Prime Radiant Series- Raw Measurements I took- Lack of discussion Between actors

So lets kick this off.. a stream of conciousness

Prime Radiant references the foundation series device for Psychohistory

a lot of behaviors are modelable

power is tricky

but its users leave footprints

lets look at recent events

you may not be aware of this later on


Recently two individuals online lost their twitter accounts

for posting images of a female claiming victim status

lets measure

1)both twitter accounts suspended

2)posting image freely available on youtube

3)FCVS had it done quickly only on one digital platform

See this (we clean up in post)

This has a lot of things you can draw links


has high level access

and authority -(no counter publicly from digital platform management)

The footprint

You see the video involved the pictures were taken from, is still freely up

no excuses

No DMCA issued to youtube

(please note to date the suspended were commenting and questioning well within fair use IMHO)

a) no conversation was had with the creators requesting removal

b)no DMCA on youtube video (rumors of delisting)

it is called a lack of class and grace

it is a footprint indicating motives of FCVS

this is a trait of power unwisely used

IT will be lost eventually

Struck out of emotions

and Twitter got Monkey Pawed

Post Clean up

Suspended accounts over fair use images, caused by FCVS

Power used wrongly

the lack of communication in fair play rules is obvious

That is the measurement label

The FCVS felt no need to play by the rules

The lack of the perceived need to follow proper protocol

It informs you of the situation clearly

Test it let me know

SCOOP: Missouri middle schools took students to drag show without parental consent


Schools taking children to adult oriented/ adjacent events

I try to use more neutral language Try.. To focus on the numbers


Middle schoolers

three schools at event

parents not told or asked for approval

-on purpose

Adult oriented/ adjacent style entertainment proceeds

Later when pressed the people in charged brushed off the parents

Now I hit pause

you will have to access the small town numbers

summed up

Strong man controls through several proxies

with power in the hands of a few

So far the numbers have preformed

no arrest by the sheriff, Highway patrol, state version of FBI, or local cops

(the small town numbers)

now with several issues on different sets a key point here

The parents are NOT consulted

and no arrest for the behaviors of aiding and abetting

Straight up power

Several subsets of numbers

School boards became active and power did change hands

Wyckoff elects parents’ rights candidates to elementary, high school boards

still no arrest for bad behavior

Post production

event held with PTB authority

Parents not told before hand

trying to hide actions

other subsets

authority replaced during elections

no consequences for action

Did I miss a step

In the end

Footprints can be seen afterwords.. To catch it before hand is important.

Signs of corruption and dishonesty in actors-

the non-communication and failure to follow preset procedures

the direct withholding of what is being done


this number/varible is abused but it is present

-brush aside all concerns

Thank you for spending time reading this

and I prefer the stream of consciousness

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