Ocean Front Property in Arizona: A DC ISOT Fan Fiction -Part One

This is a Fan fiction


Soldiers dressed in all black cut their way into a building..

Silently they entered the building giving hand signals to each other..

Several others deployed devices around the entrance area..

Signs were posted around the the walls..

One of them kneeled with a device in his hand.. He hand signaled one of the senior operative..

A female in all black came over, “F@#$..”

A larger male was pissed.. Seeing no sirens, “You.. The CIA better watch itself.. Lucky for you we had the silencers up.. What is the issue?”

“Colonel..” The CIA agent looked at one of the signs, “No trespassing.. and a legal notice citing the exact Castle law statues of Arizona..”

The colonel raised his hands in a get to the point gesture..

“This does not match our reports of the building,” The CIA agent looked around.. “We move quickly and fast.. We need to find the source of..”

“Colonel,” The kneeling man looked at his device.. “We should have communications outside.. We are dark.. Sir..”

“Something is wrong,” the colonel looked around.. “This is a F@#$ing trap.. I am..”

The hole in the ceiling they came through had steel shutters cover the top of hole..

The eight man team frooze..

“They knew we would be in here,” The CIA agent was pissed.. The door was opened and a man with a broken arm was tossed in hitting the Colonel, “S@#$.. Listen..”

The door shut again..

“We can get out..” The colonel looked at the man that he caught, “S@#$..”

The man was black and blue, holding a broken arm.. Ducktape was over his eyes..

“cut our way out,” The colonel was pissed..

A strong voice responded, “I would advised against that.. You will burn your oxygen.. Because Those torches or other weapons come out I turn off your air.. Colonel..”

“Mr. McCawt.” The CIA agent held her hand up, “This is a misunderstanding.. We.”

“Corporate sabotage.. Not really a misunderstanding,” McCawt’s voice carried.. “So the Chairforce loaned the CIA its sneak and peak..”

The colonel paused for half second, “No.. There is no way..”

“Colonel.. Burbank right,” McCawt’s voice seemed to be hiding a chuckle.. “My company is a RESEARCH company.. You broke directly into our experimental quick deploy safe room.. I think the Navy might buy it from me now..”

“Mr. McCawt..” The Female CIA agent took a moment, “You are in violation of several laws.. The FBI tracked your funds..”

“Do you have a warrant.. Last I checked the CIA is NOT allowed to operate on US soil.. Nor is the US Military allowed to conduct operations..” McCawt paused for a second,” Wow.. We are getting a lot of hits on the web… I believe in multiple streaming sites.. For the record.. I have contacted the installer to come let you all out.. Colonel Burbank.. United States CHAIRFORCE..”

“I have not claimed any affiliation..”

“It is ok..” McCawt spoke coldly, “You should not of checked your MYPAY at the bar.. Active duty.. TS clearance.. Say high to your wife.. I sent an email out to her and your daughter..”

The colonel took a second to compose himself, “You are bluffing.. Men like you do not have a spine..”

“I am not bluffing.. You see the girl you took back to the hotel three days ago to steal her ID is an ex-con.. F#$%ed up thing when you give people good jobs and benefits..” McCawt was laughing, “I figured you would try and steal the access cards.. So..”

“You F#$%ing bugged the cards,” The CIA agent looked down.. “Listen..”

“Facial Recognition came through Agent Laruel.. Of Michigan..” McCawt laughed, “Open source.. So your husband doesnt know you are a spy.. He does now..”

“I will kill you,” Agent Laruel responded..

“that is if my man can get here to open this up.. Wow,” McCawt laughs evilly.. “YouTube livestream is climbing.. Bitchute.. And Twitch.. Lookie here the government just tried a shutdown.. CUTE!” Speaking loudly, “Tell the US Government we have a problem.. This is a complete violation of the law.. ”

“You are holding us hostage,” colonel Burbank was pissed..

“No.. I am serious.. I cant open the door.. If your are part of the sherriff’s department.. My engineer is trying to get back to cut these fool government agents out.. They broke the D@#$ system when they broke in.. It ws not supposed to deploy.. As you see on the signs.. Notice this is an experimental lab.. This is private property..”

“BullS@#$..” Agent Laruel responded, “How did this man get in here?”

I put him in with you.. It seems the door was set on one time emergency open.. Again..” McCawt was stern,”I am not a programmer.. It wont open.. And I lied about the oxygen tanks.. If we have to cut you out you may be racing against the clock.. ”

“We can just start cutting our way out,” The colonel forcibly responded..

I called the engineer because.. I need to make sure how to turn off the halon system..” McCawt laughs, “Not to mention the foam system on the outside has to be cut off.. I can try to turn it off.. But I did not exactly set this phase of testing up.. I was here to familiarize myself with the experiments progress.. ”

“F@#$..” Agent Laruel shakes her head, “Our source said he was building a deployable ablative plating .. If it is for the navy.. The Halon system might be part of the test..”

“Admiral Gorch.. ” McCawt laughs, “I know you are watching by now.. If your hear this.. We need to talk.. I am looking at.. Say about a billion apiece for each government agent.. I already uploaded a suicide file to darkweb.. Any other government agent will be trespassed..”

“Your.. You were stationed on his base,” Agent Laruel chuckled.. “That old man is retiring in less then a week.. ”

“And imagine his surprise when he has to deal with this S@#$,” McCawt responded..

“Please the government is shutting down your outside feeds, “One of the men is speaking..

“They could Senior airman Krut, if my programs where not Privately built..” McCawt responded, “Use your head Chairforce.. Why do you think the CIA sent agent Laruel?”

“We could not access.. “The Female Agent was pissed, “You do not think we wont retaliate!”

The sound of a cell phone went off, “Hello Admiral.. Long time sir!”

“McCawt.. My daughter woke me up..” Admiral Gorch paused.. “You stupid SOB’s.. Listen.. McCawt..”

“Public Court Martials, at least ten years apiece minimum.. Public trial, Federal Crimes. Ten years apiece.. Public trial, state crimes.. variable.. ” Mccawt’s words make the assembled group take a deep breath, “Under the bus and the whole book.. No civilian suit in exchange..”

“McCawt.. The world is listening,” Admiral gorch was aggrivated..

“I am turning them over to you.. Because sir.. If not A billion apiece.. Out of JSOC’s budget,”McCawt is cold.. “If the they do not get Ten years apiece for the military, ten for federal, and at least five for state.. consecutive.. I sue.. The prosecutor loses or gets less well it is a package deal.. Oh.. That includes the officer that ordered this to.. ”

“Son.. Even if that was possible,” Admiral gorch took a deep breath.. “Get my clothes my dear.. I am out in a week McCawt this process will take..”

“At least five years.. Seven in the spy’s case.. ” McCawt grinned, “Sir.. You are not the paster type.. I guess they will just have to keep paying you.. Because you..”

“am always cleaning up some dumb A$$es mess..” Gorch sighs, “I take you are not bluffing?”

“Sir.. Bambi case.. Remember,” McCawt’s words bring a sigh from the Admiral.. “My engineer is 45 minutes away.. it will most likely take him an hour to assess the situation.. He will decide to cut through.. That will take about four hours.. They have seven hours of air.. They broke into a lab clearly posted..”

“Admiral,” colonel burbank spoke.. “It will not take that long to cut through..”

“Is this your attempt to recreate that starlite crap,” Admiral Gorch was pissed..

“It is sir.. But we failed.. So It is diamond doped failure.. I am hoping the navy might buy it for deploy-able ablative armor..”

“Tell the local cops to stay out.. I am on my way,” Admiral gorch was not happy.. “McCawy.. Son.. I see one dolphin with lasers I leave them there..”

“Sir..” McCawts voice seems happy, “Edd would love to meet you..”



A four star stepped out of a Helicopter, seeing a burning helicopter and dead bodies he takes a deep breath.. “I told him not to send reinforcements..”

“Admiral Gorch,” Armed marines fanned out wide eyed..

“Move very slowly and do not raise your weapons,”  Admiral Gorch moved slowly.. He heard voices from the news camera’s interviewing a police officer, “F#$%.. Boys..Do not raise your guns at all..”

A man with a jet pack landed in front of the building and dropped two hurt men..

The News camera’s moved forward, “Mr. Mcawt.. Kagun 9 news.. ”

“I own the land around my research facility.. These are two snipers.. ” Taking off a helmet, “The area is secured..”

Two drones flew behind him..

“Admiral..” The female Reporter spoke quickly, “Does the Department of Defense deny that these personnel are us military..”

“The Navy does not deny it,” Admiral gorch looked at the two snipers with duck tape around there eyes.. “Sargent help Doc wake one of them up..”

A man with a red crossed armband walks over, “This one is smaller.. ” Doc takes out a knife and cuts the duct tape from around the mouth, “Sargent..”

The Sargent rolls the man over as doc takes out a needle and a bottle..

A few seconds later a cry of pain comes from the bound man as Doc pulled out the needle..

“Son.. Who is your commanding officer,” Admiral Gorch yells at the soldier..

“Admiral..” The soldier is very afraid,” We.. ” Looking at McCawt, “Their is no way you..”

“Son.. We are past that point.. General Torrin gave the order,” Admiral gorch coldly spoke..

“Sir.. McCawt is a terrorist..” The tied up man spoke, “General Torrin sent the evidence to us.. We..”

“Then no deal,” McCawt spoke.. ” Laruels daughter will watch her mother suffocate.. I am under no duty to try and open that D@#$ door.. ”

“What is your name son,” Admiral Gorch took a deep breath.. “Let me be clear.. General torrin has gone rogue.. You are operating without legal Authority on US soil..”

“Si.. I am a loyal soldier.. Those were legitimate orders.. Sargent Ross.. US Army .. Admiral,” The tied up sniper responded..

McCawt decks the reporter and shoots the cameraman in the head with a wrist mounted gun,” Cute..” Grabbing the Reporter by the back of her hair, “Hello General Torrin.. Your plan would have worked except I am not relying on local feed..” The Deputy was wide eyed, “Her mike my huds displayed showed it is a weapon.. I assume it has ricin or some other poison..”

“I am not a spy,” The reporter calls out.. “We are..”

The deputy picks up the mike, “She was holding it a little off..”

McCawt takes the mike and presses a button..

A needle deploys making the deputy jump back.. “You were well within your rights.. “Looking at the camera,” Some kind of Seee EyEEE AA gun..”

Admiral Gorch looks down, “Agent.. ” Walking over he takes out the ear piece.. “Gunny!”

A gunny slings his rifle and comes over with a corporal with comm gear, “Admiral..”

McCawt puts back on his helmet.. After a few seconds, he gives a frequency..

“You heard him Corporal..” The gunny waited for the Corporal to give the thumbs up, “Admiral..”

“General torrin..” Admiral Gorch speaks as he looks at McCawt, “You are in deep S@#$.. The whole world is probably watching…”

“Admiral.. Juan,” A voice fills the Air.. “Arrest him.. He is..”

“I have my copies of everything.. I uploaded what will most likely not be considered TS out.. Anything TS is in Three different Naval Bases systems..” McCawt held the CIA Agent, “Thirty years in the brig.. She is an air force reserve officer.. HARD LABOR for all of them!”

“God D@#$ it.. Juan.. Listen.. I know he has TS technologies inside the building.. It is NATIONAL SECURITY!!” General Torrin was pissed, “I will get everything in that building..”

Admiral Gorch rubbed the bridge of his nose..

“Admiral,” the gunny spoke quietly.. “Confirmation the world is watching SIR..”

“Take the D@#$ building,” General Torrin responded!

“I will sell to the Navy.. As a sign of good faith I will have them released.. If you hold their court martial..” McCawt coldly spoke,”Right now.. Oh.. Side note the deal at his cheap cost is ONLY if you are in charge of the projects Admiral..”

“How good a deal is the NAVY looking at Seam.. McCawt,” Admiral Gorch raised an eyebrow?

“Fifteen percent for the Navy.. Ten percent for the Marine corps.. “McCawt smiled, “Above cost.. Take that wall they are trapped in.. Two Thousand dollars.. Maybe if I was using union wages of my boys.. five hundred dollars extra..”

“Bulls@#$,” The gunny spoke..

Admiral Gorch stuck his hand out, “Deal.. How do you intend to..”

“It will be a special deal.. Immunity to contract rules.. ” McCawt coldly responds, “I .. Skunk works and Halliburton.. I Am selecting as my distributors.. Call My Chief engineer.. Oh.. And ALL my crews, which are felons, are granted security clearances..”

Gorch closes his eyes, “Is this crap really diamond doped.. And only two grand five?”

“The .. Not counting the other defense systems.. Same cost estimation.. Ten Thousand plus say about two thousand in total labor cost..” McCawts Comment caught Admiral Gorch by surprise, “My engineer is inside.. I am not authorizing overtime to let them out.. You can’t force my people to work.. Unless their is a deal..”

McCawt stuck his hand out..

Admiral Gorch was thinking..

“Admiral The cost for your favorite class of boats is only about seventy five thousands.. That includes internal.. Labor is about Thirteen thousand.. Call it a variance of say five thousand I will allow in negotiations, ” McCawt spoke coldly.. “You liked My chief Engineer.. John.. Smither..”

Admiral gorch shook McCawts hand, “D@#$ you have been working out.. The Navy Buys..”

a man walks out on the phone, “Of course I am free for breakfast.. Do you mind contacting the Halliburton rep.. ” After a second, “We are thinking the first upgrades can easily be put on the Existing HumVee’s for the Marines.. It can take an IED.. Well we will discuss it.. Right now the Chairforce and Army can ride in Navy equipment! We aint sharing!”

Admiral Gorch takes a deep breath, “Smither..”

“Navy exclusive.. The Army and Air force just attacked us.. I am thinking they can pay ten times what we charge the Navy..” Smither walks over, “Breakfast at say nine am AZ time..”

After an acknowledgement Smither hung up..

Gorch rubbed the Bridge of his nose, “Can you let them out?”

“You can hold the F#$%ing court Martials first,” Smither was not nice as he limped over..

“I will hold them when they are out..” Pausing for a second,” My marines will bring them out one at a time.. You both know How I hold my ..”

Smither sees McCawt nod yes.. Taking out a remote key chain, he presses a button..

The steel the could be seen on the room rolling back…

Gorch was pissed, “It was that..”

“I had to F#$%ing install the override.. It was what we were doing..” Smither’s hands were dirty, “I was not sure it would work.. I disabled the secondary and trinary defense systems..”

Admiral Gorch looked at the Gunny, “Send men into the building..Bring the SOB’s out when I say next.. One at a time..” Looking at the Agent outside, “Name and rank honey..”

“I plead the fifth,” The Agent responds as marines are moving quietly.. “I demand an attorney..”she made a quick movement..

Admiral gorch backhands her to the ground, “Yes I struck you.. Insubornation.. attempt to flee.. Do NOT move!” One of the female Marines puts a rifle to the back of her head, “You have been caught.. Acting as a government agent on US Soil.. In your capacity as a quasi military officer..”

“You cant hit me.. I,” the female agent aggressively tried to stand..

The Female corporal without a name tag knocked her out cold with the but of the rifle.

“I find you guilty.. of attempted assualt on a flag officer,”Admiral gorch looked at McCawt.. Pulling a side arm he shot at a tree..”Drag her past the people to different room in the building.. Yes we have deal.. Now bring the snipers next!!!”


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“You are so bad,” A blonde haired woman took a deep breath.. In blue jeans and a t-shirt “You left my brother dealing with..”

Yawning with just a pair of boxer briefs on, “Wow.. I..”

“Last night should not have happened..”

“Leslie,” McCawt yawned..

“.. Arizona..” The Reporter on TV spoke, “The spokesman for the US Airforce denied any knowledge of said missions.. The current chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John M. Richardson was quoted as saying.. ‘Admiral Gorch does what all Four Stars in my Navy do.. He made a tough call.. The Airforce, Army, and CIA Personnel Operating illegally on US Soil will be going to The brig.. ‘ ”

Leslie shook her head, “At least your not as much a loser as I thought you were..” Picking up a coffee cup, “You do need to grow up.. Reading comic books is one thing.. Telling me you are just working out like Batman does is not a real answer..”

“Well.. The jet pack works,” McCawt laughed..

“If you did not have those muscles.. My super dork,” Leslie laughs not meaning to.. “Did you build your fortress of solitude?”

“No wonder your husband likes the peace and quiet when you are not home,” McCawt chuckles..

Leslie gives him a dirty look, “Really.. You are an old goat.. I.. Listen I missed my plane home..” Taking out her car keys she takes another sip of her coffee finishing it off, “I am going to run to the store.. I will be back in..” Looking out the window, “S@#$.. The Press is still out there.. My ..”

Leslie looks at her cell phone as it goes off..

McCawt picks it up off the counter, “It is your husband..”

“Dont you dare!”

McCawt Answers it, “We have problem..”

“That is not..”

“The press has your wife trapped here.. I.. I crashed on my couch on my own D@#$ couch..” Walking over to the blinds, “I fell asleep when I got home.. I guess the sherriff wasnt able to get those jackels to fall back..” McCawt yawns.

“Wait.. You just got up,” Leslie’s husband took a moment..

“She is in the bathroom pissed off..  She came by to feed the cats and dogs for me.. And then well,” McCawt yawned again on purpose.. “I will pay for the F#$%ing ticket..”

“Can you hand her the.. S@#$.. She is in the restroom.. Uhm..”

“She must have.. Wait..” McCawy plays with the phone, “Two hundred and eighty six messages.. And.. Dude.. I think she got tired of the messages.. Ok.. Wait you just got off work?”

“Yeah.. I wasnt .. Listen.. McCawt.. I.. Bro you cant legally limit the companies who..”

McCawt hung up the phone, “Watch me.. Call him back.. ” Leslie gave McCawt a pissed off look, “You are mad at me.. To be honest.. I do not really care if his company can not compete!”

“Listen to me,” Leslie took a deep breath.. “Your deal with the navy.. Is..”

“Legal.. The DoD would be out BILLIONS.. ” McCawt took down a glass and poured himself some water from the fridge, “It is fair.. Very fair.. If those other companies had hired me.. Then they would be considered.. So F#$% them.. If they cant compete it is not my problem..”

Closing her eyes, “That is why you are single.. That is cruel and just wrong.. I.. You are a monster.. there are enough jobs to go around.. Your technology represents.. I was wrong ok.. ”

“Several corporations are filing injunctions in Federal court to Stop Primitive Technologies,” The Reporter called out from the TV.. “President Trump was quoted as saying the attack on an american civilian was unacceptable and that ..”

“Just go,” McCawt shook his head..

“You stubborn.. Why.. You are not the hero of this story.. You seduced me.. I should have never..” Leslie was upset, “People have a right to work.. You cant just steam roll over..”

“they have aright to compete.. Not a right to employment.. ” McCawt shook his head, “You..”

“… ISIS fighters have taken hostages.. ” a new reporter spoke as images flashed on the screen,” The US Government..”

Leslie stopped, “They.. Baby.. Your step daughter…”

“Among the captured is the Step Daughter of Adrian McCawt,” the Reporter spoke on the TV screen..

“Leslie.. Just F#$%ing go..” McCawt was pissed as he walked over and opened the door for her, “Just..Go..”

“I am not leaving..” Leslie slammed the door, “You have been this way since Melly died… You .. Adrian..”

“You want to know why I am not supporting the causes..” Adrian was getting mad, “Leslie.. You need to leave.. Time is limited.. ”

“No.. You are not running again.. “Leslie crossed her arms as an old house phone rang.. Seeing the number she picked it up, “I am right here mother.. No.. He is being an..An..”

Leslie dropped the phone.. as the power went out in the house..

Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell)

“Adri,” Leslie whispered..

Adrian floated over having changed clothes, “I just heard.. I have another call I have to take.. Mrs. Smither.. I.. I promised her mother I would take care of her.. Thank you.. Of course keep me in your prayers..” Adrian then unplugged the phone, “Leslie.. It is a long story..” Adrian Reached out to the scared Leslie, “I .. Part of me died when Melly died.. I was reborn..”

“You.. That.. It looks.. Your Kree Cos Play costume,”Leslie was wide eyed.. “You are floating.”

“I will be right back.. Do NOT say S@#$ even in private,” Adrian McCawt spoke..”Holoprogram four beta.. Argument mode..” Adrian disappeared..

The lights came back on as did the television.

Leslie saw a hologram of Adrian go inside the bedroom.. On the TV screen the reporter looked up, “What the..”

A four star Army General slowly walked over, “Son.. what the..”

Leslie watches as a man in cuffs is brought by McCawt wearing the Kree officer uniform..

He starts speaking in Arabic..

“Son..” The four Star General takes a deep breath, “Listen..”

A man in a colonel’s uniform translate, “He is saying he has rights under the Geneva convention..”

McCawt breaks the man’s neck dropping the body..

“F#$%,” The General takes a deep breath..

Another Prisoner appears wearing a jump suit.. Followed by several more..

The see the dead body and look around where they are at..

Armed Army Personel have their rifles raised..

“Get Drungs NOW..” the four Star General calls out, “Son.. Listen to me.. We..”

A nude man with a back scratcher covered in soap appears in front of the General,” What the F#$%?”

“Lt. colonel..” the General evilly grins,”The war on terror just went into overtime.. Give.. I think he is looking for some thing.. ” The General Pauses, “Franks.. Ask the prisoners where my people are being held..”

The translator Franks begins speaking in Arabic..

The prisoners defiantly respond the look at McCawt and spit at him..

McCawts eyes glow red.. He proceeds to use his heat vision on their hearts..

The General holds his hand up,”Drungs..”

“We have fourteen main centers we suspect… The notes are,” Drungs pauses.. “I cant tell him. General.. Our..”

The Kree soldier shrugs his shoulders and disappears..

“You F#$%ing idiot,” The General looks at the nude Drungs..

“General.. We were waiting to see if the reports were true..” The nude Intelligence officer grinned for the camera, “We know he is an american.. Get ready General.. I think the war on terror is over..”

Guns started piling up around them with grenades and bomb making material.. Seperated into individual piles..

“Intelligence indicates he is a comic book fan.. And is.. Well disarming the enemy,” Drungs coldly looked around not even bothered.. “I believe the comic book was called superior..”

“Get these God D@#$ pieces of,” The General is interrupted as American military Units are being transported onto the base.. “what the F#$%..”

“He is removing allies from the battle field to save them and is,” Drungs is stopped.. “General.. I am appointing you unit commander of these forces.. I have to get on the horn..”

An officer comes out surprised at the scene.. Shaking his head, “General.. Our missing people.. They are at the mash unit..”

One of the Corporals is looking at the guns piling up, “General.. GENERAL! these are russian and American weapons..”

Some things start falling from the sky.. They land with a thud on the TV screen..

Leslie gasp as she realizes the bodies are headless.. She covers her mouth in fear..

The four star General Takes out a cigar, “This is to all Terrorist Leaders in the middle east.. I think your petty squabble is over.. We will agree to meet.. In the interest of peace.. I highly recommend you reign your people in.. You are unarmed and.. We are heavily armed..”

the Reporter is very quiet as the bodies start landing..

Various members of different groups start appearing in front of the General..

They start looking around at each other speaking in various dialects of Arabic..

“Boys.. This war looks to be over.. Franks,” The General smiles.. “Tell them the American government Comes in peace.. But to quote the former General Mattis.. Well you know the quote.. Tell them..”

“We will not bow to American Imperialism,” One of the younger insurgents speaks in American English.. “The Will of Allah..”

McCawt as the Kree soldier lands sending dust everywhere.. In an electronic voice and arabic, “The will of Allah.. Allah does NOT approve of the raping and killing of women.. You are not protecting them.. Therefore under Sharia Law.. I find you guilty of not protecting the women and children in your area..”

One of the other males tries to speak, only to be covered in blood..

McCawt had clapped his hands together and crushed the mans skull like paper slash cardboard..

“It is the will of Allah,” McCawt responds in Arabic.. “You will negotiate the end of this S@#$..  NOW!”

“No peace comes from Force,” One of the older clerics spoke in english..

In english, “If I leave.. Are you tired of this war?”

The older Cleric raised his hand for the others to stop, “This.. This american.. You will leave and allow us to rebuild..”

“No more terrorist attacks.. No more hiding them here.. ” McCawt took a deep breath,”The people of Afghanistan  are a strong independent people.. You at one time where a people that were the envy of the world intellectually.. If a single one of my people are harmed Son of allah.. I will kill you all!! Let me clear violate your word to me.. I will remove ALL life from your country.. Then Salt the earth like the romans.. My Gods are sick of the blood shed.. ” Looking back at the General, “You will negotiate Cleric for all of the people of this ancient land.. Do I have your word on the heads of all of those in Afghanistan?”

The Older cleric swallowed hard as the Translator told the General and the world what was said.. “Your gods.. Who are they?”

The Kree soldier sighed as he floated up,”Mother Earth.. Gaia.. And Sol is my father.. All the people of the earth are my brother and sister.. So yes.. And mama aint to D@#$ happy with any of you F#$% nuts!”

The Kree Soldier disappeared into the air..

Leslie took a deep breath as the TV cut off and the lights went off..

“Adri,” Leslie calmly spoke..

Adrian McCawt stepped out from behind Leslie making her jump..

“Tiffany is ok,” McCawt was covered in blood on his Kree soldier costume.. He disappears and then reappears in his boxer briefs, “That was amazing.. So the war is over?”

“What the F#$% happened in those two months you were..”

“I..Lets say I dont have Kree technology.. ” McCawt smiles politely, “Kryptonians.. that is right you dont do the comic thing.. Smallville.. superman.. Supergirl..”

Leslie pauses, “Adri.. ” Taking a deep breath she touches his muscled cheast, “How .. How the F#$% did you get supergirl’s powers?”

“I have no clue what you are talking about.. I picked up bright burn.. You want to watch it with me,” Leslie closed her eyes at the comment.. Adrian took a moment, “Leslie.. We can not talk here.. Later on.. I ..”

“Adrian Benjamin McCawt..” Leslie took a moment, “We will talk now.. I.. ” She looks down, “Please do not hurt my.. You.. You have so much power.. why are you not doing more?”

“Leslie.. Listen.. What do you want me to do.. Patrol the world.. What then..” Adrian responded, “They become dependent.. Superman will save us.. No.. I only did today to save tiffany.. F#$% them.. F#$% them all.. ”

Leslie closed her eyes, “You..”

“I am helping people.. I gave jobs to those who need it.. Gave them a brighter future.. And how was I thanked? The US government tried to steal my work.. Assualted my personal property.. No.. They did fine without Superman Before.. They will do fine without him later..”

“You are putting good people out of work,” Leslie took a deep breath..

“No.. The company your husband works for supported General Torrin..” Adrian was not very happy, “If they want to conduct unethical business practices not my fault a leaner meaner business is knocking them out of the water.. ”

She hits him in the arm, “Do you have an honest bone in your body.. I Know the Kree are in the Marvel universe.. Owned by disney.. And the Kyptonians are in Dc..” Leslie was wide eyed,”You.. This is technology from ..From the DC universe,”

“No.. See my book shelves.. When I got back I read every single Book on engineering processes.. Physics, mathematics, chemistry, Computer engineering.. I educated myself..” Adrian looked away, “We have F#$%ed and made love several times and you still look down on me.. My brain is at Kryptonian yellow sun enhanced levels.. I can do more as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark then I can do as Superman..”

“So.. You.. ” Leslie took another deep breath, “You seduced me to..”

“No.. No.. No.. I realized when I got back you liked me.. Or at least wanted to play..” Adrian floated into the air, “I gave you the oppurtunity to..”

“My.. My brother knows you.. You have a Kryptonian’s abilities,” Leslie gets a pissed off look on her face..

“Yesterday was not the first time one of the corporate sabotage groups tried to destroy our company,” Adrian looked Leslie in the eyes, “I just killed them..” seeing a look of horror on her face, “They sent a team to your mother’s house, Your house, Your two sisters, and your Brother’s house.. You can ask your brother.. ”

She closes her eyes, “That never..Never..”

“You were feeding your new born.. ” Adrian smiled look at her, “You have lovely..”

“Adri..” Leslie took a deep breath, “That noise outside.. I..I had the private security check.. They found a partial foot print.. You..”

“I chopped their bodies into little pieces,” Adrian did not even blink.. “Leslie.. ”

“You..” Leslie closed her eyes,” My.. My husband’s work over seas.. he was on lockdown for two days.. Was that ..”

“The attempted kidnappers had mysterious accidents,” Adrian reached out his hand for Leslie as he floated down to the tile..

She looked at him and took his hand, “Wait .. How did .. I mean..”

Adrian lifted her shirt above her head, ” Look down..”

“Adri.. I,” Leslie bit her bottom lip as her shirt hit the ground. “Why are you telling me this? ”



















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