Finding a Job – A process Part One


You can probably go find articles based on theory or some such, and I recommend reading them.. This needs a sub title focus

Finding a Job – A process

We will start with two biases

I am PAGAN.. What does it have to do

Gives me a segway, to say sit down, pull up a bottle of your drink of choice and put on thinking hats

In my group we have a lot of interesting people.. Still people none the less.. Magic exist, and can do things..

This comes up in every group.. CASH

How do you get the cash?

We had one person turn and ask for help with a spell to get a job.. The highpriest agreed

I was there when the person showed up..

The high preist was in a business suit, and had an old one and shoes for the person.. They were expecting hand wavium, summon employment knowasus..

He did get that.. The high priest made him shave, Properly.. Put on a tie..

and sit at the magic box and begin the spell casting plan

Next five hours wrote out a series of resumes

Mind you the high priest lit candles..

Had soda, he blessed.. and crackers.. with baby wipes and an air can..

They printed out multiple copies..

You see several elders where there.. They reviewed the ‘SPELL” and sent it back several times..

So for a job he wrote out a resume.. No big deal.. Funny, you dont need that step.. Yeah.. As in mathematical proofs, you can skip steps.. at your own peril

There is your intro.. I must say what caused todays question

I have been asked job related questions a lot.. And I want to quit repeating myself

I may update, but damn I get tired of it and I am Da Lazy Scholar..

My notes on being lazy

Why do you want a job


you have bills and want things

Nothing wrong with that, but you need to know your motivation

it allows less energy to be spent and more accomplished


affects a lot of shit


remember these are components on the whole

so what have you done

An accounting so to speak

worked through school managing a paper route

worked every saturday at the church

was marching through the jungles of some foreign country

making an accounting list for yourself that list your deeds

yes, mowing grass and laundry count

getting crotch monsters into the transportation devices count

feeding the the Feline Domesticus trying to train you counts


2) What did you do

you need to know


This next part is necessary and must be said

a wee bit out there

the great search for the job

but hold on

know thy self

Personal maintenance cost


medical –


cost of living- rent, food,

time you have to spend-

fancy words

non-work material that must be accomplished

eating, warshin, sleeping, exercise, continuing education, personal time, excetra

(this is important also for should I move..)

3)personal maintenance cost

time and cash management


yes there is more and harder to add together

ready for this

what is the job

A big dog here

How much does the job cost

Yes jobs cost you money

If you are paid 10 dollars an hour how much are you actually paid an hour

lets be general here

lets say you work forty hours a week, eight hours a day

with a thirty minute lunch and two fifteen minute breaks (unpaid)

it takes thirty minutes to drive to work and thirty home

thats an hour on the road

an hour a day breaks

a forty hour block takes fifty hours of time

400 dollars for 40 hours

becomes 400 dollars for 50 hours

400 dollars divided by fifty

becomes eight dollars an hour

the government takes about 30 percent

your eight now becomes 5.60 an hour

that is not counting any work cost

gas (transportation), clothes, ect

you need to know these cost and try to get close to the true cost

why know this

you know what the off is net, versus gross

4) What is the actual pay

$10 is the gross pay, $5.60 is the guess at net pay


That is four very basic points of JOBS JOBS JOBS


2)What did you do

3)Personal Maintenance cost

4)What is the actual pay

This is simplified example.. There is so much more but your decision process should have these in it.

5)Actually searching

more later

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