Woman’s Pants with Pockets oh and DINOSAURS!

You may not know this


like the government the clothing industry is SLOW to respond to necessity

At the Clothing guru’s

Women want fucking Pockets

this is a result

first off I was reminded again while listening to Comix Division last night

( you dont know who really.. sigh here is a link to his YouTube


and Rumble in case mama youtube loses her mind with bans and bs


ComixDivision )

Pants pockets and dinosaurs

first is from amazon

Amazon store page ODODOS


(had to take off the http and www. would not give the item or link)

ODODOS Workout Shorts for Women, High Waist Running Yoga Exercise Cycling Hiking Biker Shorts with Pockets-6″/8″ Inseam

pockets ladies

now the other thing

Walmart No-Boundaries-Men-s-Lounge-Shorts yes Dinosaurs

yes they are in some stores

My wife bought more

I sent some to her friend in florida

Pockets but the side note was the

Pockets and Dinosaurs

this is free feedback take it as you will



Yall have a good day

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