Da news broke

#BreakingNews -Criminal charges in the murder of cinematographer #HalynaHutchins

#ConspiracyTheories over #epstien thing not disproven- still no arrest for clients of his and maxwell –

I tweeted on this.. so I realized needed more space

lets be da Lazy scholar

(remember.. for the spell checked version.. Memberships are at the low cost of your soul and your first borns)

Lazy part..I summon the magic of google

Alec Baldwin’s manslaughter charge puts him on Hollywood’s ‘black list’, PR experts say, but it’s not the end of his career

It is numerous

Insider was the top google choice for me

What I’ve heard

Alec baldwin holing gun

Halyna hutchins dead

Excuses followed

End of the day, alec baldwin is incompetant in handling a gun regardless

Problem a lot of issues on the set

lack of skill and hot tempers forming from investigations I have read

(feel free to correct)

#ConspiracyTheories over #epstien thing not disproven- still no arrest for clients of his and maxwell –

“Halyna Huchins’ next project was documentary on Hollywood pedophile rings.”

they claim this and no go on clinton

(google clinton death list)

maybe somebody should investigate if she was working on an investigation into clinton as sec state, hollywoods unarrested pedofiles, and Epstien

No matter what is said, Maxwell is in jail.. Yet zero of her clients were ever arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Conspiring With Jeffrey Epstein To Sexually Abuse Minors

why mention together

because if any of us had done this, any of it

jail time.. We would be meeting in mexico after we escaped jail

elitism at work

No #Twitter employees have gone to jail over acting as government Agents

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo is seen displayed on a smartphone. Truth Cops Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation

Not just Twitter employees all digital platforms seem to have co-operated

And no lawsuit

no prosecutions

the dangerous part was the spread of Disinformation at the request of the government

the supression of the side affects is prominent

Not one prosecutor has step forward for just

ask your prosecutors Why


#BREAKING#Crowder vs #DailyWire natural evolution is taking place- #DNC will be weaker –

Right-Wing Pundits Ben Shapiro And Steven Crowder Clash Over $50 Million Media Deal

Again a win on the google search for forbes this time top choice


crowder not happy over offer- (IMHO lowball-with bs contract)

Daily wire not like business practices public

The quartering is on Crowders side


Tim Pool must have a comfortable saddle on the fence



This is good for the #GOP

a cleaning house

Natural selection begins

I have watched from the shadows and watched these scenarios play out

it is a different scale

and subject


If shapiro stays calm (calms down)

And crowder sticks to honest

and they keep at it for a few months

The stronger side and voices will emerge

The DNC has no evolutionary process taking place

billions sent to #Ukraine with no accountability- Seniors & Fixed income cant pay- #Congress still does not care –

google billion sent to Ukraine on your own

Your tax dollars from your pockets are going overseas

while fixed income people are being destroyed by this process

Trump to GOP: Don’t touch Medicare or Social Security in debt ceiling fight

The money is their but it is being wasted

Perks Members Of Congress Give To Themselves – The Selfie Report

And I have seen how the US military spends all its money to justify its expenditures

it will preorder for delivery of supplies, to be delivered after the new funding year

the juggle the money legally

a lot of companies from this

in the end the budget will have to be balanced

at what cost and when

And make no mistake

congress will not cut their stuff to the bone first

Terrorist organization f’d around with country boys and found out TBC

Antifa protesters in Atlanta are calling for ‘Night of Rage’ against cops after shooting near training facility dubbed ‘Cop City’ left one man dead and a state trooper injured

PICTURED: Antifa protester who was shot dead by Atlanta cops after he opened fire and hit one of them as they tried to clear woodland ‘autonomous zone’ to make way for new police HQ

stop cop city

the last one is bs

Wikipedia is obviously non neutral and has no ethics in this case


you screwed up here

you shot at country boy.. Even the city one here are country mentality

And your boy got shot down dead for it

He was not behaving like a protestor when he shot at the cop

A second note

your planners need to be beat down and out of your group

Cops need training

their are some specific training they need to help prevent all you complain about


I cant find the training I was thinking of

It is designed to prevent tunnel vision

the part I remember reading I think was in one of gladwells books

Social workers are gonna have to have it to

What really sucks

this kids leadership got him killed It never should have reached this point


The last one

The resignation of another leader

ok.. They where top of the list and embedded because of URL

why is this worrisome

Fact check: list of governments resigning includes inaccuracies, false conspiracy link 

yes something is up

Reuters has no standing credit for disinformation campaigns

(and no acknowledgment of whoring for the american government.. in ANY article.. Massive failure of Ethics..)

The issue we have are statements from the WEF

Various seizing / destroying of food production

Mass increases in fuel cost

now politicians who are cowards resign via rats on a ship

Something is up

Because the troubleshooters are calling it all conspiracies

which the batting average is very high of them doing it to stop the spread of a story

rating this

Very very suspicious

that was the broken news brought to you incoherently

and in haiku form

But research it

think for yourself


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