Da Lazy Scholar Looks at #COMICSGATE – What is it?

A loaded question

I sat down thinking this is easy to explain.. Truth be told it is easy to understand

Comicsgate is the name of a consumer revolt over customer service issues in the comics industry


Yes it is that simple

We are not arguing over personalities and responses to personalities.. There is a different slang word for that.. That is called DRAMA.



This is very simple

You go to a restaurant and place an order

-Cold food


-poor service

-claim it is high class food and it is imitation replacement food


You say something to manager or staff member

You get

-yelled at

-you are NOT the customer

-called names -Nazi, misogynist, racist, -phobe

-told the food was not made for you

-why dont you make your own food

-They call the cops on you at home (SWATTING)


And lets say it is a chain resturant

You call corporate

Nothing is done-


You leave a review online

And get this, the company spokesman act like the staff

Say they send a food critic pictures of there body parts



So, How long will that restaurant be open?

Would you be spending money there?


with me so far?


Every work in customer service or RUN a business based in this

Some special people will be met in this field

One or two is expected


How many till it matters or is a HUGE issue?


Well lets say someone that was told To go make food yourself, did that

And started selling it

And making more money then the restaurants


If you ran a business this would have your attention..


Wait but what about Drama..  but Drama.. And did you Drama


To answer your question over recent developments

Competitors competing

My personal theory is that there are three camps in the consumer revolt

The outspoken part

Those that are middle ground – speak sometimes mostly are quiet

The in it for the comics part- be it art or story- rarely speak


Comicsgate is a consumer Revolt

Because the conditions named in the restaurant has not been addressed

Food still crappy, service sucks, and chain owners not responding


The above is what is #ComicsGate


I know the above Looks like a huge mess. It is .

That is the simplest set of examples that I can provide covering all the bases

every response falls into customer service issues


To answer most of the responses ahead of time it is easy to dived the the types of customer Service Issues up

-Bad customer service

-Mishandled Human Resources issues

-Bad Management

-Bad Spin doctoring

-Bad Advertising


final thoughts

Comics is a service based industry covering multiple fields. It is a synthesis & interconnection of many disciplines. Failures or manipulations in one part lead to obvious failures in other parts..

Comicsgate is the name of a consumer revolt over customer service issues in the comics industry

Business is Business




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