns out we were running forty five miles plus a day..)

Piss her off she would beat your A$$ (we all went at her at least three times.. ) You wake up with that old B@#$% pouring hot coffee on you..

For our shooting quals, that old B@#$% would shoot At us.. Leave an inch exposed and she would hit it..

No letters.. No communications.. Not a moment wasted..

She tolerated no excuses.. trained us like we were her dog

We found out at the end, she was just a Librarian who trained show dogs.. B#$%^ had never been in the military or a spook.. Just married to someone..  We were pissed till she told us, it just did not work out with her and Hannibal.. We were doing his light workout routine..

Now that S@#$ we believe..

Our CO’s had found her and sweet talked her into doing the training.. The JAG officer had had us sign waivers before we went for training.. Now we knew why


We got back and s@#$ had reached a head. (we had been told of Hannibal by the Gunnies before training.. not a nice man, who took a shine to our CO’s)

The SecDef had changed the orders.. The General and Admiral Wrecker were to cooperate.. They found out the Tucson cleaning crew were all Navy personnel.. The army could have us back, if they paid back the Navy for our training..

(buying time via paperwork?)

I had been back four days when the S@#$ hit the fan.. The Semi incident.. Refugees where being directed towards quarentine now.. Stripped down.. Possessions and clothes bagged, given clean old prison uniform, The sick escourt to a reopened hospital.. Quarentined staffed by volunteers..

We were going into Tucson, the General and the Nation Guard General had plans.. They were pissed that the SecDef comprimised and gave the NG general southern Phoenix, while the Army General got Northern Phoenix..


We would take and guard the Main Highways and the split..


Mama, both of the General’s troops were undisciplined.. We had six rapes allegations, forty two thefts, and assualts..

Our people Arrested the rapist, thieves, and the assualts..

We hung all the thieves (caught on camera.. Lead by officers)

The rapist and victims were polygraphed, alcohol’d, and DNA tested witness testimony and video tapes (four were officers) all but one was true.. He was hidden from his command to protect him (he was ok with it.. We were confused.. till he called the Bastard General Dad.. He was cleared straight though.. She admitted she had lied because of her husband.. )

The bastard General, Hung them all before the general’s could catch them

The Assualts were analysed.. Three were self defense.. The generals were livid we hung their men..

JAG presented the Generals the evidence and the signed acknowledgements of terms of entry into the port of Tucson..

(mind you one of the officers hung was his chief of staf.. Dragged out in front of him By Gunnery Sergent Ramirez.. The new CNO had signed off on the executions..)

Both General’s confined the men to base camp..

We know both Generals will fail leaving us stuck.. Our Lt.s got thrown out of the meeting by the new CNO via skype.. My friend said the CNO smirked for half a second and everyone else missed it..

The meeting was four hours long.. All of us who graduated NCO training were assembled.. We were pissed.. We ..

Mama we thought we were F#$%ed, orders came down from the sec DEF that we were auxillary that the Generals could call on..

The new CNO appeared on one of the two big screens set out in Lt. O’Kents front yard as the sun was setting..

“So.. What are my two sailors actually gonna do.. And how can I help,” The new CNO words.. “I protested appropriately.. F@#$ those god D@#$ idiots.. find me a way boys..”

Our new CNO was an old submariner.. He remembered both of out Lt’s..

The first thing they had found, was an old order that had not been rescinded.. It appears that before he died, Trump had issued an order that the highways had number one priority.. President Pence never lifted it.. It had been ignored..

“there is my god D@#$ Navy,” The CNO laughed evilly.. “You assembled my NCO’s.. Boys.. ”

“SIR,” we were all confused..

“These two boys.. Your Lt.’s, brought me a couple of parts to experimental missles over decade ago.. They were hiding it because Hannibal had hit a research facility..  I know these two, because I kept an eye on them.. After they helped one of my Commanders get out of an adultery charge.. sleeping with a married woman of someone in his chain of command.. His career was being ended by some enemies he had made..”

“How many sir,” I asked mama.. “components? sir…”

“A semi truck full of the components.. Enough to upgrade six tomahawks or build four very small new ones.. ” the CNO grinned, “My Captain took the parts immediately.. Never found out what happened to the Truck.. I think it was traded to MirMar..”

The Lt.s said the CNO must of mistaken them for someone else.. They just delivered a truck they found sitting in the middle of a parking lot.. the paperwork said it was printers and ink bound for SPAWAR.. And to their knowledge No Sub surface commander they ever encountered had broken his word to his spouse..

We all chuckled..

I just realized as I wrote this… The CNO was the officer who they helped get out of an Adultry charge.. He was single still.. Never married according to what we had heard..

“NCIS is still looking for those components.. Now.. Lets hear it..”

They turned the meeting over to what we found out was a SEAL Captain.. Captain Walaters.. He was in civilian clothes and had a limp.. We heard the outline as the old man listened.. He questioned The bastard General who was there in person and  Admiral Wrecker who was there via the com line on a second screen..


We were dismissed and told to put our men to bed..

A black Helicopter is landing.. No sirens are going off.. Gunny just told us it was not here.. So.. I am going to sleep.. To blackwater at hooters.. Give sis a hug..


PFC Rodriguez, Martin Darnell  Us Army

Codename Fake Name, USCG


Southern Greater Tucson command, USN


To you the Former Mrs. Walaters,

I was ordered to write this letter. I am alive and enjoying life, most likely to your disappointment.

Doc said the Lt’s ordered this wrote.

I ignored him for a week. That ended a week ago.

A short s#$% of a Sergent showed up at my front door, With armed men. My neighbors were looking at me.


I assumed command of my neighborhood watch. Did our nightly jokes of Patrols. F#$%er’s got me.

Sergent O’Kent had noticed I had not written anyone, while she understands, orders are orders. First I had been politely requested to come to Lt. Von Leck’s house for beer..

I politely told her where th eLt’s could shove it.

Mind you they are not bad officers.. They did do a D@#$ good job so far.. Navy Strong..

It dawned on me, “They did not request it?”

“Your old General saw your name,” She spoke quietly. “Are you going to tell him no?”

I cussed a blue streak. I told her to wait one and call off the dogs..

She went behind the Humvee as I grabbed my bug out bag.

“Come grab this bag second Lt..” The kid narrowed his eyes, “Oh.. You are one of the ones they F#$%ed.. I am a Naval Captain.. Formerly of JSOC.. Run it through your little phone you took a picture of me with.. Should read Captain Walaters, KJ.. Retired.. Second Lt. Gregson.”

The Second Lt. barely caught the bag.. He winced at the weight but did not move.. “Ok..” The Lt’s were doing a better job then I realized.. I limped to the vehicle with my rifle..

“Sergent..” I looked back at the house and sighed, “Have Gregson get someone on loading up my trailer.. Bring it..” She looked at me, “We are going to need all the gear inside there.” I took her arm, “Mrs. O’Kent.. Of course I do not mind you escorting me.. I have already ate my last meal..”

She asked me why I had not took command on the way.. I was about to give her a set of excuses..

I had no answer.. I had watched the two of them have Second Lt.’s reading scripts.. Getting yelled at by Sergents.. A lot of us talked about it.. A few of us had to explain that it was just training..

I realized I had quit..

Sergent O’Kent just smiled as the Gunny drove..

They had left alone those who had quit.. Till now.. Roll call.

It F#$%ing dawne donned me, It was not the General, those two had put him up to it.. They intended to go into Phoenix.. Had to..

They have no battlefield expeirence..

“So do I need to,” She told me that a shave kit was in the back.. I opened the bag she pointed to.. It was an electronic shaver from Sally’s..

“You have about four minutes till we reach Lt. Von Leck’s house..”

I managed to get a decent shave after it was plugged into the cig lighter.. I stripped to my underwear and had the fatigue bottoms on..

turns out I was not the only one.. I had worked with the men getting out of the car at one time or another..

Sergent O’Kent whispered, “You do not want to know what was done get you assembled..”

We were all getting our clothes on.. I saw Hannibal’s ex-f#$% buddy..

We all saw her walk out

“Boss man said quit trying to get gussied up.. Beer is in the fridge.. Poker table is set up. He is bored and wants to play poker. then maybe some domino’s”

The garage door opened and the table was set up..

After we were all in it closed, that old bastard came in

He was followed in by Lt. O’Kent, Lt Von Leck, A command Sergent Major, A master Chief, two gunnies (one missing a leg, and H’s ex

O’Kent did not introduce himself.

I had heard the rumors.. Yes he is on anti psychotics.. Well I think he is.. Doc told me later that it was none of my business..

that bastard spent thirty minutes outlining the whole operation they had come up without taking a d@#$ breath.. He had five boards he was working on.. We found paper sitting for us and started taking notes

No swearing back in, no damn introductions, No F#$%ing roll call… The beer was in the fridge.. Straight to F#$5ing business

The General Was handed original notes (He is still the same man.. Lazy boy while we had stools.. His drink was brought to him by a half dressed female.. His morale officer..)

The command Sergnet Major had grabbed a piece of paper first.. The gunnies and the Master chief did to.. Looks like no one had been briefed..

H’s ex was taking notes..

when that bastard finished we were still down loading our thoughts..

The scantil clad female.. Was asked to give her opinion first..

“There..” She walked up to the board, “Darlings.. You did a good job.. ” she shook her head, “No matter what we do.. Casualties will be high.. Like you tell your men.. Listen.. You are still men.. Leave the room.. Let these Bad ASSes destroy your plan without you here and argue..”

She took the General’s hand, “You bad boy will take your meds.. And eat.. NOW!”

“Yes mam.. Lt commander,” The General sighed.. “Doc here will not let me miss a meal.. And that skunk weed..”

“We do not have all the meds.. You smoke one joint before bed.. And you only require a third of your medications..” With evil practiced eyes, “And you will get your ration of three beers a day..”

Von Leck tried to argue they might be needed to , but he was cut off..

She told him he had to take his pain meds and do his scheduled physical therapy..

“Admiral Wrecker.. Well Daddy, gave me the authority to relieve you if you give me gruff,” The woman coldly spoke.. “We will need to redo triage procedures.. But I need to know the general battle plan.. To see if the selected site will do..”

Yes.. she is the daughter of that bastard of an Admiral.. Which makes her your niece..

The two Officers left and sent food in.. An Army Major came in with the food.. Found out he was now in charge of the boards.. He took out a camera and took a picture..

We spent till dawn arguing step by step.. Our old boss lit his medication at some point.. He had us stopped and left the room because he would review our progress.. The Major was left to take notes and record it all.. The General would be listening as he slept..

All I could think was that there was no way in hell we were writing the battle plan for Phoenix

Dawn rolled around and we were exhausted..

Turns out the plan was solid the problem was execution.. The boys lacked field leadership and the men..

Where in sam god D@#$ hell were they going to get two army groups

Wearing boxer briefs, Lt. O’Kent yawned as he walked in.. He went to the second mini fridge.. So I F@#$ing asked him

“Oh.. I pissed of the US Army chief of staff and governor.. So they are going to send their own men..” Cracking a Mt. dew open, “they will send the men.. Oh..” Bastard walked over to the board, “So you agreed we gaurd the I-10 good.. I see .. Uhm.. We will steal the men from them once they fail due to their incompetance.. To many of the Generals think they are the S@#4 so I .. We intend to use it against them..”

We looked at him..

Command Sergent Major burst out laughing with his gunnies..

“Please tell me what is so funny Command Sergent Major!”

“You cant just treat this like you did equipment,” Hannibal’s ex was livid.. “this is not.. Boys you cant just..”

“Like dolly sang..” O’Kent Grinned, ” Delta force.. And Cia.. SEALs and SOCOM clear the way.  Covert missions.. now in play.. These special ops .. Like the Green Berets..”

We looked at the board and hit the major in the arms, “Silver wings upon their chest..”

“this is yalls speciality.. We have to get a D@#$ line to the Nuclear plant..” Sergent O’Kent came in in a Bathrobe.. She kissed her husband then handed me a file, “He has an old friend in Phoenix.. She is one of the Warlords..”

We looked at her..

“Whoever the F#$% she really is,” Sarge yawned.. “The old bastard remembers her..Her name never came up on possible assets.. this is off the record part.. She understands and can hold out for a month.. SOCOM has already lost a group in the area.. She was able to save a third of the team..”

The Major took the file and was putting them on the board..

“Command Sergent Major.. Rameriz , Lega miro.. Remember the day they made me an officer,” O’Kent grinned.. “For four hours and thrity two minutes.. Because I got into an arguement with a second Lt..”

“You mother F#$%er,” Command Sergent Major rubbed the Bridge of his nose.. “That is what you are thinking..”

“So we are clear.. That F#$%ing Sea Tale is true,” Sergent kent looked at her husband with a little pride..

“Sarge,” Gunnery Sergent Rameriz spoke with pride.. “That mother fucker was left alone in an office.. With a second Lt.s office.. With orders to do the supply clerks job.. Since he knows everything.. By a colonel..”

Frankie paused, “Wait.. I remember that.. ” We looked at him, “Our General yelled.. And spoke with a master chief who explained something to him..”

The Master chief raised his hand sheepishly, “I was just a young Master chief.. The Second Lt was given a legitamite order.. And the coast guard got new Fitey cal mike mikes..”

We looked at Frankie..

“Our General,” Pointing to the empty chair.. “Oh.. that is why he.. I see.. you’re his acting Second Lt..”

“What did he get,” Sergent O’Kent shook her head.. “I did not believe him..”

“Ten humvees bound for the army.. Two cases of some new experimental rifles.. We loaded the the Humvee’s with as much ammo as we could.. New vest  for all of us.. set the crates of grenades on top.. Three drones bound for the the UAV command..” Frankie listed a lot of crap..

I remember that day.. It was like christmas.. I thought the General had robbed supply.. Nope it was all authorized.. Taken right off the supply plane..

“Wait how is this going to apply,” I paused..

“He signed it in the marine Corps colonel’s name,” Frankie was confused.. “How does this apply Legitamate now sir?”

“He authorised the use of three planes for the CIA.. Hannibal was proud that day.. They made some enemies who are cirling now,” Hannibal’s ex took a deep breath.. “The General or General’s will order him into the field.. Both of them will ordered to reinforce..”

“Giving them field command in the army in that second.. they are going to pick the fights with upper command,” The Major narrowed his eyes.. “This will take coordination.. Captain..”

“It will be all legitimate,” O’Kent stretched.. “I will be d@#$ed close to getting court martialed.. Close but no cigar.. He will order me into the field..”

“Wont this screw your beloved army,” I asked the major..

Looking at the men, “they are already here.. I never liked my CO.. He is a clock pucnher and glory hound.. The Lt’s have already been F#$%ing with the two Generals..” Pointing at the files, “This is their complete psych profiles.. And their possible replacements..”

In the next ten minutes we changed general operations..

“And whichever side we take first.. Low hanging fruit,” Lt. O’Kent scratched his a$$.. “We have four stealth copters.. And ten stealth drones..” Looking straight at Command Sergent Major, “You owe me ten bucks..”

“F@#$ you I..” Command Sergent Major’s eyes went wide, “Sergent O’Kent do we have all the toys he described..”

“Do not answer that question,” Hannibal’s ex was quick to respond..

“Son of a B#$%^,” The Command Sergent Major took out his wallet and took out a ten. “We have all of it?”

Sergent O’Kent took the Ten dollars, “They are here Command Sergent Major..  ”

this is the moment I realized why the old Man had made those two as officers stick..

“We have all of your families in Benson command.. Temporary NB Benson.. They are in querntine.. No cases of Covid detected..” Sergent O’Kent gave her husband that look you did when I did not take out the trash, “Against protocol and their own orders..”

“Baby..  We have to pay these men,” Lt. O’Kent tried to speak.. “Cash up front..

The Sergent walked out mad..

We all looked at Lt. O’Kent..

Frankie bear hugged him as tears fell down his face..

I had to order Frankie back to the board..

“You can talk with them over the phone..” O’Kent drank more of his soda,”We are waiting on the commadant..” He held up his hand, “Operation Sullivan.. I asked the commandant personally and outlined the idea.. We rescue every dependant we can.. It is a hard call.. He loses about a third of the Corps. for three weeks.”

The sound of a lot of Chinooks filled the air over head..

The Old Bastard walked in wearing sweats holding a pad.. “Yes sir Commandant he is right here sir..”

The old man walked in front of us and then held out the pad..

Still just in his boxer Briefs, “Good morning sir..”

A chuckle came from the phone as I held a finger up to my lips..

“I saw my command Sergent Major and my two gunnies..” A wearied voice came from the pad, “We will have to talk about Hooters and the blackwater boys.. When I have some free F#$%ing time in my schedule in the 23rd century..”

“Aye commandant,” All three of them responded..

“Lt. O’Kent,” the Commandant grinned.. “I have not informed the CNO.. Or the rest of the branches.. Operation Sullivan is a go.. The marine Corps will not leave them behind.. I have to find an excuse for Half the Corps not being deployable..”

“Sir that is stupid,” Hannibal’s ex spoke..

“Agent Delila,” The commandant spoke coldly.. “Hannibal discussed it.. He feels hearts and minds are worth the risk.. Intelligence is co-operating.. Now Lt. O’Kent..”

“Aye commandant,” O’Kent took a deep breath..

“JSOC is on board.. You are going to have to find a way to feed the people..” Reading a sheet of paper, “Naval Base Benson.. I have to go inform the President.. General save me a spot..”

“If they relieve you.. Intelligence has room for a liason,” The old bastard responded..

Von Leck was in a t-shirt and Boxers, “Tiberius.. We are getting a call.. Seems a squadron of Chinooks from five areas are requesting permission to..”

“Good morning Lt. Von Leck,” The Commandant smiled..

“Commandant,” Von Leck came to attention..

“The President will see you Commandant,” A female voice spoke..

“Go to go boys,” The Commandant smiled.. “Semper Fi, Lengirie Department..”

“Semper fi commandant,” they all responded as the Commandant got off of the Line.

Both of them were very quiet..

“Boys.. Focus,” Was All I could say.. “First lets finish this and then.. ”

Sergent O’Kent came back in.. She was in fatigues all military, “General.. The Commanding officer of NB Benson is pissed..”

I guess.. That was a couple days ago..

I.. I know we ended on a bad note.. Give my love to he boys.. Give you sister cynthia a kiss for me.. (LOL) And dont forget Ameila is your niece.. I..

Yes I am scared S@#$less.. I miss you..


I gotta go.. I have to brief the new CNO.. (Who’s very first act was the reinstatement of the former Commandant..)


Captain Walaters, KJ USN

Acting commanding officer, Operation Sullivan


Southern Greater Tucson command, USN


Dear Dad,

I.. Tell mama I love her

We F#$%ing did it.. Phoenix is under the three week quarentine.. Twelve god D@#$ days of walking every inch..

(It was my squad that arrested the news team..  F#$%er’s thought the quarentine did not apply with them

Two of them tested positive)

I.. I made second Lt.. I outrank mom now sir.. No, I am not stupid enough to tell her..

It.. The man that arrived in the helicopter I mentioned to mom.. Hannibal (he is a bastard up with the old USMC General.. He is staying with his ex wife, mother F#$%er had been their the whole time.. Commanding intelligence.. His ex- f#$% buddy is there to.. Turns out that that second Lt. Is his son.. We were told we were trained by wetworks..)

We guarded the highway.. The General DumbF#$% and General A$$kisser F#$%ed everything up.. They were not even coordinating as predicted.. All about the glory..

Now, Lt. commander Von Leck got a militia group that they had cleared earlier.. Split them up from the commanding officers of Legion’s in tucson.

General dumbf#$% of the NG died.. So we swept the part south of the highway first.. Regardless of what General A$$kisser tried to report, We recieved orders from both of them, same time.. Ordering us off the roads and to reinforce

I am serious niether one was given priorty by the SecDef.. We all read the orders.. So in the abscense of clear orders we followed the last one given by the previous president.. Protect the highway..

I made second Lt the first day dad.. I.. I could not leave children starving on the side of the road.. I was assigned an overpass.. Barricades and barbed wire..

I.. I directed our supply trucks empty.. Had the doctors in hazmat splitting them up.. (turns out I had not recieved the order yet.. It was part of the plan we had not been told of. The people where sent to the Jail the Generals were using.)

Keep in mind dad.. We had control of the Highyway after a few short fire fights.. Two lanes were clear under us for semi’s.. The other two were ours to travel.. We spaced the truck every two minutes.. Civilian traffick was forced off..

One in three of the civies was infected..

With the NG General dead,  we (the NG after we lost about a third to showing signs and positives) swept south of the highway first.. Just like tucson, just a lot more armed.. Militia guarded the  first barricades at night.. And kept guns at the back of the NG..

Yes several were observed committing crimes.. They were shot dead..

Our main issue was the civilians that stayed.. first two days they slowed us down.. Thier morning rations were denied.. Till they understood no more..

“We have the records of the crimes.. So lets make this simple.. Turn them in or NO ONE eats,” I gave the order out personally..

At lunch time we had all of them..

On day 2 O’Kent had a Brilliant idea, of turning them into burroughs.. Elect representatives.. (we had stopped those in an area from leaving) Form your own d#$% civilian governments.. Morning checks for each burroughs districts.. Keep people out of the deads area’s..

You want the F#$%ed up part.. We did not take their guns.. This shocked them and me.. (they did not open fire.. We had mounted Twenty.. Mike mikes.. Mine is bigger.. )

The NG Swept.. We pulled rear guard actions.. We denied all assitance from former police ect..

Vets caught up in it did have a few Private conversations.. Magically A large number of the vets were instrumental of forming Burroughs.. Magically my a$$.. I bet they were embedded agents from Hannibal..

We did find out about one in Phoenix.. An online friend of O’Kent..

Civilian criminals are being marched down to tucson.

Military criminals are being shot, their bodies hung from the Highway

Yes Dad.. that was me you saw.. Next to Lt. O’Kent and Von Leck..(well Lt. Commanders now) As Command Sergent Major Greene  (yes everyone else was in the field) awarded them their Congressional Medal of Honors, Navy Crosses, Legions of merit, Nams, and other paperweights under instruction of Vice President Cruz.. ( are we not being told something.. The President is supposed to award the medal of Honor..) In their converalls and covers.. lol

(can you explain sir.. Have they really been doing that much S@#$.. Each one for a different actions. )

O’Kent’s response made us all proud when about a pardon. The CNO advised the President and his staff not to offer it because O’Kent would tell them to shove it up their A$$

“Admiral Bullocks is a very wise CNO,” Lt. O’Kent’s delivery straight faced I almost lost it.. “His predictive command systems are the best in the world Mr. VP..”

The chuckle heard around the world indeed.

Our SecDef stepped in, “Lt. commander.. ” Yes we heard the chuckle..

“Mr. SECDEF Van Ripper,” O’Kent responded..

“You two F#$%ing knuckle heads.. ” I saw Command Sergenat Major Greene’s face up close.. PRICELESS.. “You will return the kitchen sinks you had shi..” We heard the smile in the SECDEF’s pause dad, “Aquired away from the pentagon.. And camp leagune..”

“What sink si,” When command Sergent Major hit them in the back of the head.. Note it was harder then it appeared on screen dad..

“They will return it sir,” CSM Greene was shocked they did not move dad..

“Actually we will not.. We.. The whole world is watching Mr. SecDef..” Dad I have to admit I was surprised they told the SecDef no.. O’Kent looked at a screen being held, “We will need them to clear SanDiego..”

“I have tolerated a lot of S@#$ from you two,” The sigh from Van ripper filled the country dad..

“Sir.. I have no clue what they are up to..” Admiral bullocks words surprised everyone.. “Till we are off the air Mr. SecDef.. They know you are going to send them to Admiral Wrecker in San diego sir.. The sinks are not the only thing being shipped to their new command Mr. SecDef..”

We were all wide eyed trying not to move as the camera’s lens were on us..

“A F#$%ing million feet of tubing, ” We were not completely able to catch the partial list.. “A divisions worth of CB’s and a divsion’s worth of Combat engineers.. No extra ammo or guns..”

We heard the female whisper to the SecDef..

“Captain Reins..”Von Lecks face turned a brighter red then it showed on cameras..

“Hello von Lecks,” Her voice was sweet.. “The SecDef needed an expert on you two.. Command sergent Major.. I am with the rear admiral.. Her opinion is mine.. They are good with their hands.. I assume Mr. CNO and Mr. SecDef that the ground conditions are completely different in San Diego..”

Command Sergent Major Greene taking a deep breath.. followed with him throwing his hands into the air, “You two are responsible for all my grey hair.. Not my F#$%ing marines.. No two f#$%ing sailors..”

” We can have extra ammo and weapons,” O’Kent’s face made us return to discipline..

“I would have authorized it.. Secretaries.. do you mind these supplies being borrowed,” Van Rippers words did carry that tone indicating it was retorical..

“Lt. commander Von Leck.. Lt. commander Okent.. Sec Arm McPherson..” The mans voice was serious, “I have a group of the Army core of Engineers free in the area.. They have been quarentined since you swept Tucson.. Mr. SecDef.. I think I know what they are up to.. Would you like a second site of what they are up to?”

“When we are off the air,” SecDef Van ripper took a moment.. “Congratulations on your promotion gentlemen.. Smooth sailing.. Command Sergent Major Greene.. Semper fi..”


I am transfering to San diego.. I was selected with several others.. A severe lack of competant officers

Only a very small component is going.. Sergent O’Kent is not going..

She is not very happy because several officers have been trying to get on board with the command..

I got assigned to go through every single one and make recommendations..

We are loading up now and I have work to do..


Second Lt. Rodriguez, Martin Darnell  Us Army

Codename Fake Name, USCG


Southern Greater Tucson command, USN




Well.. We landed at ASW today.. Lt. commander Von Leck and O’Kent hit the deck running

What we flew over looked like dispare incarnate

We stepped off the Chinook.. All the Soldiers and Sailors looked at us like we were gods with some magic miracle..

I walked over to the fence and saw the crowd thirty feet back.. Adrmial Wrecker had posted Fifty Cals every ten feet.. Snipers on the Roof of the buildings

HOPE.. They looked at us with awe

They were dirty and looked a little skinny

A rear Admiral (Horn)stood with a Lt. General Corson, Waited as our two CO’s greeted Admiral Wrecker..

Thise supplies they had ‘aquired’, sat out in the area called the Triangle.. Now, they were not all kitchen sinks.. Some tubs..

We were told the FEMA coffins they stole had been distrubited based on a guess by the Rear Admiral..

Von Leck walked over to a CB Master Chief..

The Master chief saluted and got no response.. Admiral Wrecker held up his hand stopping anyone else..

Master Chief Hogston swallowed hard..

He thought he was in trouble..

I guess you know but.. Lt. commanders are feared by new commands and officers..

The Master Chief swallowed hard and started yelling at the CB’s and Combat engineers..

“Sir.. You never communicated with us.. So.. So we looked through everything..” The Master chief stuttered then stopped, “We went through you education history and everything else we could find.. Lt. commander.. We consulted with the Army Corp of Engineers.”

Admiral Wrecker stopped the CB rear Admiral and the Lt. General From intervening..

Von Leck pointed at the supplies saying nothing.. Command Sergent Major, and both Gunnies were with him as O’Kent stood next to Admiral Wrecker.

The CB’s and Combat engineers started moving.. They were putting together prototypes..

The Master chief said it took them a while but.. He swallowed hard and pointed to a sailor holding the hand of a young girl..

“that Jack A$$ said we were F#$%ing idiots sir..” the master chief tried to escape the glare of Von Lecks, “He said O’Kent just stole the supplies to F#$% with people.. They have no plan. they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.. If they had one it was to build a  fort for the F#$% of it..  It made me think sir.. He does not like fish.. We realized.. You were building aquaponics bays… ”

“I told them sure,” The sailor holding the little girls hand shook his head.. “You were going to turn the whole bay into a rotating aquaponics farm.. Empty buildings..”

The master chief said the idea spread like fire.. They had all the equipment.. Their were a lot of problems they had to come up with to solutions.. Salt water plants, fish types.. Rotation.. Staging..

I chuckled mama.. My money was on the sailor being right..

The crews were doing quick welding assembling three different things..

One for the bay, outlining what the rotation would be with a net.. They had plans to overcome issues of shock and timing..

One for for buildings that were not bieng used..

And one for ships that were deemed un sea worthy.. Use their power to feed into the grid..

They are working out the crop rotation.. “Admiral Wrecker submitted the list to us ten minutes before you landed Sir..”

(It seems that the commanding officer of 32nd street had been relieved by his XO.. He was sweeping the whole base finally like Tucson.. No one leaves their vessels till three weeks is up..No more civilians entering and leaving..)

(Rear Admiral Donley’s plan)

“Admiral Wrecker,” O’Kent was not happy.. “Why are they stealing the parts to my fort?”

Everyone paused..

Lt. commander Von Leck was serious, “Master chief.. The sailor was right.. I thought a fort would be cool.. This was the Chief’s mess plan an assist from the gunnies plus..”

The mens faces where confused as the Master chief nodded yes..

Von Leck Came to Attention, “O’Kent..”

“F@#$ing steal my F#$#%ing fort,” O’Kent turned and walked over.. “Truth is we had notta

both men came to full attention as the wind blew their CMOH’s.. The men stared confused..

“The world finest Navy and Marines..” Von Leck spoke as he held his salute..

“Her Beloved Chiefs mess and senior NCO’s..” Both men saluted first..

The men quickly saluted..

I caught Admiral Wrecker digging his Thumb into Rear Admiral horn’s shoulder.. I saw his mouth whisper, “shut the F#$% up!”

“Keeping her officers out of trouble since 1775,” Both Lt. commanders spoke.. “God D@#$ the finest men in the world.. Our Starfleet corps of engineers!”

“Sir.. We.. their is no need to..”

I was called over..

I looked the Master chief straight in the eyes, “Master chief.. They were trying to figure out what the F#$% to do with the supplies.. ”

CSM chimed with the same as the two gunnies..

“You mean,” the Master chief was shocked when I and the CSM and gunnies saluted him and his men..

“This is all you.. Sirs,” I spoke..

“Yeah we will not be reliant on food thanks to the combined goat’s locker..” Von Leck’s went into command mode..

I was ordered to make sure the word got spread quickly.. The Goat’s locker had solved problems that Lt. Von Leck did not see an answer to..

“Rear Admiral horn.. Lt. General,” O”Kent got interrupted by the Lt. General..

“Stopped F#$%ing gold bricking.. It is our plan..” Lt. General Corson stepped in and start growling at the men.. He took out a phone where people were listening, “Execute our plans.. NOW.. Or I ship you out to detriot!”

The Rear Admiral stepped out, “I want the bay done NOW.. MASTER Chief why is the Marine corp moving faster then we are?”

Mama, it is an article of faith.. The Command Sergent Major told me to pass the word.. Say nothing..

This was exactly what the F#$% those two had in mind.. They.. Mama they took no credit.. Lt. Von Leck ordered them to finish the prototypes so he could play with them.. He asked questions from the lower ranking CB’s and Combat engineers.. They explained everything to him like they were teaching..

Mama, It looked like the models Von Leck had reviewed on the ride there..

the rear Admiral and Lt. general rode shotgun over the construction.. Von Leck helped weld and assemble..

I caught the smirk from Admiral Wrecker..

O’Kent went to the Gate and saw the crowd that was quiet..

A group of men crossed the thirty feet and came to attention..

A man with one star motioned for a chalk board to be brought forward.. Admiral Wrecker was shocked as F#$%.. (none of them had been cooperating)

The man Identified himself as Brigadier General Howlett of the Californis National guard..

another group from the crowds stepped in wearing mask gloves and with rifles..

They came to attention.. and sang, “Delta force.. and CIA.. SEALs and SOCOM.. Clear the way.. Covert missions now in play..”

O’Kent turned and stood behind Admiral Wrecker’s left side.. He saluted the Brigadier General Who saluted back, which made the Admiral salute..

“He is my commanding officer.. Admiral Wrecker.. Brigadier General Howlett..” He looked at one of the males, “Agent Hannibal Jr..”

“Its agent Lincoln.. I have my mama’s last name..” the Agent Smiled as he walked over to the board, “The National guard is sick and tired of the bulls@#$ from the governor.. They have agreed to aide us.. They need food for their own soldiers.. If we have it..”

“We are ready to begin Operation SanDiego.. Per what we observed from Operation Phoenix..” The Brigadier General coldly spoke, “I have two other theater commanders joining me..”

“Hazmat suits you two,” O’Kent called out.. “Bring the board with you.. It is a risk we have to take sir.. You will be wearing one to..”

“We have them.. Ten minutes Admiral Wrecker,” Agent Lincoln spoke.. “We have cleard two corridors.. One to 32nd Street and one to MCRD San diego.. ”

“And the one one to SPAWAR,” O’Kent coldly spoke.. “Never mind.. Make it twenty minutes.. I have an idea.. Let me check something.. Admiral.. So he can brief you on his plan we used in tucson..” they looked confused, “you think we came up with S@#$.. We just implemented his and the Brigadier General from Monthan’s plan.. Paint by numbers.. Mind you we colored outside the lines a few times..”

The men all saluted the admiral and the Lt. Commander..

Admiral Wrecker whispered something to Lt. commander  O’Kent..

Our CO just smiled evilly, “Sir.. You did authorise us.. So it is your Plan.. Mistakes and all..”

Admiral Wrecker tapped his ear piece and startd something.. “Admiral Bullocks.. We .. We are on schedule Sir.. I have to do some introductions..”

“Of course we are.. The Chief of Naval Operations has selected the finest,” O’Kent spoke without blinking..

Admiral Wrecker called Seaman Shea over by name..

“Admiral,” O’Kent narrowed his eyes.. “I.. F#$% me.. You..”

“Admiral..” The look on the seamns face, “Sir?”

“99.999999 and an eight in there chance,” The Admiral’s comment had us all listening mama.. “Same for Little Ms. Steal our supplies.. She takes after her father.. Her last name is Ashley..”

O’Kent looked at them and just hugged them both..

The Litle girl cried, “You.. You are my daddy..”

We almost all broke as she hugged him tighter..

The seaman Shea took a deep breath, “Admiral.. I.. The F#$5ing blood test..”

He told them he did not know.. appearently the little girls mother gave her a picture of her father.. She had died of Covid-19 and the little girl was on the streets.. Went through the base quarentine when her and her friends were caught..

It turns out that Seaman Shea mother contacted her son and the letter was intercepted.. the military immediately DNA tested the seaman.. Besides several matches in the psych profile, it seems several incidents have occured here..

(he had a brand new ts army tank shiped to this training command.. Admiral Wrecker has not acknowledged its here.. It.. MAMA.. it has ground drones with it.. anti personnel sound systems.. God.. It is in the blood)

Lt. commander O’Kent held her and walked around with her.. He ordered Seaman Shea with him.. They walked through the area I followed

(I have learned a good NCO can cuss with just a look and a finger point.. Command Sergent Major said a lot of things..)

Her first name was cinderella.. She likes the water but wants to go home with her daddy.. (the look on her face when she was told about the dessert.. I smiled)

Yes he had her in the meeting.. She clinged to him the whole time.. and went to sleep..


Mama I was told to ask you about this by Gunnery Sergent Legamiro.. Military magic?

A ship captain from 32nd street showed up pissed off.. He had been relieved of command of his ships

It turns out he had F#$%ed both Lt. Commanders over, we were not told the story..

He showed up with security, yelling to speak with Admiral wrecker..

Mama.. He said this was straight revenge and conduct unbecoming The fleet needed him.. He just pinned Captain two months ago.. His ship was clean and clear..

Halfway into his yelling admiral Wrecker lost it with him

The two Lt. commanders had argued with Admiral Bullock till he gave up.. And authorised his promotion to acting Rear Admiral..

The silence from that man, we were all just as confused.. It turns out they have policy of dealing with their enemies.. Acting Rear Admiral Kyles was considered both sailors most competant enemy..

“They would not stop arguing with me.. You F#$%ing idiot,” Admiral bullocks voice came from Admiral Wreckers phone.. “They would not relent.. They said you were the officer to take charge in the field.. Over ten other choices Rear Admiral Kyles.. Even the SecDef sai djust F#$5ing put you in charge.. The F#$% filled the system with thousands of notices..”

Kyles just stood there wide eye, “they.. they would never.. I am responsible for.. F#$% me..” He looked at Wrecker, “They personally recommended me because I am their most competant enemy..”

Everyone was quiet..

“Catch me up with..”

“No.. ” O’Kent coldly spoke, “You hate us so much you already have an idea of the plan we would have implemented.. You are late and will NOT be caught up.. Your own rules Lt.. I mean Rear Admiral Kyles.. If you cant do the job let us know.. ”

“Are you the man for the job.. ” Admiral Wrecker and the CNO said at the same time, “Rear Admiral!”

An aide came running out from Admiral Wreckers command center, “We ..” Out of breath, “Is there a Rear Admiral Kyles here..” They all pointed to Rear Admiral Kyles, “Sir.. your convoys you ordered. .All Six hundred trucks are barreling down the highways.. Air force as air support has had to open fire in Oklahoma, Nevada, and Utah.. the US coast Gaurd and Navy is moving into posistion along the  highways best they can..”

The music came from from the radio, “Pig pen this here’s Rubber duck.. I am about to put the hammer down..”

Mama.. The Rear Admiral was wide eyed for half a second..

“Change of plans,” Rear Admiral Kyles caught the Radio as it was tossed to him.. with a Lot of Energy mama he went to work, “This is Pigpen.. Rear Admiral Kyles.. Hit the F#$%ing GAS.. We are ready boys.. We will have warm meals and sleeping areas with showers for you..” With a smile he said, “Let those truckers roll..”

The Rear Admiral pointed to the board and took over immediately.. Agent Lincoln and the Briadier General did not believe it at first..

That man rearranged everything.. Had one of the men writting down orders..

He really did have a plan better then our two Lt. Commanders.. It was a hybrid of Tucson and Phoenix.. Burroughs and speed checks.. The other National gaurd Commanders started coming in.. They heard about the convoys and were so short supplies.. they bent knee and ignored the Governors man.. (he was brought to the rear Admiral who tossed him the brig.. Said the Governor had no authority)

Mama that man had every angle covered.. It is not possible he had a plan this deep ready..

He called on O’Kent and Von Leck.. they told him open bids.. Those truckers will sleep and deliver back out..

“Just like Tucson and Phoenix..” The rear Admiral was not happy with the response that the military had to compete..

“Rear Admiral.. We are not competing the companies that are shipping for the government are. No stealing from the civilians..” O’Kent was an A$$ and truckers heard him, “If they want them well.. Let the free market rein.. Pass the order sir.. The one you issued that the governors need to remember we are under martial law… Any attempt to detain truckers or interfere with shipping is a military crime..” that bastard added if the truckers families are interfered with same rules..

Those truckers hit the gas.. (I saw later the fact that Arizona Highway Patrol performed lead car duty.. Going a hundred MPH)

The CNO and Admiral Wrecker were talking.. The bases were being swept by security.. (six hundred trucks???) Rear Admiral Kyles protmotion was official by night fall.. He had swept a fifth of San diego.. Told a reporter that the two Lt. Commanders were his acting XO’s.. She had heard a rumor the three did not get along..

“Mam.. We are the worlds most powerful navy.. We are a team.. I got more import S@#$ to deal with then false rumors.. Thank god the good people of California are working with us..”

someone had come up.. It appears that they had to redraw some lines.. Some burroughs self formed and wanted to start quarentine immediately.. They ALL knew the rules.. They wanted to hand over their criminals..

Lt. commander O’Kent was still holding his daughter as he spoke via skype, “No mam. We have worked with the now Rear Admiral.. We are trying to save as many people as possible.. He has so much experience.. He is the natural choice.. ”

Mama they gave their worst enemy credit and now.. He was asking them for advice every so often? they told him what to expect across the spectrum.. He did not challenge them.. Just had doctrine in place cover whatever they mentioned..

It makes no sense.. They made that man powerful..


I guess I am just a green officer…

Cinderella Ashley spoke with her step mother Sergent O’Kent and was happy to find out she had a home.. She was stuck with her father.. Yes she can feed the chickens..

And Yes.. Rear Admiral Kyles, took the Tank.. We drove it out, got out went back in and that Bastard had a cleared crew ready.. It is his command Vehicle.. Claims that he took custody of the tank from Seaman O’Shea.. Paperwork must have gotten lost..

I woke up and am eating breakfast, with little Cinderella.. She says hello..

The news played for us.. The truckers had arrived in the middle of the night and still coming in.. MCRD had deployed into the field.. The first truck unloaded was their weapons as the truckers where eating a hot meal as promised, being scanned by medical..

MirMar was in the air covering the truckers (because their supplies were being delivered under armed escort to)

those Marines were deployed quickly to prearranged spots under old hands.. signs were posted.. Green Devil Dogs deployed.. young puppies will shot first and might get the other’s excited.. you have been warned, Rear Admiral Kyles..

(Ramirez and Legamiro had hurt feelings they were confined to the clear base..)

Sailors and others who had f’d up were in hazmat gear UVing the trucks in Hazmat gear..

We then caught the reports, Rear Admiral Kyles was in the Tank..

It appears that someone had gone through gang controlled territory.. They killed every single one.. Buildings,cars, and points of resistance were burning.. Survivors were lining up to leave and one by one where being stripped, tested, and shipped..

It broke my heart but.. We also read the intell posted live.. To our surprise cops and city officials were on the list of the dead..

One woman complained till one of the NG explained that the tapes showed a lot.. She will be allowed to sue the surviors  of the city officials..

I will give this to the Navy.. I thought our two CO’s were just the old school Navy at its finest..

Nope.. Breakfast flowed..

My breakfast was brought to me with Cinderella.. The boys made room for her.. frosted flakes were sat in front of her with chocalate milk and a bananna.. (Sergent O’Kent had sent the invoice and loaded up her food card.. Cinder- as her father calls her, had got away from her babysitter.. AGAIN!)

I tried to argue that I could go through the line.. the chief whispered he needed someone to come fix one of the freezers.. It was glitching..

I made some of my food into a sandwich.. Told Cinder she was on guard duty for my food and handed her a fork.. Make sure the watch knows she checked out a fork.. I am going to check on the freezer for chief..

One of the Gunny’s in the combat engineers is doing the same with his food. He slid his plate over to Cinder.. Told her she is on food watch and they would talk later.. and not to leave her post

the Admiral’s mistress sat in my seat and is talking to her..


Second Lt. Rodriguez, Martin Darnell  Us Army

Codename Fake Name, USCG


Greater San Diego Unified Command


Freya darling your son is doing good.. My F#$% buddy, the four star knuckle head, mentioned that it was your anniversry..  Your husband will be in the field.. Admiral Wrecker has arranged for a thirty minute phone call at 2200. (because he does not want to sleep in his office tonight)

Love Intelligence

keep this between us Darling.. the men do not need to know of this.




Dear Son,

Your mama is busy.. Now Vice Admiral Donley has control of Norfolk.. (Let Tiberius now his Teenaged daughter is being sent to The Sullivan Command.. She demanded to go stay with her father .. Turns out she argues like her father..  Your mother sent her herself.. Said the vice Admiral needs a vacation.. )

To answer your question


It is a murky area

They give credit for two reasons

hearts and minds

And apperance

Take Rear Admiral Kyles Promotion.. It did cause a lot more crap then you could know.. (trust me.. There were over thirty officers available.. They picked someone who hates them.. They are working him to the bones.. ) Several people were going to step in.. Till those news reports.. Those Trucks being delivered, a larger part being walked through, the NG defection to the DoD, and the most important part.. Was literally the free market solution..

those supplies getting sent out to hawaii bases on the merchant ships they cleared.. (I heard the commanding officer of Hawaii was surprised as F#$%.. The USN was sending escourts with the ships.. )The resupply of San diego Bases.. Feeding the civilians.. Even the war hawks are quiet.. Because the boys strike at night and where the enemy is not at.

Yes the air strike on the Cartel bases by a lone stealth bomber.. Singing The Marine corps hymn ( the commandant having to explain that the USMC does NOT have a stealth bomber made us die laughing..  ) Had one hell of an effect..


The best way to put it.. I know you left out the conversation..

Both Lt. commanders refused to accept Rear Admiral Kyles private apology and walked away..

son they are paying him back and doing their jobs.

The man has swallowed his pride.. He was WRONG.. He knows he is not up for Rear Admiral upper Half

He is very competant.. It is bad situation for him.. I was their when the CNO called him buttercup.. Kyles is a D@#$ fine officer

I reviewed every decision the Rear Admiral made in regards to those two.. (he had the notes)

His observations were spot on.. I would have behaved the same way towards them.. Not team players, disruptive to the chain of command, and stealing supplies..

Those two will never forgive him.. You wont believe this but in his personal notes they left him a message..

“Your evaluation is based on preconceptions an officer in your posistion can not afford to have.. The major mistake is factor X is unaccounted for.. Also Lt. Kyles you lack the ability to not go along to get along.. The other problem is you have no protocols in place for anti corruption.. As red lettered, you relied on the wrong people for advice and have done no cross checks.. It will bite you in the A$$ one day.. Just remember the day will come & you will apologize for your behavior.. Remember this note.. and go F#$% yourself!”

VP Cruz read the letter and the notes with a smile.. “As Jackson used to say, to the victor go the spoils..” smiling, “My constituent, Lt. Commander O’Kent is a piece of work.. Be glad you were not the VA facing those two..”

Apperantly they tracked down who was F#$%ing with their disability rating.. And began a campaign of harassment leaving no fingerprints.. While still running the normal push

We noticed the Vice President was reading something that was not in our reports.. I asked him what he was reading..

“Something Else Lt. colonel Rodriguez, that the Rear Admiral left out of his evaluations.. Those two are loyal to those who are loyal to them..  By the way.. Your son has a fiance.. Congratulations.. Let me know when they set a date.. I will send a wedding gift..”

You could have F#$%ing said something you little bastard!!

The VP then went on to discuss the issues going on in California.. Seems he was better briefed then we all were..

a liberal delegation from congress was allowed in.. Lead by Pelosi

Seems they were worried about what was happening in Virginia and Arizona.

Seems that the cleared area’s were collecting taxes and the state governments were getting nothing.. And the issue of the armed citizens act passed by the senior Military officials in those areas.. (re none of them were dealt in)

The only people not  required to be armed where those still in prison

To them this was not acceptable..

Cruz was polite and explained that the military went with a cost cutting measure.. Otherwise he would need forty seven Trillion dollars.. He used Tucson as an example.. It is cleared, functioning city governments handling civilian actions.. The mayor wanted more power till he saw the cost of handing over operations.. He decided that limited government was necessary

The state governments are fughloughed.. He re-explained Martial Law concepts

Pelosi was not hearing any of it.. She was a complete B#$%^..

Cruz got this look in his face and politely responded..

“O’Kent is F#$%ing Democrat..” He let his statement sink in with his change in tone.. He reached into the oval office desk and tossed her a set of papers, “President Pence could not let this be done.. Your democratic officer was denied the following things.. He wanted to wipe out all the interest and student loan debts.. While giving Tax credits to those who those who paid cash or paid theirs off..  He did try to issue the following policy in the military area’s he has influenced. All discrimination is banned.. Decisions are to based solely on ability to pay or skill.. No names, race, or sex.. He said he heard YOU mention this off mike a decade ago over the met opera.. ”

Pelosi narrowed her eyes, started to say something,  then she stopped..

“It gets better.. He wanted your rules.. But his buddy and the rest of command told him no.. He can either get the condoms and female medical check ups or his gun registery ATF S@#$.. So guess which one he took..” Cruz was completely evil, “Not to mention his arguments with the Social Security checks and food stamps.. He took the state money to keep the food rolling to needy and the seniors with their meds.. And he has dug deep Madam Speaker.. Found as many old people with hard skills and got them jobs training or overseeing.. ”

“He spent the money on liberal programs,” Pelosi sat down while the rest of the delegation stood..

“The SON OF A BITCH HAS STOLEN millions from the taxes we have not been recieving.. ” Cruz went in like an attack dog, “babysitting programs, head start is running in Phoenix, Tucson, and norfolk due to trades he made.. they silenced the conservatives by giving them guns and church to quote von Leck..”

“Abortion,” Pelosi tried to call out Cruz..

“Volunteer doctors on their own time.. First trimester only.. The number is lower because.. O’Kent has had the pill, The arm thingie as he calls it, and the mesh thingie.. Remind me Lt. Colonel to make da#$ sure someone gets him the right terms.. Or the observer puts red marks.. He said that Roe vs Wade is still the law of the land..”

Pelosi looks Cruz in the eyes, “You have the reports..”

Cruz snaps his fingers and A navy spook hands her a file.. Son.. she looked over the file quickly..

She handed it to a junior member of the delegation after five minutes, “So the men he shot and hung.. I saw some of them were rapist.. I will need those files..”

“I can have then delivered to your office Madam Speaker..”

“Madam Speaker,” One of the delegates (the former waitress) was not happy.. “He has banned Liberal classes from the colleges in Arizona.. Gender studies.. Certain professers were deemed to political.. Title nine was revoked and the colleges have no say over crime.. Or who is allowed..”

“I am assuming I will be told that he managed to get art and music for the kids in exchange, Mr. Vice President..”

the Speaker of the house was all smiles, like an old Tigress..

“Page sixteen madam speaker.. Also, He did advise in some of those notes that Pence should support you. .He is not a fan of yours but that.. Well only a fool would try and remove you now..” The two locked eyes and the speaker blinked, “That you should recieve bi-partisan support if the Democrats tried to remove you..”

Some of the junior members of her delegation got a look on their faces

Pelosi drummed her fingers, “Why was he communicating with.. You are the Senator who helped him get his VA check?”

He handed Pelosi a cigar after he lit his.. Bypassing her comment, “I had to have pence sign off on the order military wide.. The two of them have instituted Sergent O’Kent’s NO DRAMA policy.. ”

“I am going to be told that the rest of the money went to what the states had originally took the money for.. The gas Tax is being used in california to repair the roads?”

“Actually.. They are installing some swedish companies solar roads.. ” Cruz puffed his cigar.. Son we listened as the two of them spoke for the next thirty minutes..

Pelosi promised that their was no issue with the use of funds over the birth control, Childhood education, or the music and arts programs.. She silenced the delegation when one of them tried to speak, “The two Lt. commanders have made do in a bad situation.. One of them is a prime example of the Americans with disability Act..”

She puffed her cigar as the delegation left.. As the last to leave, she stopped at the door.. “Ted.. I have no clue as to why you faked these papaers.. Thank you for taking the time to lie to me..”

“Anytime Nancy,” The VP responded.. “The papers are real.. He is a southern Democrat.. Not the new breed you are having to deal with..”

The Speaker stood there for a moment and chcukled.. She left the oval office..


We discussed this privately and can get no answer

There is no record of the files being transfered or sent

but the envelopes where delivered by intelligence

None of us have heard a thing about these conversations

The CNO Admiral Bullocks is purposefully quiet on the subject


That son is the same thing we were discussing.. Stealing the enemy’s thunder..


You better call your mother about your fiance..

She has already heard.. An I got an earfull

turns out little Cinder is your Niece (long story)

Keep listening to your Senior NCO’s.. I have read your evaluations.. Good job my boy

A little Birdie told me that the Chief of Staff US Army just recieved the recommendation for your promotion.. You have finished all the core classes and your field experience dictates more responsibility

Plus you have demonstrated the ability to make the hard decisions


Love and faith,

Lt. colonel Rodriguez , Julio USAF



My dearest love,

Estatic does not even begin to describe the news. My soul is elevated that your physical therapy is over. I do wish I had been there to have the cornbread. Your cooking is the best in the world.

Shelly has a little male friend.. I will have to have a talk with the young man when I get home.

Let Le Ann know daddy misses her.. I .. I..

Forgive me my emotions.. The skype call was unexpected, to see you moving around cooking has made all of this worth it.. Von Leck did not tell me who was on the line.. Said it for me..

To answer the question you asked me, Yes my love.. These two Lt. commanders are the two I mentioned years ago. I am really a Gunnery Sergent again.. In fact I am up for a promotion..

-We are waiting for the last four quarentined San diego burroughs to clear.. The cleared areas are opened for business

-Training has continued for all personnel.. Wait till I see you my love, I am in better shape then when I was in the first time. Lt. Commander O’Kent implemented (as a Lt. ) mandatory Yoga. DDP’s version.. Lets just say make sure your mama is watching the kids if I get leave ( I will send a picture)

-Everyone knows the two knuckleheads orders- no heroes. Claiming it was from Me, Legamiro, and Command Sergent Major Greene- Seems the NG officers were wanting to know exactly what we meant by that. We have been asked so many time we have organized a class on it (first class was to a full auditorium.. My love the stars where out.. The commandant and CNO attended the briefing via the big screen) It is not that hard, but we explained it.. In our native tongue of USMC (with permission to use that language.. for added effect we had our smokey bears..)

-I have been nicknamed Papa bear.. I have NOT gotten that soft, have I. I cant be that mad at it.. I did slam a three star general to the ground for insulting one of my lower level enlisted. He got a dear john letter.. F#$%ing Army First Lt. Rodriguez had his side arm in the face of that idiots colonel, “Say when Papa Bear.” No I did not have tears when the whole unit had their guns on that man’s staff.. Rear Admiral Kyles Intervened and backed me off the Three star.. Then slammed the three star General into a cement wall for his comment..

It took all of us to pull that bastard off the three star.. D@#$ my Lt. Commanders had to pick a fighter.. Doc said it was only a black eye that I recieved..

Admiral Wrecker then got into it with the Bastard 3 star.. CSM greene got the black eye that time..

While he was recovering in medical, Lt. General Shonto was relieved by the Army chief of Staff.. Your ready for this.. For not winning the fight against the navy. He was turned over to the commandant of the Marine Corps as broken gear..

Comradierie is high here..

LA Air force Base, Edwards, and Fort MacArthur incidents..  Yes my love the US Navy opened fire on civilians.

the commanding officers had tears in their eyes as they watched the USMC and her little Brother the Army Deploy in. With supplies.


You may have heard on the news about the incidents with LA refugees

We had no choice, No refugees allowed in. No transportation or supplies

The reason for the turn away

A four Star Army general, General Ihly convinced enough idiots that he could restore order in LA. As you read this, he has landed in LA.. charging like a bull

He did not call us cowards, but hinted that we were soft and old. We had done our job..

He got some rude awakenings when he landed at MirMar with his troops.. He got the Davis Mothan Treatment.. The Old Bastard in charge there gave him an area to store himself and his men.. Barb Wire and armed guards went up around the area as the two spoke over the coms.

“I was ordered to give you space for your supplies and men.. That has been done.. I was told to make sure you have all the supplies you need.. That has been done..”

That old bastard in charge of MirMar is an old Spook former Marine..

“I was not ordered to allow your men off my base.. Leave and you get quarentined.. I was not ordered to allow you and your men to interact with my troops.. So go F#$% yourself. No one at the DoD has lifted any of the iso protocols..”

He threw a fit but could not argue.. All the supplies he requested was either there or being dropped off..

Including two hundred tanks that O’Kent and Von Lecks had got ahold of.. Part of a larger set from some grave yards they raided..

The General got on the horn and got an ear full from the Army CoS.. What did he want? the Lt. Commanders have filled all his request.. Stripping supplies from other operations.. His men should be getting ready not going out and celebrating

(Apparently he had gone over the head of the SecArm and SecDef.. Using family political connections to get the force together and the command.)

I am proud of the two SOB’s.. They were told to stay out of it and they have

It seems the genius did not give the order for media silence, so LA knows he is moving out.. Yes the protestors were allowed to protest him.. (his operation his orders..)

The protestors only moved because they were told if they were touched by General’s men they would get three weeks of quarentine..

He is classicnarcissist who will get all his

The battlestations claxon went off on the base.. That idiot General just shot his way through refugees.. It is all over breaking news..

My Love I have to depart..

Gunnery Sergent Ramirez, Julio USMC



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