Apples and Oranges: False Equivalence

A special thanks to the commentator here I read it and yes.. this is good

matthewbeaudett if you left a dead animal on the surface of earth it would rot and be broken down by microbes and fungus. if you rapidly covered it with earth and compressed the air or of it, you can mumify it. later minerals will replace the organic matter and you’ll have a fossil. so, what this pin is showing is a non equivalent falicy.

The idea is two items being compared

how do you measure them

Some people manipulate this to try and make a point

a side point

this is the origin of money when it comes to trade

what is the value of one thing compared to another

well False Equivalence

is when someone tries to alter data sets to being the same when they are not equal


False Equivalence

false equivalence or false equivalency is an informal fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency.[1] Colloquially, a false equivalence is often called “comparing apples and oranges.”


This fallacy is committed when one shared trait between two subjects is assumed to show equivalence, especially in order of magnitude, when equivalence is not necessarily the logical result.[2] False equivalence is a common result when an anecdotal similarity is pointed out as equal, but the claim of equivalence does not bear scrutiny because the similarity is based on oversimplification or ignorance of additional factors. The pattern of the fallacy is often as such:

If A is the set containing c and d, and B is the set containing d and d, then since they both contain dA and B are equal.

In an even more fallacious version, d is not required to exist in both sets; merely a similarity of two items d_1 in set A and d_2 in set B is cited to assert equivalence among the sets.[3]


If apples and oranges are both fruits, and there are seeds in both apples and oranges, then since they both contain seeds, apples and oranges are equal.[2]

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