Hew-mauns of Vespucci- Better Demons of our Natures

Chapter one-

An old man in body Armor silently kneels, as the younger soldiers quietly look at the old man..

they shake their heads a Hispanic female speaks, “Sir.. Listen..”

Looking down, he set a wedding ring, “Like the government.. I failed but.. These children will right these wrongs.. this is the Barron..” All the armored individuals pause..

A voice comes over the coms after codes are exchange, “My god.. Listen.. Sir.. It..”

“This is the Baron to all the old bastards I insured where in this landing party.. Initiate war crimes.. Not a single one of these aliens bastards leave this god damn planet alive.. No Mercy.. Better then that.. anyone so much as suggest it.. Shot them the fuck dead.. Old Gaurd officers..”

Old voices come over the horn in a chorus id’ing in..

The people were wide eyed, “Sir.. why take the risk I.. ” Sounding horrified, “I reported.. Sir..”

“I know Lt.. ” the baron smiles, “You are ruthless and determined.. Like Riker from star trek.. You lacked seasoning.. It is a bad habit that will get you killed..”

The sound of men screaming can be heard..

“those are the ones on my list and the senior Officers..” The sounds of men being spaced fill the air with the screams on the ground, “There is the dead weight gone..”

the younger ones blink..

A man speaks with a korean accent, “Good to have you with us Barron.. On your feet pussies.. We are going to exterminate these people for attempted genocide of the human race.. This is their home world.. We are setting an example.. We will take every city and home the have… And execute every one of them..”

a Person in an alien uniform is brought forward, “The legendary Barron.. Freer of Mankind.. You.. Listen..”

“On behalf of the galactic alliance slash federation.. You recommend we show mercy,” The barron looked at the cat like features in the alien hominid.. “And having studied us you have a fleet backing you because the civilised peoples of the .. Blah Blah blah.. “

“We understand that,” The humanoids head comes off its body pretty quickly..

As a circulatory liguid comes out, “this is the barron.. To the ships in orbit.. Initiate Mirror universe protocols.. Boys.. Girls.. It just got interesting.. Proceed with Operation Auschwitz.. For Gaia.. My fellow Hew-mauns..”

The cry of for Gaia filled the air..


(translated for your reading)

“This Barron,” The captain of the vessel spoke looking out a window.. “Has taken control of the people from earth.. They have..”

An green humanoid officers spoke, “the JAXER are.. Relegated to those few on other planets.. The barron’s fleet has decimated our blockades and taking hostages.. The Hewmauns as they call themselves.. Have begun trying those they captured.. Broadcasting it ..”

“The Council has been accused of Aiding and abetting geoncide.. ” Another opal looking humanoid spoke,” Captain.. We.. “

“Decided not to aide the humans.. Not Hewmauns.. And allowed the annexation of their Homeworld.. Now the humans have found their revenge.. ” the Captain paused looking out again..

sirens went off..

The Captain leaves the room with his staff onto the command and control area..

On a forward display a vessel appeared, “Captain they.. The hew mauns have captured one of our vessels.. Its..” the insectoid clicked worriedly..

“Focus on your duty ensign.. Second, Communicate with the humans..” The Captain took a moment..

On the main screen a three d hologram came up..

“Captain Grauss.. Of the Federated Union of Planetoids.. Or what the fuck ever it translates to..” The Barron’s voice is stern, “You abandoned us as a government in our hour of need..”

Standing in front of a command circle, Captain Grauss tries to speak..

“Barron.. You..”

“NO.. I return you sister’s body.. And the bodies of those killed by the endangered species the JAXER.. ” the barron’s word freezes him,” Her and the other undercover agents that died.. Have been stored cryogenically with JAXER technology.. As for the prisoners that survived us.. “

Five other ships appear..

The large creature with weapons at a consoles speaks, “Captain.. We..”

“We are keeping the ships.. all people that surrendered and or survived are being returned.. Only because of the undercover agents action of honor.. Note.. Several have decided to stay.. They are part of the Hewmaun military apparatus.. Of the people of Vespucci.. Or Vespucci..”

“Barron.. My sister,” Captain Grauss was angry..

“She was my wife.. The JAXER caught her out in public with there punishment squads.. They tortured her and degraded her.. Then left her to die..” the barron smiled patting his sword, “The JAXER who gave the order I broke down their bones into cells.. Preserved them and made this..”

The captain chokes up, “She.. Barron.. Our burial custom.. Is.. You.. She .. The custom is her mates clan..”

“Captain.. she wanted to be buried in her homeland.. In her Clans traditions.. I thought she was referring to the Scottish ones she claimed..” Taking a moment, “their can be no alliance between us.. Maybe trade if anyone wants to.. Captain.. Our three daughters do wish to write their uncle.. “

“She .. “The captain was very emotional,” She claimed she would never procreate.. Hated the little monsters..” The captain was translated minus a few word.. “Of course.. But offspring with the humans.. It..”

“Our people will begin trying to build the bridge but yall fucked it up,” The Barron took a moment.. “We will send the ships to the middle and wait for you to take the ships.. Let your security officer check everything.. “


“As Laedenmancer.. Of the Hew-mauns of Vespucci,” The Iranian woman spoke in english.. “I wear the ceremonial garbs of my mother from our fight for freedom.. Today is a sad day.. We have lost the greatest among us.. Like Teddy roosevelt.. Death took him in his sleep.. May our heathen enjoy his sins with Allah’s blessings.. For allah sent us a Hellcat to protect us from infidels..”

The class room was very quiet as the information was projected..

“I.. And the anointed Visers where shocked.. ” the woman spoke trying not to laugh, “I never realized I met the real man.. Behind the mask.. ” Taking a deep breath, “He left a list not of his greatest achievements.. He wants the Great failures and mistakes to be read..”

A female with tan skin yawned bored, “We have seen this.. It..”

The North Korean Teacher, in an old military uniform slapped the desk with a cattle prod..

The girl was very afraid, “Mrs. Jung.. I..”

“You live in one of the three biomes.. Yes.. You are the last remenants of the Americans.. If you bastards where not Tech genius , damn good soldiers, blessed by the hand of Kim Il-sung, and his high saint the barron.. You would be leading a team of the lowest..” Mrs. Jung’s scarred face was full of anger.. “Why is this important?”

“That is not cool,” A teenaged boy spoke.. “She is being trained..”

Everyone was quiet the male white kid had enough..

“Its not her fault that .. I dont know.. But this is..”

“A ,” A man in gold and silver robes smiled..

The Teacher swallowed hard., ” honored Slector, I did not see you.. You.. Are here for a student.. It.. ” following the Eyes,”He.. No.. He is white and .. Well he doesnt have.. the points..”

“Class,” The robed selector smiled.. “What are Mr. Thracian’s bad traits?”

The class quickly outlined a list.. Even the female he had defended added a lot in..

“Ms. Tearson.. He defended you ,” The Slector kindly made a question

“He.. He like only did it because he has a crush on me.. And no.. He is.. White trash..” Ms. Tearson frooze, “You are here because he. .He .. He..”

“You have been summoned to the office of the Laedenmancer herself.. “The Slector smiled, “It seems some of our brothers humans we found twenty years ago.. “

“The cloners,” Mr. tracian took a moment.. “but what does it have to do with me.. they are not wrong..”

The Slector walked over to his command circle, “Come with me Mr. Thracian.. We have an appointment..”

“But it is lunch time.. and.. they are letting us ..” He stops, “the cloners..”

whispers go about the classroom..

A man in a suit entered the classroom, “A slector.. Mr. thracian.. “

“the Political officer.. Yes,” The slector was very quiet..

“Listen.. Mr. thracian is not a bad kid.. Just had a rough life.. He.. He doesnt qualify for most of the programs.. He needs..”

The Slector Laughed, “You did not hear it.. Very well.. Mr. Sumo copper.. Mrs. Jung can watch the hallways Political officer.. I see your were selected personally by the Vizers.. Come with me.. You will be the adult present with the Laedenmancer..”

Mr. copper paused, “We.. Wait what happened..”

Mrs. Jung was quickly next to Mr. copper.. his eyes went wide, “the cloners.. Personally.. Fuck me! You are shitting me.. Mr. thracian..”

“And we will need you,” The slector is looking at something the others cant see.. “Understood.. Honored Mistress, Great Leader of North Korea.. Mr. coppers program and disobedience has paid off.. We might need to consider replicating his treachery.. We might have a coach Carter here..”

Mrs. Jung would not look up, “She.. She is listening..”

“they are listening to your lesson.. They want you to continue..” Waving his hand the Slector summons a zip like drive.. “Mr. thracian has already done the class work.. and hidden it..The Vizers will grade its quality.. They understand with this hew-maun, someone of lesser skill would of failed..” Taking a moment, “Mr. Copper.. they.. they are leaving Ms. tearson’s punishment in your hands when you get back.. They want to make sure she understands the importance .. Well you know.. Not propaganda.. But the truth..”

“Mr. Copper..” Thracian grinned, “Does this mean.. I get to be captain of a vessel..”


A very pissed off Captain was yelling, “What do you mean.. Intelligence has a verified source..”

The crew was very quiet..

“I earned that commission to Admiral.. I .. I come from a very prominent family,” The Captain yelled.. “Do not give me that shit..”

the captain turned toward a midshipman, and paused..

“Is there a reason you are laughing,” The Captain seriously spoke.. “You..”

“Sir you are losing control .. Sir.. ” The midshipman caught the glare from the XO and master chief.. “And you all damn well know it.. “

“You little shit..” the Captain angrily glared, “You reported me.. Because You.. You somehow knew the marks.. It was A mutiny.. Yes a mutiny..”

“Sir.. what was the mutiny over.. Sir?”

“Midshipman thracian organized it. .It.. It is the westerners trying to,” The Captain is interrupted..

“Sir..” The XO takes a deep breath.. “God damn it mid shipman.. We..”

“All discussed this against the rules.. You are to submit you reports on promotions and other such things..” Midshipman rested his hand on his ceremonial sword, “Admiral Perez.. I submit my report with the recordings.. Clear cut acts of mutiny against the People of Vespucci.. And the Vespucci Military apparatus..”

The Captain went for his side arm, “this will kill you and. .This mutiny will..” Pulling the trigger with nothing but the loud sound making everyone pause.. “What.. You sabotaged my gun..”

“Admiral Perez..” The midshipman walked forward, “The former Captain does not even load his own gun.. The main crew will .. Have to be retired no benefits and an exile pass..”

“who do you think..”

“Captain Frost..” Admiral Perez took a moment, “Mr. thracian.. He does had friends.. “

The Captain lunges for Mr. Thracian, only for Thracian to slap a disk on his back.. The man hits the deck screaming in pain..

“None so brave.. Retired Admiral.. ” thracian turns to the old Hispanic woman, “Well its another moment..”

“MIDSHIPMAN,” The old instructor was not very happy..

“Admiral Perez this bucket of bolts does has a qualified officer.. Retired Admiral Juanita Gomez of mexico.. “chuckling as he bowed towards the captains command area,”She was with on JAXER during the great retaliation..”

“that is not,” The Admiral Gomez paused..

“The cloner issue.. Yes.. Midshpman Thracian is one of their failures.. I was not aware you..”

“If I am not supposed to ask a lady her past.. That Lady should never fucking ask me mine..” the midshipman laughed looking at a chief with security, “A little gringo rider told me that Chief before she went to the acedemy.. “

The chief paused, “You. .You..”

“Like a database no one asked.. Do you have his memories in the last year?” Thracian laughs, “Yes.. I knew your father.. I can still remember the day he met your mother.. We were so drunk we couldnt stand.. I know drinking is banned with out command approval but shit.. She was angel.. ” thracian sighs, “notice Admiral Gomez is very silent.. “

“My mother.. Was an intelligence,” The security chief looked.. “My records..”

“Please the French foriegn Legion act is in affect.. And I hate what people like fucking captain Frost have done to the fleet..” Thracian pauses as everyone else is looking at him..

“Admiral Gomez.. Dearie.. I assume command of the USS..”

“Rust bucket,” thracian angrily speaks..

“The rust Bucket.. Midshipman Take the bridge while I supervise.. This will be part of your grade..” the old woman smiles, “I have always wondered what the old bastard would think of how we did things.. You have the database but not the experiences.. Physically.. this explains a whole lot..”

“Security.. Take the whole command staff to the brig,” Thracian takes the command podium area..

“Genetic scan verified.. Midshipman.. Alwine Neal Thracian.. Promoted to acting Commanding Officer.. Against protocols..” After a pause, “Verification request.. But yes.. Admiral Gomez is active duty.. She is training.. Second part..” Even the ship is silent, “Welcome aboard the USS Rust Bucket.. Barron..”

“Present mission are milk runs.. ” The midshipman now CO chuckled, “We will proceed as outlined.. Boats.. Once they are secured in brig with restraints, collars, and live guards.. Report back to the bridge..”


The masked Thracian stood at his station, “Engineering.. “

A voice answered, “The new engines are installed .. the secondary skin is still setting to the braces. EVERYTHING has been reinforced and redone.. Sir..”

“Now.. Go back over it with a fine tooth comb..” Thracian sighed, “chief Coco..”

The man with a slight austrailian accent spoke, “Sir.. the shit is installed.. We..”

“Your engineering officer is ready then..” cussing in a few aboriginal words filled the air..

“No sir. .We will take everything through each of its paces..”

a voice was confused, “Chief. .We.. The sensors.. The life support.. Weapons.. Training.. Computer system.. This is because..”

A loud slap can be heard, “Shut up boy.. Your mama is the Director of New darwin.. On behalf of the Cocos.. You are here because this Captain knows his job.. We are gonna get you repairing all these systems blindfolded..”

“good..” The young Captain walks around, To a group of chained people.. “Lets be quite forward.. You should be executed per the ancient code of the vast seas.. ” Every crew member was quiet on the bridge, “Admiral Gomez can stay the fuck quiet.. My ship as CO.. And I know the rules.. So here they are.. You seven will join the others in exile.. “

One of the muscled crew members moved quickly,” I have been.. Been.. ” The crewman had a blade his ribs on both side, as the blades retracted.. “Enhanced..”

The man fell to the ground.. As the blood pooled,” Yall are fools.. Age and treachery versus youth and inexperience..”

“We wont be the ones exiled, “A defiant female spoke.. “A revolution is in place and you cant change it..”

“We should be getting a message from Vespuccis Military Apparatus,” Captain thracian laughs.. “It will detail a set of orders very bland.. Hidden inside it will be codes.. It will take intel at least twelve hours to decipher.. Pretty much.. The rebellion has attack and is replacing the government.. instructing the crews of various ships to quietly assume command..”

The seven look at the Captain, then to the female..

The female looks curiously at Thracian,” You do not have the psi function that has .. We .. It doesnt exist..”

white skin is visible on the hands and around the mask of the slector, “Honored one.. I.. Did not believe it.. We.. We can retake the government..”

Sounding old, “No need little ones.. Your brothers and sisters are proud of their great hunt.. ” turning to a Japanese officer, “Lt. Shumi.. Fleetwide broadcast..”

The japanese male nodded his head, “Fleetwide.Captain..” Laughing, “Sending the secret message to the Intelligence officer who is off duty..

“This is Captain Thracian of the USS Rust Bucket.. We Welcome the new..” Laughing, “Revolutionary government.. May the Democrat..”

“We are the conservative majority,” The female spoke out..

“Whatever,” thracian was laugh making the crew smile.

Laughter came from Admiral Gomez.. “child.. The mid.. The Captain knows something we dont..”

“A government was built that works..” Captain Thracian laughs, “The silent majority claims control.. Stand by for a broadcast from them.. As for the crew members, send my last four minutes to the fleet..”

A few minutes later, “Captain .. ” The Communication officer looked surprise, “The fleet Captains.. are on standby.. continuing their missions..”

“We control command.. Worthy officers will replace,” The female is surprised when the comm officer intterupts her..

“Captain… Captain Basarab of the USS Wallachia is on holo..” Lt. Shumi managed to smile but stopped when Boats looked at him..

Waving his hand over a board, “Captain Basarab.. “

A very attractive female in workout gear looks over,” Captain Thracian.. I am supposed to arrive and oversee your performance.. Right now, What do you mean by…”

“Sir.. VMA is on the line.. The new Laedenmancer wishes to speak with you..”

“Lt. Shumi.. Put it on the screen where the whole fleet can hear it..”

“Putting it on the line sir..” Lt. Shumi then quickly waved his hands over a board,” Sir.. The Laedenmancer..”

A very pissed off tanned skinned male was wearing a thin crown, “The revolution won.. And..” Shaking his head, “You are a mother fucker.. It..”

“My father is now Laedenmancer..” The female broke her chains, “I..” she stepped forward and went down to her knees from the shock..

The smell of the voltage filled the air..

“An old argument.. Power versus responsibility.. And how are they tied together.. So.. The barron remembered a way..” Thracian was smiling, “To put a bit in the mouth of Ambition.. “

“To ride them like a pony till they break,” Captain Basarab cant help but smile.. “So you have the database but .. It is like book learning versus hands on..” taking a moment, “That is why the Barron Never took on the role of leadership.. He set work horses..”

“I am sending Your daughter and her friends ,” Taking out a paper.. “We send you to colonize new Pluto.. You are the most fit for it.. It is a harsh border world.. Next to several people we pissed off..”

“And in the need for a working government,” The man’s eyes seem to lose some light.. “I have decided to let the former leaders of Vespucci Live out in their homelands in peace..”

Anger was on the new Laedenmancers face as a tear fell down his face..

“What the fuck was done,” captain Basarab’s face showed he Wallachian descent?

“Let all the rebels know there are other hidden protocols that some of you will find out about the hard way.. The smart ones..” Thracian went back to the command podium, “Will realize that the rules were created and edited for a reason.. And most of you will,more in likely become line officers.. But this will not let that happen… You are human and human adjacent.. ITs ok.. We accept you.. but ..” He glares at the female on the deck, “Not this crapola..”

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