Alternate YouTubes for magic- and the non magical free thinkers

In honor of bubba shot the jukebox used as a law case in law courses

Quiet simply put

so far AI not helpful so I thought I would add to the knowledge

Think for yourself

and not every thing is as it appears

(please not i follow these people and receive nothing from them nor are they associated with me.. this is for free thinking)

and an example

If you study

yes this has a LOT of data inside them

and can be used for good and bad

to those wise enough to put it together..

I am the da lazyy scholar

it is work it makes you aware of things

and should help the preacher man to the pagan acolyte..

to the aethiest..

a lot of information.. if this is liked I might be continuing the rest of this as a series.. because their is a lot of “HIGH MAGIC” here

so far top shelf producers..

no promises

and one honorable mention for the road

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