Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Chapter Two

I do not own the universe or main characters

this is just a fan fiction

I created a few characters for the story set in JK Rowlings Harry Potter Universe

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Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Chapter Two

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A knock came from the front door of the cottage..

“They can come back later,” Lucius laid on a bear skin rug nude with Narcissa laying on his chest.. “With a whisper, “I did not lock the deadbolt..”

Narcissa hit Lucius sleepily , ” GO AWAY.. WE ARE BUSY!”

“It is Percy Weasley.. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy.. You are in possession of Property of Thomas Elliot Carthen.. The ministry has..”

“Go the F#$% away, as Mr. Carthen likes to say.. ” Lucius sighs, “My love.. ” Lucius sits up, “I will deal with these mongrel muggle wannabes..”

“Lucius.. You are not getting dressed,” Narcissa then giggles as Lucius walks to the door of the little cottage. “Give me a second let me cover up.. We can use it against them later..”

“All right..” Percy’s voice is clear, “Ron.. Open the door for..”

Lucius grabs his wand, flings open the door, standing there with nothing but his wand pointing out the door.. “Can I help you?”

“UGH, “Ron Weasley looks away.. “Put some clothes on..”

“Dont you have a shop to run merchant,” Lucius Malfoy responds coldly..

“Mr. Malfoy.. We have to search,” Percy pauses when he spies the nude Narcissa wrapped up in a bear skin rug blanket.. “Mam.. You need to get dressed..”

“We are searching your house,” Ron coldly spoke.. “Death Eater..”

Lucius goes to shut the door, but Ron quickly sticks his foot in the door.. He pushes it open, “I do not think so.. Strip the whole cottage..”

“Ron,” Percy takes a deep breath.. “Lucius .. Ron grab him his robes.. Narcissa. Mam You are going to have to step outside.”

Narcissa comes out of the house with nothing but the bear skin rug..

Several of the neighbors come outside as Lucius stands there nude holding his wife in their bear skin rug..

“You have no right to do this,” Lucius is very loud as he drops his wand..

The Aurors with Percy enter the house..

“Do not try anything Lucius,” Percy was cold.. “You know the ministry ordered ALL items owned by Mr. Carthen turned over..”

“We got you Lucius,” Ron calls out as he holds a book.. “You have ..” Ron reads the title, “Drilling in the wetlands.. A sensual Grimore for the lover..” Ron shakes his head, “You are going down.. Toss the house..”

Percy looks at Lucius standing there nude, paused.. “Ron.. Something is off..”

One of the other Aurors calls out, “We have a lot of muggle devices.. You are going to need experts to go through this..”

“I bet you it is all illegally sigiled,” Ron goes back into the house..

“What is your game Lucius,” Percy directed one of the Aurors to pick up Lucius’s wand.. “You had to know there was no way we would let you keep anything.. You had to know..”

Mrs. Smith comes out of one of the Cottages nearby..

Percy sees her and closes his eyes, “Bullocks..”

Mrs. smith is wearing a bathrobe, “Honey grab two guest bath robes..” Mrs. Smith comes storming across the street, “Lucius.. Narcissa.. Are you ok..”

A native American woman walks out of the same cottage in jeans and a t-shirt.. She sees the scene and quickly comes over..

Ron comes out side, ” Where are the rest of the ..”

“PERCY,” Smith yells.. “What in sam h#ll does the ministry think it is doing?”

“We are raiding the Malfoy’s cottage,” Ron speaks angrily..

“Let me get this straight,” Mrs. Smith Yells at Percy.. “He is leading the raid?”

“We got the malfoys read handed,” Ron takes back the Grimore.. “Lucius did not turn over..”

“That.. ” Mrs. Smith glares at Percy, “Really .. You are raiding the Malfoy house for A publically available book..” The native American woman has robes in her hands as she walked over, “And you have embarassed the Malfoys.. With an illegal raid.. This is going to be F#$%ing expensive Percy..”

Ron glares at Lucius, “Public.. Publically available.. We have them..”

“Mr. Granger,” Mrs. Smith coldly responds making Ron go red.. “Is NOT an active Auror.. He is not listed anywhere nor or any books.. ”

The Other Auror’s freeze in place.. Mrs. freeman from earlier causes something to fall and break inside..

“Honey give my clients Robes.. Take them to our cottage.. “Mrs. Smith turns towards Percy, “This is an illegal raid.. And we just finished negotiating the new rules.. They passed..”

The Auror’s look to Percy who gets pissed, “This was a set up.. You..”

“How many people have a copy of this book.. Drilling in the wetlands,” Mrs. Smith calls out.. “Show of hands..”

Slowly several other people in the gathering crowd raise their hands.. Slowly several more in robes raise their hands..

Ron takes a deep breath..

“I want to press charges against Mr. Ron Weasley.. ” Narcissa has a fake look of fear on her face, “Me and my husband where enjoying some personal time.. And he just barged inside our cottage.. ”

“Charges,” Ron threw the book down..

“If Mr. Weasley was not an Auror this morning..” Mrs. smith glares at Percy, “He better be arrested.. An ex Auror does NOT have the authority to just Break into some person’s castle..  And if you fake it.. Their will be other consequences.. He is compromised due to conflict of interest..” And Seeing the same woman from earlier, “And the americans are here.. Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy.. We are looking at Least a three or four Million Galleons apiece.. ”

“What..” The American auror Mrs. freeman spoke, “Percy.. You cant..”

“Mrs. Freeman had a run in earlier with my clients.. ” Mrs. smith grins evilly, “We are suing.. I expect the Arrest Report.. Mrs. Freeman and Mr. GRANGER do NOT have authority to preform the actions they have.. Lucius take your wife over to My cottage with Mrs. Smith..”

“Percy,” Ron looks at his brother.. “You.. You cant do this..”

“Take them both into custody,” Percy looks down.. “Do NOT even start Ron.. You were just here in case… Bullocks..” Malfoy escorts his wife with the robe open..

“We have his wand,” The Auror whispers..

Mrs. Smith has her hand out, “And seizure of personal property has to be worth what.. A lost promotion.. Several hundred thousand Galleons..”

“PERCY,” Ron has his wand taken from him..

“Percy,” the other Auror’s take Mrs. freeman’s wand..

“We will be watching you Lucius,” Percy angrily calls out..

“No.. No you wont,” Mrs. smith evilly smiles.. “Add another two hundred thousand to the total for the ministry..” Mrs. Smith points to the camera, “Muggle Tech..”

“You do not even like muggles,” Ron called out.. Lucius stops and turns towards Ron, “Thats right.. You think anyone has forgotten. What you did to my sister?”

“Noblese Oblige,” Lucius coldly states.. “Narcissa.. Please let Mr. Weasley go.. Same with the American.. Dont press charges..”

“Because we do not have to lift a finger,” Narcissa evilly spoke.. “I am NOT letting the Ministry or MACUSA go.. Mrs. Smith.. I want Ron Weasley forever banned from working with Aurors.. Return him to his shop.. And This Mrs. freeman needs to be returned to her shores.. Noblese Oblige.”

“Against my advice..” Mrs. Smith Looks Percy straight in the eyes, “My clients have stated the terms.. You will billed for all damaged items and the cleaning bill..”

“Tell Thomas,” Ron was pissed.. “He is not allowed in..”

“Merlin’s beard..  Ron.. SHUT UP,” Percy yells! “Just shut your mouth.. Take him back to his shop..”

“Why the .. You keep saying that,” Ron is Angry.. “And no percy.. I will not shut up..”

Narcissa chuckles and takes Lucius’s arm, “My dear we .. We will have to rough it.. I have to cover for Neville..” Looking back to Ron for half a second, “And Hannah.. Mr. weasley is lucky we work with his mother.. I will of course tell her about her Sons’ behaviors.. This has to stop..”

“You are going to tell my mother on Me,” Ron laughed till he saw Percy’s face.. “She doesnt like Them either.. She..”

“Shut up Ron.. ” Percy closed his eyes, “It.. We havent had a chance to talk..” Percy calls out, “Lucius.. Narcissa.. Where is Draco?”




“Artemis, “A brown haired female spoke snobbily.. Readjusting her “Your father is bringing down the magical community.. You.. Is he even pureblood?”

“Alurem Snyde,” Artemis was pissed off.. “It has been a long day.. Dad..” Pausing with the emotional weight of the phrase, “My father is gone.. ” Standing straighter with a weird sense of Pride, “And he gets a second chance..”

“And your grandfather is a male whore.. An old joke.. Your father slept with a werewolf and had a cub.. Filthy blood traitors,” Alurem Snyde was upset.. “Why is he in slytherin.. We are going to talk with Professor Malfoy.. This.. this is bad.. Elves, goblins, and other non human trash.. Treated as equals..”

Two of Alurem’s friends stood with her..

Artemis looks at her hand, “What was it my father said when he defended himself Albus..”

Albus paused as he had been walking by, “Prefect.. ”

“Like he is any better.. He is the son of,” Alurem is open backhanded smacked across the face by Artemis.. From the ground shocked, “You hit me.. I..”

“Pimp hand.. right Albus,” Artemis’s eyes glowed green.. The other two girls backed up as all of the other students froze in place, “What is wrong Patricia Pansy? Bali Zabini?”

Alurem starts to crawl backwards, “Artemis.. We.. We..”

“Noblese Oblige,” Artemis stomps on the ground inbetween Alurem’s legs.. She laughs as she sees a liquid pool form on the ground, “Us Carthens are lords of the manor.. Peasant!”

Narcissa quietly smiles as she watches the scene..

“You forget your place..” Artemis glares at the three, “Say anything negative about my father’s choices and I will make you wish my Departed Aunt Bellatrix was dealing with you.. Your grand parents are most likely dead by the way.. ” Seeing shocked looks on their faces, “Yes.. Keep in mind the lords and ladies of the manor do not tolerate such unbecoming behavior.. My father Brought ICOW, The ministry, and MACUSA to their knees.. WHO THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”

“He.. He was defeated by the department of mysteries,” Alurem was shaking in fear as Artemis’s eyes were glowing green.. “You arent a real LeStrange.. Or.. Or..”

“My Grandmother.. Who is So scarey you will notice Lord Voldemort waited till she was on vacation to attack the department of Mysteries, “Artemis cackles evilly.. “Thats right.. Keep that in mind.. Same for MY SISTER Little Shade and BROTHER Bruce DeSorium.. Same bloodline.. We can see into the veil and you have no secrets from us..”

Narcissa picked that moment, “Artemis..”

“Auntie Narcissa,” Artemis spoke politely.. “You are right.. “Reaching into her waist and pulling out a bag of coins, “Your families have fallen on hard times..”

Narcissa turns her head sideways..

Artemis takes coins out of her bag, “Here is a few Galleons to help you peasants out..” Ten Galleons land on the ground in front of the three girls.. “Now.. Clean yourself up.. Then report to me.. I will have your new chore assignment.. So you can help support your POOR families.. ”

“Niece,” Narcissa freezes taking a step back when Artemis’s green glowing eyes turn towards her..

“We.. We are not Peasants,” The three girls call out!

“Artemis, “Lucius Malfoy has a slight smirk.. “Prefect LeStrange..”

“You are correct Uncle Lucius,” Artemis sticks out her right hand as her left is on her wand.. “Kiss the ring my father gave me.. Then.. Go clean up..”

The three slytherin start to kneel and stop..

“I said kneel.. You will clean this hallway to,” Artemis does not budge..

“Lucius,” Narcissa whispers softly..

Lucius holds up his hand and nods no to his wife..

Seeing no help Alurem looks down in shame as she kneels.. She kisses the ring on Artemis’s hand trying not to look her in the eye..

Patricia and then Bali kneel on the wet floor.. Each kiss the ring in shame..

“Now pick up the gold.. You need it.. ” Looking out at all the other Slytherin with green glowing eyes, “Anyone else have any question..” Seeing every Slytherin refusing to look her glowing eyes in the face, “Good.. This evening we will be having a house meeting.. I want a list of every complaint or issue you have.. Problems concerns or complaints..  Attendance is mandatory and participation is mandatory..”

Alurem, Bali, and Patricia have tears in their faces..

“Prefect. You know you just humilated them.. They will never forgive you, “Lucius spoke with the same airs that Artemis did.

“I will not allow what happened with Severus Snape, Moaning Murtle, and all the others.. ” Artemis lets a tear fall, “No.. It stops now and here.. They will either get over it or they will join the dead.. They want to accuse my father of Liberalizing the so called magical community.. They forgot his was a heavy hand, very heavy hand.. The house of Slytherin have been warned.. ” Standing tall, “They do not even realize this is not important.. I have real problems.. A father who is in love with my mother who doesnt love him.. A half sister afraid most likely of her own shadow and a half brother who I will most likely be burying his suitors.. And then My boyfriend.. ” With a sigh, “It is a long day.. Uncle Lucius.. Did I do wrong..”

Seeing the three girls stand up, “Yes but no.. Lost as many points as you gained.. You made your point quite clearly..” Lucius had his cane in his hand leaning on it, “It is Noblese Oblige and Slytherian himself would have objected..” Seeing the Slytherins looking at him, “as he ATE with you. In debate.. I will be at your meeting.. Prefect..”

“Thank your Professor Malfoy.. Acting Professor Malfoy,” Artemis enunciated clearly. “I heard a rumor that.. A new reading list is coming out..”

Narcisssa laughs, “That it is.. Just not the crude joke.. you..”

Lucius stops and shakes his head as his wife does, “Are your father’s ill mannered daughter.. ”

“That is a compliment Professors.. I thank you very much,” Artemis calmly spoke.. “Albus.. Please bring Scorpius here.. I need to speak with him and you as Prefect..” Hold her hand up, “Aunt Narcissa.. This is personal business..” Closing her eyes, “Lords of the manor.. I must discuss peace with Albus and Scorpius.. Say over a snack later today..”

“Does this mean we can say no,” Albus ask?

“No,” Narcissa and Lucius speak with a little bit more pride..

“Artemis is our family,” Narcissa took a moment not believing her own words.. “You are my grandson’s friend.. ”

“Order will be maintained and,” Lucius does not seem very happy.. “I .. No.. I make no bones I do not approve of your friendship.. Nor of half of today’s events.. But, Malfoys are survivors.. We adapt.. And as a pure blood it is very easy to live with the motto Noblesse Oblige.. We are lords of the manor Potter..”



“You are a werewolf,” Victoria softly spoke.. “LS..”

“You are my father’s friend,” Little shade moved her full body hair..

Both girls sat awkwardly..

“I am only partially..” LS smiled showing her extended canines, “My dad is smaller then I pictured.. He..”

“Did he really give you copies of the Declaration of Independence? I mean to the werewolves,” Victoria spoke through the awkward conversation..

“Yes.. It.. It was a great moment.. Mr. Carthen presented it as the most powerful magical document in the world.. He gave it to every set of sentient magical creatures.. The idea that we have a right to participate in government is inalienable.. ”  LS spoke with pride, “We hold these truth to be self evident..”

Victoria looked at her, “Your Dad is villian..”

“One man’s Terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” Little Shade spoke with pride.. “Mother never told me.. That.. Well I cant marry him now..”

Victoria laughed not meaning to.. Seeing the hurt look, “It is funny.. I am not laughing at you.. Just the situation.. My uncle is hero and a famous Auror.. He defeated lord voldemort..”

“I.. ” Little Shade took a deep breath, “I wanted to be in slytherin with my father.. I am in Gryffindor..”

“The sorting hat put you where you..” Victoria Dursley paused for a second, “You know.. We really dont know how that hat works.. ”

Little Shade looks at Victoria, “I thought all you human mages trusted..” Little Shade stopped herself, “Did my father say something that made you doubt it?”

“No.. We need to talk with Bruce and Jorel.. Ravenclaws are the smart ones.. ” Victoria looks at Little Shade and smiles, “It was something my father said.. Victoria.. Brexit is all messed up.. These politicians need to get their heads out of their rears.. Mother gave him a dirty look and then he whispered to me.. All the politicians are crooks.. ”

LS looks at Victoria, “Your father is.. Is a muggle.. You are muggle born.. I.. I thought .. You are friends with a pureblood.. Our.. Uncle torrel was way off..”

“Let me talk to The others..” Victoria whispers quietly as they stand in the hallway, “Crap.. Amir..”

The Tall well built Prefect give a warm smile, “Victoria.. Would you please introduce me to your friend?”

“Prefect this is Little Shade Carthen.. “Victoria smiles at the prefect of Arabian african descent, “This is Amir Ptolemy..  Prefect..”

“We all heard the sorting hat put you in Gryffindor from over forty feet away,” Amir smiles warmly.. “If anyone gives you any trouble.. Please let me know .. At least a heads up if you decide to eat any of them before the Headmistress finds out.. We are a team in Gryffindor..”

Little Shade has a worried look, “You are not worried about me being part were.. Wait before I eat them?” With a serious look, “I mean.. ”

“Your sister Artemis just had,” Amir took a second.. “You do not know.. Word is several pure bloods tried to call artemis out.. Lords of the manor.. ” Looking around, “If you two can find out exactly what happened let me know.. ”

“They hurt Artemis,” LS was a little worried?

“You sister and father.. As the sorting hat said.. No doubt they are slytherin.. ” Amir flashed a smile, “Just like it said you are one of us.. Victoria..” Amir took a deep breath, “No more gloria’s.. ”

Victoria had a confused look..

“Something I heard.. I.. I am just checking on all of you.. If you are having any problems at home or here.. Let me know..” With a serious look on his face, “Please before it becomes an issue.. ”

“You.. You do not want me to hang around Thomas, “Victoria narrows her eyes..

“Honestly no.. ” Amir looks both girls in the eyes, “I am not going to lie to you.. Either of.. Courage and Bravery take the weirdest forms.. I am hoping you two rub off on Thomas..  ” Taking a deep breath, “A lot of OWLS have come in.. Worried parents.. I..”

“My father said the schools were off limits.. He said any person he found attacking students or using them as soldiers would answer to him.. Noblesee Oblige,” Little Shade spoke.. “He told all the sentient beings this.. ”

“I mean the rumors,” Amir whispered.. “I have your word.. As a Carthen..”

LS had a confused look on her face, “I just said that.. Honor is all my mother had.. Are you..”

“No.. Your father’s reputation is.. Odd for a slytherin.. For a pureblood.. His word was his bond.. That everyone has agreed on about Thomas,” Amir rubbed his smooth chin.. “It.. I am a little stressed.. If possible could you spread the word.. Thank you..”

Standing up straight Prefect Amir Ptolemy walks away as both girls giggle after watching him for a minute..

“He is cute,” Victoria smiled..

“We have to look into the sorting hat,” LS narrows her eyes.. “Everyone trust it to much.. We need to talk with..”

Mrs. Creevey is not being very polite, “The headmistress will speak with you when I get you to her office..”

“She has always been welcoming Sigiled,” The older man in a suit was not very happy.. “You do not know the issues we are having in the United states..”

“Whats wrong MISTER Fontaine.. Did the slaves in the colonies finaly rebel,” Mrs. Creevey had stopped and turned? “Let me be clear.. I know the men and women you are trying to kill quietly.. For existing.. If the Sasquatch and other brothers in arms..”

“Mrs. Creevey..” Taking a deep breath, “Their are issues.. Some quarters want us to retrieve Young Mr. Thomas.. He is a criminal.. He has killed hundreds of Aurors.. The..”

“MY FATHER IS NOT A CRIMINAL,” Little Shade Yelled! With hers getting a low level glow of green, “We have heard stories of the camps.. ”

Seeing Ls’s features, “Canine teeth.. Part werewolf.. My god.. She.. Her eyes..”

“You tell him,” Mrs. Creevey responds..

“Those are false rumors.. A conspiracy theory.. They are reservations..” Fontaine takes a deep breath, “Child.. This means she has dual citizenship..”

“Agilbert,” Minerva’s voice is stern.. “I am quite busy.. These disruptions will stop.. Headmaster Fontaine..”

Taking a deep breath, “Forgive me.. It.. It has been hard.. We..”

“I know you have lost a LOT of people.. ” Minerva took a deep breath, “Yes.. I know there are parties in MACUSA who want Thomas and Professor Scamander returned to MACUSA..”

Agilbert Fontaine took a deep breath, “My apologies.. It.. It has been trying times.. We.. ” Taking half a moment, “We have been forced to cooperate and inform the President.. Mrs. carthen.. Change is never easy.. And you father is the was ..” A smile crosses his face, ” A bastard.. A beautifully evil Bastard.. ”

“A bastard,” Little Shade had a confused look on her face.. “You say it with respect but you called him a criminal..”

Thomas is.. How do I put this,” Fontaine shook his head looking for a word.. “As you brits say.. He is an American.. An escourt assigned as his caregiver.. Little bastard.. Let me guess Minerva.. He was sorted into Slytherin..”

Mrs. Creevey gave a look of wonder to the Headmaster.

“From across the room by about a good forty feet,” Minerva smiled herself..

Fontaine went wide eyed, “From across the room.. I thought that,” fontaine took a deep breath..

“Same for me sir,” Little Shade spoke proudly.. “I was sorted into Gryffindor from across the room.. Bruce my brother is in Ravenclaw.. Same thing.. ”

“From across the room?” Fontaine looked at Minerva, “I thought the.. The sorting hat can tell from that far..” Taking a deep breath, “I do have a few people with me.. One of my instructors.. She wishes to see Thomas.. ” Minerva lowered his eyes, “Like I said.. I stand by my assessment..”

“If Mrs. Weasley wishes to allow her at her house for dinner.. That is all I can say,” Minerva sighs.. “Mrs. Creevey is our head of security now.. She has issued a policy I agree with.. No.. The students are here to learn.. ”

“Minerva.. The ministry approved the use of Sigiled Soldiers,” Fontaine looked at Minerva..

“They have since I taught most of them.. Would you like some Tea.. Agilbert?” Minerva moved gracefully, “Mrs. Creevey.. Would you be so kind as to let Madam Joa-joa know I politely request to finish one day without interruptions.. My goal for tomorrow is shot..”

Fontaine did a double take, “Minerva.. I never said who I brought with me..”



Thomas walked into the infirmary quietly..

“Mr. Carthen,”An old woman with a stern voice spoke.. She took a deep breath, “You should not be here.. I am covering for Hannah.. You..”

“Madam Pomfrey, “An older asian woman in a nurses uniform with sigils whispered..

“Ms. Guen,” Pomfrey seemed to snort.. “I am..”

“Perhaps Madam.. A mere moment of kindness can change someones destiny,” Ms. Guen looked at Thomas.. The red cross on her armband seemed to shimmer, “Maybe From an.. The world oldest profession to an old family profession.. ”

“I..” thomas looked down, “I.. My older self told me mistakes were made.. I.. I understand if it is wise I never get sick.. Mrs. Longbottom is mad at me..”

“You know quiet well about the incident at the muggle hospital,” Ms. Guen raised her eyebrows.. “His troops assumed guard duty over injured Aurors.. Noblese Oblige..”

Closing her eyes Madam Pomfrey, “Gloria is.. Hannah had to restrain her.. We are waiting on the transport.. Her grandfather is having her transported to an American hospital.. It appears to be a form of Imperius.. I would prefer her to be awake.. Make your apologies young man..”

Thomas walked over to Gloria who was restrained.. New muggle Machines had been added to monitor her..

Gloria saw Thomas and started yelling.. He walked over slowly..

“Mr. Carthen.. You are upsetting,” Madam Pomfrey panicked.. “You little liar.. ”

Thomas’s eyes were glowing as he grabbed Gloria’s right arm.. He drew the new wand he had and started stroking Gloria’s arm while he held it..

“Thomas, “Nurse Guen’s sigils were glowing.. “What are you.. You doing,” She grabbed Madam Pomfrey.. “Dont touch him.. Thomas.. You cant do this.. It is an unbreakable vow.. Under Imperius.. ”

The sound of voices seem to fill the air..

“No.. Her father broke his vow,” Thomas called out.. “Gloria.. He broke the vow. Listen to me.. you are in their.. I was wrong.. You.. You are smarter then me… I.. I apologize..”

Madam Pomfrey watched as Thomas’s wand seemed to pull something..

Gloria let out an unholy scream..

“Dementor ee us Imperius Unbound ee us,” Thomas kept repeating as the monitor sparked..

Gloria screamed again..

Madam Pomfrey broke free as the lights in the room dimmed, “He is killing..”

Gloria inbetween screams Grabbed thomas’s wand hand.. She screamed again.. “Bloody yank moron..”

Madam Pomfrey frooze in place..

“Imperius Dementor Unbound ..” Gloria screamed in pain as her eyes rolled back.. “Focus..” Gloria screamed.. “Dementor.. Worthless S@#$.. You saw one.. It.. You..”

“Imperius Unbound Dementor..” Thomas and Gloria Screamed together..

“Imperius Unbound Dementor..” Both started chanting.. “Imperius Unbound De..”

A shadow appirated/moved into the Hospital infirmary..

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“I got dem.. Lucius.. The wand is gonna go boom,” A darker skinned creole woman in all black spoke. She held her staff high.

A second person apparated in, “Joa-Joa..” Lucius Seeing the wand glowing bright green, “Expelliarmus.. ”

Joa-Joa tossed some bones on the ground and spoke in a weird Language..

Thomas wand flew in the air, it seemed to take a red fire from Gloria..

Thomas went flying off of the ground into a set of machines when the wand seemed to explode..

A green flame extended several feet till it turned into a grey mist..

“Goi..” Joa-Joa raised her staff bringing the bones back to her, “Da fool.. Make sure he did not go an’ kill himself..” Joa-Joa looked at Thomas and his robes, “Always cheatin’.. ” Joa-Joa laughed.. “Stroll chill into de hood dumb white boy.. Always starin’ chit..”

Gloria sat up with a soundless scream and then laid down..

Madam Pomfrey speaks quickly, “Nurse check on Thomas”

Nurse Guen quickly moved to check on Thomas..

“Gloria..” Madam Pomfrey sat the wide eyed Gloria back upright..

“Joa-Joa.. That is not supposed to be possible..” Lucius heard the coming footsteps, “Did he just break.. No..”

“He is alive,” Nurse Guen Quickly was checking Thomas.. She whispers in Thomas’s ear, “Boss.. What the .. Hypocrit.. No heroes.. Thats the policy..”

“An’ dumb,” Joa-Joa looked to Lucius.. “You will need to tell de’ ministry that the person who did .. Who harmed Gloria, most likely just got an ‘splovie departure.. I tol’ dat boy years ago that Chit neva work..  ”

“Do you have to use that fake accent Joa-Joa,” Lucius takes a deep breath?

Joa-Joa evilly glares at Lucius., “Why my lord.. Would you prefer a better set of airs? Master Thomas has again demonstrated his more ruffian heritage.. You will need to teach him which silver spoon goes up which oriface.. Shall we depart for a course of water burned beans.. Over some fish and chips..”

Rose Weasley comes rushing in and sees the scene,”Thomas..” Gloria is sitting up breathing slowly as Pomfrey checks her out, “Professor Malfoy.. Gloria is ok?”

“Ten points from Gryffindor.. You had one job.. ONE!” Pointing his wand at Thomas, “Keep him out of trouble..”

Rose looks down, “Professor. He slipped away.. I was talking with Scorpius…”

Creevey was quickly inside the infirmary with four other sigiled officers.. They moved with Military percision like a fire team with their batons, “Professor.. Professor..” Seeing Thomas as his robes start to disappiate, “You cheating little bastard.. Professor Malfoy.. His robes..”

Malfoy smiled, “The little bastards older self must of..” Pausing looking at Joa-Joa, “Someone..”

“Lord Malfoy.. The cheekly little ruffian I know all to well.. ” Joa-Joa looked at Rose Weasley, “Help nurse Guen get Thomas on a hospital bed..  Madam Pomfrey.. Lets all stay quiet.. Let the Ministry sort out what happened..”


Gloria was hugging an older man dressed in a three piece suit.. Tears fell on the man’s suit as he held her, “Stand up straight.. We will talk in a few minutes..”

Hermione took a deep breath, “Congressman Jackson.. I know this looks.. ”

“Relax madam Minister,” Jackson stood looking at Thomas.. “Headmaster Fontaine.. In a few days, MACUSA will officially be withdrawing all request to transfer Thomas Elliot Carthen.. My apologies on any misunderstanding in communications between my office and Ilvermorny..”

Agilbert nodded his head, “I.. After this incident.. As Reported by Professor Joa-Joa.. I feel Thomas Elliot Carthen’s Grandmother’s placement of him is her right as his only living family member..”

“Mr. Scamander,” Jackson coldly eyes Hector.. “Madam Minister for Magic.. MACUSA will also be withdrawing its warrants for Hector Scamander’s extradition. It is evident his.. that his decision years ago, while not notifying MACUSA, was the smart play…” Seeing several eyes looking confused, “Growing up under his mentorship the first time.. We had no such incidents.. On record.. In the interest of the Statue of Secrecy.. MACUSA feels it is important that Hector Scamander continue mentoring his now young again protege. In the security of Hogwarts..”

“Congressman, “Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.. “The ministry for magic happily awaits the paperwork..”

“Pretty much MACUSA is going to view Thomas as the Ministry’s problem, “Joa-Joa shook her head..

“Grandfather,” gloria took a deep breath.. “Will I be staying here.. At hogwarts?”

Looking at his grand-daughter Congressman Jackson sighed, “Do you wish to stay.. I never should have left you with that scumbag of a son in law..”

“I.. I am the top of my classes here,” gloria spoke worried.. “I have friends here..”

“Perhaps Congressman.. After a short recovery.. It would be wiser she finish her studies.. If she choose to come to Ilvermorny we will make room, But..” Agilbert Looking at Minerva, “She is over three forths the way finished in her education here.. I would easily support her Staying at Hogwarts..”

Nodding his head yes to his grand daughter, “We do expect a full report Madam Minister.. From Professor Scamander over what he has taught him over the years..” Jackson and Scamander locked hate filled eyes, “Gloria my dear.. Do you want to come home and rest..”

“I will be home for the holidays.. ” Gloria took a look back at Thomas who was still out cold, “I.. I wont to make sure that annoying little prick is.. I want him to remember I was right and he was wrong..” Innocently looking her Grandfather in the eyes, “I can annoy Professor Scamander for you..”

A very large grin crosses Congressman Jackson’s face, “You do that for me.. My little morning glory.. ” Jackson turns and looks at the Sigiled Creevey, “Marshall.. Former Marshall.. I am to understand that most of the Sigiled here in Britannia now work with the ministry.. A few given licenses as these private detectives.. If buy chance my ex son in law or his partner who did the unbreakable vow.  Should by chance, they get caught by non auror sigiled.. I PAY WELL.. Quite well.. In what ever currencies they desire..”

“Congressman,” Hermione stepped up.. “That is inappropriate..”

Jackson hugs his grand-daughter, “Your new Step Grandmother will save you a spot for the holidays..”

The congressman turns to leave, “Minister..”

“One minute.. I need to talk with Headmistress McGonagall, “Hermione takes a deep breath..

“Take care of the business of state Minister,” McGonagall  looked at Thomas.. “I am sure you will get the reports very quickly From Lucius.. Mr. carthen is not going anywhere at the moment..”

Hermione nodded her head and Left with the Congressman..

Fontaine looked over at McGonagall..

Gloria walked over to Thomas as he was in the hospital bed slowly.. Looking at Rose Weasley who was sitting there, “Why would he do this? No one has ever.. I ..” A tear fell down her face, “You stupid first year.. You were supposed to keep an eye on him.. ”

“That is because she is a weasley in gryffindor, “Thomas opened his eyes.. Weakly, “And she is not a stuck up Ravenclaw.. You were wrong.. I..I.. Win..”

“Because I am Weasley,” Rose hits Thomas in the arm.. When he winces, “Sorry.. You..”

“STUCK UP,” gloria has her hands on her waist.. She rolls her eyes with a smile. “You destroyed your wand genius..”

“Dont you ever do anything so stupid again,” Rose Weasley spoke.. ” Your daughters and son.. And friends.. are worried about you.. You cant just.. Gloria..”

“Go casting magic like that.. It requires planning and forethought,” Gloria pokes Thomas.. “I hope that hurt.. Not to mention your robes..What was that?”

“I was given them.. ” thomas answered with a smile, “I am famished..”

“You should be fine to leave in an hour or two,” Nurse Guen spoke..

“What possessed you to try and remove an imperius curse and an unbreakable vow,” Fontaine walked over.. “Agilbert Fontaine.. Headmaster of Ilvermorny..”

Joa-Joa came closer holding her staff, “Hello Thomas..”

Seeing Thomas’s face, “It has been decided you will stay here.. I am just curious.. ”

Thomas looked at Gloria, “I heard them whispering.. The other students.. They were talking about what had happened.. I asked the Barron what had happened.. He explained to me what was going on.. What the Imperius curse was and an unbreakable bond.”

“I will speak with the barron over this,” McGonagall was not very happy.. “Mr. Carthen.. You were supposed to be preparing the translation of the DAtDA classwork..”

“Thomas,” Joa-Joa whispered.. “Was the Barron glowing green?”

Thomas crinkled his nose, “Yes.. ” Then he looked down, “Yes Mam.. I got mad when he tried to tell me that it was a question better asked of Professor Malfoy..”

Rose Weasley looked down, “It is my fault.. He got away from me.. I was argu.. Speaking with Scorpius.. Headmistress.. Everyone is talking.. Thomas really is a natural necromancer?”

“Yes he is,” Joa-Joa responds before McGonagall.. “Headmaster Fontaine.. Headmistress Mcgonagall.. Mr. Carthen needs to tell you about his earliest memories.. ” thomas looks away, “Littleone.. Tell them about the.. Your invisibile friend..”

“Joa-Joa.. Wait.. You knew thomas’s older self,” Agilbert narrowed his eyes.. “Professor Joa-Joa..”

“Agilbert.. This is the first I have heard of this.. Thomas..” McGonagall sounded concerned, “You never told anyone about your invisible friend did you.. This is part of why you never developed an ob.. An issue.. What can you tell me about this friend..”

Thomas shook his head no, “He.. He is angry when I see him.. He.. He is dragged back into the grey fog by magic.. He never mentions his name he said the magic would find him.. Cause the magic drags him back..”

“The older Thomas only told me this.. He is about fifteen..  And is wearing what Thomas,” Joa-Joa speaks calmly?

Thomas looks at Rose and then looks away closing his eyes..

Rose turns his head, “You have been haunted by a ghost from the veil.. Since you were a child..” Thomas has his eyes closed, “Thomas Elliot Carthen.. Open your eyes.. Merlins beard.. Oh bloody hell..  It is Gryffindor colors.. A fifteen year old male..”

Thomas nods his head yes .. Taking a deep breath, “Professor Joa-Joa.. He doesnt come to me here.. Why.. Would I tell you this? Are you a friend?”

“I saw him to.. And no.. More like Frienemies.. It is someone that keeps trying to escape through the veil,” Joa-Joa calmly speaks..

“We can get a few of the year books and,” gloria tries to add..

“No.. It can stay in the Veil..” thomas is scared, “I still remember the first time He scared me.. He was mad because of something.. About Something I did..”

The bloody Baron floated in glowing green, “I see the lad is doing good..”

Thomas looked down, “I.. I apologize for ..”

“Think nothing of it,” the Baron had stopped glowing.. “It worked I see,” The bloody Baron smiled.. “I expect nothing less then a pureblood of my house.. Noblese Oblige.. Indeed!”

“We will discuss this later Baron,” McGonagall took a deep breath..

“Which bloodline,” Gloria ask?

“I..” The Baron Pauses, “It does not matter.. An ancient one..”

“Baron.. Is thomas haunted,” Joa-Joa held her hand up to the others?

“That is an odd question,” The baron gets agitated.. “Yes.. We do not know.. Hogwarts has not let it in. And Peeves is afraid of Master Thomas.. We have not seen him since Master Thomas had arrived.”

Rose sighs as she looks thomas in the eyes, “Thomas it is going to be ok.. The ministry has a department that deals with this..”

One of the hogwart’s elves catches Minerva’s attention, whispering something to her..

“What do you mean that Rita Skeeter has an appoint with Mr. Carthen..” McGonagal is not very happy she reads a letter handed to her, “Mrs. smith has requested Mr. Carthen be freed from classes.. The appointment was set months ago.. ” Minerva reads the letter pissed off, “Mr. Carthen is..”

Professor Joa-Joa chuckles, “Still playing dirty.. Isnt Mr. Carthen supposed to go to the Weasley’s tonight for dinner..”

“I always found it odd she gave him good press,” Agilbert narrows his eyes.. “Perhaps it would not be out of order.. A homecooked meal.. And we can observe away from the prying eyes of the rest of the nosy students.. And the other issue..”

“Fine.. It will be at the Weasley’s tonight..” Minerva looks at Thomas, “Young man.. While the results of your.. Your unauthorised experiment had a good outcome.. It could have killed both of you..”

“How long do I have detention for,” Thomas looked down?

“How long to you plan on attending hogwarts,” Headmistress McGonagall responds?




“Mrs. Smith,” Molly Weasley shook her head.. “I only agreed to this because Minerva thinks the school does not need this.. Rita.. So we are clear this is MY house.. ”

The well dressed Rita skeeter had her floating pen and paper.. A photographer with a new modern looking camera was recording, “I understand Molly.. I have this interview to do.. The ministry is not happy either..”

“Mr. Carthen is a man of his word..” Mrs. Smith grins in her three piece suit, “You are free to ask what ever you want.. Percy..”

Percy narrows his eyes in anger then covers it diplomatically, “Mother.. I apologize.. We had to cut a deal to save ..”

“The minister for Magics posistion.. She won the vote of no confidence.. With the full support of the new ministers, “Rita smiled.. “Not that I am surpriesed.. Lets go to the second interview..”

“Wait.. Second interview,” Percy spoke worried?

“Yes.. You did not know.. Mr. Carthen was huge fan of my writing.. Said I was his favorite dishonest muck raker,” rita smiled.. “This is the follow up interview.. ” Looking outside a window, “Thats him..” Rita takes a deep breath.. She pauses and undoes her hair allowing it to fall.. She stands a little straighter, “Mrs. Smith..”

Molly’s look of disapproval fills her face, “Remember what I said.. Cross a line and I will end the interview.. It is my house..”

Hector Scamander, in an old professors tweed jacket smiled, “Molly.. Just watch.. My money is on my protege..”

“So you do fully admit to that fact on the record,” Rita turned causing her hair to move?

Scamander pointed outside, “You have a little bit of time before the Mistress of the house boots you..”

“Hector, “Mrs. smith narrows her eyes..

Rita starts to head outside and opens the door, “This is Rita Skeeter here at the Weasley shack.. For a one on one exclusive.. With who some are calling the hero of the Third wizarding war.. Others dispise him.. As my faithful listeners and readers know.. Two days ago the so called third wizarding war ended when Thomas Elliot Carthen was de-aged.. Now the american warlord is eleven years old.. My inside sources tell me he was sorted into…”

As Rita walks out Molly takes a deep breath and smiled, “You coached you old rat..”

“My dear.. Your husband and me cooked up a small surprise.. Good luck to Rita.. ” Mr. Scamander grinned, “Your husband has been talking that boys ear off for th elast two hours.. Once he realized he had no clue what happened.. So far he told him about nintendo, arcades, TV rabbit ears.. th eLot”

“You coached him,” Percy stops for a second.. A huge Grin crosses his face, “Mother..”

“I told you we had it covered..” Molly smiled evilly, “No Mr. Carthen.. You said you would show us how to make these grilled cheese sandwiches..”

“Molly.. You have to watch this, ” A beautiful black woman pointed out the window.. “Rita is ..”

“Angelina,” Molly walked over to the window.. “Did he just kiss her hand.. Open the window..”

Molly raises her hand causing th ewindow to raise..

“Mr T.. I..” rita took a deep breath, “It..”

“I am such a big fan.. Your biography on snape.. ” thomas stopped, “Pretty Lady.. This is my son.. Bruce Tiberius DeSorium..”

Bruce smiled politely and copied his father, “My lady.. You have aged like a fine bottle of wine.. ” Taking Rita’s hand Bruce politely kissed it making  Rita blush as his Veela features seemed to glow.. “I hope you do no tmind .. I.. ” Bruce paused.. “I hope it does not affect your planned interview.. Me and my sisters just met our father.. Well The young man he is.. ”

Almost motherly, “It is ok.. It has to be hard finding out your father..” Rita paused and though tbetter, “Is now your age..”

Little Shade stepped forward, “I do not like her.. She smells of over priced perfume..”

Artemis just stood back with Rose and gloria.. All three narrowed their eyes..

“You must be Little Shade..” Rita stuck her hand out, “I am..”

“My father has stated all his children are free.. May I go in.. I would rathe rlearn to cook then interact with this woman..” Rita got a hurt look on her face,” They told me what happened.. Vickie.. Lets go help Mrs. Weasley cook..”

Arthur Weasley stepped forward.. “Ladies.. I am th eman of the house.. It is,” Arthur Weasley chuckled.. “Cant say that with a straight face.. You do not have to sit out here..”

Victoria stuck her nose in the air, “I know what lies you said about my Uncle.. Do not talk to me.. Why he agreed to this I do not know.. ”

“Ms. dursley.. That is rude,” Victoria and Little shade walked inside ignoring Rita.

Gloria, Rose, and Artemis cross their arms at the same time..

The girls walk inside the house seriously.. Both stop and smile, “How did we do Auntie Angelina?”

“Did we do it right,” Little Shade grins.. “Father did say I have the right to make all the money I want.. Plus.. I do NOT like her..”

Angelina hands over two gold Galleons a piece..

“Angelina Johnson Weasley,” Molly stopped and laughed.. “Are you paying the children Galleons?”

Both girls turn to Mrs. Smith, “Can you invest this for us.. We would like to buy muggle stock.. In Disney..”

Mrs. Smith smiled, “I am your father’s lawyer.. ” Shaking her head, “Little shade you have a trust fund.. I can start a second one..” Looking at Angelina, “But we can start a separate fund for you two to put all your ill gotten gains.. I am already well paid to look over Carthen legal matters..”

“Trust funds,” Percy narrowed his eyes..

“Gringotts did not stutter.. They turned in all of Mr. Carthen’s paperwork.. ” With an evil smile, “The main Trust fund for his children is separate.. Victoria.. I will talk with your father Mr. duddley.. We will see if he is ok with you having a trust fund you put your money into..”

“Daddy is a softie.. I will OWL him,” Victoria giggled.. “OWL him..”

Angelina chuckles and turns back to watching out side, “They have not moved.. And here comes.. Fortuna and Jorel.. Rita is pissed..”

Mr. Scamander moves his head no to Percy, “We pulled this to keep Rita off her tracks..”

Jorel and Fortuna say nothing and just quietly walk in..

“Forgive me children I have to watch this..” Angelina smiled, “Percy.. Be a dear and give them two galleon’s a piece.. It is my bag I sat on the table..”

Percy looked at Jorel and Fortuna with their hands out..

Percy looked at the purse with a G on it, “This is..” Percy is surprised when Angelina just reaches back with her wand, “Open..”

The gucci purse opens and a mag comes out..

Percy shakes his head and takes out four Galleons.. He hands two each to Jorel and Fortuna.

Both turn around and look to Mrs. Smith, “Mam.. Can you..”

“Invest it in Disney,” Molly Weasley looked at Scamander..

Jorel and Fortuna looked at each other, “AT and T please.. They own Warner Brothers..”

“Unless .. “Jorel looked at Angelina, “Mrs. Weasley.. Would it be wiser to pool our money and go in with the others..”

“Why are you asking her.. My brother owns the shop.. He,” Percy gets a dirty look from his mother and sister in law..

“Because she runs the house hold Mr. Weasley.. Professor Malfoy said we did good and looked for weaknesses in the decrypting the latin.. And in his lesson.. Professor Scamander said look for the power behind the throne.. So in the financial power.. The one in charge would be Angelina.. She may not have direct control.. ” Jorel politely spoke, “I think she has the most influence.. ”

“And going by the Gucci purse she has taste,” Fortuna Crotch smiled.. “It means she keeps an eye on her hsubands books..”

Angelina turned a little surprised, but with a huge grin.. “They understand the drill.. Dont forget.. Audrey wants you to book that trip..”

Percy turns and looks at Scamander, “Professor.. I was not aware that was on the approved list..”

“You may attend a first year class if you like.. I have assigned them all the books and class work.. There are posted due dates and a sylibus publically available.. I am generating more time on practicals..”

“You teach history.. Practicals,” Percy did not have a happy look on his face..

“I did keep Mr. Carthen on the right track for years,” Scamander smiled..

“It is not professor Scamander’s problem that.. That,” victoria tried to remember the right words.. “He did not have the.. A large family like the weasley’s..”

“The word is interpersonal network,” Jorel smiled politely.. “Designed to.. To keep personal development.. Growing and.. And..”

“Developing other data hubs.. Social Networking theory was the over head subject..” Fortuna smiled, “I kept better notes Jorel..”

“Ten points for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.. Good job,” Scamander proudly spoke.. “And why is that important to have family and real friends..”

All four kids raise their hands..

Percy is shocked, “They have had only one class..”

“Little shade.. you read the notes,” Scamander asked?

“No sir.. I heard the speach my father gave,” Little shade grinned.. “Family and friends are a community.. It keeps us healthy and sane.. Magical creatures, humans, all of us are mostly social animals.. The were wolf community has suffered discrimination for years.. We are family and that keeps us all together.. ” She looks around and stops looking right at Mrs. Weasley, “Is that what made a lot of people hat emy father.. He.. He lost his family and friends.. He was isolated.. And then grew to be feared.. because he was oblivated and made to forget..”

Percy was quiet, “Their was no indication he was a mage.. And.. Professor Scamander can explain.. A story of which I am curious myself..”

“Quiet.. I am trying to listen,” Angelina speaks forcefully.

Rita had just asked a question, “..want to know..”

“I do not know why my older self kidnapped Mrs. Potter and .. And Mrs. Granger.. ” thomas looked down, “I already explained.. It.. He must have thought the..” thomas looked up at the Weasley house, “Maybe he thought that genetically there was an issue with mages.. And that there were to few mages.. He decided to use artificial insemi. Se.. Insia.. He decided to create test tube babies..

Arthur Weasley put a protective grandfatherly arm around thomas, “Rita.. Thomas is NOT that man.. Listen. That was my daughter and daughter in law… We do not know what was going on.. To thomas here is is still over two decades ago Rita..” Looking towards his house, “Little thomas is more technically like.. Well Carthen Jr.. ”

“So after what his older self did to your family you forgive him,” rita was sceptical.. “And not the rumor your Daughter, son, and daughter in laws were having affairs..”

Thomas sees the anger cross Mr. Weasley’s face, “I mean.. Maybe .. It was to strike back at Larry and Ramsey..”

“You mean harry and Ron,” Rita gets a look on her face.. “The two Aurors.. You do not even know there names.. What about their wives?”

“Hermione Weasley and Ginny Potter,” Thomas smiled evilly.. ” What they are very pretty.. Like you mrs. skeeter.. I know their names..”

” What is the name of the Gryffindor Prefect you met,” Arthur has a weird look on his face?

Thomas rolls his shoulder.. “I dont know sir..”

“Who have you met at Hogwarts,” Rita ask? “Minus Gloria Jackson, Artemis LeStrange, and Rose Weasley glaring at me.”

Thomas starts naming, “Victoria dursley, Fortuna Crotch, Jorel Unbridge, Bruce tiberius Desorium, Little shade Carthen….”

Angelina looks back to Hector Scamander after a minute, “Old Man.. He is naming females in slytherin house.. So far not a single male other then his son, Scorpius, Albus, Teddy, and his friend Jorel.”

Molly Weasley sticks quietly walks over and listens.. Arthur smiles when he sees his wife watching.. She takes a deep breath, “Memorizing all the female names and a few males..”

Angelina and Molly both turn and look at Scamander..

Percy chuckles, “He is giving Rita a list of..”

Molly glares at her son, “We will talk later..”

“Mr. carthen,” Rita sighs.. “So ..”

“But.. I havent,” Arthur weasley tapps Thomas on the shoulder with his fingers..

“Rita.. You see what I am seeing just a growing lad,” Arthur states cooly. “With healthy normal drives..”

“Normal..” Rita laughed not menaing to, “Ok.. Readers want to know.. Thomas was sorted into Slytherin.. From forty feet away.. How do you all intend to deal with.. With thomas’s unslytherin attitude?”

“Noblesee Oblige..” thomas answers quickly,”What.. I was told I am a pureblood.. What ever that means.. ”

“You have read your.. Your older .. Thomas Seniors manifesto.. What does that mean, “Rita looked down her glasses..

“We are lords of the manor, “Artemis stepped forward.. “It is a principal that is well established.. My father..” She put her hugged her father, “Lost and abandoned in the states.. Oblivated 23 times.. Thanks to the influence of Mr. Scamander.. For better and worse.. Dad went through years of hell.. I am not sure I..”

“He used muggle weapons of mass destruction against the International Convention of Wizards and Uagadou,” rita colly tried to check Artemis..

“The students were rescued by..” Arthur Weasley shook his head, “By Lucius Malfoy and Marshall Creevey.. All of the students.. It also appears that the ..”

“Nukes,” thomas adds for Mr. Weasley..

“The Nukes had been brought in by one of the instructors.. ” Weasley seemed to be mad at the thought, “You do not store those with children around the .. No..”

“There is no proof that,” Rita looks at Arthur.. “All the children from Uagadou..” Rita takes a deep breath relieaved for some reason, “You mentioned the children were rescued by the former Death eater Lucius Malfoy.. And the mother of the boy who died at the battle of hogwarts? Colin Creevey?”

“My father was..” Artemis smiled, ” A good man at heart.. He made it clear to all the Wizarding schools I assume, That children are NOT soldiers.. Do NOT send them.. ” looking at Arthur she takes a deep breath, “That is my opinion sir and it will not change.. As I explained to a few slytherin earlier.. The older Mr. Carthen had wise policies.. As much as you think he liberalized the Wizarding world he had a firm hand with those who.. Wh forgot the rules.. ”

“Yes.. I have read the reports Artemis,” Rita narrowed her eyes.. “So other Syltherin Students have issues with Thomas.. the elder’s methods.. Sentiant Magical Creatures granted places in the ministry.. Sigiled muggle and squibs.. Goblins with wands..”

“A firm hand, “Artemis spoke clearly.. “We are in this together.. And Yes Professor Lucius Malfoy and Mrs. Creevey lead the rescue operation.. Not a single Child was killed in the raid.. ”

“Some would call thomas a terrorist, “Rita unconciously bit her bottom lip..

Thomas caught it and grinned, “One man’s terrorist is one man’s freedom Fighter.. I heard the Longbottom’s were cured.. Well a working cure..”

“As was Astoria Malfoy,” Rita was looking at Thomas.. She blinked, “I heard the rumor..”

“What.. “Arthur Weasley paused, “I had not heard about this.. ”

“I have a source in the ministry.. ” rita smiled to cover her slip up, “It appears that the blood curse that affects her.. Gives hope to many..”

Arthur has a confused look on her face, “You.. You write trash..”

Thomas narrowed his eyes looking the woman in front of him, “You are hiding something.. ”

Rita got a look on her face, “Mr. .. Mr. Thomas.. I smell something..” Thomas closed his eyes taking a deep breath.. Exhaling a green glowing air that seemed to disappiate, “Yes.. I smell it.. ”

Thomas opened his eyes which were glowing eriely green where they should be white this time..

“This..” rita was very scared, “This interview is over.. Thank you Mr. Weasley.. I just dont….”

“Dad,” Artemis turned her father around.. “How are you doing that?”

“Rita is hiding something.. ” Thomas looks agains at Rita, “My… My apoligies.. Our potion and charms Teacher.. Professor Weasley told me earlier..  She could smell what her children where doing.. ”

“Secrets..” Rose stepped forward, “She is .. She is a low life liar.. She falsely accused a lot of my family of..”

Thomas seemed to turn his side ways, “I .. I think I get it.. Mr. Weasley.. Who was dumbledores spy?”

Arthur Weasley looked at Rita, “Son.. This woman.. Albus Dumbledore did not have..”

“Magic is learned..” rita stopped at Thomas’s comment, “You really should tell them..”

Rita closed her eyes, “Thomas.. They are..”

Molly weasley came outside, “Tell us what?”

Percy is followed out by Hector, with Angelina stopping the other children from joining..

Percy calls out, “Rita Skeeter..”

“It is ok Mr. Percy Weasley.. Rita is one of the good guys,” Thomas saw the confused look on Bruce and Artemis’s faces.. “The muggle CIA.. They embedded spies all the time.. She was spying for someone.. They choose the press among others.. ”

Rita locked eyes with Moly Weasley, “I have no idea what you are talking about kid.. I am just a mere muck raker.. That is the word muggles use. For the record, You were never a gentleman.”

“Ms. skeeter,” Percy saw the two women with locked eyes..

“I am very curious over several things myself.. Like why does muggle technology now start working at hogwarts.. ” Rita smiles politely, “I was not part of Dumbledore’s long range plan.. I was never part of the order of the Pheonix..” Looking at Percy coldly, “I thought you resigned from the ministry..”

“What are you, “Percy pauses taking a deep breath..

“Hello, Minister! Did I mention I’m resigning?” Rita looks at Molly, “Now.. Not my daughter you Bitch! That was a classic line..”

Molly was wide eyed, “You were not.. No.. You are..” Molly covered her mouth, “You were there.. How?”

“No..” rita smiled, “but for the record.. ” Looking back at Thomas, “A dear friend made sure if I was ever exposed as an animagus.. The paperwork was there the whole time..”

“You are not registered,” Percy saw Thomas laughing.. “What is funny?”

“Well if the paperwork was filed and then lost.. She technically did not break any rules. Not her fault the ministry lost it, “thomas looked at Scamander.. “Is that the change shape thingie..”

“Yes father,” Bruce responded.. Chuckling, “The shape changing thingie.. ” Bruce cracks a smile, “Artemis.. Dear Sister.. I think we got our mother’s intelligence..”

“You did.. and their looks..  I am an ugly dumbass,” Thomas narrows his eyes..

“Littleone.. ” Rita takes a deep breath as she leans over.. She kisses Thomas on the forehead, “I have husband to go home to.. I thank you for that.. Your father is not a complete Dumbass.. Just a partial one.. I was not a spy for Dumbledore.. ”

“Who do you work for,” Percy called out? “Rita Skeeter.. You need to come in.. We..”

“I already work for the Ministry.. His grandmother is a .. Well a lot of very nasty things.. Thomas gets it honest..” Rita politely grins, “And for the record..”

“You werent a spy,” thomas swallow shard.. “You.. You..”

“Lets just say that several of voldemort’s Animagus did not make the party, “Rita turned to the Camera man.. “Lets go my Apprentice.. What all of you heard here today is just speculation.. It better stay this way.. ” Rita Skeeter turned into a beetle and flew away..

“But.. Yes mam,” a few seconds her camera man turned into a dragonfly..

Everyone watches as the two insects  seemed to have a green flash of light as they disappeared..

Molly looks up as they disappeared, “Bloody Hell.. Percy.. I advise you not to report this..”

Mrs. smith was wide eyed as She stepped outside.. Angelina was followed by the Children..

Bruce looks at Thomas wide eyed, “How did you know?”

Thomas points to Professor Scamander, “I had a great teacher..”

Molly takes a deep breath, “We need to talk children.. ”

“You have our word.. We will NOT speak of this.. This is bad.. ” Thomas shook his head, “Doom and Gloom..”

“Why is it bad,” rose turns Thomas around? “I am supposed to keep an eye on you.. So why?”

“He is just still recovering from the cultural shock,” Arthur Weasley took a deep breath looking at Mrs. Weasley..

“No sir.. She wants us to know it can be done,” Thomas looks at Rose.. “You are right.. I am just worrying over nothing..”

“Do not start that,” rose had her hands on her hips glaring.. “For the love of .. Bloody hell.. Thomas we are not going ot make fun of you.. What were you thinking?”

“You are pretty when you are aggrivated,” thomas Grins happily..

Rose Weasley glared, “Professor Scamander.. You should not be allowed unsupervised around Thomas!”

“Ten points for Gryffindor,” Professor Scamander responded with a laugh.




Rose Weasley walked Thomas to the Slytherin table, “No.. You will sit and eat.. You will go shopping for a new robe and wand later.. ”

Thomas was apprehensive as everyone was very quiet.. He was wearing blue jeans and a magneto was right T-shirt..

Several of the Slytherin females smiled quietly.

Artemis coughed politely, “Good morning father.. ”

“Good morning,” thomas smiles as he walks over to Artemis. He gives her a hug, “You.. You are prettier then your mother.. You know that..”

Artemis shakes her head, “You are still in trouble.. You cost Slytherin 10 points.. How did you get past the Grey Lady?”

The older Slytherin all started to glare but stopped with a single dirty look from Artemis..

“Yes Mister Carthen .. I asked the Grey lady to reset all the riddles for non Ravenclaw to expert level.. To paraphrase..” Minerva called out from her spot, “I have been assured by the Barron you followed the rules laid down by Professor Weasley.. We will Talk later Ms. Jackson..”

“It was late.. He had his blanket and pillow.. He slept on the floor,” Gloria hit one of the other Ravenclaws in the arm.. “I told the Baron who said it was ok..

Professor Scamander walked in and yawned, “No Madam that is not the solution..”

The Grey Lady was not happy.. She threw up a large sheet sof paper and Glared at Thomas, “I will find the answer..” She turned into a ball of light and flew past the other Ghost and students..

“I should subtract fiftey points from Slytherin..” Hector Scamander took a deep breath, “Twenty five points awarded to Slytherin.. For out thinking the grey lady.. And fifteen points to Gryffindor for Rose Weasley being right.. About Karma..”

The Gryffindors and Slytherin where very happy with several nodding there heads yes.

Molly Weasley shook her head, “What did he do to poor Helena?”

Artemis looks at thomas, “Dad.. ”

“What..” thomas has a smile till Minerva coughs politely, “Headmistress.. She is trying to solve the Navier-Stokes problem.. I may have hinted my older self had solved it to get Psychohistory to work.. I lost another Phone.. I set it out with her.. She opened the door for me absentmindely.. ”

“And she immediately came to me every thirty minutes with a solution, ” Professor Scamander yawned and shook his head.. “Boy you are Karma in the form of a semi..”

“What is the Navier-Stokes problem, “Molly asked as most of the students and staff were looking to Professor Scamander as he walked to the staff eating area? Several of the Ravenclaw’s shook their heads..

“It is a set of no-maj unsolvable equations..”Agilbert Fontaine chcukled, “Headmistress.. He is YOUR headache..”

“In the Lady’s defense I tried to get her with why isnt Nickelback considered one of the greatest rock bands of alltime, ” Thomas’s comment made a lot of the students roll their eyes.. Thomas looked at them, “She said they were corporate sellouts.. And they were not the beetles or sir elton john..”

Hector rubbe dthe bridge of his nose, “Straight Karma.. He falshed a shiney object in front of her.. In the form of an unsolvable math problem.. ”

“And he learned this from you,” Minerva looked at Thomas and then to Scamander..

“I tutored him in muggle mathematics.. Before.. Before the incident,” Hector walked up to the table.. A single biscuit and a cup of coffee greet him, “Had to hide as part of the muggle community.. So I was a substitute teacher. It was an interesting subject.. which he barely passed.. ”

Bruce shook his head and sighed at the scene.. He whispered to Jorel, ” I got my mother’s intelligence..”

Little Shade whispered to Amir, “Prefect.. Is that a good thing?”

“He just got more points for Slytherin.. So no..” Amir saw the hurt look on Little shade’s face, “Keep in mind yesterday he also did the impossible.. I now see why you are in our house.. ”

“It has not been confirmed yet,” Victoria whispered.. “We heard the rumors.. ”

“Yes..” Lucius looked at the other instructors, “Ms. dursley.. ” the other Instructor’s nod there heads yes, “For performing the impossible.. Breaking an Imperius curse and unbreakable vow.. To the house slytherin..” Lucius had a serious look on his face, “One thousand points to Slytherin..”

The Syltherins all started cheering as the other houses got lost look son their faces..

Artemis smiled as several of the older slytherin whispered Noblesee Oblige, slightly bowing their heads.

Amir glared at Thomas, “No.. They earned..” Taking a moment, “Let them celebrate.. ” Amir Ptolmey stood, “We can take em.. It means every single one of you must not fail..” Amir eyes Artemis, “Syltherin hasnt won yet.. It just means we have to win the house cup.. And take every point we can..”

Gloria towards her fellow Ravenclaw, “Mandatory one hour a day extra study for all Ravenclaws.. I want us to take the top of every class.. I heard a rumor that the professors might all be adopting Lucius’s method.. This means we can take Slytherin..”

Artemis looks around the Slytherin, “This means we have to take every point we can..”

Minerva quietly holds her hand up to the professors with a smile, “Just watch..”

Hufflepuff is quiet looking at each other..

Fortuna sees the quiet whispers and assumptions.. “We are not out of it..” Having stood, “We can win this.. We are not out of it.. Slytherin is just in the lead..”

The other three house tables burst out loud laughing..

The hufflepuff students all look down..

Thomas looks at the Syltherin table, “Why are you laughing.. Artemis?”

“It is hufflepuff.. They..” Artemis was gentle, “Father.. They.. are.. Hard workers..”

“Artemis..” Thomas looked at his friend Fortuna, “Winston Churchill.. Had all the traits of each house.. But he worked the Nazi’s over.. Hard unrelenting work..” Thomas tried to think, “Uhm.. I.. I would have valued work horses over race horses.. I bet most of the Sigiled are hufflepuff inspirit.. No.. elbow greese is a magic on its own.. They may not have the Bravery of Gryffindor, The intelligence of Ravenclaw, or slytherin cunning.. But they will work every advantage they have.. And will play a long game.. They are the most dangerous of our competition.. they will burn the midnight oil.. Work while we sleep.. God forbid they get cunning and plan.. Assemble their brightest and start tutoring.. And have the bravest running hearts and minds with their own..”

The great hall is quiet..

“Father.. It is cute but.. They take anyone..” Artemis stops cold as she sees Samson stand up, “Samson..”

Turning to his fellow Hufflepuff, he takes out his wand.. The older hufflepuffs are followed by the same act with the younger students all standing.. They start lighting their wands and salute Thomas.. “Noblesee Oblige..” Samsons smiles, “Bring it on.. We will out work you! Two hours of extra study.. House meeting after breakfast..” Samson looks at Amir, “Dont get to attached to the Qudditch cup..”

Artemis is about to say something..

“I would return the salute.. I.. I have no wand,” Thomas smiled.. “Noblesee Oblige..”

“Please.. There are a limited number of points possible,” Gloria responds.. “Thomas.. Will cost slytherin a lot of points.. It is not feasible for hufflepuff to stage a comeback.. At the beginning..”

“Actually Gloria,” Hector took a deep breath.. “Headmistress..”

“Agilbert,” Minerva nodded her head..

“I will be telling my students when we get back.. ” Looking at Thomas, “We will be holding a Junior olympic Wizarding tournament towards the end of the semester.. All the schools will be participating.. In an effort to rebuild international peace through competition.. ”

“Which means that there are points available to take slytherin,” Samson grinned moving his light brown hair aside.. “Headmistress what events will be present..”

“Each school will have to participate in each of the fields of study.. We are working it out.. I know their will be a quidditch tournament, the dueling society will hold the junior duels, and.. Their will be an academic competition..” McGonagall looked around, “And yes.. Ms. Jackson.. Every victory you score during this junior olympics is worth a hundred points for your house.”

Thomas looks at a seat in front of a black haired slytherin female, “High.. You are Capricornia .. Capricornia Black right.. May I sit here.. ”

Capricornia swallowed hard, “Thomas.. You.. You, my name..”

“You know my name,” thomas smiled..

Artemis gave a dirty look but stopped herself from speaking..

“My adopted Auntie said I should talk with you.. ” Thomas smiles, “You.. She said said you were hidden with the muggles.. ” thomas looks around and raises his hand in a V..

Capriconia looks up to Narcissa with a smile, slowly she raises her hand in a V..

“Live long and prosper,” Thomas speaks looking capricornia..

“I can only be your friend if you answer the next question correctly..” Caproconia gets a serious look on her face, “Who is the best Captain?”

“Captain Hober Mallow.. Of the Far Star.. first a trader..  Then Mayor of Terminus.. ” thomas smirks, “He was the best star ship captain.. Followed by Golan Trevize also of the Far Star.. Different version of course..”

“That is NOT an answer,” Capricornica responds..

“Captain Sheridan of Babylon Five.. future President of the Intersteller alliance..” One of the male slytherin’s responds with a smile, “What.. I am a half blood?”

“Please.. Captain Kirk would have ate them alive,” Capriconia responded..

“Excuse me,” Amir calls out.. “It is a well known fact.. Captain Kirk would have been in Gryffindor!”

“Spock would have been in Ravenclaw,” Gloria calls outs..

“Yes.. But they would have fell apart with out Scotty.. ” Samson spoke with a slight scottish accent, “He was pure Hufflepuff!”

Gloria looks at them, “Picard would have been in Ravenclaw with..”

“By merlins beard.. I bloody dont think so.. Jean Luc Picard would have been Gryffindor, “Amir responds..

“Mr. Ptolmey.. I am about to take ten points from Gryffindor even though I am a guest..,” Fontaine stands up catching everyones attention..

“Agilbert,” Minerva stands up.. “that..”

“Everyone knows Captain James T. Kirk was born in riverside Iowa.. ” The instructors and students are wide eyed, “March 22, 2228.. He would of attend Ilvermorny.. And been sorted into thunderbird..”

Joa-Joa shook her head, “Not this crap again..”

The students were very quite as amir had lost the fire..

Little Shade stands up, “You are wrong Headmaster.. My father is an American and he is attending here.. So it is possible this Kirk would be here.. In my house..”

Amir and the muggle born students all Looked at Little Shade.. “She is right Headmaster Fontaine.. Thomas is an american and he is here.. James T. Kirk could be in Gryffindor..”

Fontaine starts to argue but is interupted by Joa-Joa, “The little werewolf is right.. Changes the whole arguement..” Catching his look, “Cher.. Thomas is an American… And gloria Dearie.. Jean Luc would have went to Beauxbatons.. You need to study up better..”

“You.. You never pay attention to these arguments,” Fontaine has a questioning look on his face..

“Mr. Ptolmey,” Joa-joa calls out after drinking something.. “For the record as Ilvermorny’s Defense Against the dark arts instructor.. The Jedi would all be attending Hogwarts.. The muggle church of the Jedism was formed in the UK..”

“Their is a branch in the US,” fontaine gave a dirty look to Joa-Joa..

“You will know the power of the dark side,” Joa-Joa had a raspy voice, raised a hand, and had lightening a small series of electrical bolts come from them..

All of the professors stare..

“Thomas.. And yes little one you are a registered member of the chuch of the Jedi..” Joa-Joa grinned, “Well I think you were.. Darth Carthage.. ”

Minerva takes a moment as the students start all talking about Sci fi and fantasy.. “Agilbert.. Joa-Joa..”

“I recieved his personal papers.. The elder Thomas donated his whole Sci-fi fantasy collection from his mansion to Ilvermorny.. MACUSA has agreed to allow it.. ” Agilbert shook his head, “A whole Mansion and three uhaul facilities full of nothing but No-maj books, tapes, and Cd’s.. And yes your whole comicbook collection..”

Thomas got a pissed off look on his face, “All of my collection..”

“Sorry littleone,” Joa-Joa took a deep breath.. “Gringotts put its value at over five million galleons.. You signed first editions of time enough for love and foundation series.”

Thomas has a tear fall from his face, “This is so total not awesome!”

“Dont forget father,” artemis looked to her father.. “We have to go see your other house..”

“But.. but there first editions.. If I was a mage, it means I jacked every copy I ever wanted,” thomas took a deep breath and pushed his plate in front of him forward.. “I am not hungry..”



“A package for Thomas arrived,” Thomas was wide eyed at the tall large man..

“Mr. carthen, “Minerva was very calm.. “This is Hagrid.. The keeper of the keys..  ”

Hagrid knelt down and looked at Thomas, “You dont look like a warlord..”

Thomas took a deep breath, “Are you a wrestler?”

A september wind blew softly as the two looked at each other..

“It is a shame they put you in slytherin.. ” Hagrid stood up, “where is that..”

An all black house cat with bat wings appriated into the area.. It let loose a happy meow after sniffing the air.. He trotted over to Thomas, “Meow..”

“It showed up about five minutes ago,” Hagrid shook his head.. “So far it has chased the owls all over the castle.. ”

“What is it,” Artemis asked?

Thomas kneels down, “You are pretty.. And you do magic.. “As he pets the cat it sniffs him and looks at the people around, “We dont know your name? ”

“Her name is Number One,” Hagrid hands a letter to Minerva.. “A new set of robes and a.. Well a very special wand.. and.. ”

Minerva reads the letter..

Hagrid takes a deep breath, “Thomas..” Moving his jaw, “You are.. Your older self confused and scared a lot of people.. I wont have any of that.. sillyness your older self pulled..” Hagrid winked at Thomas, “Artemis.. I will give you a second chance..”

Artemis took a deep breath, “I.. I misjudged you.. My.. ” Looking at Thomas,” My father’s older self made.. Had ..”

“Still having problems with halflings,” Hagrid smiled.. “My brother is happy in the Antartic Colony.. They all are..  Some time thomas you  will have to explain your manefesto.. I bet the pure bloods are not very happy..”

“You’re the half giant,” thomas grinned happily.. “How is fluffy Bunny?”

“I am glad the extra side of meat is delivered.. I got one question, “Hagrid took a deep breath.. “Do you have to be friends with the Malfoys?”

“Hagrid,” Minerva called out.. She hands the letter over to Fontaine,  “Agilbert.. You are going to want to read this.. ”

“His wand is made from ..” Fontaine moves his head subtley, ” A core donated by Pando.. That creature has never..” going back to reading, “Utah.. The Armillaria ostoyae donated..”

“And it comes With an amber sphere from ancient times,” Minerva raised an eyebrow..

“This.. Minerva,” Agilbert saw number one appirate.. “Listen this needs to be..”

Number One reappeared sitting on a bound package, “Meow..”

“Number one,” Thomas went to reach down..

Number One Appirated back to Thomas’s shoulder making him pause, “Meow..”

“Number One..” thomas stood back up, “I do not think they will..”

The package comes unbound..  A weird looking wand with a black oily look and orange balls on it flies to Thomas’s hand..

Number One Apparates to Rose’s shoulder surprising her, “Number One..”

“Mmmrreeeooooww!” The cloth of thomas’s packages floats to him and surrounds him in the form of a slytherin robes..

Several other flying creatures show up with packages..

“And to my children.. I wont be there if you recieve this package.. ” Agilbert looks at the packages.. “To Little shade..  If you are at hogwarts.. You are most likely in Gryffindor.. You have your mother’s courage and strength.. She had enough for both of us.. ”

Little shade had a tear in her eyes, “Dad..”

“A wand made of ..” Agilbert narrowed his eyes reading the next page, “The bones of an old wolf from Chernobyl.  He donated them.. And his fur… The raven with red feathers has been trained.. She is named Axel..”

Axel walks up slowly. Then she flies up to Little shades shoulder and making a loud skwak.. Little Shade swallows hard as the box on the ground opens up.. A White wand flies to Little shades hand..

Axel hops down and skwaks again..

“This,” Minerva pauses as the package comes off the ground and forms new Gryffindor robes around Little Shade..

“Are beginner robes little one,” Fontaine shook his head.. “This is not even legal over here..”

Bruce kneels and whispers in french to the large hawk, “What is your name?”

The Hawk hopes on Bruce’s shoulder..

Fontaine reads some more, “Appearently… Her name is Osirus.. Minerva.. ”

Bruce smiles and waves his hand as a wand comes from the package, “This is awesome!”

“Made of what ever Sigillaria, bound with veela hair, and..” Fontaine  narrows his eye, “dragon fur.. Their are no furred dragons..”

The process is repeated with the robes surrounding bruce..

Artemis looks at her large owl with a sigh, “Archon..”

“Meow,” Number One seemed to speak..

The larger Archon seemed to give a dirty look to Number One..

“I already have a wand,” Artemis looks at the package.. “And robes.. ”

Fontaine sighed, “These were made for you after I found out last..”

“You can stop that right NOW,” An older woman spoke.. She walked out to the forrest part they were standing at, “You little SOB.. . I should kill you..”

“Nana Amunet,” Artemis was surprised.. “You.. ?”

Number One Apparates Thomas behind Hagrid.. Axel Apparates Little Shade behind Minerva..  Osirus Apparates  Bruce Behind Fontaine..

Archon hop onto Artemis’s shoulder..

“Archon,” Artemis is standing behind Joa-Joa..

“They.. They can apparate,” amunet’s blonde hair and olive tan features show her surprise?

“Amunet.. ,” Minerva looks at Thomas.. With a sigh, “Let me guess..”

“I am going to kill him and his grandmother.. ” Amunet threw a balled up piece of paper to the ground, “I have to go tell that old goat…”

Fontaine puts away the other letter.. Waving his hand the piece of paper comes to Agilberts hand.. Opening it, “Congratulations.. Amunet Lestrange.. Per the surrender agreement with the Department of mysteries…”

Minerva tries not to smile, “Surrender agreement?”

“Signed Thomas Elliot Carthen.. PS.. bortaS bIr jablu’DI’, reH QaQqu’ nay’, ” Agilbert Fontaine had a confused look on his face..

“Revenge is a dish best served cold,” Amunet growls out.. Pointing at Thomas hiding behind Hagrid, “I told thomas when he was this age..”

“I will have twins by that old bastard before I accept you as being anywhere near Athena,” Thomas laughs.. “That conversation was just a few days ago to me..”

“That is not funny.. I am way to old to have children.. And now..” Amunet was pissed, “I left that old goat.. Because.. You.. You muggle no-maj.. ”

“Is it true he saved Athena, “Joa-Joa coldly spoke holding her cane?

“That..” Amunet looked down, “He.. It is complicated..”

“I am tired of your S#$% Mrs. Lestrange.. You.. ” thomas’s wand glows green, “You were the one who  oblivated me. Werent you.. You destroyed my life.. I was supposed to be here when I was elven. Not Professor Scamander..”

“You were..” Amunet paused, “You are white trash Thomas.. I.. I do not believe you are a pure blood.. My daughter.. Do you know.. What you have done?”

“Grandmother,” Artemis was not nice.. “Did you obliviate him? AFTER HE SAVED MOM?”

Thomas steps out from behind Hagrid, “You.. You are the reason I.. I ..”

Amunet paused and then glared, “I am the three time international dueling champion.. Little boy..”

“And I am a direct descendant of Melrin,” thomas rolled his head and eyes mockingly, “And..” thomas stopped, “No.. I.. Mistakes.. I cant second guess myself.. But.. No.. Athena is a good woman.. And so is Artemis.. And that is because of Hector Scamander is a real man.. A good one.. ”

Thomas turns his back on  Amunet, “Headmistress McGonagal.. I gave Percy Weasley my word I would open the thingie they think is..”

“Dont you dare turn your back on me.. Trying to dismiss me,” amunet was pissed.. “We know for a fact he is a criminal.. This artificial insemination.. He used it..”

Hagrid tired not to smile when he saw Thomas smirk..

“I am mad and hate you.. I most likely plotted a thousand ways to kill you.. Let me be clear.. I would never curse a child with you as its mother.. Not even Voldemort or Grndlewald.. No one deservses that fate.. ”

“You helped him with love magic.. Or you and his accursed love of technology.. How did this happen,” Amunet was mad waved her hands over belly..


“Yes thomas,” Minerva tried not to smile..

“You do teach basic anatomy and.. ” thomas whispers, “Sex ed right?”

“Thomas,” Minerva has a serious look on her face. “Amunet did not attend Hogswart.. I cannot vouch for her level of Knowledge..”

Fontaine laughed at Minerva’s comment as Amunet glared..

Joa-Joa, Hagrid, and all the students grinned..

“You have not won,” Amunet was fit to be tied.. The anger seemed to seep from her, “I am a proud graduate of the Durmstrang Institute. We covered such topics..”

“I cant help but think..All those years.. You bet against me.. Robbed me of everything of value..” thomas does not turn around as Number One appirates him back behind Hagrid, “Artemis is beautiful.. Like her sister and brother.. I have friends.. New ones I made when I got here.. And another one I made today.. ”

“The ministry and MACUSA have most of your money, ” Amunet’s coldness reached out of her it seemed.. “Athena married someone else.. You do not remember the night Little Shade or Bruce was concieved.. You have not won.. ”

“But I have friends here.. Even Scorpius and Albus who attacked me at least are honest frenimies,” Thomas looks at bruce who nodded yes at the correct use of the word.. “Where are your friends? Your husband? ”

“I am a Lestrange.. We,” Amunet pauses.. “Do not look at me that way.. He.. He is a vile little creature.. He killed hundreds of Aurors personally.. He nuked ICOW.. And a whole school of..”

“That is why mama left,” Artemis gave Thomas a dirty look.. “Reverse Psychology.. Grandmother.. you are responsible for me existing.. That.. That last big fight you had was.. Eighteen years ago..”

“You..” amunet froze, “I.. No.. She went slumming.. I..”

“She hunted down father and went straight into his arms, ” Artemis took a deep breath.. “You.. Controlling over bearing woman..”

“You are resting your hand child on your wand,” Amunet was angry..

“I was trained by the meanest B#$%^ I know.. She used to be a dueling champion,” Artemis responded.. “For the record.. You have lost.. Dad is right.. I will help grand father get custody.. You need to change ..”

Amunet is pissed, “He.. Listen you..”

“I love you grandmother but not your attitude.. Dad is just…. God you should of made arangements at least with Ilvermorny.. And none of this would have happened.. He would have been some minor overlooked offical.. You made him greant Nana..” Artemis seemed to lift her nose into the air..

“Artemis.. He is.. Listen.. You do not know his bloodline.. He comes from a scourer colony in America.. A long line of theives and killers.. ” amunet chuckled.. “Supposedly his father was from these colonist.. Claim to be nothing but a small group of about three hundred people.. All supposedly descended from pureblood criminals from here..” Minerva looks at her, “They are only descended from eighteen families..”

Fontaine is looking at amunet moving his jaw out..

“Yes headmaster.. A hidden colony of purebloods that are hidden from you.. “Amunet was pissed, “They are criminals.. And thomas gets a double dose.. He is a F#$%ing malfoy.. You dont know.. Lucius’s mother is the head of the Department of Ministries.. She killed her husband with Dragon Pox.. Even then she had an affair to concieve her daughter..”

A very polite voice spoke, “Amunet.. Enough..”

“Grandmother.. Thomas,” Scorpius stood there next to Albus..

“You.. It figures that,” Amunets wand went flying from a single short blast from Narcissa’s wand..

Amunet Angrily summoned her wand back to her hand..

Narcissa hit her wand again sending it flying, “We can do this all day Amunet.. You will leave my nephew alone..”

Amunet waves her hand a certain way and Narcissa’s wand comes from her hand..

To everyone’s shock Narcissa calmly drew a second wand and shot her own wand away from Amunet, “All day Amunet.. For the record.. I was the one working for Thomas Elliot Carthen.. Senior.. Expect an increase in births.. He put a special birth enhacer in the water.. You were thinking of having another child.. It activated..”

“Auntie Narcissa.. How .. Is that even possible,” Thomas started thinking for a second.. “I mean.. Well if you blessed the chemical.. And cast a spell on them.. A..”

“A delayed reaction spell father,” Bruce called out..

“I can see it.. It is some fancy spellwork but ..” Jorel looked at bruce, “Thomas would have kept it simple.. To where even sigiled soldiers could use it.. ”

“We will need to speak with Professor Weasley,” Bruce was thinking out loud.. “She knows a lot about home magic spells.. Dad is not us..”

“Well I mean would you do .. It would have to be a really want .. ” Jorel was thinking, “A wish want trigger.. Mr. Scamander mentioned something like this in class.. Magic being based on the MGCS formula.. ”

“What ingrediants,” Bruce looked at Jorel? “We need to seriously go to the library.. Maybe some of..”

“Boys,” amunet had a partially horrified.. She had stopped, “You can not.. I mean..”

Narcissa waved her hand and her other wand came back to her, “Amunet.. Listen to me.” With a sigh, “We can talk in private..” Narcissa  smiled.. “You can NOT look me in the face and tell me you are not proud of little Thomas.. Every weakness you think he has.. He compensated for.. Over compensated for..” Amunet gave Narcissa a dirty look, “He showed no mercy to those who challenged him.. I wonder where he got that? Not from Hector or his mother.. Gave them every chance to stand down.. And when they refused.. ”

Minerva nodded her head as Amunet waved her hand, bringing her own wand back to her.

Amunet takes a deep breath, “You destroy them.. And leave no dou.. ” Amunet turns and looks at Thomas, “Doubt you are..”

“Lord of the manor,” Minerva coldly speaks..

Thomas peaked around Hagrid, “Because.. They will always come for you.. Make an example and make it often as necessary. She said that all the time to Athena.. After a Joann, Willma and Goldie made Athena cry.. Give them one chance to walk away and then break their noses first.. No .” Thomas was wide eyed, “No.. I would not ever have been influenced by that B@#$% !!”

“Sound familar Amunet,” Joa- Joa quietly but firmly uttered.. “Now where have I heard that? Agilbert?”

“It does sound very Familar,” Agilbert gracfully turned.. With no malice, “Like a certain someones manifesto.. The first warning has been given for them to walk away..”

“And they did not walk away,” Hagrid gives Amunet a dirty look.

“My exhusband was his mentor ..Not me, “Amunet had a smile break out across her face.. “I am not giving that little S@#$ the pleasure.” Taking a deep breath, “For the record however HeadMaster and Headmistress.. Durmstrang would be a better use of his potential. I will be contacting Krum over this matter.”

Fontaine and McGonagall saw a small smirk on Amunet’s face..

Thomas flicked Amunet off, “she.. I.. I remember that.. She hates me..”

“Thomas,” Minerva speaks softly.. “Not every part of your past is pleasant.. As much as you hate her she is Athena’s mother.. And she help make you the man you look up to now.. Do not be ashamed.. You took the pain she caused and turned it into a cause to prove her wrong.. Notice she waited until you were de-aged to challenge you.”

Amunet stopped and turned, “Headmistress you..”

“Why do you think she was travelling abroad?”  Minerva spoke, “I am willing to bet your older self left an open challenge to her.. Wands at Dawn.. Just me and you.. No witnesses winner take all.. Name the time and place..”

Amunet froze in place..

Hagrid raised an eyebrow and then chuckled..

“For now little ones lets get aboard the carriages.. Where are they?” Thomas sniffs the air and exhales green glowing air Next to McGonagall, “thomas.. It is ok to be angry and upset.. You are a young Wizard.. We all make.. Choices.. Someday I will tell you about the time when I went for a walk.. And a few German Aircraft crash landed.. Through no fault of my own..” Minerva softly spoke, “It was a VERY windy night. Random lightening storms. Or was it clear? No it had started out clear..”

“Minerva,” All the adutls had frooze in place..

“Headmistress,” Artemis swallowed hard.. “The international Statue of.. It.. Prevents..”

“The only time German planes flew over the Uk was World war two,” Victoria states confused.. “Oh!”

Everyone is very quiet looking to each other..

“Headmistress,” Thomas looked with respect At Minerva.. His eyes went wide eyed, “Never in the history of mankind has so much been owed to so few.. Bed knobs and broomsticks.. It is a retelling of.. It was true?”

“Poppycock.. ” Minerva had a small smirk, “If I catch any of you spreading such lies I will deduct fifty points from your respective houses.. The international Convention of Secrecy prevents Witches and Wizards from exposing themselves in such a manner…”

Several Carriages landed..

“Minerva,” Agilbert had a little shock on his face and in his voice..

“Please Minerva.. ” Amunet calls out, “It would take a witch or wizard of such high skill.. You are not that good.. And to go do it undetected.. It is impossible. The ministry would have been aware of that level of magic..”

“You are very correct amunet, it would make a wizard very tired and drained.. Children.. Do not forget.. Amunet is the Three time Undefeated.. Something.. Something.. Dueling.. Order of Merlin first Class..” Minerva hid her smirk, “One of the most skilled and dangerous Witches ever produced.. She has not lost a duel since.. Her third year at Durmstrang I believe.. She would have eventually beat Narcissa with Ease.. She was even awarded the Victoria Cross..” Not even facing Amunet, “Come along Students.. Mr. Carthen gave his word to Mr. Weasley..  Please get in the pre-assigned carriages..”

Amunet who was a little angry but going wide eyed, “I never recieved the Victoria.. Cross…”

“I must be geting old.. I could have sworn Ole Winston gave someone that medal.. Anyway,” Minerva calmly walked as if she had said nothing.. “Children.. Carriages..”

thomas opened the carriage door for Minerva. He whispers, “Ms. Price..”

Minerva chuckled and whispered, “If we are going to be rude Thomas.. I liked her portrayal of Jessica Fletcher better.. And Angela has a beautiful voice.. Has since she was a little girl….” Speaking louder,” Children it is time to go..”

“Yes Headmistress McGonagall, “Artemis hit Rose in the arm lightly after shaking off her shock.

“Yes Headmistress McGonagall,” the hogwarts students respectfully spoke quietly obeying with no argument..

















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